Dear Leader's Face is a 2019 Donald Duck cartoon short produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios. The short celebrates the 80th anniversary of Donald Duck's creation, and serves as the spiritual successor to the 1943 cartoon Der Fuerher's Face. Like its predecessor, the film centers around Donald Duck serving a totalitarian leader. Only this time he works for Kim Jong-un, the supreme leader of North Korea (voiced by comedian Ken Jeong of The Hangover fame). The short is the third Walt Disney Animation Studios project to use Meander, a technique previously used for the shorts Paperman and Feast.


The cartoon begins with a front-page newspaper report titled "North Korea Strikes Again!!!". We also hear a radio broadcaster talking about how the totalitarian state plans to conquer the world. Donald Duck can be seen working for the government of North Korea after being kidnapped by the minions of Kim Jong-un (Ken Jeong), the country's supreme leader. He begins his monologue to Donald:

"Herro (Hello) my rittle (little) minion, I Kim Jong-un, and I a rittle despot short and stout. If you dare oppose me, you wirr (will) have gun pointed to back of your head. Get to work, Marrard (Mallard)."

He soon tells Donald that he will ignite a nuclear war in a matter of hours.

Donald ends up being the supreme leader's slave. Luckily, Donald finds a way to kick "Dear Leader" out of his own country by rerouting a nuclear missile headed to the US back to North Korea, and in the process, killing Kim... only to realize that his experience was all a dream.


Donald Duck - Tony Anselmo

Kim Jong-un - Ken Jeong

Radio Broadcaster - Tom Kenny

North Korean soldier - Brad Bird


This short is perhaps infamous as Disney's most controversial theatrical short since Runaway Brain in 1995. Asian-American advocacy groups have considered this short too insensitive to people of Asian descent. The Media Action Network for Asian Americans (MANAA) said the short was insensitive to other Asian countries such as China and Japan, despite the fact that Ken Jeong, himself an Asian-American, played the role of the main villain. As a result, the short was banned in those countries, as well as the United Kingdom and Italy.

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