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Demon Boy is a upcoming 2019 American supernatural horror dark comedy film directed by Tom Holland, Don Mancini, Rob Letterman, Ang Lee, Gareth Edwards, and James Wan, written by Cathy Konrad, Darren Lemke, Zak Penn, Avi Arad, James DeMonaco, Gary Dauberman, Dave Callaham, and Cary Joji Fukunaga. The film stars Tom Hardy, and Ryan Reynolds, Tom portrays a demonically possessed tennis player name is, Luke Benjamin who kills people that stands in his way, and possesses other people to join him, his nice brother name is, Eric Benjamin, who has the power of heaven god and jesus to stop luke from killing everybody, the movie will be release by New Line Cinema, Blumhouse Production, Legendary Pictures, and Warner Bros. Pictures in October 29, 2019.

From The Directors Of The Purge, Insidious, Godzilla, & Child’s Play

Rotten Tomatoes: 70%

Audience Score: 80%

Filming Locations: New York City

Budget: 19 million USD

Box Office: 32.6 million USD

Genre: Horror, Comedy, Fantasy, Action, Drama, Science fiction film, Adventure Film, Thriller, Mystery, Slasher

Running Time: 2h 47m


The story is about a tennis player name Luke Benjamin, he is the king of tennis, and he has a nice brother name Eric Benjamin the brother of luke benjamin, luke and eric are the best brothers ever, but a few months later, Luke & Eric were at a grocery store buying food from them self's, but a bunch of robbers broke in and starts stealing food and everything, luke did not like this, so luke tried to stop them, luke beat the crap out of the robbers, one robber is getting away, and luke chased him, but the robber had a M1911 Pistol, and shot luke multiple times, the robber ran away, Eric found luke's dead body and got upset, eric called the police for luke's body, Eric's life was miserable, but eric had a idea, eric wants to bring luke back, with satan books, sense eric bring luke back to life, luke was acting strange, luke smells blood, he saw a moose, and killed the moose, and eats the moose’s dead corpse, that means luke eats humans, and animals corpse and blood. Eric did not know what's happening, but eric finally knows whats happening. Luke is possessed by Satan, so eric wants to kill luke and sent him back to his grave, eric was weak so he can't beat luke, eric was alone in the forest saying, this is his fault, but eric starts praying for god & jesus, and eric saw the hand of god and eric grabs god's hand, eric tells God & Jesus to help him to defeat luke & satan, god & jesus gave eric the power of heaven, god, and jesus, so eric has the power of heaven to kill luke and satan.


  1. Tom Hardy as Luke Benjamin (eric's young brother)
  2. Ryan Reynolds as Eric Benjamin (luke's older brother)
  3. Melissa Benoist As Veronica Benjamin (eric & luke's sister)
  4. Gabriel Bateman As Young Luke Washington
    Gabriel Bateman
  5. Cameron Boyce As Teenage Luke Washington
    Nickelodeon 2017 Kids Choice Awards Arrivals 4LvsDUf5O4 x
  6. Jason Drucker As Young Eric Benjamin
    Jason Drucker
  7. Corey Fogelmanis As Teenage Eric Benjamin
  8. Kylie Rogers As Young Veronica Benjamin
  9. Dove Cameron As Teenage Veronica Benjamin
  10. Paul Wesley As Noah Brooklyn (luke's friend)
  11. Dylan O'Brien As Tim McKenny (luke's friend)
    Dylan O Brien Entertainment Weekly 5th Annual wRKuQbJOP0Bl
  12. Ryan Gosling As Cody Willbur (luke's friend)
    Ryan Gosling 2018 Toronto International Film 4AqqAJfQ Rl
  13. Zac Efron As Mike Marsh (luke's friend)
  14. Chris Hemsworth As Jimmy Washington (eric's and luke's cousin)
    Chris-hemsworth-thor-director-taika-waititi-arrive-at-golden globes-2018-05
  15. Cameron Monaghan As Mr. Brentwood (founder of the light corporation, The Main Villain)
    Cameron Monaghan 2017 GQ Men Year Party Arrivals wFwBv8Fms7sl
  16. Kit Harington As Dane Williams (mr. brentwood's assistant)
  17. Luke Pasqualino As Nick Gerald (mr. brentwood's assistant)
  18. Joe Dempsie As Tobias Nickerson (mr. brentwood's assistant)
  19. Mark Strong As Jamie Benson (mr. brentwood's assistant)
  20. Brenda Song As Dr. Fox (mr. brentwood's assistant)
  21. Debby Ryan As Ronnie Burger (mr. brentwood's assistant)
    Debby-Ryan -2018-Palm-Springs-International-Film-Festival-Talking-Pictures-Screenings--02-662x876
  22. Hugo Weaving As Satan
  23. Tobin Bell As Grim Reaper
  24. Anthony Hopkins As God
  25. Jeremy Sisto As Jesus Christ
  26. Daniel Kae Kim As Lopez Scott (the robber who shot luke)
    Daniel-dae-kim sc2 768x1024
  27. Steven Yeun As Jordan May (lopez's partner)
    Steven-yeun sc 768x1024
  28. John Cho As Dennis Drake (lopez's partner)
    MV5BMjM4Nzk2NjUxNF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMzY3NDI2MTI@. V1
  29. Sung Kang As Benny Brock (lopez's partner)
    Sung Kang Premiere Warner Bros Ninja Assassin 7yZNDgq2x16l
  30. Will Yun Lee As Tobias Jerry (lopez's partner)
    Will Yun Lee Wolverine Premieres London Part lzYrC X8N9Yl
  31. Ted Levine As Nick Daniels (the chief of police)
    Ted Levine
  32. Brandon Flynn As Troy Shawn (nick's assistant, police officer)
  33. Jack McBrayer As Paris Winchester (troy's partner, police officer)
    Jack McBrayer
  34. Leigh Whannell As Cartman Lopez (troy's partner, police officer)
    Leigh whannell a p
  35. Seth Green As Charles Marshawn (troy's partner, police officer)
  36. Armie Hammer As Dexter Williams (troy's partner, police officer)
  37. Kendall Schmidt As Larry Wester (leader of the punk band)
    Kendall Schmidt Nickelodeon 2017 Kids Choice CxhSgGX1YUhl
  38. James Maslow As Kyle Boston (punk band member)
    James Maslow
  39. Logan Henderson As Andrew Cloud (punk band member)
  40. Carlos PenaVega As Sonny Brooklyn (punk band member)
  41. Katelyn Tarver As Brittany Sky (punk band member)
  42. TBA


  1. Theme
  2. The Punk Band
  3. Rocking Out
  4. Hell Yeah!
  5. Were Fucking Awesome
  6. Bar Concert
  7. You Rock Dude
  8. Autographs
  9. Happy Hour
  10. Beer Drinking
  11. Midnight Drive
  12. The Forest
  13. A Dangerous Monster
  14. The Satanic Ritual
  15. Summon Satan
  16. Hail Satan
  17. Going To Hell
  18. With Pleasure
  19. The Punk Band's Death
  20. Enter Eric Benjamin
  21. Eric’s Sister
  22. Morning Breakfast
  23. Wake Up Luke
  24. Tennis Trophy Collection
  25. Be Careful Out There
  26. Morning Drive
  27. Police Station
  28. The Chief Of Police
  29. Nick & Troy
  30. What's Sup Troy
  31. Luke & Eric's Friends
  32. Luke’s Tennis Game
  33. Winning Streaks
  34. I’m A King Baby!
  35. Last Match
  36. Luke VS Eric Tennis Showdown
  37. I’m The Winner
  38. GG
  39. Fist Bump
  40. Luke Retires Tennis
  41. Bro Night
  42. See You In 2:00 AM
  43. Night Drive
  44. The Bar
  45. I’m Fucked Up
  46. Getting Something To Eat
  47. McDonald’s Lunch
  48. Big Ass Burger
  49. Night Party
  50. It’s 2:10 AM
  51. That Was LIT!
  52. I’m Going To Bed
  53. Luke & Eric’s Flashback
  54. Eric Get’s Bullied
  55. Defending My Brother
  56. Best Brothers
  57. I Love Luke Were Best Bros Forever
  58. Sand Castle
  59. Playground Funtime
  60. High School Age
  61. Were Awesom Bros
  62. Cooking Breakfast
  63. Luke Playing PlayStation 4
  64. Red Dead Redemption 2
  65. Eric Get The Phone!
  66. Who Is This?
  67. That Was Light Corporation, They Want To See Us Right Now
  68. A Billion Dollar Skyscraper
  69. Welcome To Light Corp
  70. Fancy
  71. Coffee & Milk
  72. Mr. Brentwood
  73. Their Was A Accident
  74. The Punk Band Are Gone Missing
  75. The Holy Bible
  76. I Hate Demons
  77. We Will Solve This Problem
  78. I Have A Nice Day
  79. I Want To Go Home And Play Red Dead Redemption 2
  80. Luke We Have A Job To Do
  81. Can We Go To McDonald’s And Grab A Big Mac Before We Do This
  82. Oh Luke!
  83. I Love This Burger So Delicious
  84. You Have Money Right?
  85. Eric & Luke In The Bar Concert
  86. They Died Here Right?
  87. Nothing In The Bar
  88. Beer Everywhere
  89. The Punk Band’s Van
  90. Inside The Van
  91. A Demon Poster
  92. Scary Forest
  93. Bird Jumpscare
  94. Ow Shit That Burned My Foot!
  95. The Ground Is Burning
  96. The Satanic Symbol Burning In The Ground
  97. Take The Picture
  98. Mr. Brentwood Sees The Pictures
  99. That’s All We Have Sir
  100. I Will See You Two Tomorrow
  101. That Was Crazy
  102. TBA


  1. Thunderstep Music - The Horde Is Near (First Trailer)
  2. Rok Nardin - The Devil (Second Trailer)
  3. Pieces Of Eden* - Satan's Arrival (Third Trailer)
  4. Marco Belloni - Colossal Aggressive Fear (Fifth Trailer)
  5. Chris Rena - Sick Mind (Final Trailer)
  6. Black Sabbath - Paranoid (Opening Theme)
  7. Black Sabbath - Heaven And Hell (Ending Credits Theme)
  8. TBA


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