Dawn of the White Spider is an American thriller superhero comic book series, being published by Marvel Comics since [late] 2011.


The bastard son of Spider-Man decides to leave his criminal background left by his mother behind and becomed a web-slinging vigilante while he deals with several threats and high school as well.




  • Karen Michaels - a girly high school student who befriends Bart and lets him living with her, eventually falling in love with him, being unaware of his identity TBD.
  • Jonathan Knoxx - a geeky student who quickly bonds with Bart and becomes his best friend, providing TBD.
  • John Jameson - J. Jonah Jameson's son who helps Bart to overcome his dark past traumas and serves as a mentor to him by TBD.
  • Peter Parker/Spider-Man - Bart's father who rarely appears to visit him, showing to be worried about his safety and TBD.
  • Mary Jane Watson - Peter's best friend who helps him to TBD and often sees Bart as a son.
  • Lana Osborn/Vibranium Goblin - another of Peter's friends who is the niece of the infamous Green Goblin and TBD. Like MJ, she considers Bart as TBD.


  • Alexandra Fisk/The Heir - an estranged member of the Fisk family who TBD.
  • Justin Ironborn/Carnivore - a high school bully who TBD.
  • Dr. Lorina Dodson/White Rabbit - an eccentric former scientist who TBD.
  • Lucius Mirx/Blackhole - an insane criminal who TBD.
  • Tsunami - a robot who has the ability to TBD.
  • Avery Chance/Syren - Bart's mother who he turned against and TBD. Despite being his mother, she rarely appears on the comic.


  1. Bastard Son - TBD
  2. TBD - TBD


  • The comic is shown to be heavily mature.
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