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Demon Boy 2 is a upcoming American supernatural horror dark comedy film directed by Rob Letterman, Ari Sandel, James Wan, and Gareth Edwards, written by John Logan, Chris Morgan, James Demonaco, and Leigh Whannell, it is a upcoming sequel of the 2019 horror dark comedy film Demon Boy, the film stars Tom Hardy, Ryan Reynolds, and Elizabeth Olsen, the film will be released in October 6, 2024.

From The Directors Of Saw & Godzilla

Rotten Tomatoes: 49%

Filming Location: New York City

Budget: 9 million USD

Box Office: 25.1 million USD

Genre: Horror, Comedy, Fantasy, Action Drama, Adventure Thriller, Mystery, Slasher

Running Time: 2h 32m


The movie is about a girl named Lucy Springfield, a badass girl who is cause for murder, and one of the most wanted criminals ever, she hates her life so badley because when she was a young girl, she killed three of her bullies with a shiv from school for calling her a skank and fat, she got expelled from school and her parents were disappointed of lucy, so lucy hates her parents and she decided to move out and never come back, sense she's all grown up now, she killed over 300 people and she got arrested, but a few years later, she did a satanic ritual in prison about how much she hates her life, she had a satanic bible when she was a teenager from buying it from a abandoned library, she did the satanic ritual and summoned the devil, the devil possessed lucy and she escaped by using her demonic powers and she wants to kill everybody she hates. Later today, Luke Benjamin & Eric Benjamin are now back together and having a great life but a few months later they saw girl with satanic powers killing somebody so luke & eric wants to check it out, they saw lucy killing a person in the streets and she saw luke and eric, lucy beat the crap out of luke & eric, luke & eric still has their heaven powers so they used their heaven powers to knock out lucy, they don't want to hurt her or kill her they just want her to calm down, so it's up to luke and eric to stop lucy from destroying the world before it's too late.


  1. Tom Hardy As Luke Benjamin
  2. Ryan Reynolds As Eric Benjamin
    Ryan-reynolds-at-20th-century-fox-press-line-at-comic-con-in-san-diego-07-11-2015 6
  3. Elizabeth Olen As Lucy Springfield
  4. Khloee Jae As Young Lucy Springfield
    Edit-19(pp w614 h920)
  5. Francesca Capaldi As Teenage Lucy Springfield
    Francesca-Capaldi -City-Year-Los-Angeles-Spring-Break -Destination-Education--02-662x993
  6. Lucy Hale As Sarah Chesterfield (lucy's friend)
    Lucy Hale Beautycon Festival NYC 2018 Day CTwMDfNhVtZl
  7. Rosa Salazar As Isabella Jones (lucy's friend)
  8. Matthew Underwood As Randy Brock (underdog member)
  9. Jake Weary As Kevin Gates (leader of the underdogs, The Main Villain)
    Jake Weary 2017 iHeartRadio Music Awards Arrivals HvJGeoZeI2Wl
  10. TBA


  1. Theme
  2. My Name Is Lucy Springfield
  3. I'm A Bad Girl
  4. Flashback
  5. 7th Grade
  6. A Normal Girl
  7. Bullies
  8. Everyone Knows Your A Whore
  9. Show & Tell
  10. Lexi's Note
  11. Mean Note
  12. Let The Anger Flow Through You
  13. Lucy Roast Lexi
  14. Lucy's Anger
  15. Lunch Time
  16. Everyone Knows Your A Bitch
  17. Recess
  18. Bring It On Bitch
  19. The Fight
  20. Lucy VS Lexi
  21. Tag Team
  22. Shiv Attack
  23. Fatality
  24. Death Of Lexi & The Bullies
  25. Expelled
  26. Grounded For Life
  27. Screw My Parents
  28. Moving Out
  29. Growing Up
  30. Ghost Town
  31. Abandoned Library
  32. The Bible
  33. How About A Game Of DEATH!
  34. My Carnage Begins
  35. Luke & Eric
  36. TBA



  1. Charli XCX - Break The Rules (First Trailer)
  2. Disturbed - The Night (Second Trailer)
  3. Skillet - The Resistance (Thrid Trailer)
  4. Starset - My Demons (Fourth Trailer)
  5. The Hit House - Basalt (Final Trailer)
  6. The Vaccines - If You Wanna (Opening Theme)
  7. Disturbed - Hell (Ending Credits Theme)
  8. TBA
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