Daniel Glimduck (Sometimes Dan Glimduck) is a character of DuckTales (2017). He debuts as a major antagonist in Who Framed Gyro Gearloose?. He is voiced by Dan Middleton.


Daniel was a intern for Scrooge McDuck. In the job interview, he is

Physical Appearance

In a flashback, his hair was brown, wearing a green shirt, brown shorts and red sneakers. Now, his hair is dark blue, wears a black pants and dark blue boots.

In The Show



  • This character is the second one to have a Youtuber as their voice actor.
    • He seems to have a different personality aside DanTDM (His voice actor). The differences are:
      • Daniel is more villainous while DanTDM is not.
      • DanTDM is a YouTuber, while Daniel is a criminal.
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