Davey and Goliath: The Movie is an upcoming live action film. It will star the classic 1960s Christian Cartoon Characters as they embark to save the world from Satan. 


Davey is tired of his current life. He wants something exciting to happen, but he doesn't know how to make it happen, until he finds a Satanic bible with prayers on how to summon demons. The next day, despite Goliath's objections, he goes to the church cemetary to summon a hoard of demons. He recites the Satanic prayer, and the ground opens up beneath him, letting out a hoard of demons.The demons terrorize the town, and then multiply to take over the world. Pastor Miller then tells Davey that the only way to send all of the demons back to Hell is to find 3 items; the manger Jesus was born in, the fishing net He and His desciples used, and the cross He was crucified on, and offer them up to God. He also has a month to do this before the demons fuse Earth with Hell. Davey embarks on his quest with Goliath in tow to stop demons from taking over the world. 

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