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Dejarik: A Star Wars Game is a casual video game based on the Star Wars franchise developed by Lucasarts for publisher Interplay Entertainment. The game is based on Dejarik (or Holochess), a variant of chess played in the Star Wars setting.


The gameplay is similar to other Casual games based in Chess and the rules are based on the same as in the original boardgame (introduced in Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope, on which R2-D2 and Chewbacca play a match on which C-3PO advises R2 to "let the Wookie win"). Like most casual games, Single Player and Multiplayer also include competing at a scalable difficulty against the computer, or against live opponents (the second players) via the internet.

Rules of Dejarik

In Dejarik, each of the two players controls a opposing team of monsters. The players can move their pieces to attack one another, and said pieces will behave like living beings when in battle. A successful move results in one monster beating another in holo-animated combat.

Playable Pieces

Each holomonster has specific Attack, Health, Range, and Movement ratings. A piece's Attack (ATK) rating represents the damage it can deal when attacking; its Health (HP) rating represents the amount of damage it can sustain before being removed from the board; its Range (RNG) rating indicates how far away it can attack; finally, its Movement rating (MOV) represents the number of spaces it could can in one single move. Some creatures also have "special abilities."

The stats of the eight traditional pieces are as follow:

  • Ghhhk — HP 4, ATK 2, RNG 1, MOV 2, Special ability: Heal 1 adjacent creature to full health
  • Grimtaash — HP 4, ATK 2, RNG 3, MOV 1, special ability: Stuns a piece for two turns (comes with a cooldown of one turn)
  • Houjix — HP 8, ATK 4, RNG 1, MOV 4
  • K'lor'slug — HP 4, ATK 3, RNG 5, MOV 1
  • Kintan Strider — HP 8, ATK 4, RNG 1, MOV 2, special ability: Regenerate 2 HP at the end of its turn
  • Mantellian Savrip — HP 9, ATK 8, RNG 1, MOV 1
  • Monnok — HP 6, ATK 6, RNG 2, MOV 1, special ability: Attack two adjacent pieces
  • Ng'ok — HP 6, ATK 4, RNG 1, MOV 2, special ability: Attack either two pieces or one piece twice

DLC Pieces

DLC includes characters and species from outside the Dejarik game. Like the original pieces, each has its specific Attack, Health, Range, and Movement ratings. These are available via the following DLC packs:

  • Clone Wars Pack
    • Jedi Knight - HP 8, ATK 4, RNG 1, MOV 4, special ability: Stuns a piece for two turns (comes with a cooldown of one turn)
    • Clone Trooper -
  • Resistance / First Order Pack
    • Resistance Trooper -


There are four different gaming modes.





Two on Two


Legends Tournament



There are two Multiplayer Modes: "Planet", which players compete at the same place, or "Galaxy", which is played only online.


Title Winning Condition
"Let the Wookie Win." Clear a match in Very Easy Difficulty
"I suggest a new strategy..." Clear a match in Easy Difficulty
"Dejarik Padawan" Clear a match in Medium Difficulty
"Dejarik Knight" Clear a match in Hard Difficulty
"Dejarik Master" Clear a match in Very Hard Difficulty
"The Forces Await" Unlock and buy any character
"Lottery" Achieve over 10,000 credits