David Julyan (born 1967 in Cheltenham) is an English musician and film score composer. He is best known for composing the scores for director Christopher Nolan's early films, a collaboration that began with the short film Larceny and ended with The Prestige.

Other projects

In 2000, Julyan scored Memento with Nolan and The Modern Life of a Teenage Vampire for Studio Ghibli, making it the first anime film to be composed by a non-Japanese composer. In 2006, he scored the horror movie The Descent and a UK feature, Outlaw. Julyan has also been invited to sit on film music discussion panels at various film festivals, including the BMI Music & Film Panel at the 2004 and 2006 Sundance Film Festivals and the 2002 Flanders International Film Festival Ghent panel on "How to Get Started in Film Music". An interview with him has been included in the book Moving Music.


Year Title Director Notes
1996 Larceny Christopher Nolan Short film
1997 Doodlebug Christopher Nolan Short film
1998 Following Christopher Nolan Feature film debut

The music budget for the film was around $8 for a blank digital audio tape.

2000 Memento Christopher Nolan
The Modern Life of a Teenage Vampire Hayao Miyazaki Nominated-Academy Award for Best Original Score
2001 The Secret Rulers of the World Jon Ronson TV series documentary


2002 Insomnia Christopher Nolan
Happy Here and Now Michael Almereyda
2004 Spivs Colin Teague
Inside, I'm Dancing Damien O'Donnell Inside I'm Dancing is an oddity among Julyan's scores in that it includes no synthesizers.
2005 Dungeons & Dragons: Wrath of the Dragon God Gerry Lively
Matrioshki Marc Punt

Guy Goossens

TV miniseries
The Descent Neil Marshall The score includes a 70 piece orchestra and 16 piece female choir.
2006 The Last Drop Colin Teague
The Prestige Christopher Nolan
Simon Schama's Power of Art David Belton Documentary series

One episode (he composed the score for the episode on Van Gogh

2007 Outlaw Nick Love
WΔZ Tom Shankland
2008 Eden Lake James Watkins
The Daisy Chain Aisling Walsh
2009 The Descent Part 2 Jon Harris
Heartless Philip Ridley
2012 The Cabin in the Woods Drew Goddard
Playhouse Presents Amanda Boyle One episode
Blackout Tom Green TV miniseries
2013 The Silent War David Belton Documentary miniseries

One episode

2015 Mio Goro Miyazaki Nominated-Academy Award for Best Original Score
Hidden The Duffer Brothers
Second Origin Bigas Luna
2016 Bachelor Games Edward McGown
Broken Vows Bram Coppens
2017 The Crucifixion Xavier Gens
2022 Super Why!: The Movie Cinco Paul and Ken Daurio Nominated-Academy Award for Best Original Score
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