Demonic Snake
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Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Performance model
Inspiration Solid Snake from Metal Gear franchise

James Bond

Kazuya Mishima From Tekken

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Character information
Full name Cody Smith
Other names
Personality Strict, Following Orders, Tactical, Abusive, Violent, Resourceful, Heroic, Espionage, Harsh, Stealthy.
Appearance Blonde Wavy short Mop Top, Blue Eyes.

His Army Uniform: US Vietnam TigerStripe Camouflage Jacket with rolled up sleeves and Trousers, Green T-Shirt, Combat Boots.

Birthday 25/10/1993
Occupation Solder

Student (Northgate School:Formerly, Northampton College)

Martial Arts

Alignment Good, Bad (When He was severely Possessed by Satan)
Garforce Special Forces
Goal To get revenge on other people whom falsely accused him for sexual harassment to his friends, and they who also partly betrayed him during early years of his college attendance.

Persuade their partners to break up or he would either encourage them to divorce each other’s spouses and then become wicked by destroying their sexuality. (Under Possession of Satan)

Allies LT Colonel Dukan Frazer, Major Elvis Spencer, Sergent Chloe Palpatine, Captain Lauren Starkiller
Minions Gar-Force Special Forces Troopers
Enemies Emma Beanz Cordrey, Ellen Finn, Ryan Sheridan, Sharlotte Johnson, Jack Watt, Astro Leitch, Jo Skears,
Likes Tigers, Asian Food, Cats,
Powers and abilities Martial Arts


Interrogation Expert

Weapons M16, Famas, PSG7 Sniper Rifle, M1911 Colt, Katana, Generic Pump Shotgun, AK-47, RPG-7, MP5A3


Demonic Snake has those shared characteristics and cultural similarities from related Video Games, Television Series, Novels and Films:

  • He had secretly adopted a code name in which were obviously inspired to both Solid Snake and Big Boss from Metal Gear Franchise by Hideo Kojima. Especially he is quite stealthy to infiltrate a enemy territory or criminal hideout.
  • Snake partly has a strategies of Martial Arts combat is very likely influenced to Kazuya Mishima from Tekken Franchise. He typically also a victim of child and bullying abuse.
  • Although, he was mysteriously had a darkness plunged inside his soul due to being possessed by Satan as attempted to steal source of private information photographs along with following identities of the following individuals their wedded spouses, Fiances, and education students whom dating their partners once leaked directly to social media by posted them on internet as written a false articles against them awhile snake has kept his real identity private away from the public.
  • Especially those cyber criminals were committed but sabotage a security system to terrorise a secret services unlikely the villainous organisation Spectre from Ian Fleming's James Bond Franchise.
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