Demon Slayer Rabbitman (鬼退治ラビットマン Onitaiji Rabbitoman) is a 2019 anime-styled animated series based on the tokusatsu metaseries GARO, Nickelodeon's the Loud House, RWBY, Grimm and the horror genre. It has 4 seasons, each with 60 episodes, except season 4, with a total of 99, and 3 movies.


The show is set in the Rabbit version of Royal Woods, which is currently plagued by evil creatures called Shadows, flesh-eating demons who feed on negative emotions like sadness, hatred, fear, anger and malice and can assume rabbit/hare forms to infiltrate society. However, a secret organization known as the Order of The Red Cross have trained warriors known as Demon Slayers for centuries to prepare for this threat. Now, young 11-year old Warren Loud will don the mantle of Demon Slayer Rabbitman from his father


Demon Slayers

  • Demon Slayer Rabbitman/Warren Loud
  • Rabbitman Beta/Warren Sr.
  • Demon Slayer Hareman/Watt Nelson
  • Demon Slayer Buckman/Wesley Freewind
  • Demon Slayer Caerbaman/Wolf
  • Demon Slayer Bunnygirl/Jade Han
  • Demon Slayer Shadowman/Nicholas "Nicky"/Nick Loud
  • Demon Slayer Rabbitgirl/Trista "Tris"
  • Demon Slayer Doegirl/Janet Loud

Order of The Red Cross


The Loud Rabbit Sisters

  • Betty - A rabbit who dresses in military garb and is very commanding but fair. A running gag in the series is that Danny has a crush on her, much to her dismay. Betty is also the oldest of the sisters.
  • Beverly - A friendly, mature, responsible rabbit who dresses in yellow and is the mother figure to some of the younger sisters and Warren.
  • Blair - The fashionista of the family, who has high knowledge of the best clothes for one to wear.
  • Brenda - The pessimist of the family, who always seem to be in a grouchy mood and hates everything.
  • Barbara - The music enthusiast of the family,
  • Bodhi - A spiritualist rabbit who always keeps calm in the face of danger.
  • Bebe - A rabbit who wears a clown nose and is always cracking jokes that her siblings don't find funny.
  • Bippa - A polite rabbit who speaks with a British accent and carries a teapot and an umbrella.
  • Bailey - A competitive rabbit who dresses like a coach and loves sports.
  • Bella - The only grey rabbit in the family, who always has a gloomy outlook on life.
  • Bernadette - A rabbit who is always threatening to tattle on her siblings if they don't listen to her demands.
  • Beulah - A rabbit who wears a cowgirl hat, and thus, acts like a cowgirl. She tends to use a lasso to catch anyone she's chasing.
  • Beatrice - The smartest of the rabbits.
  • Blanch - A rabbit who often gets sick and seems to suffer from a lot of allergies.
  • Bethany - A very organized rabbit who keeps track of what she does with a to-do list.
  • Brie - A skilled chef who can instantly cook up any recipe.
  • Bernice - A rabbit who is fond of lucky charms, such as the four-leaf clover sitting by her ears and a lucky rabbit's foot she carries around (to the disgust of her siblings).
  • Bertha - Another athletic rabbit.
  • Bianca - An artistic rabbit who loves to paint pictures, even being able to whip paintings of things currently happening within three seconds.
  • Brooke - The worrywart of the family, who goes into a panic at even the slightest things.
  • Belinda - A romantic at heart who loves playing matchmaker.
  • Birdie - The bookworm of the family.
  • Beth - A rabbit who always has a dazed look of her face and tends to fall asleep rather quickly.
  • Brandy - A rabbit who seems to be easily distracted, particularly by shiny objects.
  • Bridget - The only one of the sisters who doesn't talk, instead communicating through the messages she texts on her smartphone.

Warren's Friends


Other Rogue Shadows


The Shadows are the main antagonists of the series, and are flesh-eating demons who live on negative emotions, as well as the enemies of the Red Cross. Shadows come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including the standard human (rabbit)-sized variants, the recurring medium-sized creature variants, and, on several occasions, gigantic beasts who have no other primary motive other than to devour and destroy. Most Shadows have a desire to cause fear and destruction, and can take on rabbit/hare disguises, however, there are also Shadows who have no desire to cause fear, and as such join the Red Cross to help fight their kind. An example is Wolf, a Shadow who eventually becomes Demon Slayer Caerbaman and helps the main cast fight the Shadows. Another notable example is the half-rabbit/Shadow pre-teen Tris who becomes Demon Slayer Rabbitgirl even further into the series to assist the heroes. Eventually, it is revealed that the Shadows have a leader plotting the events of the series behind the scenes: Great Darkness Demon King of Hell Amatsu-Mikaboshi.

List of Shadows


Season 1


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