Data Guardians is a English Dub of Data Senshi it was Dubbed By The Ocean Group it aired on ABL Anime Channel until 2010

Offical Summary

Sarah Bloom is your normal teenage Girl but she is the video game champion XxSlayerxX when she plays a new game Digital Guardians She And 5 students find a secret laboratory under her new school She and the 5 digitizes into Cyberspace find out that Digital Guardians was a training game for Guardians to Protect Cyberspace from the Corruption as the Data Guardians! with the Boost Sarah gets in Cyberspace and The Data Guardians she Must defend Cyberspace

Name Changes

Saki Higashi-Sarah Bloom

Setsuna Hikawa-Teri Anderson

Harukichi Aoki-Ryan Song

Ami Midorikawa-Amy Riverson

Akira Kujou-Grayson Turner

Makoto Aino-Lita Mack

DigiWarriors-Digital Guardians


Grayden-Dark Fiend

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