Defenders of Gotham
Defenders of Gotham
aka DC's Defenders of Gotham is an American animated TV series produced by DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Animation, airing on Cartoon Network. It is based on the Batman comics and is set in the future of the KryptonVerse.

Plot Sumary

The show is set 50 years in the future of Gotham, which after Bruce Wayne retiring as Batman, the city is being protected by children, his son Damian as Batboy and Jean Wayne as the new Batgirl.




  • Defenders of Gotham
  • New Teen Tians
    • Johnny Grayson - the half human/ half Tamarian son of Dick Grayson and Kori.
    • Vic Stone/New Cyborg
  • Justice League International
    • Conner Kent/Superboy - the son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane-Kent.


  • Joker C (voiced by TBD) - the son of Bruce Wayne's fomer arch-enemy and Harley Quinn.
  • The Puzzler (voiced by TBD) - the son of the Riddler.
  • Mr. Deepfreeze (voiced by TBD) - the son of Victor Fries.
  • Terrific Trio
  • Talia al Ghul (voiced by TBD) - the leader of the League of Shadows.
  • Derek Powers
  • Paxton Powers

Supporting characters

  • Bruce Wayne (voiced by TBD) - the original Batman and Damian and Jean's father.
  • Selina Kyle-Wayne (voiced by TBD)
  • Dick Grayson (voiced by TBD) - the original Robin and the original Nightwing, being Bruce's closest ally.
  • Kory Anders-Grayson (voiced by TBD) - a Tamaranean princess and Dick's wife, being formerly known as Starfire.
  • Commissioner Barbara Gordon (voiced by TBD) - the commissioner of the GCPD and the original Batgirl.
  • Tim Drake (voiced by TBD)
  • Jason Todd/Red Hood (voiced by TBD)
  • Mayor TBD (voiced by TBD)
  • Clark Kent/Superman - an old ally to Batman and one of the founding members of the original Justice League.
  • Diana Prince-Trevor/Wonder Woman
  • Oliver Queen
  • Dinah Drake-Queen




The show's animation is the same as the original Teen Titans show.


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  • The show is similar to Batman Beyond.
  • The show will feature some members of the Justice League and Teen Titans.
    • Nightwing and Starfire are married.
    • Superman and Lois are married.
    • Flash and Iris are married.
    • Hal Jordon and Carol are married.
    • Green Arrow and Black Canary are married.
    • Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor are married.
    • Raven and Beast Boy are married.
  • In the show's universe, Damian's mother is Selina Klye, not Talia Al Ghul.
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