Darkstalkers: Night Warriors Unite is an anime-styled American animated series based on the Capcom

Darkstalkers: Night Warriors Unite
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Horror, action, adventure, comedy-drama

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Alex Jimenez, Akira Yusada

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United States

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video game franchise Darkstalkers and the third animated entry in the franchise after the 1995 animated series and the Madhouse-produced OVAs that ran from 1997 to 1998. Premiering on Netflix on June 2018, the twenty-fourth anniversary of Darkstalkers' original Japanese arcade release, the series became an instant hit with the fanbase of its source material though Capcom still didn't have any word on new games in the series even with its success.

The series is rated TV-14.


In a world where humans and supernatural beings known as Darkstalkers coexist, the Makai Realm spawned these creatures after the two worlds became connected. The two races were never on the best of terms with the exception of government agent Harry Grimoire and his feline pop star friend Felicia. But when an alliance between the alien warlord Pyron and the Makai noble Jedah Dohma threaten both worlds, the two must assemble a team of Darkstalkers to combat them and defend the universe.


Night Warriors

  • Agent Harry Grimoire (voiced by Sean Schemmel): An adult version of the character Harry Grimoire from the first Darkstalkers cartoon. Unlike his counterpart who is descended from the wizard Merlin, this version of Harry is a normal government agent with a fascination for the supernatural. When Pyron and Jedah began attacking, he was the first to respond by contacting Felicia and scouring the world for other Darkstalkers willing to join them in defending humanity.
  • Felicia (voiced by Melissa Fahn): A catwoman adopted by a nun when she was a baby, Felicia dreamed of peace between humans and Darkstalkers. Contrast to the other Night Warriors, Felicia is always cheerful and optimistic but knows when to get her paws dirty.
  • Morrgian Aensland (voiced by Siobhan Flynn): The hedonist daughter of Makai noble Belial Aensland and older half-sister of Lilith Aensland. Despite her royal status within the Makai realm, she usually shirks her duties and visits the human world to party and fight. When she was visited by Harry and Felicia, she immediately accepted the offer for the fun of it.
  • Demitri Maximoff (voiced by Richard Epcar): Master of one of the eight ruling families of Makai, Demitri is a proud vampire lord who once challenged Morrigan's father Belial, but it resulted in being defeated and banished to the human world. Over the next hundred years he slowly regained his power through drinking the blood of unfortunate travelers and turning them into his servants. He intended to do the same to Harry when he, Felicia and Morrigan visited his castle to recruit him unless he fought Morrigan in battle. Morrigan accepted and after learning of her father's death, Demitri joined the Night Warriors to seek a new challenge: Pyron.
  • Jon Talbain (voiced by John DiMaggio): Once a normal young man living in England, Jon was transformed into a werewolf under the full moon and outcast by society. Fearing that his monstrous self could endanger humanity, Talbain put himself under intense training to suppress it and succeeded, but he only won over the children. The still budding Night Warriors paid him a visit and while initially refusing, Jon joined the team after defeating Pyron's minion Huitzil.
  • Anakaris (voiced by Keith Ferguson): The deceased ruler of an Egyptian empire, Anakaris ordered his servants to preserve his body in a self-resurrecting pyramid after forseesing his own demise. He was later killed and stored in the pyramid's chamber while his kingdom fell. Thousands of years later, he was reawakened by Pyron to combat the Night Warriors before joining their side after he was freed.
  • Bishamon (voiced by Phil LaMarr): A man possessed by the cursed samurai armor Hannya and the sword Kien after discovering it in an antique shop. He was discovered by the Warriors during a violent rampage before he was tamed by Anakaris. Feeling grateful for the rescue, Bishamon joined the team and struck up a friendship with Anakaris.
  • Rikuo (voiced by Scott McNeil): The former ruler of a peaceful merfolk kingdom that was destroyed by Pyron creating underwater volcanoes and earthquakes. Immediately joining the Night Warriors to seek revenge, Rikuo barely interacts with his teammates with the exception of Morrigan who finds him curiously attractive for a fishman.
  • Victor von Gerdenheim (voiced by Liam O'Brien): A golem inspired by Frankenstein's Monster created by a scientist who died after Victor's creation. Believing the professor was ignoring him since he was unfamiliar with death, Victor traveled the world with his little sister Emily to become the strongest in the world. He is the final Darkstalker to join the Night Warriors during the first season before they journeyed to stop Pyron.
  • Sasquatch (voiced by Billy West): An odd Bigfoot-esque creature from Canada, Sasquatch is the most noble of his tribe and the first Darkstalker to join in the second season. His kind are averse to the Darkstalkers since they regularly menace their village so when the Night Warriors arrive to recruit him, Sasquatch immediately challenged them all to a fight. Thanks to his size, he proved to be a match for the team until Felicia offered him bananas and he immediately joined, as long as his tribe were left alone and he was given more bananas.
  • Hsien-Ko (voiced by Hynden Walch): One of two daughters to a pair of Senjutsushi spiritualists, Hsien-Ko and her sister Mei-Ling were transformed into Darkstalkers themselves while trying to rescue their mother after she sacrificed herself to save them from monsters. Hsien-Ko was turned into a Jiang-Shi and Mei into a seal that prevented her sister from turning evil. She was the second Darkstalker to join during the second season after Jedah kidnapped Mei and used her to take out the Night Warriors.
  • Donovan Baine (voiced by Diedrich Bader): A Dhampyr vampire hunter that exiled himself and turned to Buddhism after losing control of his vampire form and killing numerous people, including his own mother. Donovan hunts Darkstalkers and is regularly accompanied by a young emotionless girl named Anita (voiced by Andrea Libman) whom he seeks to awaken her emotions. After making an appearance in Season 2 as an antagonist, he reluctantly joins the Night Warriors in the third season after they learn of a prophecy that states Anita will play an important role in defeating Jedah.

The Makai Alliance

  • Pyron (voiced by Greg Ayres): An alien warlord from the planet Hellstorm who comes to Earth to collect it and wipe out all sentient life. Upon discovering the Makai Realm, Pyron encounters the noble Jedah Dohma and proposes an alliance to accomplish both their respective goals. Pyron serves as the main antagonist of the first season until Jedah betrays him and devours his soul in the season finale, taking his place.
  • Jedah Dohma (voiced by David Kaye): The youngest of the three Makai noblemen and one of the chief antagonists. He is very concerned about the future of Makai and plots to save it by absorbing all souls into the Majigen. When he first meets Pyron, the two form an alliance to accomplish their goals and stop the Night Warriors from foiling them, sending out various monsters to interrupt their quest. By the end of the first season, Jedah betrays Pyron and absorbs his soul, taking over as the main antagonist from that point onward.
  • Lord Raptor (voiced by Tom Kenny): Formerly a popular human rockstar & cultist named Zabel Zarock who’s final song took the lives of himself and 100 of his fans, Raptor serves as Emperor Ozom’s second in command and leader of the Makai Alliance’s armies. He is accompanied by the demon Le Malta (voiced by Fred Tatasciore), who was ordered by Ozom to keep an eye on him. After Ozom is killed during the Season 1 finale, Raptor is promoted to Jedah's second in command during Season 2.
  • Huitzil (voiced by Armin Shimerman): Pyron's mechanical servant, one of many robot minions created by him 65 million years ago to wipe out all life on Earth so he can devour it. All the robots went into a deep sleep after completing their mission, but Huitzil in particular was later found by Aztec people before he was put away again. After Pyron was destroyed at the end of Season 1, Huitzil was left without a purpose and wandered around for a while until he met an orphan named Cecil and swore to protect him, becoming an ally of the Night Warriors.
  • Q-Bee (voiced by Cristina Vee): The queen of the Soul Bees that live in the territory of Jedah Dohma in Makai. She and her race are fiercely loyal to Jedah, with Q-Bee in particular acting as his spy on the Night Warriors.
  • Baby Bonnie Hood (voiced by Tara Strong): Bonnie Bulleta is a young Darkhunter who lives for the thrill of the hunt, tracking down various low-ranking Darkstalkers and killing them for high prices. She managed to build up so much of a fearsome reputation that Jedah became impressed enough to hire her as his personal bounty hunter midway through Season 2 as a replacement for Lilith.
  • Lilith Aensland (voiced by Stephanie Sheh): The younger half-angel sister of Morrigan Aensland who was seduced by Pyron to serve him. When Lilith was young, she always felt inferior to her more popular & attractive older sister and slowly grew resentful of her, which the Makai Alliance used to sway her to their side. She makes a cameo appearance at the end of Demitri's debut episode watching the fight between Morrigan and Demitri before finally debuting in the sixteenth episode, which served as the first of the five part season finale. Throughout the finale, Morrigan tried to reach out to her and make amends before Lilith accepted her apology, took part in the fight against Pyron and joined the Night Warriors from the second season onward.
  • Emperor Ozom (voiced by Steven Blum): One of Pyron's lieutenants, Lord Raptor's master and Jedah's right-hand man. Cruel and diabolical to a fault, he sought to eliminate Raptor in case he ever tried to betray him. During the five-part season finale, he was indeed eliminated by the rock star when he discovered Ozom's plan.
  • Shadow Marionette: One of Pyron's strongest fighters, able to copy any of its opponents and their moves. It is fiercely loyal to Pyron until his death, after which it switched its allegiance to Jedah.


Season 1

Episode Title Plot Premiere
1 Dark Beginnings Part 1 Government agent Harry Grimoire, resident firm believer in the supernatural, comes face to face with the wider world of the Darkstalkers when he and his friend Felicia set out to stop the alliance of Pyron and Jedah Dohma. June 28, 2018
2 Dark Beginnings Part 2 While in search of more Darkstalkers to help them fight the Makai Alliance, Harry and Felicia meet the succubus Morrigan and help her take on Pyron's machine army who have crashed a party she was attending. June 28, 2018
3 Dark Beginnings Part 3 Now with Morrigan by their side, all the new team known as the Night Warriors need now is a headquarters to monitor Pyron's activity. They decide that an abandoned castle would be the most fitting locale before realizing that it's home to the vampire Demitri Maximoff who kidnaps Harry and will only let him go if Morrigan fights him. June 28, 2018
4 Moonlight Training After recruiting Demitri and deciding to use his castle as their headquarters, the Night Warriors now must train their skills for any oncoming battles with evil. June 28, 2018
5 Howl of the Talbain Taking a trip to England, the Night Warriors meet a werewolf named Jon Talbain whom they try to recruit to their side but he refuses, fearing that he would only hurt them. But when they're put in danger by Pyron's minion Huitzil, Jon realizes that they need him to defend the Earth. June 28, 2018
6 Raptor Rock The Night Warriors come face to face with Lord Raptor, one of Pyron & Jedah's minions, who has brainwashed the youth of a small village with his music in order to harvest their souls. June 28, 2018
7 Return of the Pharaoh The deceased pharaoh Anakaris is resurrected to combat the Night Warriors. Meanwhile, Harry begins to question whether he's worthy of being the mortal leader of a group of superpowered creatures. June 28, 2018
8 Cursed Warrior Part 1 After breaking the Makai Alliance's control over Anakaris, the Night Warriors' next mission is stopping a cursed suit of samurai armor from wreaking havoc. June 28, 2018
9 Cursed Warrior Part 2 With the other Night Warriors knocked out by Bishamon, it's now up to their newest member Anakaris to tame his dark hunger for blood. June 28, 2018
10 Under the Sexy Sun After taming and recruiting Bishamon, the Warriors decide to take a long overdue vacation at Safrill complete with volleyball, surfing and especially Morrigan & Felicia in swimsuits. But their fun in the sun is interrupted when a strangely attractive fishman named Rikou seeks their help. June 28, 2018
11 Flight of the Soul Bees Another one of Pyron & Jedah's minions makes her debut, the queen of the Soul Bees Q-Bee who's race have taken the souls of a nearby village. June 28, 2018
12 Shadow of a Doubt The Night Warriors suspect there might be a spy among them when Demitri and Morrigan start acting unusual. Unbeknownst to them, they have been replaced by the Shadow Marionette, another member of the Makai Alliance. June 28, 2018
13 Raptor Returns Part 1 Lord Raptor returns to challenge the Night Warriors, this time bringing along his master Emperor Ozom. Fearing Ozom might be more powerful than they imagined, Harry and the Darkstalkers seek out a new ally. June 28, 2018
14 Raptor Returns Part 2 With the golem Victor von Gerdenheim now by their side, the Night Warriors face Ozom and must prepare for the eventual final showdown with Pyron. June 28, 2018
15 Calm Before the Storm With the final battle with Pyron upon them, Harry and the Night Warriors spend one last moment of peace to reminisce on the good times they had together and revealing dark secrets of their pasts. June 28, 2018
16 Sisterhood (Hellfire Part 1) The Night Warriors finally make it to Makai where they are faced with Morrigan's resentful half-sister Lilith, who has been seduced by Jedah into joining the Makai Alliance. Morrigan decides to try and make amends with her while also helping her teammates fight Pyron's forces. June 28, 2018
17 Rock On (Hellfire Part 2) After failing to convince Lilith to join them, the Night Warriors are now met with a vengeful Lord Raptor and Emperor Ozom who challenge them to a music battle. June 28, 2018
18 Invasion (Hellfire Part 3) After Ozom is executed for failing the Alliance, Lord Raptor is forced to ally with the Warriors while they face Lilith again along with an army of Soul Bees. June 28, 2018
19 Armageddon (Hellfire Part 4) Finally having enough of their minions failing them along with Lilith finally betraying them, Pyron & Jedah decide to take matters into their own hands and destroy the Night Warriors themselves. Our heroes are in for the fight of their lives and will stop at nothing to save the universe. June 28, 2018
20 Trouble Man (Hellfire Part 5) With the fate of Earth at stake, the Night Warriors make a hefty gamble to sacrifice one of their own to defeat the Makai Alliance once and for all. Harry immediately volunteers and offers himself to Pyron in place of Earth. Pyron accepts the offer and Harry says one last goodbye to his friends before being taken away on Pyron's ship. Inside the ship, Harry hacks into its computer and sends the vessel careening into the ocean where no doubt Pyron would be killed for good. It fails, but instead Jedah accidentally saves the day by betraying Pyron and absorbing his soul before vowing revenge. He flees back to Makai and the Night Warriors are now celebrated as heroes, no doubt bringing a new age of peace between humans and Darkstalkers. June 28, 2018

Season 2

Episode Title Plot Release Date
1 Aftermath Following the end of Pyron, the heroes briefly go their seperate ways. Morrigan & Lilith spend time together, Felicia introduces Jon to her fellow catgirls, Bishamon returns to his wife, Anakaris learns his kingdom is gone, Demitri helps Rikuo search for his people, Harry muses over their current situation as heroes and Jedah plots his next move. October 17, 2018
2 Cold as Ice Part 1 The Night Warriors reassemble to stop an army of yetis from attacking a nearby mountain village, and their noblest wants to challenge them in particular. October 17, 2018
3 Cold as Ice Part 2 Sasquatch proves to be a decent match for the Night Warriors and his tribe will stop at nothing to drive them out. But fortunately Felicia makes a good bargain of bananas and now they must join together against Jedah's Soul Bees. October 17, 2018
4 The Fusion Solution When faced with the Shadow Marionette once again, Morrigan and Lillith accidentally learn they can merge to become more powerful. October 17, 2018
5 Jedah's Right Hand Zombie Lord Raptor returns once more, this time being promoted to Jedah's second in command and more powerful than ever. October 17, 2018
6 Vengeance of the Jiang-Shi Part 1 The Night Warriors take on a psychotic jiang-shi named Hsien-Ko who's sister was kidnapped by Jedah to use her for his own evil deeds. October 17, 2018
7 Vengeance of the Jiang-Shi Part 2 After succeeding in containing Hsien-Ko, Harry, Morrigan, Lillith and Sasquatch head out to search for her sister. October 17, 2018
8 The Return of Huitzil Pyron's former minion Huitzil appears at the Night Warriors' headquarters seeking their assistance in protecting a young boy named Cecil from his fellow machines. October 17, 2018
9 Over the River With his forces crippled after the loss of Lilith, Jedah hires a Darkhunter named Baby Bonnie Hood to terminate the Night Warriors. October 17, 2018
10 Through the Woods The Night Warriors are now on the run from B.B Hood, and things only get worse when they hide out in a Darkstalker-hating town where one of its civilians is the Darkhunter Donovan Baine. October 17, 2018
11 Baine of Existence Part 1 After managing to get Bonnie off their tail, the Night Warriors find shelter in Mexico with help from Huitzil only to realize Donovan Baine is now chasing them. October 17, 2018
12 Baine of Existence Part 2 Donovan captures Anakaris & Felicia and injures Demitri, Rikuo, Victor, Sasquatch & Hsien-Ko, leaving Harry, Morrigan, Jon and Bishamon to form a rescue mission. They track him down to Brazil and learn of his true motives, engaging him in battle and gaining his respect. October 17, 2018
13 Hurt After the titanic battle against Donovan, the Night Warriors split up for the sake of each other's safety and Jedah takes advantage of it. October 17, 2018
14 Reunited Part 1 Months after the Night Warriors separated, Jedah reveals his new master plan, the Majigen, which he uses to absorb all souls and save Makai. Believing the team must be reunited, Harry contacts Felicia and they go off to find Morrigan, Demitri, Jon and Anakaris. October 17, 2018
15 Reunited Part 2 After finding most of their teammates, the regrowing Night Warriors continue their search for the rest of the team, this time hunting down Bishamon, Rikuo and Victor. October 17, 2018
16 Reunited Part 3 With the Night Warriors almost reassembled, they learn Sasquatch and Hsien-Ko have been kidnapped by the Q-Bees for Jedah to use them in testing the Majigen. October 17, 2018
17 The Majigen Part 1 Now that the Night Warriors are finally back together, they now must find a way to reach Jedah and stop his plan before getting help from the French dimension-hopping pirate Ruby Heart and her first mate Amingo. October 17, 2018
18 The Majigen Part 2 After enlisting the help of Ruby to stop the Majigen, the Night Warriors now have a new obstacle in the form of an army of Soul Bees. October 17, 2018
19 The Majigen Part 3 Finally making their way to the Majigen, Harry is immediately captured. Now the Night Warriors are forced to make sacrifices to save their friends. October 17, 2018


The Majigen Part 4 Victor gives up his own life to save the others and the final battle begins. Although the heroes nearly die stopping Jedah, they eventually prevail and return as heroes. October 17, 2018

Season 3

Episode Title Plot Release Date
1 The Prophecy Still reeling from the loss of Victor, the Night Warriors learn of a prophecy that a child will be the one to stop Jedah, and that child is Anita, the young companion of none other than Donovan Baine. May 5, 2019
2 In Search of Baine The heroes are forced to make an uneasy alliance with Baine in order to defeat Jedah once and for all. May 5, 2019
3 Gathering Forces To prepare for the coming final battle, the Warriors assemble an army to combat Jedah's minions. Ruby Heart & Amingo and Huitzil are contacted once again, Felicia, Rikuo & Sasquatch gather up the rest of their kind and the rest improve their skills. May 5, 2019
4 Jedah's Move As our heroes train for the eventual conflict, Jedah begins to hypnotize entire human militaries and other superpowers to serve as his forces. May 5, 2019
5 Boom Jedah starts expressing great curiosity over humanity's love of violence and inspires them to go to war with each other. May 5, 2019
6 No Time for Breaks When the Night Warriors learn of the bloodshed caused by Jedah, they go out to stop them. May 5, 2019
7 Red and the Wolf Baby Bonnie Hood returns to hunt down Jon to downsize the heroes' forces. May 5, 2019
8 Inner Darkness Throughout his time as a reluctant ally of the Night Warriors, Donovan struggled to keep his evil half from breaking out and killing everyone. But when Lord Raptor kidnaps Anita, he is forced to come to terms with his past to save her. May 5, 2019
9 Black and White Felicia & Jon realize they might have feelings for one another when the witch Majorette and her cat Tina randomly kidnap the catwoman as a bounty for Lord Raptor. May 5, 2019
10 Armageddon, Part 1 Jedah begins his campaign to absorb Earth into the Majigen by going to war against all of the planet's supernatural defenders, starting with the heroes' loved ones. May 5, 2019
11 Armageddon, Part 2 Although the Night Warriors are able to stop Jedah's forces from destroying everything they love, they are powerless against the demon himself when absorbing the souls of the innocent makes him more powerful. May 5, 2019
12 Darkest Hour The Night Warriors are accused for Jedah's actions and forced into hiding to form their next move. May 5, 2019
13 After the End The Earth is now nearly in ruins thanks to Jedah's campaign as he continues preparing for its destruction. Most of the Makai Realm's inhabitants is now also assimilated into the Majigen and without the Night Warriors to stop him, Jedah is on his way to victory. May 5, 2019
14 What Next? Harry begins to research the prophecy in a desperate attempt to save the universe from Jedah. May 5, 2019
15 Revolution The Night Warriors finally reassemble with Harry, Felicia & Donovan leading them into their final battle against the Makai Alliance, for the fate of not just mankind and Darkstalkers but for all living beings as well. May 5, 2019

Whatever It Takes (Hell on Earth Part 1)

The Night Warriors and their allies take the fight back to the Makai Realm where Jedah and his minions await them. May 5, 2019
17 Succu-Goodbye (Hell on Earth Part 2) In a desperate effort to empower her sister, Lilith sacrifices herself by fusing with Morrigan. May 5, 2019

King of the Hill (Hell on Earth Part 3)

It's now an all-out brawl between good and evil. Jedah is done playing games and personally challenges the heroes to one last fight. May 5, 2019
19 As Foretold (Hell on Earth Part 4) May 5, 2019
20 Farewell to Arms (Hell on Earth Part 5) May 5, 2019
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