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Matt Murdock, retired for a long time after the events in Daredevil, and was being life ruined by the Kingpin as a revenge, and he decides to fight back against the mob again, putting back on the red suit, and gains acquaintance from Spider-Man.


November 7, 2014


  • Ben Affleck - Matt Murdock/Daredevil, had been retired, and returns to crime-fighting, in the end, reunites with Elektra!
  • Tobey Maguire - Peter Parker/Spider-Man, has been investigating rumors of the Kingpin's recent beatings and has been giving photos to the Daily Bugle, in the end, states "We took out Mr. Big!"
  • Tom Wilkinson - Wilson Fisk/Kingpin, once again the main antagonist, he gets a revenge attempt on Matt Murdock for getting him in jail, in the end, Falls off the building ending the reign of the Kingpin!
  • Colin Farrell - Bullseye, once again the secondary antagonist, he wants revenge on Daredevil for getting him in the hospital, though Murdock wants payback on Bullseye for Elektra's death, in the end, gets his head cut off!
  • Jon Favreau - Foggy Nelson, in the end, gets shot by Bullseye!
  • Ellen Pompeo - Karen Page, had exposed Daredevil's identity, which caused Kingpin to plan all this, she somehow reconciled with Matt, in the end, leaves for South Dakota!
  • Joe Pantoliano- Ben Urich, had his hand injured, in the end, keeps Parker's identity!
  • Simmon Templeman - Paulo Scorcese, an abusive drug dealer attempting to kill Karen, but failed and falls out the window!
  • Bruce Greenwood - Nick Manolis, was killed by Urich's "nurse"
  • J.K. Simmons - J. Jonah Jameson, in the end, gets another humiliation for lying about Spider-Man!
  • Elizabeth Banks - Betty Brant, in the end, looks over Murdock's story!
  • Bill Nunn - Robbie Robertson, in the end, finds clues connecting the Kingpin!
  • Maggie Smith - Sister Maggie Murdock, Matt's mother and now a nun at an Orphanage, she hasn't been in Matt's life for decades, in the end, apologizes to Matt for her selfishness!
  • Rosaro Dawson - Glorianna O'Breen, Matt's ex-girlfriend and now Foggy's girlfriend, in the end, gets killed by Bull's Eye!
  • Terrence Stamp - Stick, appeared in a post-credit scene showing Matt, Elektra
  • Jennifer Garner - Elektra Natchios, appeared in a post-credit scene revealing her resurrection to Matt




  • Spider-Man took Captain America's place, while Bullseye took Nuke's place and Tom Wilkinson toke over the role of the Kingpin after Michael Clarke Duncan's death.