Danny Phantom 2018 is an American live action superhero comedy film by Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon Movies, and will be released on July 1,2018. The film tells us about Danny Fenton who gets zapped into the ghost portal and has ghost powers.



Justin Long as Danny Fenton

Demi Lovato as Samantha "Sam" Manson

Doc Shaw as Tucker Foley

Bill Murray as Jack Fenton

Kristen Wiig as Madeline "Maddie" Fenton

Bella Thorne as Jasmine "Jazz" Fenton

Rowan Atkinson as Mr. Lancer

Melissa McCartney as Ms. Tetslaff

Jonah Hill as Dash Baxter

Aimee Carrero as Paulina

Channing Tatum as Kwan

Hilary Duff as Star

Raven-Symone as Valerie Gray

Martin Lawrence as Skulker



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