Danny,Oopsy and Melody:The Movie 1998 2D is animated film will be released in Theaters March/20/1998.



This movie receive Mixed Reviews from Critics,and it won the Academy award winning songs and lyric stuff from the little mermaid and beauty and the beast. And making a Box office Success.

The Characters


box office

The Movie Holds $1976,1253,546 This movie was a Box office Success.

Rotten tomatoes

The Movie reserve 91% on Rotten tomatoes


The Movie won the academy award winning for the best picture,Screenplay,soundtrack and Director and Annie Awards for the best picture and also  won the The Globe for the nomination of the best Nominee Film.The film Gets an A+ to A to F Scale of 10.For 2 Thumbs up

Home Video Release

It was Released on VHS and Laserdisc August/4/1998 with Previews and it was Released on DVD April/30/2002 with Previews,2-Disc Special Edition on DVD March/27/2007 with Previews and special Edition Blu-Ray May/12/2015 with Previews and the Blu-Ray platinum Edition June/4/2019 with Previews became a Commercial Success for making a best Film.


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