Dawn Wilson
Personal Information
Aliases Princess Spark Blight
Gender Female
Species Blight
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Black
Affiliations Blight Force

Planet Warriors

Occupation Student


Homeworld Planet Photon
Spouse(s) Andrew Stewart (husband)
Production Information

Dawn Wilson (also known by her birthname Aurora Blight and her superhero codename, Princess Spark Blight) is a member of the Blight and a major character in Monster KidMonster Kid: Master of MonstersMonster Kid: Evolution and Return of Monster Kid. She is the twin sister of Zoey Wilson/Princess Blight.

She is the love interest, girlfriend and later wife of Andrew Stewart.



Dawn is a mostly quiet and silent girl as she usually says one word at a time, but she mostly communicates through giggling, angry growling sounds and telepathy.


Early Life

Dawn was born on the same day as Zoey on Photon.

Arrive on Earth


Powers and Abilities

  • Blight Physiology - Due to being an extraterrestrial with light-based powers, Dawn is much stronger than any human.
    • Superhuman Strength - Dawn posses great strength.
    • Superhuman Speed - Dawn can run in superhuman speed.
  • Light Manipulation - Dawn has the power to manipulate light.
    • Light Attacks - Dawn can release/use light in various attacks.
      • Hand Blasts - Dawn can generate light energy attacks from her hands.
    • Light Generation - Dawn generate photons of light.


  • Rock Music


  • Dawn's superhero suit is similar to Posion Ivy's oufit from The New Batman Adventures.
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