Dave Thompson(born 1 January 1960) is a British comedian and actor who hit the headlines in July 1997 after being removed from the role of Tinky Winky in the children's television seriesTeletubbiesafter 70 episodes. TheBBC said in a letter to Thompson that his "interpretation of the role was not acceptable".[1][2]In an interview for The Pod Delusion, Thompson revealed that his contract had already been terminated at the end of the first season's filming – some time before the media allegations concerning Tinky Winky had emerged. He also claimed that a number of other Ragdoll Productions staff had been fired at the same time, the implication being that the mainstream media account of his termination was incorrect.Thompson recounted bursting into tears upon learning the news of his termination. In
Dave Thompson
interviews, he supposed that the dubbing of his voice, unlike the other actors, was an indication of dissatisfaction over his performance.[3]Thompson later appeared in the 2000 Ben Elton film Maybe Baby as Dave the Comedian/Mrs. Furblob. He also appeared inHarry Hill's live tour Hooves as the minor characters of the Horse, the ballboy and the Greek man who grabs Harry's neck. Thompson also made appearances in each night of Hill's Hooves tour.
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