Chapter 1

(The logos are shown: Roadshow Films (which has a "DR" symbol and a SAVO watch on its V symbol), Animotion Works Inc. and Mighty Kids Media.)

(Mount Rushmore is then shown and zooms in as we get the opening logo credits: "Mighty Kids Media Presents," "An Animotion Works Inc. Production" and "In Association With Roadshow Films.")

(We then cut back to the flashing colors room.)

Sully: (Acknowledging the audience) Hey, everyone, we're back!

Burble: (Acknowledging the audience) And wow, do we have a great adventure for you!

Squeeky: (To Burble) Indeed, we do, big guy! (Acknowledging the audience) And you guys are gonna love it!

Gabriela: (Acknowledging the audience) So now, let's get this fiesta started!

Kitty: (To someone) Still got your drums?

(Harry is with the Danger Rangers, sitting behind the drums and holding his drumsticks.)

Harry: Had them since I got this job.

Kitty: That's good to hear.

Sully: Rangers, got your instruments?

Burble: Sure did, Sully.

Sully: Then, let's hit it, salsa edition!

Harry: Okay, then, (Hits his sticks) uno, dos, tres, cuatro! (Begins playing the drums.)

(The salsa version of the "Danger Rangers" theme then plays as the colorful lights flicker again.)

Danger Rangers: (Sully playing the acoustic guitar, Kitty playing the piano, Burble playing the bongos, Squeeky playing the bass guitar, Burt playing the trumpet, Gabriela playing the cowbells and Fallbot playing the maracas) Danger Rangers, Danger Rangers, Danger Rangers, Danger Rangers, Danger Rangers, Danger Rangers.

Sully: There's trouble on the horizon. There's danger around every bend.

Kitty: With all the things that can hurt you, on whom can you depend?

Burble: A street, a pool, a dangerous tool or riding home on your bike.

Squeeky: It's up to you. What do you do? Who you gonna be like?

Danger Rangers: Like the Danger Rangers.

SAVO: (Off-screen) Danger alert, Danger alert!

Danger Rangers: Danger Rangers, Danger Rangers, Danger Rangers, Danger Rangers.

Burt: It's nothing more to being cool...

Gabriela: ...than being safe 'cause...

Danger Rangers: rules! Danger Rangers, Danger Rangers, Danger Rangers, Danger Rangers!

(The title screen comes in "Danger Rangers: The Movie 2.")

Danger Rangers: (Off-screen) Safety rules!

(TV static appears in front of the title and the screen goes black.)

(Then, a yellow line fades in as it then makes a few zig-zags while SAVO is talking.)

SAVO: (Mimics Jeff's laughter and voice while acknowledging the audience) Hello, fools. I'm back for my revenge. (Mimics Jeff's laughter, then does his normal voice laughter) You thought it was Jeff, didn't you? Well, I fooled you, it's actually me, SAVO. Safety Alert VectOmeter. Before we cut to the chase, I would like to tell a recap of this film's predecessor. (Narrating) It all started with Dr. Abello's log: (Reads) "By the turn of the millennium, a technology known as 'virtual reality' will be in widespread use. It will allow you to enter computer generated artificial worlds as unlimited as the imagination itself. Its creators foresee millions of positive uses - while others fear it as a new form of mind control..."

(Cut to some scenes from the first movie.)

SAVO: (Narrating) And as our new friend, Leroy, told us, his old friend, Jeff, was a simpleton. Everybody called him "the Lawnmower Guy." It's the only nickname he liked as he is really good with using his old lawnmower. Leroy's neighbor, Dr. Abello, experimented with this "virtual reality" to vastly increase Jeff's intelligence. The research was funded by The Warehouse, a top secret United States government agency. Their interest was its potential military use. They programmed Jeff with their own V.R. treatment and made a monster out of him. It was a nightmare. But thanks to our friend, Leroy, we worked together and sent Jeff packing.

(Cut to the animated world's Florida.)

SAVO: (Narrating) Then, six days passed after those events and there was no emergency on the horizon,... not for Leroy to help the Danger Rangers with I should make that. Our story begins with the Danger Rangers themselves spending the weekend off at a resort in Florida and I can tell Gabriela's been here many times as a child. Little did they know that another big adventure of their lives is about to come.

(Then, the opening credits begin as the Rangers (from left to right: Sully (in his orange swimming trunks), Kitty (in her yellow swimsuit), Burble (in his red swimming trunks), Squeeky (in his ruby red swimming trunks) and Burt) relax in beach chairs while singing the song, "Everybody Be Water Safe.")

Danger Rangers: Everybody be water safe when you get in the pool. We want mom, dad, son, and daughter safe. That's the golden rule!

Burble: (Sighs) This weekend off is relaxing.

Squeeky: Oh, it sure is.

Kitty: I especially like the best part, digging our bare feet in the sand.

Burt: The sun feels good on this outside and inside.

Sully: Gosh, Leroy would've enjoyed this.

SAVO: Oh, speaking of Leroy, he may not have told us this before but tomorrow is his birthday.

Kitty: (Surprised) That's amazing news!

Sully: Listen up, Rangers, on the way back to headquarters, we better pick up some cards.

Squeeky: Well, you're the leader, so sure, we can do that.

(We cut to the real world, at Leroy's house.)

SAVO: (Narrating) However, that's not the only thing Leroy didn't tell us, one of those other things are that like Bradley and Beth, Leroy is a twin. Who is the other twin? His sister, Joyce. Where was she when Leroy ended up in our world? And what will happen to Leroy and Joyce during the Danger Rangers' biggest mission yet? Let's find out and see.

(Then, we come into Leroy's house as the song, "Somebody Told Me" by The Killers plays.)

The Killers off-screen: Well, somebody told me you had a boyfriend, Who looked like a girlfriend, That I had in February of last year, It's not confidential, I've got potential, Rushing, rushing around!

(It turns out the song was actually coming from a radio on the kitchen shelf.)

Radio announcer: Well, what a great performance by The Killers and now, coming up on number 52 is Justin Timberlake's "Can't Stop The Feeling!"

(We see Leroy and his sister, Joyce in Leroy's bedroom.)

Joyce: Leroy, I am so excited for our vacation!

Leroy: Me too, Joyce!

(Leroy takes a collection of "Kung Fu Dino Posse," "Dengeki Sentai Changeman," "Choujyu Sentai Liveman" and "J.A.K.Q. Dengekitai" action figures from his toy chest and puts them into his suitcase.)

Leroy: There we go, now, I just need to get a toothbrush, pajamas and my favorite "Steven Universe" T-shirt.

(Joyce takes pony dolls of Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie that she took from her bedroom shelves and puts them into her suitcase.)

Joyce: (Jumps in the air full of joy) I can't wait to see Jerry, Val, Chris, Turner, Tessa and Brittany again!

Leroy: Me too! I haven't seen them since,... (Pauses) ...well, since Easter. Uh, let's finish packing.

Joyce: Okay.

(They then continue packing.)

(While packing, Leroy looked at the TV and sighed.)

Leroy: (To himself) Man, I really am going to miss those guys.

(He then sees his SAVO watch on his desk and decides to take it.)

Leroy: (To himself) Better take this with me, who knows what danger they might call me for.

(He puts it in his suitcase.)

Leroy: Now, time to put in my "Steven Universe" T-shirt.

(He puts the T-shirt in his suitcase.)

Leroy: Now, to get my "Mystery Science Theater 3000" DVD.

(He then goes to get his "Mystery Science Theater 3000" DVD and then puts it in his suitcase.)

Joyce: Time to put in my Angela Anaconda doll.

(She puts the doll in her suitcase.)

Joyce: Oh, and I almost forgot my Ladybug doll.

(She went back to her bedroom shelf, took a "Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir" Ladybug doll, went back to the suitcase and then put the doll in the suitcase.)

Joyce: And now to put in my most favorite doll in the whole world.

(She then went back to her bedroom shelf, took a "Hotel Transylvania" Mavis doll, went back to the suitcase and then put the doll in the suitcase.)

Joyce: I'll also bring the bikini I made for her for the pool.

(She then takes a handmade black two piece bikini for Mavis from her bed and placed it carefully next to her Mavis doll in her suitcase.)

(After packing, they close their suitcases.)

(Their mother, Angela, then came into their room with a package.)

Angela: Leroy! Special delivery for you!

(She gives the package to Leroy.)

Leroy: Thanks, Mom.

Angela: You're welcome, sugar cube.

(Leroy then opens the package and inside is a Michael Jackson CD.)

Leroy: All right, my new Michael Jackson CD came!

Angela: Maybe you can listen to it while we're getting to our vacation house.

Leroy: That's a great idea. Ooh, and I got some birthday cards from some special friends too! May I wait until I get there?

Angela: (Smiles) Sure, sugar cube, after all, you are the birthday boy.

Leroy: Sure am!

(He hugs his mother.)

Leroy: Thanks, Mom.

(Joyce smiles and then jumps on the bed.)

Joyce: Watch out, Keystone, here we come!

Angela: (Notices) Oh, honey, please don't jump on the bed, you know mommy dosen't want you getting hurt.

(Joyce then stops jumping on the bed.)

Joyce: Okay, mommy.

(She then leaps off the bed and lands into Angela's arms.)

Angela: (Smiles) My favorite little girl.

Leroy: (Smiles) And my favorite sister.

Angela: (Chuckles) Oh, Leroy, come here, you two.

(Leroy, Joyce and Angela then go into a group hug together. It then cuts to Leroy's family in the car as his father, Marcus closed the door of the driver's seat.)

Marcus: Everyone ready?

Everyone else: Yes.

Marcus: Okay, then, let's go.

(Marcus started the car and the family drove to Keystone.)

Leroy: Mom, can you put my new CD on?

Angela: Sure, honey.

(Angela put the Michael Jackson CD in the car's radio and the first song that played was "Leave Me Alone.")

(We then cut to scenes of the car driving as the rest of the opening credits start.)

Michael Jackson off-screen: I don't care what you talkin' 'bout baby, I don't care what you say, Don't you come walkin', beggin' back mama, I don't care anyway, Dime after dime, I gave you all of my money, No excuses to make, Ain't no mountain that I can't climb baby, All is going my way, 'Cause there's a time when you're right, And you know you must fight, Who's laughing baby, don't you know, And there's the choice that we make, And this choice you will take, Who's laughin' baby?, So just leave me alone, Leave me alone (leave me alone), Leave me alone, Leave me alone (leave me alone, leave me alone, leave me alone), Leave me alone (leave me alone) stop it! Just stop doggin' me around, There was a time I used to say, "Girl I need you", But who is sorry now?, You really hurt, you used to take and deceive me, Now who is sorry now?, You got a way of making me feel so sorry, I found out right away, Don't you come walkin', beggin', I ain't lovin' you, Don't you get in my way, 'Cause there's a time when you're right, And you know you must fight, Who's laughing baby, don't you know, And there's the choice that we make, And this choice you will take, Who's laughin' baby?, So just leave me alone, Leave me alone (leave me alone), Leave me alone, Leave me alone (leave me alone, leave me alone, leave me alone), Leave me alone (leave me alone) stop it! Just stop doggin' me around, 'Cause there's a time when you're right, And you know you must fight, Who's laughing baby, don't you know, girl, And there's the choice that we make (that we make, and, that we make, and), And this choice you will take, Who's laughin' baby?, So just leave me alone, girl, Leave me alone (leave me alone), Leave me alone, Leave me alone (leave me alone, leave me alone, leave me alone), Leave me alone (leave me alone) stop it! Just stop doggin' me, Leave me alone (leave me alone, leave me alone) Leave me alone, Leave me alone (leave me alone, leave me alone, leave me alone), Leave me alone (leave me alone) stop it! Just stop doggin' me around, Don't come beggin' me, Don't come beggin', Don't come lovin' me, Don't come beggin', I love you, I don't want it, I don't, I don't, I don't, I, Don't, Don't come beggin' me, Don't come beggin', Don't come lovin' me, Don't come beggin'!

(The car then stops at the family vacation house.)

Marcus: We're here, everybody out!

(The family then gets out of the car.)

Joyce: (Breathing in the air) Boy, the air feels fresher every day, wouldn't ya say so, Leroy?

Leroy: (Smiles) Of course, it does, Joyce, it definitely does.

(Angela then comes to the two of them with a DVD.)

Angela: Hey, you two, I brought "The Muppet Show" for you and your cousins to watch together.

Leroy: That's awesome, Mom.

Marcus: Hey, Leroy, help me out with the suitcases, son!

Leroy: Coming, Dad!

(He then went to the back of the car to help Marcus with the suitcases.)

Joyce: Will the whole family be here, Mommy?

Angela: Of course, they will, sweetie, it's going to be a very big family vacation for us.

Joyce: Yay!

Angela: Yep, yay!

Leroy: Mom, since these cards are from some special friends, may I read them in my room?

Angela: Sure, anything, sugar cube.

Leroy: Thanks.

Marcus: But first, we gotta get these suitcases into the house.

Leroy: Already on that, Dad.

Joyce: And I'll help too, daddy!

Marcus: Sorry, my sweet, but these suitcases are too heavy for you to carry but you can take this one.

(He gives Joyce her suitcase.)

Marcus: I reckon that it's much lighter for you sweetheart.

Joyce: (Smiles) Thanks, Daddy.

(After getting their suitcases in their room, Joyce and Leroy went to the porch to look at the view.)

Leroy: It almost feels like I'm a giant, Joyce.

Joyce: Well, I feel like flying by standing here.

Leroy: Well, that's cool.

Joyce: I know, right?

Marcus: (Off-screen) Don't forget, kids, Uncle Drew's gonna teach you and the cousins to fish!

Leroy: We know, dad, we know!

Marcus: (Off-screen) Okay, I'm just reminding you!

Leroy: Now, I'll go read my cards.

(Leroy went into his bedroom as Joyce followed along and turned on the TV.)

Joyce: Well, while you do that, I'm gonna be watching some "Wurrawhy."

Leroy: (Confused) But I thought you were into "Puzzle Play." You know, with Kellyn, Liam, Patrick, Cassie the computer and Penny the bus-like vechile?

Joyce: (Chuckles) Don't you remember, Leroy? I watch "Puzzle Play" after "Wurrawhy," you silly brother.

(She puts a DVD disc of "Wurrawhy" into the VHS/DVD player.)

Leroy: (Realizes) Oh, now I remember, well, anyway, time to read my cards.

(The first card he opened up was a card from his best friend, Charlie M Richardson.)

Leroy: (Reads) Hi, Leroy, I just wanna say Happy Birthday and I hope that you will have a great time for your birthday unlike last time, when Phill almost... Yeah, I don't wanna talk about it but anyways, see ya later. -Charlie (Not reading) Ah, Charlie, such a joker. (Notices some more) What's this?

(He picked up the cards and noticed...)

Leroy: (Surprised) Hey, they're from my heroes, the Danger Rangers. I wonder what they're writing to me about.

Sully: (Heard in the background) Hey there, Leroy, I just wanna put it very simple, so I can wish a very happy birthday...

Kitty: (Heard in the background) ...And even though I'm not with you, I will always keep in touch with you, little monkey...

Burble: (Heard in the background) ...We're doing pretty good with our job as you haven't noticed and I'm just hoping that you will do good today too...

Squeeky: (Heard in the background) ...I hope your birthday meal will have an assortment of a thousand cheeses as you haven't known already, I love cheeses...

Burt: (Heard in the background) ...But you have to remember to think safe, stay safe and play safe...

Gabriela: (Heard in the background) ...'Cause safety rules but anyway, happy birthday...

Fallbot: (Heard in the background) ...Your robot friend, Fallbot, robot buddy of the Danger Rangers.

Leroy: Aw, that was so nice of them to give me these letters. (Thinks) But you know, this letter sending from another dimension is kinda like "Equestria Girls" and I'm also wondering if other shows could travel to my dimension. I wonder if that would happen?

Joyce: Would you keep it down Leroy? I'm trying to watch "Puzzle Play."

Neil On TV: Whoa, what a cool looking puzzle piece, lots of buttons and lights. (Repeats when Patrick presses on the remote) Whoa, what a cool looking puzzle piece, lots of buttons and lights. (Repeats when Patrick presses on the remote) Whoa, what a cool looking puzzle piece, lots of buttons and lights.

Leroy: Oh, sorry, Joyce.

Angela: (Off-screen) Kids, your Aunt Harriet, Uncle Drew and cousins, Brittany, Turner and Tessa are here!

Leroy and Joyce: Coming!

(They then go downstairs to see Harriet, Drew, Brittany, Turner and Tessa.)

Turner: Hi, guys!

Leroy: Hey, Turner!

Joyce: Hello, Tessa!

Tessa: Hi!

Joyce: Hi, Brittany!

Brittany: (To Leroy and Joyce) Hi. (To Harriet, Drew, Turner and Tessa) And there's the pool. See ya.

(She then puts on her earphones, presses play on her iPod as the song, "I'm in Love with a Monster" by Fifth Harmony plays and goes to check out the pool.)

Fifth Harmony off-screen: Friends say I'm stupid and I'm out of my mind, But without you, boy, I'd be bored all the time, No, I don't really care for the same conversation, Got everything I need, and I'd rather be chasing, Chasing love, with a monster, I'm in love (I'm in love), I'm in love (I'm in love), I'm in love with a monster, I'm in love (I'm in love), I'm in love (I'm in love), I'm in love with a monster, I'm in love with a monster!

Tessa: Me and Uncle Nick! Oh yeah! Ha ha!

Turner: Yeah, that is funny... (He started to sigh sadly)

(Leroy then saw that Turner was a bit upset.)

Leroy: (Concerned) What's wrong, Turner?

Turner: I'll tell you what's wrong.

(Cut to a flashback, where Turner was hacking into the school's website.)

SAVO: (Narrating) Turner, explained to Leroy about the former hacking into his school's website to change his grades.

(Brittany comes in the window, startling Turner.)

Brittany: One word and you're dead.

SAVO: (Narrating) And that his sister, Brittany, came back from another secret outing with her boyfriend, Rocky.

Turner: (Strictly) Are you crazy? If Dad catches you, he's gonna kill you.

Brittany: Dad's not gonna catch me. (Goes to the window)

SAVO: (Narrating) Who's Rocky?

(Rocky is shown waving goodbye to Brittany.)

Rocky: Bye, babe!

Brittany: Bye, my little pumpkin cream!

SAVO: (Narrating) This is Rocky.

Turner: (Confused) I don't get it. What do you see in that guy?

Brittany: You mean, other than the fact that he's good-looking, sweet... sensitive, romantic, funny and ridiculously athletic?

Turner: (Scoffs) You see him as a super cool guy, I, on the other hand, only see him as a-

Brittany: (Interrupting) Don't say that word!

(Tessa walks in the door.)

Tessa: Dad's coming and he's mad.

Turner: At who?

Tessa: At you, he looked at your school website and realized that you changed your grades!

(Turner was shocked at what he heard.)

Turner: Oh no, this is not good, this is not good at all!

Drew: Turner!

Turner: I... am in so much trouble.

Brittany: You definitely are, squirt!

(Brittany and Tessa moved out of the way and Drew angrily marched up to Turner.)

Drew: Do you have an explanation for this, Mister?! (Shows the changed grades)

Turner: Okay, look, I swear I didn't do that!

Drew: Really!? Because if you're smart enough to hack into the school website, then you are smart enough to pass math.

Turner: Hey, I was busy... with things.

Drew: (Angered at what Turner said) I'm gonna have to confiscate your Game Boy Color.

Turner: (Shocked) No way!

Drew: Yes way, I will confiscate it from you until you can start to do your maths without cheating! Do you think Brittany got accepted to Keystone by messing around all the time?

Turner: Of course not. She got in 'cause she's perfect.

Drew: No, your sister worked her tail off, and that's exactly what I expect from you.

Turner: (Sighs) Yeah, you're right, Dad. I-I-I don't deserve a family vacation. I should stay home tomorrow, learn my lesson and think about what I did.

Drew: Oh, no, no. I am not taking that bait, kiddo. This isn't you. The bad attitude, the grades. What is going on?

Turner: I'm just tired, okay? I didn't have much sleep last night because that stupid dog kept on barking outside!

Drew: (To Turner) Well, whatever, you're still gonna be in this vacation whether you feel it or not! In fact, I blame all this for coming between this right here. Some good old-fashioned no-tech (Unplugs Turner's computer) family togetherness is exactly what we need. So get some sleep. We're hitting the road at sunup. (To Brittany and Tessa) Oh, and you guys too.

Tessa: Got it, Dad.

Drew: Oh, and by the way, has anyone seen my cellphone?

Tessa: It's with my crayons.

Drew: (Sighs) It's not supposed to be with your crayons.

(He then went to get his cellphone then the flashback ends.)

Turner: And that's what happened.

Leroy: Oh my gosh.

Brittany: Hey, Tessa, do you want me to help you with your suitcases?

Tessa: (Grunts) No thanks, I got it. (Grunts)

Turner: I hope there was a discount for booking us into the most boring spot in the whole country.

Brittany: Hope this teaches you a lesson for hacking into the school's online system. (Hits Turner in chest with her elbow)

Turner: Oh, come on, Brittany, I just wanna be at the top of my class like I used to.

Brittany: That was before we moved to Texas, Turner, you were at the top of your class when you were at Glen Innes Preschool, you idiot!

Turner: At least they didn't have math tests there!

Brittany: Whatever!

Drew: Come on, Turner, we're only a stone's throw away from at least a half dozen top-notch fishing lakes.

Turner: I know, I know.

Angela: Hey, Drew, maybe you can try out the new fishing pole Dad got you when we were kids.

Drew: I don't know, little sis, that old fish rod is getting a little too rusty.

Angela: (Chuckles) Oh, come on, Drew, you used to be so attracted to that fishing pole.

Leroy: And by the way, Uncle Drew, weren't you a little hard on Turner even though he did hack into the school's website?

Drew: Probably, kiddo, but if you ask me, I think it was just to teach him a lesson.

Marcus: Well, anyway, we can't start the fishing trip until the rest of the family gets here.

(Then, they see another car, with the song, "Shining Star" by the Dust Brothers playing on the radio, driving near.)

Dust Brothers off-screen: When you wish upon a star, Your dreams will take you very far, But when you wish upon a dream, Life ain't always what it seems, What'd you see on a night so clear, In the sky so very dear, You're a shining star, No matter who you are, Shining bright to see, What you could truly be.

Drew: That could be them right now.

(The car then parked at the house and out of it came Nick and Sarah.)

Nick: Okay, everyone, time to get out!

Jerry: (Coming out) Nice landing, Dad.

Sarah: Yep, but I think we almost got the breaker knocked out.

Nick: (To Sarah) I'm sure we can fix it, honey. (To Jerry) Oh, and Jerry, I forgot to ask. Did you remember to take your vitamins before we left like I asked you to?

Jerry: Yeah, I got that under control, dad.

Nick: (To Jerry) Good. (To Drew) Told you I could fishtail this thing.

Drew: Nice try, Nick, but you just missed my kids.

Nick: Probably have, little bro, probably have.

Gramma: (Coming out) But he did almost give your mother a heart attack. Again.

Drew: Hi, Mom, guess I probably have.

Angela: Which reminds me, how's the trip, Mom?

Gramma: Oh, it was great honey, I had a great time looking at those great leaves.

Tessa: Gramma!

Leroy: Hey, Gramma.

Gramma: How's it going, my favorite grandchildren?

Leroy: Just fine.

Nick: Angela, what a delightful surprise to see my little sister again and how you have grown.

Angela: Well, it's kinda hard when your growth is always spurting without you knowing.

Nick: Ah, yes, I heard about that but that doesn't make sense.

Angela: Hey, you should know, Nick, you made that line up when we were kids.

Nick: Oh, right, I forgot.

Gramma: I got you some little treats.

(She gives the kids some sweets.)

Leroy: (Surprised) Wow, thanks, Gramma.

Gramma: You're welcome.

Leroy: Hey, that reminds me where are Val and Chris?

(In Nick's car, twins Val and Chris play on their Nintendo Switches.)

Val: (Notices) Hey, we're here.

(Both of them then got out of the car.)

Angela: Oh, and I forgot to mention, Mom, I bought that prune juice you needed.

Gramma: Oh, thank you, sweetheart.

Marcus: So, Drew, do you want help with the suitcases?

Drew: Don't worry, Marcus, I got someone else getting the suitcases for me.

(Then, Val and Chris came out of the car.)

Leroy: Hi, Val. Hi, Chris.

Val: Hey, Leroy.

Chris: How's it going, dude?

Leroy: Just fine.

Chris: Ha ha, awesome!

Leroy: (Notices) Hey, that's a nice outfit you got there, Val.

Val: (Smiles and does a twirl) Thanks, it's my brand new Brock from "Pokémon" outfit. Mom got it for me for my birthday, she said she got it from some anime store down in Melbourne, Australia.

Leroy: Cool.

Nick: Yeah. (Sighs) He won't take it off.

Jerry: (To Nick) I see. (To his brothers and cousins) Well, anyways, Twins, Turner, Leroy, Joyce, let's go put our stuff away.

Joyce: Oh and since you got a Brock outfit, Val, Mommy got me a cool Misty from "Pokémon" outfit. You wanna see it when we get to our room?

Val: Well, sure.

Joyce: Okay then.

Nick: And if you kids need me, I'll be in the living room, watching "Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids."

Leroy: Okay, Uncle Nick!

(They get to one of the bedrooms.)

Joyce: (Puts her suitcase down and opens it to get her Misty outfit) Hang on, guys, I gotta change into my Misty outfit.

Leroy: Okay then, Joyce.

(She then went to the washroom to change.)

Jerry: Put my bags on the bed.

Chris: Sir, yes, sir. (He and Val do so)

Jerry: Trying to be a wise guy?

Val: (To Jerry) No. No. Definitely not. (To Chris) Don't provoke him.

Chris: Whatever, Val.

(Joyce then came back with her Misty outfit on.)

Joyce: Well, what do you think, Val?

Val: (Admired) That's really beautiful, Joyce.

Jerry: Yeah, Joyce, and if you had orange hair, you would look just like the real Misty.

Joyce: (Smiles) Thanks, Val, you too, Jerry.

Chris: Well, I got your suitcase on the bed, Jerry and I must say they are really heavy.

Jerry: Good. Now, get these out of here.

Turner: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait a minute. Why do you get the best room? I chose here first.

Jerry: I'm here now.

Turner: I'm older.

Jerry: And I'm bigger.

Leroy: That's enough.

Turner: Did you... grow since Christmas?

Jerry: Two inches, cuz. I can tag a stop sign without even having to jump.

Leroy and Turner: (Surprised) Wow.

Jerry: Oh, and by the way, how's Mathletes?

Turner: Sadly, I don't do Mathletes anymore.

Jerry: Oh, sorry about that.

Turner: All okay.

(That night, Joyce, Leroy and Angela were looking at old family photos in the living room on the couch.)

Angela: This place brings back so many memories. (Notices a picture) Aw, look at Leroy, crawling on the carpet in his little onsie.

Joyce: (Chuckles) Yeah, he was really cute!

Leroy: (Embarrassed) Mom!

Angela: (Notices) Oh, and there's Joyce trying out baseball and almost smashing a window.

(Leroy smirks at Joyce.)

Joyce: (Embarrassed) Mommy!

Leroy: (Notices) Hey, look that's me with my Danger Rangers blanket.

Angela: (Chuckles) Yep, you've never let go of that old blanket.

Leroy: Guess I haven't.

Angela: (Closing the album) Okay, you two, that's enough for today, you have to get ready for bed.

Joyce and Leroy: Okay.

(The three of them then went upstairs to get ready for bed. Then, a few seconds later, Angela came back into the living room.)

Angela: (Sighs) Well, time to get to work.

(She then turned on her laptop and got to work, writing on her purposeful cover for work while the song, "All I Know" by Five for Fighting plays in the background.)

Five for Fighting off-screen: I bruise you, You bruise me, We both bruise so easily, Too easily, To let it show, I love you And that's all I know. All my plans, Keep falling through, All my plans they Depend on you, Depend on you To help them grow, I love you And that's all I know. When the singer's gone, Let the song go on, It's a fine line between The darkness and the dawn, They say in the darkest night, There's a light beyond And the ending always Comes at last, Endings always Come too fast, They come too fast and they Pass too slow, I love you And that's all, It's really all I know, It's all I know, It's all I know

(After getting it finished, she then relaxes on the couch.)

Angela: (Sighs) That should do it.

(She then saved her work and went back upstairs to get some shut-eye. Meanwhile, in the animated world, the Danger Rangers are sitting on the couch in sorrow, as they miss Leroy. Fallbot watches them in concern. He walks up to Gabriela, who was cooking dinner for the team.)

Fallbot: You know, Gabriela, I think the Danger Rangers are sick, they're all sitting on the couch.

Gabriela: Oh, Fallbot, the Danger Rangers are sad because they miss Leroy as I do.

Fallbot: Oh, right, I miss Leroy too.

Gabriela: Oh, and by the way, did you remember to check the sky cams for any signs of danger like I asked you to?

Fallbot: Well, yes, I have and everything's in tip top shape.

Gabriela: That's good to know but you know something? I still miss Leroy.

Fallbot: (Sighs) Me too.

Gabriela: That's why the Danger Rangers are feeling sad.

Fallbot: Yep. I'm sure he misses them too.

SAVO: Fortunately, Leroy left a message for them.

Fallbot: (Walks up to the couch) Hey, guys, Leroy left a message for all of you.

Kitty: (Surprised) He did?

SAVO: Precisely, it says, (Reads) "Hey, guys, I would like to thank you for the birthday cards you have given me. Just to let you know, I will be on vacation with my family but I will deeply miss you, especially you, kitty cat. -From Leroy."

Kitty: (Blushing) That is so beautiful of him to say.

(The Rangers get in a group hug as tears start forming in their eyes.)

Chapter 2

(The next morning, Leroy and Turner were looking at the beautiful sun on the porch.)

Leroy: Beautiful day, isn't it?

Turner: Yep, and you know something, Leroy?

Leroy: Yeah, Turner?

Turner: I'm pretty sure nothing can go wrong.

Leroy: Of course.

(Rocky's car, with the radio playing the song, "Die Young" by Kesha, drives up. Brittany (from the window), Turner and Leroy notice this.)

Kesha off-screen: Young hearts, out our minds, Runnin' till we outta time, Wild childs, lookin' good, Livin' hard just like we should, Don't care whose watching when we tearing it up (you know), That magic that we got nobody can touch (for sure), Looking for some trouble tonight (yeah), Take my hand, I'll show you the wild side, Like it's the last night of our lives (uh huh), We'll keep dancing till we die!

Leroy: Well, well, well, look who's coming.

Turner: Oh no, Rocky.

(Rocky drives up to them.)

Rocky: Surprise, surprise, dudes.

Leroy: Rocky, what are you doing here?

Rocky: I'm just stopping by for the afternoon... or maybe the night. (Backs his car up)

Leroy: (Shocked) (Thinking) Oh no, that means I have to spend some of my vacation with this lunatic. (Suddenly calm) But only one afternoon or night isn't all bad, yeah, he'll leave me alone soon enough.

(Rocky takes out one of his car's plugs.)

Turner: (Curious) What's that?

Rocky: (While putting the plug in his pocket) (Confused) What's what?

(Before Turner can say anything, Brittany runs up to Rocky.)

Brittany: Hi, Rocky.

Rocky: Hey, Brittany!

Brittany: I heard you're gonna be here for the afternoon or maybe the night.

Rocky: Indeed, I am, Brittany.

Brittany: Well, I am always welcomed for anyone I like to come to my vacation home.

Rocky: Great!

Brittany: Would you like to come hang out in my room? I got a brand new makeup kit to try out.

Rocky: Sure.

Brittany: Great!

(The two of them then went inside the house.)

Rocky: Mr. and Mrs. H!

Drew: Ah, good morning, Rocky. So, I assume you're here for a while, eh?

Rocky: Indeed.

Brittany: Me and Rocky are gonna go to my room for a while and I'm gonna try the makeup kit I got.

Drew: Well, just be careful, alright?

Brittany: We will.

(Brittany and Rocky then went to Brittany's room. Meanwhile, Leroy and Turner were on the porch, looking disgusted.)

Leroy: I can't believe Rocky's gonna be with us on our vacation!

Turner: I know, right? He is like the worst guy ever!

Leroy: Way worse than my school bully!


Harriet: Hey, Rocky, do you want anything to eat or drink?

Rocky: Oh, that is so sweet of you. I really wish I could. But my parents have a lake house in Sydney, Australia, and shoot, I gotta get back before dark in case my car breaks down again.

(Turner overheard what Rocky said.)

Drew: Uh-oh. Car trouble.

Turner: (Walks in) Dad, why don't you take a look at it for Rocky?

Drew: Yeah, I don't mind getting my hands dirty.

(Later, Leroy, Turner and Jerry were watching Drew attempting to help Rocky with his car.)

Jerry: (Whispers) Do you think he'll be able to go back home, then we can finally have some peace?

Turner: (Whispers) Nah, but I hope so because he's a freak.

Drew: Try it again, Rocky.

Rocky: Okay, Mr. H.

(Rocky tries but the engine grinds.)

Rocky: Nothing's working, Mr. H, the motor must bolted down.

Turner: It's gotta be something obvious, Dad.

Drew: I got to be honest with you. Auto mechanics isn't really my thing. (Shuts the car hood) Now, if this were a spreadsheet or a ledger, I would be all over it, but—

Rocky: (Chuckles)

Drew: I'll tell you what, Rocky. Why don't you stay here tonight and then we'll take your car to the shop in the morning?

Rocky: Mr. H, that's really considerate of you.

Turner, Jerry and Leroy: (Shocked) WHAT!?

Drew: Hey, come on, kids, give this young man a chance, besides he won't be here for long.

Brittany: (Excitedly) Really? He can stay the night?

Drew: Yeah, in the den, on the couch.

Brittany: Of course.

(Turner, Jerry and Leroy look at Rocky disgustedly.)

Drew: No fooling around.

Brittany: Dad.

(Rocky grooves his hips.)

Leroy: You know something, Turner?

Turner: What, Leroy?

Leroy: This is gonna be a very painful vacation.

Brittany: Wanna watch "Ja'mie: Private School Girl?"

Rocky: Oh sure, Brittany, 'cause I think Ja'mie King is really hilarious.

Brittany: Yeah, I love how Ja'mie screams at the boarders.

Rocky: And you know what? Maybe after "Ja'mie: Private School Girl," we can watch "Mad Max" together.

Brittany: Okay then, come on.

Rocky: Alright then.

(Brittany and Rocky then went inside while Leroy, Turner and Jerry had digusted looks on their faces.)

Leroy: Well, prepare yourself, Turner.

Turner: Yeah, Leroy, because something tells me this won't end well.

Jerry: If Rocky touches my suitcase, I'll kill him.

Leroy: Totally.

Chapter 3

(Later, Leroy, Turner and Jerry were walking into the same room that Turner chose while having rainbow billabong popsicles that Angela got for them because it is a hot day today.)

SAVO: (Narrating) Needless to say, like his older cousins, Turner and Jerry, Leroy doesn't like Brittany's boyfriend, Rocky Hartman. Why? Because Leroy, Turner and Jerry know that Rocky is a jerk.

Jerry: (Biting his popsicle) What a gas pipe.

Turner: I know.

Leroy: Me too.

Turner: Why can't they see that?

Jerry: Cousins, our parents are wired differently. Their brains are old, mushy and fried from bad 80s music.

Leroy: At least my brain doesn't fry from any 80s music.

Turner: That's because you aren't their age.

Leroy: True.

Turner: Totally, it's what they call an expression.

Leroy: I know that.

(Jerry then went over to his bed and took a suitcase off it and walked back to Leroy and Turner.)

Jerry: It's up to you, Turner, you've gotta defend your family honor, like a man. (Opens the case, revealing a paintball gun) (In the accent of Tony from "Scarface") Say "hello" to my little friend. (Normal) I call it "The Penalizer."

Leroy: Wow, "The Penalizer."

Turner: Your dad bought you this?

Jerry: Perks of divorce, yaddie yadda. Never underestimate the power of a grown man's guilt. (To Leroy) Or the power of a Danger Ranger's, in your childhood idols' case. (To both Leroy and Turner) If we even mention Mom, Dad drives us straight to the mall though I don't know why but he does. (Gives Turner the paintball gun) She's all yours. And don't be a coward all your life.

Turner: (Nervously) I don't know, man.

(Leroy then notices something out the window.)

Leroy: Hey, guys, we got a hunk alert.

(Jerry walks to the window and sees Brittany and Rocky.)

Jerry: Take a look at that guy. Do you really want Rocky as your brother-in-law?

(Turner looks out the window.)

Turner: (Strictly) Heck no.

Jerry: (To Turner) Then, let's go prune the family tree. (To Leroy) Hey, Leroy, would you like to come?

Leroy: Even though I don't like Rocky, no thanks.

Jerry: Okay, suit yourself.

Turner: See you later.

Jerry: We'll call you when we get them, dude.

(Turner and Jerry go outside to give Rocky a piece of their minds.)

(Leroy then continued his popsicle and turned on the TV, which had an episode of "Jeopardy!")

Alex Trebek on TV: Welcome back to your favorite game show in a century, JEOP-AR-DY!!

(The crowd cheers.)

Leroy: Oh, my favorite game show's on.

Alex Trebek on TV: Last round, we had Joe Slipper on a big bang while Lucy Butterfield spinned her web on the massive cash prize, so now, let's bring Joe and Lucy for the final round!

(The crowd cheers.)

(Meanwhile, outside, nearby the pool, Rocky (in his black swimming trunks) and Brittany (in her pink and purple striped bikini) were talking to each other and Joyce (in her pink and purple one piece maillot) was in the pool playing with her Mavis doll (in the handmade two piece bikini Joyce made) while Jerry and Turner were spying on Rocky and Brittany.)

Rocky: You're pretty much a beautiful one.

Brittany: (Chuckles) Thank you, handsome, and you know, ever since I tried a handful of this sunblock you gave me, I feel like I'm relaxing in a cool mountain stream and I'm loving it.

Rocky: (Chuckles) I knew you would.

Brittany: Hm, I think I should put more of this on.

Rocky: Okay then.

(Brittany then took the sunblock off the ground, poured some onto her hand and then rubbed it onto her arm. Meanwhile, Turner is holding the paintball gun targeted in Rocky's position and Jerry is with him dressed as a shrub.)

Turner: I'm starting to agree with Leroy that shooting my sister's boyfriend isn't the best idea.

Jerry: This isn't about ideas. (Gets up in his shrub disguise) This is about action, suspense and power! Don't think, just do.

Turner: Dude, I can't believe I'm even listening to you. And look at you, you're dressed like a shrub!

Jerry: Hey, it is far worse than my dad forcing me to take vitamins but we need to use them right now, alright?

Turner: Fine.

Jerry: Good.

Rocky: Just a little on my chest.

Jerry: Target's on the move. Take him out before he reaches second base.

Turner: But I don't think that--

(Before Turner could finish, Jerry puts his hand on the trigger.)

Jerry: FIRE!

(Jerry pulls the trigger and a paintball hits Rocky's shoulder.)

Rocky: (Yelling) AAAAAHHHHH!

Brittany: (Screaming) AAAAAHHHHH!

Turner: You idiot!

(The paintball gun fires rapidly, hitting Rocky in the chest.)

Rocky: (Yelling) AAAAAHHHHH!

Turner: Why did you do that?!

Jerry: (Whispering) Shut up. You'll compromise our position!

Turner: Are you kidding me?!

(Brittany sees Turner and Jerry and starts to grow angry.)

Brittany: (Through her teeth) You little freaks!

(She then storms off to them while Rocky continues yelling.)

Turner: (Shocked) Oh my gosh, she saw us! What do we do? What do we do?

Jerry: Camo mode. Hunker down and blend. (He does so)

(Turner tries to hide himself but to no avail.)

Turner: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Brittany: (Scoffs) You and that ridiculous "Thundercats" show. You shot my boyfriend! "Sorry" doesn't even touch that. When, Turner? When are you gonna grow up and stop being a total embarrassment? (Takes the paintball gun from Turner)

Jerry: And that's why we use camo.

Turner: (Annoyed) Shut up, Jerry.

Jerry: What? I was only trying to protect ya.

Turner: (Groans) (To himself) Why am I even on this vacation?

(SAVO laughs off-screen.)

SAVO: (Narrates) You know, I feel bad for laughing, but what these two mischief makers did was dang funny.

(Later, Rocky (In his casual clothes) holds an ice pack to his chest with Brittany (In her casual clothes) comforting him and Turner and Jerry are in trouble.)

Rocky: Ooh!

Brittany: (Comforts Rocky) Are you gonna be okay?

Rocky: (Feels pain) Ooh aaaarrrgh!

Drew: I don't know what you were thinking. I really don't.

Rocky: Yeah, I'm gonna be alright.

Brittany: (Comforts Rocky) Well, if you need something, I'll be there.

Rocky: Okay.

Brittany: How about tomorrow, you can come over to my place and we can watch "Eraserhead" together?

Rocky: (Smiles) Yeah, we can do that. This was a good idea though, Miss Smarty-Pants.

(This makes Brittany smile and chuckle.)

Drew: A paintball gun. Don't you know that's a gateway gun? What's next? B.B.? Pellet? Stun?

Rocky: Not entirely sure.

Leroy: (Walks in) I'm sorry if I'm calling you an idiot, Uncle Drew, but I've seen a paintball gun before and it isn't a gateway gun at all.

Drew: (To Leroy) Whatever, Leroy. (To Brittany) Brittany, what am I gonna do? What do you think I should do? I don't know what to do.

Brittany: Can't you keep him in his room for the rest of the week?

Turner: But it wasn't even me.

Leroy: Yeah, Brittany, Jerry pulled the trigger on the paintball gun. Not to mention that he tried to get me involved too.

(Brittany put her hand on Leroy's shoulder.)

Brittany: Uh, no offense to you, Leroy, but you didn't touch that trigger of life, you just didn't want to get yourself into trouble.

(She pats Leroy's shoulder.)

Drew: Okay, okay, look. (To Leroy) You can clearly see that Jerry's in trouble too. (To Turner and Jerry) And you two are just lucky that Rocky wasn't badly hurt.

Rocky: It's okay, Mr. H. I was a little kid once too.

(Turner has a disgusted look on his face.)

Rocky: (Whispers to Turner) Beat that, you little trout sniffer!

Drew: (To Rocky) Oh, that's nice, Rocky. Thank you. (To Turner and Jerry) He's a good guy. He's a good guy. (To Rocky) But no, I'm not okay with this. (To Turner) Look, we're up here to fish, not to hunt your sister's boyfriend. Alright? You could have shot his eye out. Would that have been funny?

Leroy: Not very.

Drew: No, I don't think so. Alright, you three, let's start over with a clean slate. At the end of the week, we fish. 7:00 A.M. sharp.

Leroy: 7:00?

Turner: You're kidding.

Jerry: Pass. What do ya think, Dad?

(Nick was in the living room with Gramma, watching "Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids.")

Nick: Yeah, Drew. Don't you think that's a little early? How about this? 10:00 A.M., on the boat, no questions asked.

Drew: Way to crack the whip, Nick. Way to crack the whip.

Nick: Oh, shut up, Drew.

Drew: Okay, okay, I'm sorry.

(Nick shook his head disgusted.)

Leroy: Admit it, Uncle Drew, you're an adult who acts like such a little kid.

Drew: I suppose that's true but you don't need to say it, Leroy.

Jerry: Oh, that reminds me, I gotta take my Vitamin C so I'll be in my room.

(He then goes to his room to take his Vitamin C.)

Drew: Okay, kid, whatever!

Nick: Don't forget about your Vitamin D, son!

Jerry: (Off-screen) Got it!

(Rocky then glares at Leroy.)

Rocky: (Whispers) If you do the same thing to me, you are so dead!

(Leroy also glares at Rocky.)

Leroy: (Whispers) We'll see about that!

Fat Albert on TV: Hey, hey, hey, this should be a good chance to use my compass.

Rudy on TV: Why don't ya get lost with that compass?

Fat Albert on TV: You can't get lost with a compass.

Nick: (Laughing) Oh, Fat Albert, you always know how to crack me up! (Laughs again)

Gramma: You think you can hurry up with this show? "Harry's Practice" is coming up on Channel 9 and I'm missing it.

Nick: I will, Mom, don't you worry.

(Sometime later, Brittany was helping Rocky polish his car.)

Rocky: Thanks for all your help, little girl.

Brittany: A future husband always gets help from his future wife.

Rocky: (Chuckles) I knew that.

(Leroy looked at them from the window in disgust.)

Leroy: (Scoffs) Look at Rocky, he is such a jerk.

(A few hours later, Leroy was on the house porch, looking at stars at night.)

Leroy: I wonder what the Danger Rangers are doing.

(Then, Angela came to the porch with a telephone.)

Angela: Telephone, honey!

(She gives Leroy the phone.)

Leroy: Thanks, mom.

(He answers it.)

Leroy: Hello.

Brittany: (Calling) Hey, Leroy, it's me.

Leroy: Oh, hi, Brittany, what's up?

Brittany: (Calling) I just wanted to ask if you wanted to come with me and Turner to the cinema to see "Mulan."

Leroy: (Thinks) Nah, I think I won't be coming.

Brittany: (Calling) Okay, well, thanks anyway, I'll see you later.

Leroy: Alright, then. (Hangs up)

(Rocky then comes up to Leroy while listening to his "Pink Floyd: The Wall" album on his iPod.)

Pink Floyd off-screen: We don't need no education, We don't need no thought control, No dark sarcasm in the classroom, Teachers leave those kids alone, Hey teachers, leave those kids alone, All in all you're just another brick in the wall, All in all you're just another brick in the wall.

Rocky: Hey, dib-face!

Leroy: (Groans) Hi, Rocky.

Rocky: What are you doing out here? Shouldn't you be in bed?

Leroy: (Through his teeth) It's not 8:50 P.M. yet!

Rocky: Oh, I see, well, just so you know, Leroy. I told your Uncle Drew a lot of things. Like my car broke down, my parents own a lake house, I'm 18.

Leroy: (Shocked) You mean you lied?!

Rocky: (Smirks) It's technically like that, kid.

(He then pushes Leroy out of the way and walks away from him.)

Rocky: Well, later, meat-head! (Laughs)

(Leroy then made a face of anger at Rocky, turned his back and walked away.)

Leroy: (Scoffs) (Disgusted) I can't believe that Rocky's a College graduate dating a High School student! Wait until Turner hears about this!

(He then stormed back inside.)

In some more chapters before the Danger Rangers come into the real world

(At night, Leroy and Joyce go to bed. Joyce, took her Rainbow Brite plush and settled into the covers.)

Angela: Now, if you two need anything, I will be in our room watching "My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Friendship Games," okay?

Leroy and Joyce: Okay, goodnight, mom!

Angela: (Smiles) Goodnight, my children. (Closes the door)

(Leroy set his alarm clock to 6:00 and pulled the covers on his bed.)

Leroy: (To himself) I wish for the Danger Rangers to come into my world. If they do so, I'm sure the vacation will get interesting.

SAVO: (Narrates) I assume you may have heard of the saying, "Be careful of what you wish for," however, there are a few things that Leroy didn't wish for. You see, the dramatic irony is that Jeff did survive the explosion, even though Kitty hoped he didn't, and that he went back to his original body, like Leroy went back to his, even though Ranger Rodent thought he was stuck in the Danger Rangers' world. Jeff was still badly damaged due to being so in the Danger Rangers' world. His body was retrieved by employees of Julian Wiley, corporate tycoon, virtual reality entrepreneur and head of The Warehouse, who took over the development of a special computer chip called the "Z-2.0," that would connect all the computers in Leroy's world, known by you as the "the real world," into one network, with the help of a group of scientists and his loyal robot, Mother Black Widow, which we didn't know, but we will later, is the source of the Cyber-Bugs. Wiley and Mother Black Widow were aware of his abilities and they nursed him back to help in order to use his power for world domination. But despite, being Wiley's guinea pig, Jeff had other plans.

(In Cyberspace, Jeff walks into a dark computer room, he is now wearing black armor with a purple cape and has robotic body parts to replace his body parts that were destroyed and a toupee.)

Jeff: I'll get those Danger Rangers and I know just how, I'll rally up some of the villains, which they know, and get them on my side, which I said I could do, and I'll do it right now!

(He activates a Fractal Code (From "Digimon Frontier"), which is locked inside a giant test tube and all of the Fractal Code creates a portal, which is then flung out of Cyberspace and teleports to somewhere else...)

Jeff: Yes, my beautiful portal, round up my collection of vicious and evil crooks so that I can use them for my incredible revenge!

(In a prison, a portal opens in front of Commander Octodon, Lobster Theodore and Joey Clams.)

Octodon: Hey, what's going on?!

(Octodon gets sucked into the portal.)

Joey: He's gone.

Theodore: So are we!

(They get sucked in the portal too.)

SAVO: (Narrates) The villains that Jeff rallied up are the ones you might know, Commander Octodon and his accomplices, Lobster Theodore and Joey Clams, Rusty Ringtail, Quentin V. Manderbill, Henri Ennui, Buck Huckster and his bodyguard, Knuckles and the two rats, Lonnie and Jenkins.

Octodon: What is this place?

Jeff: Welcome to Cyberspace, animals.

Joey: Cyberspace?

Theodore: Why'd you bring us here?

Rusty: And who are you?

Jeff: My name is Jeff. And I've brought you here because you all treat safety like grass!

(The villains look at Jeff confused.)

Henri: What do you mean by we treat safety like grass?

Jeff: It means you're all against safety!

(The villains then cheer.)

Jeff: The reason I've said that is because I was once a gardener in the world I came from. That is until, one day, a scientist named Dr. Abello convinced me to be a human subject of his experiments, telling me it will make me smarter. The experiments may have been successful and my intelligence grew as a result, and I even began to exhibit powers of telepathy and telekinesis, being able manipulate objects with his mind, as well as hear the thoughts of others, but one day, with my newfound intelligence and powers, I soon decided that it was about time I have punished those who have wronged me throughout my life...

Villains: Oooh...

Jeff: Ever since then, I've gone face to face with some faces you may know...

(He shows the villains a picture of the Danger Rangers.)

Villains: Boo!

Jeff: "Boo" is right! They've foiled my plan with the help of my idiotic, good-for-nothing, piece of filth, old rippar friend, Leroy! Ever since that day, I had to be reprogrammed, I even had to lose my black hair and now, look at me, (Does a turn) I have become more powerful.

Octodon: Well, I remember when I tried to ruin their reputation, by making the pool dangerous and preventing them from being prepared and getting them discredited on TV, somehow, they found me out and defeated and arrested me! That concludes, that I have underestimated their power! And I, for one, hate it when that happens!

Theodore: Hey, boss, how they found you out must've been their stupid robot!

Joey: I have to admit, he's really good at scanning things.

Quentin: Hey, I remember that I underestimated their power, too. I don't like it when it happens either!

Henri: And I underestimated zeir power as well. How? Just when I was preparing my big Rancinator and zought zere was no way zey could reach me in time, zey managed to stop me, zus proving me wrong! I don't like it when I make zat mistake of underestimating zeir power eizair!

Jeff: My apologies to hear, Commander Octodon, Henri Ennui and Quentin V. Manderbill because the one thing I can't stand is those old buttbrained Danger Rangers.

Octodon: But since we're on the same side, Mr. Ennui and Mr. Manderbill,...

Joey: Boss, Mr. Manderbill is his father.

Octodon: (To Joey) Whatever, Joey. (To Henri and Quentin) Since we're on the same side, we'll make sure neither of us make the mistake of underestimating their power again!

Jeff: Good. So, any recommendations to get revenge on the Danger Rangers?

(Rusty raises his paw.)

Jeff: Yes, Rusty Ringtail?

Rusty: Capture the Junior Danger Rangers and take them to the world where you and your friend, Leroy came from.

Jeff: That's a swell idea.

Rusty: Great.

Jeff: But, first, you're gonna need this.

(He gives the villains a map.)

Octodon: Is this a map of Keystone?

Jeff: It is and I marked some locations on Keystone for you to hide the Junior Danger Brats.

Rusty: I see.

Buck: What do you want us to do now, sir?

Jeff: Capture every Junior Danger Ranger on the globe! While I make a new batch of Cyber-Bugs with Mother Black Widow's help. Now, move it, move it, move it!

(Jeff's villains then ran off to get the Junior Danger Rangers as Jeff then wheeled in a broken Cyber-Bug on a skateboard.)

Jeff: Alright, my Cyber-Bugs, those bolt heads took you out of this world and now I'm gonna bring you back and I'll make sure you won't fail me this time!

(Slams the electrical plugs onto the first Cyber-Bug, recharging it.)

Cyber-Bug: (Wakes up) Whoa! What the? Where am I?

(He then sees Jeff.)

Jeff: Hello, young man.

Cyber-Bug: Jeff!

(He then stands up and does a saluting pose.)

Jeff: I have a job for you.

Cyber-Bug: What is it?

Jeff: Collect the other Cyber-Bugs, we got work to do.

Cyber-Bug: Yes, sir.

(He then went to get the other Cyber-Bugs. Meanwhile, the first stop for the evil gang was Alro's house, where Alro, Beth and Bradley were having a sleepover.)

Bradley: Wow, Alro, thanks for inviting us to this sleepover.

Beth: Yeah, it's incredible.

Alro: Anything I can do for the new Junior Danger Rangers.

(Then, the villains sneak through the window and sneak around Alro, Beth and Bradley.)

(Octodon and his henchmen capture Alro, Bradley and Beth.)

Beth: Hey, put us down!

Octodon: (Smirks) With pleasure.

(They then throw Alro, Bradley and Beth into a bag.)

Octodon: (To Lobster Theodore and Joey Clams) Let's get going, my henchmen!

Theodore: Okay, boss!

(The villains then leave. In another place, Rusty captures Lucky Curl.)

Rusty: You're coming with me!

Lucky: Who took out the lights!?

Rusty: You'll find out later!

(In another place, Quentin captures Kevin Masker and his fellow Junior Danger Rangers from Boston.)

Quentin: Got them!

Kevin: Hey, let me go!

Quentin: Shut up, kid!

(In another place, Henri captures Ben and Sam.)

Henri: Got ya! Now kiss your brother, Mikey, au revoir!

Ben and Sam: You will not get away with this!

Henri: Oh, I already have!

(In another place, Buck and Knuckles capture Mateo.)

Knuckles: Got him, boss!

Buck: Good!

Mateo: What the!?

(In another place, Lonnie and Jenkins capture Derek.)

Lonnie: Alright, I caught him!

Jenkins: Excellent!

Derek: Mom, Dad, Scott, help!

Jenkins: Shut up, kid! (Throws a bandana around Derek's mouth so he can't speak)

(After gathering up the rest of the Junior Danger Rangers, the villains then return to Jeff's lair, where Jeff is waiting for them.)

Octodon: We've got them, Jeff.

Jeff: Excellent.

Bradley: (Recognizing Jeff) Jeff the Lawnmower Guy? We should've known!

Alro: I thought we got rid of him!

Beth: Guess he survived the ruckus.

Jeff: Well, well, well, if it isn't the kids who made Zorn disappear. (To the wolf kids) Heard you've become Junior Danger Rangers for taking Leroy, who was with the Danger Rangers, into your home. (To the villains) Now, Commander Octodon, Rusty Ringtail, Quentin V. Manderbill, Henri Ennui, Buck Huckster, Lonnie and Jenkins, watch as I use my new powers of telepathy and telekinesis to put the Junior Danger Rangers to sleep for 12 hours!

(Jeff uses his telepathy and telekinesis to put the Junior Danger Rangers to sleep for 12 hours.)

Rusty: Now, let's take the Junior Danger Rangers to the world where Jeff and his friend Leroy came from.

(He along with the other villains laugh evilly.)

Jeff: Uh, about that...

Lonnie: Yes?

Jeff: I would like all of you to know that I have seen each of your kind in that world.

Lonnie: Yeah, so?

Jeff: They have the features you don't have.

Lonnie: Could that mean?

Jeff: Yes, if you enter the world where Leroy and I came from, you get the features that you don't have. Not to mention that your looks will change as well.

Quentin: Will it happen to the Junior Danger Rangers too?

Jeff: As a matter of fact, yes. Soon, the world that Leroy and I came from will be in for a surprise. Move it! Go on, get out!

Villains: Yes, sir!

(They then go to find a way into the real world.)

Jeff: Oh, also, I put up a portal for you to go into so you can get to my world!

Villains: Okay then, sir!

In chapter where the villains come into the real world

(In the real world, Leroy and Joyce are still sleeping and the TV set begins to static but neither of them notice. Rusty looks around the room.)

Rusty: Okay, the coast is clear. (Comes out of the television, converting from a 2D animated character into a CGI three-dimensional animated character, gaining the features a real raccoon has (such as five fingers on his hands) and bringing a bag) Okay, fellas, bring out the Junior Danger Rangers and put them in the bag.

(The rest of the villains carry out Rusty's instructions and come out of the television, converting from 2D animated characters into CGI three-dimensional animated characters and gaining the features each of their kind in the real world has.)

Quentin: Call me a silly goose, but "Rocky and Bullwinkle" did it first.

Henri: And "Fat Albert."

Rusty: Fellas, those are different movies. (Notices Leroy sleeping) Whoops.

Quentin: What do you mean "Whoops?" Do our new looks make us look fat?

Octodon: Or too live-actiony?

Rusty: No, not those but look.

Octodon, Lobster Theodore, Joey, Quentin, Henri, Buck, Knuckles, Lonnie and Jenkins: (Notice Leroy sleeping) Whoops.

(Jeff's hologram appears.)

Jeff: What is it?

Jenkins: We've by mistake arrived in a room where someone is sleeping. Look.

(Jeff notices Leroy sleeping.)

Jeff: Oh, it's my little friend, Leroy AKA the monkey boy, meaning he turned into a monkey when he entered the Danger Rangers' world. He's the one who did this to me in the first place! However, he doesn't matter right now. Let him sleep, fellas, just get out of this place unnoticed!

The villains: Yes, sir!

(The hologram disappears.)

Lonnie: Aha, a window.

Buck: I'm getting out of here first. (Opens the window and curtains, jumps out and falls flat on his face (Due to the window being a story high above the ground))

(The rest of the villains hit the floor.)

Leroy: (Wakes up) Huh? (Sees no one in the room around and goes back to sleep)

(The rest of the villains get up off the floor.)

Jenkins: (Whispering) Phew, that was close.

(They look out the window to see Buck on the ground.)

Quentin: I guess we'll have to use a rope to lower the Junior Danger Rangers to the ground out the window.

(The villains use a rope to lower the Junior Danger Rangers to the ground out the window and jump out and land on their feet.)

Lonnie: Nice landing on your face, you big idiot.

Buck: Oh, shut up.

(Knuckles punches Lonnie.)

Lonnie: Ow!

Knuckles: And don't talk to my boss that way!

Lonnie: Okay, okay, sorry.

In chapter where the Danger Rangers come into the real world

SAVO: Danger Alert! Danger Alert!

Sully: What seems to be the emergency, SAVO?

SAVO: It's about the Junior Danger Rangers! Alro, Bradley, Beth, Phillip, Kevin Masker, Angela, Matt, Talya Mendoza, Derek, Nora, Mateo, Lucky Curl, Ben, Sam, Sarah, Ricky Masker, Harry Hopper, George Whiskers, Annie Barker, KC, Noah, Chase Smith, Haiden Blomendale, Starr Briscoe, Myron Moore, Cole Smith, Lisa Quinn, Parker Blomendale, Jaden Briscoe, Ellen Margonis, Kelly Peters, Dylan Briscoe, Madeline Ouzts, Trevor Smith, Chloe Verhallen, Riley Briscoe, Bucky Header, Anna Motton, Feed Plinistone, Rosy O'Grady Zoot, everybody, gone!

Kitty: What do you mean "gone?"

SAVO: Commander Octodon, Rusty Ringtail, Quentin V. Manderbill, Henri Ennui, Buck Huckster and the two rats, Lonnie and Jenkins have kidnapped them!

Squeeky: Oh, this is horrible!

Gabriela: (To Squeeky) Hang on, Squeeky. (To SAVO) Where are they now, SAVO?

SAVO: Fortunately, the last known whereabouts are in the real world.

All: The real world?

SAVO: Yep, the world where Leroy lives.

Kitty: The same boy who turned into a monkey once he entered ours?

SAVO: That is correct. I saw them come in through the TV set's screen in the room where Leroy's asleep.

Sully: Rangers, are you thinking what I'm thinking?

All: Yes.

Kitty: But you say it first.

Sully: If the villains can do it, maybe, we can do it too!

Burt: Now, that's using the old noodle.

SAVO: However, I can't open the portal yet because Leroy is asleep.

Fallbot: (Walks in) Hey, guys. I heard what happened and I want you to know that I'll stay put and cover for whoever goes.

Sully: (To Fallbot) Great idea, Fallbot. (To the rest of the Danger Rangers) And as we all know, all the mammal members join all missions, not that I'm saying that the mammals are superior to every other animal, which saying so is wrong, even for me, but I recommend that any non-mammal member should elect to stay put and cover for us along with Fallbot.

Gabriela: I'll stay put and cover.

Burt: I'm going with you guys, since I'm the non-mammal who goes on the most missions.

Sully: Well, it looks like the real world's gonna be in for a surprise.

(In the real world, Leroy gets woke up by his music alarm clock that has the song, "Do Ya Thing" by Gorillaz playing when it hits 6:00.)

Gorillaz off-screen: I'm a pale imitator of a boy in the sky, With a cap in his head and a knot in his tie, I'm the light in the mall when the power is gone, The shadow in the corner, just playing along, I'm only laying in my bed, I'm rolling aside, But if I get a car, a moment to ride, Because I know if I ever shared a living of you, You've gotta volunteer, and you don't know what to do.

Leroy: (Yawns) I'm sure it's another beautiful day. (Turns off the alarm and notices the window the villains left open) Huh, that's funny. I could've sworn I had the window and curtains shut last night.

(The TV set began to static while Leroy was observing the window and the set reveals Sully.)

Sully: Leroy!

Leroy: (Notices Sully on the TV screen) Oh, top of the morning, Sully!

Sully: Leroy, get out of the way!

Leroy: Okay. (He gets a shocked look on his face) Wait, what?! Why?!

Sully: We're coming out!

Leroy: Oh boy. (Moves out of the screen's way)

(Sully runs to the portal and jumps out of the television, converting from a 2D animated character into a CGI three-dimensional animated character and gaining the features a real sea lion has (sharp teeth in his mouth, more whiskers, five fingers on his front flippers, five toes on his hind flippers, three toenails on each hind flipper and a small flattened tail)

Sully: Whoa! Whoa! (Hits the wall and falls onto Leroy's bed)

(Joyce wakes up, notices Sully on Leroy's bed and gasps in surprise.)

Joyce: Oh... my... gosh...

Sully: (Gets up) Nice of you to have something to give me a soft landing, Leroy.

Kitty: (Yelling) GERONIMO!!

(Then, Kitty jumps out of the television, converting from a 2D animated character into a CGI three-dimensional animated character and gaining the features a real cat has (sharp teeth in her mouth, more whiskers, five fingers on her front paws, four toes on her hind paws, visible nails on each paw and paw pads on each paw) as she then lands on her front paws and feet.)

Kitty: Well, that was a wild ride. (Notices that she landed on Sully by mistake) Whoops, sorry, Sully.

(She gets off Sully and helps him up.)

Sully: That's okay, Kitty. (Dusts himself down.)

(Kitty then turns around, sees Leroy and gasps surprisingly as she and Leroy look at each other in a loveful way. She then runs to Leroy and hugs him.)

Kitty: Oh, it's so good to see you again, my little monkey.

Leroy: (Hugs back) You too, kitty cat.

Burt: (Yelling) INCOMING!!

(Then, Burt jumps out of the television, converting from a 2D animated character into a CGI three-dimensional animated character and gaining the features a real turtle has (no teeth in his mouth, five fingers on his front claws, five toes on his hind claws, finger nails and a pattern on his shell) as he lands in Kitty's paws.)

Burt: Nice catch, Kitty.

Squeeky: (Yelling) COWABUNGA!!

(Then, Squeeky jumps out of the television, converting from a 2D animated character into a CGI three-dimensional animated character and gaining realistic looks and the features a real mouse has (bigger front teeth in his mouth, whiskers, five fingers on his front paws, five toes on his hind paws, visible nails on each paw and paw pads on each paw) as his tail is then caught by Sully.)

Sully: You okay, Squeeky?

Squeeky: Think so. Thanks, Sully.

Sully: My pleasure.

(In the animated world...)

Burble: G.B., Fallbot, let everyone in our world know that the rest of us won't be here. (Runs to the portal)

Gabriela: Okay, be careful in the real world.

(In the real world...)

Squeeky: That was fun, we should do it again!

(Sully, Kitty and Burt look at Squeeky annoyed.)

Burt: (Annoyed) Are you kidding?

Squeeky: What? I didn't mean right now.

(Off-screen, Burble comes halfway out of the television, converting from 2D animated to CGI three-dimensional animated and gaining some of the features a real polar bear has (sharp teeth in his mouth, five fingers on his front paws, visible nails on each paw and paw pads on each paw) but he gets stuck due to his size.)

Burble: Guys, help, get me out of here!

Squeeky: Hang on, big guy!

(He and Burt get Burble unstuck and the rest of him converts from 2D animated to GCI three-dimensional animated and he gains the rest of the features (five toes on his hind paws, visible nails on each paw and paw pads on each paw). The three of them come to a collision course with Sully and Kitty onto the wall and they all fall onto Leroy's bed.)

Kitty: (Muffled) Burble, get off us!

Burble: (Getting off Sully and Kitty) Sorry!

Leroy: Danger Rangers! Are you okay?

Sully: (Jumps off Leroy's bed with the rest of the Rangers) Yeah, we're okay. Thanks for asking.

(The Rangers look around the room)

Squeeky: Hey, wait a minute, this doesn't look like Leroy's room.

Leroy: I know, this is my vacation home room.

Kitty: This is your vacation home room?

Leroy: That's right, you're in my vacation home, here in Keystone.

SAVO: Wow, Leroy, we didn't know you had a vacation home.

Burt: This room looks great.

Burble: And swell too.

(Kitty looks through Leroy's DVD shelf.)

Kitty: And take a look at all these DVDs, (Reading the labels) "Danger 5," "Hotel Transylvania 2," "Inside Out," "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers," "Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory," "Explorers," "Ghostbusters," "Toy Story," "The Adventures of Baron Munchausen," "The NeverEnding Story," "Round the Twist," "Digimon Frontier," "Red Dog." (Not reading) I mean you have loads of classics.

(She then notices Leroy's "Mystery Science Theater 3000" DVD and picks it up.)

Kitty: (Confused) What's "Mystery Science Theater 3000?"

Leroy: I think I'll explain it to you later because the show gets a little complicated sometimes.

Kitty: Oh, okay then. Anyway, I'm more of a "Kath & Kim" cat.

Leroy: I see.

(She then puts the DVD down and then notices a book on the shelf and takes it.)

Kitty: (Surprised) Oh my gosh, "Oliver Twist?" I used to read this when I was a kid.

Leroy: Well, that's cool.

(She then puts the Oliver Twist book down.)

Sully: (Admires Leroy's radio) And check out this radio.

(He presses play on the radio and it then plays "Ocean Man" by Ween.)

Ween off-screen: Ocean man, take me by the hand, lead me to the land that you understand, Ocean man, the voyage to the corner of the globe is a real trip, Ocean man, the crust of a tan man imbibed by the sand, Soaking up the thirst of the land.

(He then switches the radio switch and it then plays "Young Man, Old Man" ("You Ain't Better Than the Rest") by The Dissociatives, making Sully confused.)

The Dissociatives off-screen: Hey boys, we speak better than young men, But will be better than than an old man, Honey, you'll see, Hey boys, we speak better than young men, But will be better than than an old man, Honey, you'll see.

(Confused by the song, Sully turned off the radio.)

Sully: (Confused) Well, that was a weird song.

Leroy: Yeah, it's weird when you first hear it but it's catchy once you get use to it.

Sully: Okay.

Burt: (Admiring a poster on Leroy's wall) Wow, I never seen a poster like this before. (Reads the title) "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, one of the most loved musicals of all time now coming to video in 1999." (Not reading) That sounds like a colorful musical.

(Burble picks up a "J.A.K.Q. Dengekitai" red ranger action figure from Leroy's suitcase and admires it.)

Burble: And check out the suit this guy has, it looks remarkably awesome.

(Squeeky takes out a "Choujyu Sentai Liveman" red ranger action figure from Leroy's suitcase and admires it.)

Squeeky: I've never seen a ranger like him before, he might be from the golden age.

(Kitty then comes over to Burble and Squeeky, takes out a "Dengeki Sentai Changeman" pink ranger action figure from Leroy's suitcase and admires it.)

Kitty: I like this pink ranger, she's pretty cute.

(Burt then comes over to Kitty, Burble and Squeeky, takes out a "Kung Fu Dino Posse" Kane action figure from Leroy's suitcase and admires it.)

Burt: Hey, I remember this show and I loved the part when they fuse together to become a powerful dinosaur warrior.

(Leroy smiles and nods.)

Leroy: It's so great to see you in my world. (Notices that Gabriela and Fallbot aren't with them) Hey, where are G.B. and Fallbot?

Sully: Fallbot wanted to stay put and cover for us and G.B. elected to do the same like I recommended the non-mammal members to.

Leroy: Oh, I see.

Joyce: (Excitedly) It's the Danger Rangers!

(The Rangers notice Joyce seeing them)

Joyce: It's the Danger Rangers! Sully, Burt, Burble, Squeeky and my favorite, Kitty!

Leroy: Wait a minute, Joyce, you can see them too?

Joyce: (To Leroy) Uh, yeah, duh! (To the Rangers) My brother, Leroy and I are your biggest fans! Can I have your autograph?

Kitty: Sure, young lady. (Puts her paw in a stamp ink pad and uses it as a stamp to give Joyce the autograph. She wipes her paw and notices that it is different.) Huh?

Sully: Kitty, are you okay?

Kitty: Guys, can you look at your feelers?

(The other Rangers look at their feelers.)

Burble: (Shocked) What?!

Squeeky: (Shocked) What the?!

Burt: (Shocked) Oh my!

Sully: (Shocked) Hey!

Burble: Oh my gosh, look at us!

Squeeky: Yeah, our feelers and feet look different!

(They see a large mirror and look in it.)

Kitty: Oh my! And our looks are different too! We look so...three-dimensional!

Squeeky: (Scared after seeing Sully, Kitty and Burble's sharp teeth in their mouths) Aah! Monsters have taken over Sully, Kitty and Burble's bodies!

Leroy: Calm down, Squeeky, it's only that Sully, Kitty and Burble's teeth are different.

Burble: Oh my gosh! Sully, Kitty, our teeth have become sharp!

Squeeky: Oooh! And my front teeth have become bigger than they were before! And I've got whiskers, I've never had whiskers before!

SAVO: (Surprised) Wow, Ranger Rodent, you look good.

Burt: I don't have teeth anymore!

Joyce: And Sully and Burt, look at your backsides! (Laughing)

Burt: Since when did I have a pattern on my shell?

Sully: And why do I have a tail?

Leroy: Sully, sea lions in my world have tails between their hind flippers.

Kitty: (Scared) Oh, what a world this has turned out to be!

Squeeky: (Scared) I know, it's crazy!

Burt: (Scared) Yeah, very!

Sully: (Scared) I have a strange feeling we don't feel like ourselves anymore and the worst part, we feel like feral animals trapped in sapient bodies!

Burble: (Scared) What are we gonna do? What are we gonna do!?

Leroy: (To all the Danger Rangers) Calm down, guys, I've seen each of your kind in my world and they have the features that you've never had before. You're still Danger Rangers, no matter what features you have. (To Kitty) Especially you, kitty cat. (Rubs Kitty's head)

Kitty: Thanks, little monkey. (Purrs)

Squeeky: Aww, isn't that lovable? Kitty running her motor?

Burt: Wait, Kitty's got a motor?

Burble: No, that was a figure of speech.

Burt: Oh.

(Joyce had a confused look on her face.)

Joyce: Why is she calling my brother a little monkey when clearly he isn't?

Squeeky: (Chuckles bashfully) It's a long story, ma'am.

Sully: (To Leroy) You're so kind to such animals like us, Leroy. (To himself) Hmm, how do I say it in a non-dramatic way? (To the Rangers) Well, Rangers, looks like by entering the real world, our looks have converted from the way they were before to the way they are right now.

Burble: Yep, that must've happened to the villains and the Junior Danger Rangers too.

Sully: (Remembering) Oh, that just reminds me, they better have been here.

(The Rangers look out the window and see the hole in the shape of Buck in the ground.)

Sully: (To the Rangers) Yep, they were here. (To SAVO) SAVO, where in Keystone are they exactly, now?

SAVO: Looks like they are in various locations in Keystone.

Squeeky: Oh, this is horrible!

(The Rangers hear footsteps coming.)

Marcus: (Off-screen) What's going on?

Angela: (Off-screen) Are you okay, sugar cubes?

(Marcus and Angela see the Rangers in the room in surprise.)

Danger Rangers: Uh, hello.

Marcus: Who are you five animals and what are you doing?

Joyce: It's the Danger Rangers!

Leroy: They're the titular heroes from the show I watched when I was younger.

Marcus: What?

Angela: What are the heroes from the show doing here in the real world?

Sully: Well, sir and ma'am, what happened was Commander Octodon, Rusty Ringtail, Quentin V. Manderbill, Henri Ennui, Buck Huckster and the two rats, Lonnie and Jenkins have kidnapped the Junior Danger Rangers and escaped from our world with them and that's why we came chasing after them.

Leroy: (Gasps) And why the window and curtains are open when they were closed last night!

Angela: Who are these Junior Danger Rangers? And who are these particular fellas, Commander Octodon, Rusty Ringtail, Quentin V. Manderbill, Henri Ennui, Buck Huckster and Lonnie and Jenkins?

Joyce: They're some of the bad guys from the show.

Leroy: And the Junior Danger Rangers are kids who help the Danger Rangers themselves.

Marcus: (Facepalms) You mean to tell me they all got out of their world through that TV screen?

Joyce: Yes, dad.

Sully: What's your name, young lady? And are you older or younger than your brother, Leroy?

Joyce: My name's Joyce and I'm five minutes older than Leroy.

Sully: And pleasure to meet you, Mr. and Mrs.....

Marcus: McCoy. I'm Marcus McCoy and this is my wife, Angela.

Sully: (To Marcus) Pleasure to meet you, Marcus. (To Angela) You too, Angela.

Angela: Thank you.

Kitty: But I think I'm puzzled on why those guys got out of jail in the first place.

SAVO: I think how that happened.

Leroy: You do, SAVO?

Sully: Then, what happened?

SAVO: I think... Jeff broke them out.

(The Rangers and Leroy are then shocked while Joyce, Marcus and Angela are confused.)

Leroy and Sully: Jeff?

Kitty: But I thought we defeated him.

SAVO: I know but I have the strangest feeling that he has come back to exact his revenge upon us and by the looks of it, he might have a new look.

Joyce: (Confused) Why would Jeff be getting revenge on you guys?

Angela: I was wondering that too.

Marcus: Yeah, he's my kind of worker, in fact, he's the best darn worker I ever hired.

Burble: (Puts a paw on Marcus's shoulder) Yeah, he and Leroy had a bit of a falling-out.

SAVO: Yes, but we cannot tell you.

Marcus: Why not?

SAVO: 'Cause it's private, sir, very private.

Leroy: And it's a long story.

Angela: (Smiles) Well, we have all the time you need.

(Leroy took a deep breath and prepared he knew he couldn't deny it even to his own parents.)

Leroy: Okay, here's what happened,... what happened was...

(A backstory then comes into view.)

Leroy: (VO) ...while you guys were out, I was pulled into another dimension through the TV by that old friend of mine, Jeff. After I met my childhood heroes, the Danger Rangers, they asked me to help defeat Jeff but I managed to escape and tried to find a way out of there. I was really afraid of that place but thankfully, I landed at the home of two wolf twins, Beth and Bradley, they took me in and taught me everything I needed to know and with the help of those wolf twins, as well as an armadillo kid, named Alro, we worked together to defeat Jeff and save the world, after that, I was free to go home.

(Cut back to the present.)

Leroy: And that's what happened.

Angela: (Gasps) My poor baby trapped by one of our most loyal workers?

Marcus: That's ridiculous!

Joyce: And since then, when I got home from having a little walk in the park, I thought you went with your friends down at the mini mart, so I had to get you back before anyone realized you were gone.

(Cut to a flashback.)

Joyce: (VO) But when I got there, your friends said you weren't there, so I checked the arcade, the amusement park and even the park but you were nowhere!

(Cut back to the present.)

Joyce: I was worried about you, I tried to call the police but they wouldn't find you, I mean, I... I... I... I am so confused. I mean I had searched for you everywhere and all this time you were in the Danger Rangers world! How'd you even de-eh-dea-

(She then puts her head on Kitty's chest and cries. Kitty put her arms around Joyce, stroked her hair and comforted her.)

Kitty: Shh, shh, shh, it's alright, Joyce, that was before, this is now, you don't have to worry.

Joyce: (Tearfully) Okay. (Takes a deep breath) Okay..., I feel better now. Sorry, must have been going mad, happens every time.

Kitty: (Nods) I see what you mean.

Sully: Now, team, there's no time to waste, we have to get the Junior Danger Rangers out of Jeff's clutches and bring them back to our world.

Burt: You got it.

SAVO: And recapture Octodon, Rusty, Quentin, Henri, Buck, Lonnie and Jenkins as well.

Sully: You got it, SAVO.

Leroy: Do you want me to help?

Kitty: Well, you did help us before, so sure, you can.

Burble: And you're gonna need this.

(He takes Leroy's SAVO watch out of Leroy's suitcase and gives it to Leroy.)

Leroy: Awesome! (Puts on his SAVO watch)

Joyce: I wanna help too.

Kitty: You do?

Joyce: Yes.

Sully: (Ponders) What do you think, SAVO?

SAVO: Well, she did try to find Leroy before, so I guess she can help out.

Joyce: (Gasps in surprise) Yay! I get to help the Danger Rangers! Lucky, lucky me!

Angela: But first, Leroy, we'll have to introduce your childhood heroes to the rest of the family.

Marcus: One thing's for sure, they're gonna be in for a surprise as well.

Leroy: You got that right.

Kitty: Well, let's go then.

Burble: Don't wanna forget the TV set.

Marcus: Don't worry, I'll help with that.

(He goes to the TV, pulls the plugs out and picks up the TV, holding it in his hands.)

Marcus: Alright, let's go, everyone.

Burble: (Surprised) Wow, you're really strong like me, sir.

Marcus: Well, I have been working out, Burble.

(Leroy, his family and the Rangers go out of the room to wake up everyone.)

(They first went into the living room.)

Sully: Wow, I really like this room.

Marcus: This is our living room.

Sully: I see.

(Burt then saw "Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids" on the TV.)

Burt: (Points to the TV) Check out that show.

Uncle Grizzly on TV: You are welcome to "Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids," a series of cautionary tales for lovers of squeam.

Kitty: (Scared) Looks a little scary.

Leroy: (Walks to the TV) Don't worry, Kitty, I'll fix it.

(He then takes the remote from the table on changes the channel on the TV, changing it to an episode of "Bear In The Big Blue House.")

Kitty: (Sighs calmly) That's better, I really like that smart bear.

Burble: (Confused) Who me?

Kitty: Oh, sorry, Burble, you're smart too but I was talking about the bear on TV.

Burble: (Notices) Oh, right, I get it now.

Drew: (Off-screen) Marcus, Angela, Joyce, Leroy, where are you?

Leroy: In the living room, Uncle Drew!

Kitty: (Confused) Who's Uncle Drew?

Angela: (Strokes Kitty's fur) You'll find out soon.

(Drew then came into the living room and saw Leroy, his family and the Danger Rangers.)

Drew: (Confused) Uh, who are these strange animals, Leroy?

Burble: (Annoyed) Strange animals?!

Leroy: (To Burble) Whoa, whoa, calm down, Burble. (To Drew) Uncle Drew, these are the Danger Rangers.

Drew: The whoie whaties?

Joyce: The Danger Rangers!

Drew: (Laughing nervously) I don't believe it and the rest of the family won't either. (Calling) Hey, everyone, look who's here!

(The rest of the family (except Brittany, who's on a date with Rocky) then comes in.)

Turner: (Gasps) Is that who I think it is?

Sully: It definitely is, young man.

Val and Chris: (In unison) It's the Danger Rangers!

Turner: Cool!

Jerry: (Admires the Rangers) Incredible!

(Leroy then noticed Brittany wasn't with them.)

Leroy: Hey, where's Brittany?

Turner: Oh, she's at our house, watching "Eraserhead" with that meatball face.

Leroy: (Shocked) Rocky?

Turner: (Nods) Yep.

Sully: (Confused) Who's Rocky?

(Leroy took a deep breath and explained who Rocky was to Sully.)

Leroy: He's a guy who always bullies me, Turner and Jerry and he's now dating my cousin Brittany 'cause he only likes her for her cute looks and she thinks he's "super cool" and me and the guys don't like the idea of her marrying him.

(This leaves the Rangers shocked.)

Kitty: What a horrible, horrible man.

Burble: (Annoyed) Oh, when I find this Rocky guy, I will so give him a punch to his stupid smiling face!

Turner: Not to mention that he's a complete idiot. (Shows the Rangers a picture of Rocky holding flowers shirtless)

Kitty: (Disgusted) Why would he do that in front of girls?!

Squeeky: (Disgusted) He really is an idiot!

Turner: A very huge idiot.

Drew: (Annoyed) (Whispers) You know, this doesn't make up for the fact that you hit him with a paintball gun yesterday.

Turner: (Whispers) Sorry, Dad.

Jerry: (Whispers) Sorry, Uncle Drew.

Drew: (Annoyed) (Whispers) I'm keeping an eye on you troublemakers.

Leroy: Anyway, the Danger Rangers have come here to stop the villains that kidnapped the Junior Danger Rangers and came from their world to our world.

Turner: You mean Commander Octodon, Lobster Theodore, Joey Clams, Rusty Ringtail, Quentin V. Manderbill, Henri Ennui, Buck Huckster, Knuckles, Lonnie and Jenkins?

Leroy: Of course.

Marcus: Well, Sully, Kitty, Burble, Squeeky, Burt, first off, we would like to introduce the family to all of you, this is my wife's brothers, Leroy and Joyce's Uncle Drew and Uncle Nick, Leroy and Joyce's Aunt Sarah and Aunt Harriet and Leroy and Joyce's cousins, Turner, Drew and Harriet's son and Brittany's brother, Tessa, Turner and Brittany's younger sister, Jerry, Nick and Sarah's son, twins Val and Chris, Jerry's younger brothers and Gramma Houser.

Kitty: Nice to meet you all.

Harriet: You too, Danger Rangers.

Nick: So, what do these fellas, Commander Octodon, Lobster Theodore, Joey Clams, Rusty Ringtail, Quentin V. Manderbill, Henri Ennui, Buck Huckster, Knuckles, Lonnie and Jenkins, look like?

Burble: Well, here's a picture. (Shows a picture of the villains on his SAVO watch)

Harriet: Oh my word.

Sarah: "My word" is right, Harriet charming.

Kitty: You think you can help us hunt them down?

Harriet: Well, I think we can help.

Sarah: Yeah, we can.

Nick: So, what do we do first?

Sully: Well, first off, Leroy, Joyce, Turner, Tessa, Jerry, Val, Chris, you guys better come with us.

Tessa: Why?

Kitty: So we can use your help to search where those jerks went throughout Keystone.

Tessa: Oh, okay then.

Leroy: Okay, Mom, Dad, Uncle Drew, Uncle Nick, Aunt Sarah, Aunt Harriet, Gramma, you better stand by.

Nick: Alright, you heard the kid.

Drew: Okay then.

Burble: And we'll also need the TV.

Marcus: Okay, then, be careful with it.

(He gives Burble the TV.)

Burble: Thanks.

(The Rangers and the kids go off to find where the villains are while the adults stay put.)

(When Kitty opened the door, her heart melted when she saw how beautiful the real world was.)

Kitty: (Admired) The world it's... it's just so beautiful.

(She ran out of the house then stopped, threw her paws out wide and spun around the beauty she was seeing as the song, "This Strange World" by Daniel Ingram plays in the background.)

Daniel Ingram off-screen: What a strange new world (what a strange new world), I'm trying to make heads or tails of this strange new world (what a strange new world), Sorting through the small details of this strange new world, What a strange new world.

Sully: Okay, that might be enough, Kitty, we got work to do.

Kitty: Oh, okay, sorry.

Sully: That's alright.

(The Rangers and the kids then continue their journey.)

(Meanwhile, Jeff watches them go to save the world in anger.)

Jeff: So those fools wanna play, huh? Well, I'll give them something to play with.

(He brought out a draw that was filled with mind control plugs when a Cyber-Bug came to see him.)

Cyber-Bug: Sir, some dude named Rocky told Leroy that he lied about many things.

Jeff: Lying, huh? Too bad. Because with these plugs, he will become a virtual zombie!

(He laughs evilly as he presses a button on the draw to load a gun with the plugs, puts on a headset and wields a controller.)

Jeff: Find Rocky and shoot him to make him a virtual zombie. (Snickers evilly)

In chapter where Gabriela tells everyone in the animated world that the rest of the Rangers will be out

(TV static then appears as a news report comes on screen with some scenes from the first film.)

News reporter off-screen: This breaking news just in, the evil identity by the name of Jeff Sheen was reported to be found destroyed after the Danger Rangers' biggest rescue of the century.

(TV static and then another news report.)

Japanese news reporter off-screen: 警察がジェフの所在を調査するために到着したとき、彼は行方不明になったと報告されていました。(Keisatsu ga Jefu no shozai o chōsa suru tame ni tōchaku shita toki, kare wa yukue fumei ni natta to hōkoku sa rete imashita.) (Caption reads: "When police arrived to investigate the whereabouts of Jeff, he was reported missing with no trace or any single clue where he disapeared to.")

(TV static and then another news report.)

Chinese news reporter off-screen: 今天,在危险的流浪者大会堂举行了庆祝活动,作为感谢礼物拯救了整个星球,但没人知道杰夫去了哪里 (Jīntiān, zài wéixiǎn de liúlàng zhě dàhuì táng jǔxíngle qìngzhù huódòng, zuòwéi gǎnxiè lǐwù zhěngjiùle zhěnggè xīngqiú, dàn méi rén zhīdào jié fū qùle nǎlǐ) (Caption reads: "Today, a celebration was held at the town hall for the Danger Rangers as a thank you gift for saving the entire planet but no one still knows where Jeff went.")

(TV static and then another news report.)

Interviewer off-screen: What is your explanation for this disappearance?

Interviewed lion: Well, I believe that the guy disappeared because he was too afraid of those spectacular and most inquizied Danger Rangers, that he performed a magic trick on himself and vanished. Then again, thanks, Danger Rangers, you saved the world again.

(TV static and then another news report.)

News reporter: (Shows a picture of Jeff) The question of where Jeff is is simply unanswered but the bigger question on everyone's mind is (Shows a picture of Leroy in his monkey form) who is this monkey? Yes, that is right, the monkey who was found on this security footage that was taken days ago.

(The news reporter's screen then shows Leroy in his monkey form going through one of the events of the first film.)

SAVO: Leroy, what do you think you're doing!?!

Leroy: Sorry, watch, but teleport's cancelled.

(Leroy ran as fast as he could, leaving the watch and purple uniform behind.)

Leroy: (To himself) There's no place like home. There's no place like home. There's no place like home.

(But the static suddenly disappeared when Leroy got closer, making him frown.)

Leroy: Things can't get any worse.

(Behind him, a hologram of Jeff laughed at Leroy's failed attempt to reach the static.)

Jeff: (Laughing) Perfect distraction.

(Leroy turned around and saw the hologram.)

Leroy: Oh, why you little whimpering bone!

(He charges at the hologram.)

Jeff: Who said I was a bone?

(The hologram then disappeared as Leroy got closer to it.)

Leroy: Oh, I'll get that giant freak and then I can get out of this alternate dimension!

(The video then ends.)

News reporter: Practically, a perfect catch now-

(A telephone ring is then heard, interupting the news reporter.)

(Cut to the makers of the show outside of the set, which is in a studio.)

(We see the director in his chair and we also see that it's Harry (the drummer and retired construction worker).)

Director: Cut to the station ID!

(The news reporter answers the phone.)

News reporter: Hello, Action/Story News. Your report, our message. This is Mrs. Eel. How may I help you?

Gabriela: (Calling) Hola, this is Ranger Gabriela speaking. I'm just calling to let you know that the rest of the Danger Rangers won't be here until further notice.

Mrs. Eel: Really?

Gabriela: (Calling) Precisely, well then, adios. (Hangs up)

Mrs. Eel: Okay... (Hangs up)

Harry: Who was that, Mrs. Eel? Your agent again?

Mrs. Eel: No, it was Ranger Gabriela, she said the rest of the Danger Rangers won't be here until further notice.

(The makers don't know how to react to that.)

Harry: Well, we best warn everyone else about this. (Speaks in his megaphone) ACTION!

(The news report continues.)

Mrs. Eel: This just in, I have just received urgent news that the Danger Rangers won't be here until further notice. (Sighs) Hope they survive. Now, onto the weather.

(The picture is then turned off as we see that the news report was playing on Jeff's computer screen.)

Jeff: (Smirks) I already know that the Rangers aren't in that world 'cause I have a special security cam in the walls of Leroy's vacation room.

(Jeff then codded in a code, which makes a big silver door slide open, revealing a black and grey giant robot.)

Jeff: Ah, my new and improved Zorn. (To a Cyber-Bug) How's the robot going?

Cyber-Bug: It's almost finished, sir, but when it's done, it will have a cockpit for you and will have a function armory of weapons.

Jeff: (Smiles evilly) Perfect. I'll make sure either villain is successful in capturing the Danger Rangers too.

(He then laughs evilly as the song, "Heart-Shaped Box" by Nirvana starts to play.)

Nirvana off-screen: I've been drawn into your magnetar pit trap, I wish I could eat your cancer when you turn black.

(Cut to Commander Octodon, Lobster Theodore, Joey Clams, Rusty Ringtail, Quentin V. Manderbill, Henri Ennui, Buck Huckster, Knuckles, Lonnie and Jenkins, who were walking on the streets of Keystone. "EARLIER" fades in below and fades out afterwards.)

Nirvana off-screen: Hey! Wait! I've got a new complaint, Forever in debt to your priceless advice, Hey! Wait! I've got a new complaint, Forever in debt to your priceless advice Hey! Wait! I've got a new complaint, Forever in debt to your priceless advice!

(The villains were doing their job when Henri noticed something.)

Henri: Guys, look!

(They turn around to see a "Danger Rangers" poster on a Videopolis window, they all went up to it.)

Octodon: Someone must be praising those darn Rangers.

Joey: And it looks like they're coming out on (Reads) DVD.

Theodore: How unordinary.

Octodon: Why do they have that up anyway? I was expecting "Kramer vs. Kramer!"

Joey: Or "Oliver!" for that matter!

Theodore: Yeah!

Henri: We better scatter out in various locations.

Octodon: You got that right.

Lobster Thedore: Let's go!

Villains: Right!

(They then scatter out but a few seconds later, Henri comes back and talks to the "Danger Rangers" poster.)

Henri: Who cares about your kind of popularity, you idiotic Danger Rangers!

Octodon: (Off-screen) Will you hurry up!?

(Henri jumps with fear.)

Henri: Oh, ye-ye-yes, sir!

(He continues with the evil plan.)

(Meanwhile, Octodon, along with Theodore and Joey, was walking down the street when a police officer notices him.)

Police Officer: (Thinks) Those guys look familiar. Haven't I seen them somewhere before?

(He then takes out a missing poster of a runaway octopus.)

(He looked at Octodon then back at the poster.)

Police Officer: (Thinks) Doesn't look like the octopus we're looking for.

(Then, another police officer walks to the police officer.)

Police Officer 2: Oh, don't worry about him, mate, we've already caught them on security cams hiding near Videopolis. I'm sure the news will report it.

Police Officer: Oh well.

(The two police officers then get back to their job when they noticed...)

Police Officer: (Groans) Oh no, it's those kids again.

Police Officer 2: (Blows her whistle) Hey, you JD's, get your filthy behinds off our car!

(The police officers then went to their car.)

(Meanwhile, Leroy, Joyce, Turner, Jerry, Tessa, Val, Chris and the Danger Rangers were trying to find where the Junior Danger Rangers were when Squeeky noticed something.)

Squeeky: Guys, look!

(The gang turns around and see the "Danger Rangers" poster on the Videopolis window, they all went up to it.)

Burt: Hey, that's us!

Sully: Looks like someone is giving us credit.

Kitty: Yeah and we're coming out on (Reads) DVD.

Burble: Never knew we were coming out on DVD.

Turner: Well, guess you do now.

(Leroy then notices something on the ground.)

Leroy: Guys, look!

(The gang looks down and sees octopus footprints on the ground.)

Sully: Octopus footprints!

Kitty: And not just those.

(They then saw other footprints each going in six separate ways (some individual, some more than one villain).)

Kitty: You know, I have the strangest feeling that these footprints match where those jerks were.

Jerry: I think you're right, Kitty.

Leroy: Then, all we have to do is follow the footprints.

Turner: Who knows? There should be a news report on a nearby TV of what kind of trouble either villain is up to.

(Then, a news report comes on one of the TVs in the Videopolis window.)

Leroy: Speak for yourself.

News reporter: Today, security cam operators have just informed us that they have spotted talking animals hanging out at the Videopolis window, one of them acting like maniac, insulting a poster.

Kitty: (Gasps) That's Henri!

Turner: You mean the guy you used to work with?

Kitty: That's correct, my friend, I used to work with him at Global Pol.

Burble: And he's insulting our poster!

Squeeky: That jerk poodle!

Kitty: We gotta stop him as well as stop those other jerks and save the Junior Danger Rangers.

Leroy: You got it, Kitty.

(But just as they were about to leave, a ferret ran up to them and they noticed this.)

Jerry: Hey, what's a ferret doing here?

Ferret: (Chattering)

SAVO: This ferret wants to help too.

Kitty: Well, he's looks adorable, so I think he can help us.

Ferret: (Chattering)

Kitty: Alright, let's start with Octodon.

(The Rangers and the kids, along with the ferret, then follow Octodon's footprints.)

(Meanwhile, Jeff looked at the ferret on his video screen in shock.)

Jeff: Oh no, it's him! I thought I got rid of him when I got my powers! Cyber-Bugs!

(Some Cyber-Bugs then marched to Jeff.)

Cyber-Bug: You have a request, sir?

Jeff: Keep an eye on this ferret, he could be the guy who gave me the V.R. treatment, which grew my intelligence.

Cyber-Bug: Yes, sir. (Leaves with the others)

Jeff: (Smirks) Since you chose to go after Octodon, I'll make sure he gets you, Danger Rangers. (Snickers evilly)

Commander Octodon's chapter

(We then see Octodon, Theodore and Joey walking in the street carrying a bag that has Bradley, Beth, Alro and some other Junior Danger Rangers in it.)

Octodon: (Out of breath) Geez, I think I need to find a place to take a short break.

(Octodon then turns his head and is then freaked out by a CGI man staring at him.)

Octodon: Oh my calamari, who is that!?

Joey: Calm down, boss, it's just a billboard.

(Octodon then sighs in relief as it was just a Ranbuild billboard.)

Octodon: And to think I was scared by a stupid (Punches the billboard) billboard!

(The three of them laugh it off when Theodore notices an indoor waterpark resort.)

Theodore: Boss, I see an indoor waterpark resort over there.

Octodon: Oh good, let's go rest there.

Thedore and Joey: Yes, sir.

(The three villains, carrying the bag, then went to the indoor waterpark to rest.)

(When they go inside, they see people in the wavepool, where "The Grand Budapest Hotel" was playing on a big screen above the wavepool.)

Gustave H on the screen: I miss you deeply as I write from the confines of my regrettable and preposterous incarceration. Until I walk amongst you again as a free man, the Grand Budapest remains in your hands, as does its impeccable reputation. Keep it spotless, and glorify it. Take extra-special care of every little bitty bit of it as if I were watching over you like a hawk with a horse-whip in its talons, because I am. Should I discover a lapse of any variety during my absence, I promise swift and merciless justice will descend upon you. A great and noble house has been placed under your protection. Tell Zero if you see any funny business.

Zero on the screen: "Your devoted Monsieur Gustave." Then there's a poem, but we might want to go ahead and start on the soup, since it's forty-six stanzas.

Octodon: Well, this looks like a good place to hide the Junior Danger Rangers.

Thedore: I think so too, sir.

Joey: Let's leave them over there.

Octodon: Right then. And if the Danger Rangers come near, get them!

Joey and Thedore: Yes, sir!

(They tip-toed over to a bench.)

Joey: Now, let's get outta here before the Rangers show up.

(They tip-toed out.)

(Meanwhile, the Rangers and the kids were still following Octodon's trail when noticed Rocky's car in the indoor swimming area carpark.)

Leroy: Hey, that's Rocky's car!

Joyce: What's he doing here?

Kitty: Maybe "Eraserhead" is over.

(So they decide to examine it.)

Burble: Wonder what's on his radio.

(He turns on Rocky's car radio and the song, "Four Years Foreplay" by I Set My Friends On Fire starts to play so loud, that it makes the Rangers and the kids cover their ears.)

I Set My Friends On Fire off-screen: There's a thing or two about high school that you need to know, We wish we had known this when we were freshman, Watch out for freshman Friday, The most dangerous day of the week, You thought you were excited for the weekend, But this is where you week ends, Four more years of obeying authority, without question, Don't be so frustrated, there's only 1,460 pages left to read, It will be time to celebrate when it's time to graduate!

Kitty: (Covering her ears) Turn it off, Burble!

Burble: (Covering his ears) What did you say?!

Kitty: (Covering her ears) TURN IT OFF!

Burble: (Covering his ears) Will do, Kitty!

(He turns off the car radio so that the Rangers and the kids could uncover their ears and sigh in relief.)

Sully: That was way too loud.

Leroy: Yeah, he likes to listens to heavy metal music at 200% volume.

(Meanwhile, back inside the indoor swimming area, just as the villains were about to leave the room, the door opened to reveal the Rangers and the kids examining Rocky's car.)

Sully: (Notices them) Aha! There you are, you octo-freak!

Octodon: Oh no, it's them.

Theodore: We better hide in the pool operating room!

(They then dash off to the pool operating room.)

Lifeguard: (Blows his whistle) Attention, everyone, in about a few minutes, we will be closing the pool. Please be quick!

Burble: Well, we better hurry the pool's gonna close in a few minutes.

Sully: Come on, guys, let's go!

The Rangers and the Kids: Right!

(They all then race to the pool operating room. Suddenly, the water systems go wild.)

Lifeguard: Your attention, please, the pool's water system is going wild at the moment. I expect everyone to leave in an orderly fashioned line!

(But the people didn't listen as they all race out of there.)

Lifeguard: No one even listens to me.

Burble: Oh my gosh, they're at it again!

Kitty: Don't worry, Burble, we'll get them!

Sully: Leroy, Joyce, Jerry, Turner, come with us.

Leroy: Okay then, Val, Chris, Tessa, stay here.

(As the Rangers and the kids kept going to the water operating room, Rocky notices the kids.)

Rocky: Huh?

(Then, the lifeguard walked over to him and held the megaphone close to Rocky's ear.)

Lifeguard: (In his megaphone) I SAID LEAVE IN AN ORDERLY FASHIONED LINE!

Rocky: (Rubbing his ear) Alright, alright, geez.

(As they got there, they saw Octodon, Theodore and Joey playing around with the pipes.)

Leroy: Octodon, was it?

Octodon: (Notices them) Oh no!

Sully: (Marching up to Octodon) That's enough games, Mister Henry the octopus!

(Burble then stops the water accident by fixing the pipes with his strong.)

Kitty: Now, where is the bag?

Octodon: Do your worst, you can't make me talk.

Leroy: Oh, really? (Shows the villains pictures of food made from octopi, lobsters and clams)

Theodore: (Scared) B-b-b-b-butter, w-w-w-why'd does it have to be butter?

Octodon: (Scared) Aw man, I think I'm gonna be sick.

Leroy: (Smirks) I can order for it for ya if you wouldn't mind a little taste, would ya? (Chuckles)


Kitty: Well, then, spit it out!

Octodon: I left them on the bench by the pool.

Leroy: (Calling) Val, Chris, Tessa, the bag's on the bench by the pool!

Tessa: (To Leroy) Copy that! (To Val and Chris) It's on a bench by the pool.

Val: Alright then, Tessa, I think I can see the bag.

(Chris went over to the bag and grabbed it.)

Chris: (Calling) (To Leroy) Got it!

(Just then, Sully got a call on his SAVO watch and when he answered it, Gabriela came onto the screen with a huge smile on her face.)

Gabriela: (On Sully's SAVO watch) Danger Rangers, Fallbot and I made sure everyone in our world knew that you'll be gone. Oh, and those are nice new looks.

Sully: Thanks, Gabriela, and by the way, we've caught Commander Octodon and his henchmen and they're on their way back.

Burt: Burble, get the TV ready.

Burble: Got it.

Burt: Leroy, Joyce, Kitty, be ready to throw these guys into the portal.

Leroy, Joyce and Kitty: Okay then.

(Burble sets up the TV.)

Burble: Alright, chuck 'em.

Octodon: Wait, please, no, no, no!

(Leroy, Joyce and Kitty throw Octodon, Theodore and Joey back into the TV.)

Burble: And they are... out of here!

(In the animated world...)

Fallbot: Never heard of the trope, "Beware the Nice Ones," did you? Well, I'll get you for what you did in the past!

Theodore: Oh, boy. Violence incoming.

(Fallbot beats up Octodon, Theodore and Joey off-screen. Octodon, Theodore and Joey are then shown to be bruised.)

Kitty: Well, one down, six more to go.

Sully: But first, let's see if the Junior Danger Rangers are okay.

Burble: You got it.

Kitty: I hope Jeff didn't do anything bad to them.

(Turner and Jerry notice something on the wall.)

Turner: Uh, guys, you might wanna look at this.

(The Rangers and the siblings see what Turner and Jerry are seeing, a big scary-looking shadow on the wall. Then, they all look behind them to see a now GCI three-dimensional animated Cyber-Bug behind them.)

Cyber-Bug: It's been a while, Danger Rangers.

Jerry: Please, tell me you see that too.

Turner: Not sure if I want to but yeah.

Sully: That's a Cyber-Bug.

Leroy: Yeah, the Danger Rangers and I've seen those before.

Jerry: You'd ever met them like that?

Leroy: Not really, Jerry, but they were animated when I first saw them.

Cyber-Bug: After all these days, Leroy, I thought we would never see each other again but now, here we are and I see you brought outlanders.

Turner: (Offended) Hey, we are not outlanders!

Leroy: They're some of my family members!

Cyber-Bug: I see.

Leroy: What do you want now?

Cyber-Bug: Just someone to turn against you.

Sully: What do you mean turn against us?

Cyber-Bug: You'll see, sea lion!

(Other Cyber-Bugs then surround the team.)

Squeeky: Oh no.

(Then, everyone heard footsteps and turned to see Rocky in front of the water operating room doorway.)

Rocky: (Walks in) Hey, Sausage face, what are you doing here?

Leroy: Rocky, no!

Rocky: (Scoffs) I'm not falling for that agai-

(One of the Cyber-Bugs shoots a mind control plug at Rocky from behind.)

Rocky: Ow! (Falls to the floor)

Turner: Rocky!

Cyber-Bug: (Chuckles) (On his communicator) Sir, we've got this Rocky guy.

Jeff: (On the communicator) Good.

Turner: What's happening to him?

Jeff: (On the communicator) (Puts on his headset) Now, the fun begins. Testing. Testing. Testing.

Rocky: (Repeating in a distorted voice) Testing. Testing. Testing.

(Jeff adjusts his headset some more.)

Jeff and Rocky: Testing.

(The song, "Zombie" by The Cranberries then starts to play.)

Cranberries off-screen: But you see, it's not me, It's not my family, In your head, in your head, they are fighting, With their tanks, and their bombs, And their bombs, and their guns, In your head, in your head they are crying, In your head, in your head, Zombie, zombie, zombie-ie-ie, What's in your head, in your head, Zombie, zombie, zombie-ie-ie, oh!

Rocky: (Chuckles) (Repeating) I haven't seen you since our last fight, monkey boy.

Leroy: (Shocked) Jeff?

Rocky: (Repeating) Yes, ever since the day you ruined my plan on taking over the entire world...,

Jeff: ...I had to find a way to get revenge, so now, it's time.

Rocky: (Repeating) Rocky is under my control.

Jeff and Rocky: So, consider showtime NOW!

(Jeff then controls Rocky to do a blackflip into the air and land with a giant slam on the ground, Rocky then gets back up and goes into a fighting stance.)

Turner: I think this Jeff guy's got him into a mind control thingamajig.

Kitty: Burble, do something!

(Burble then kicked Rocky in the groin, sending him flying out of the water operating room door and out the window.)

Jerry: Whoa, I didn't know he was strong, Leroy.

Leroy: You should have seen him fighting against The Brick, Burble was able to take him down in seconds.

Joyce: Let's get outta here!

(They run out of the water operating room.)

Cyber-Bug 1: They're getting away!

Cyber-Bug 2: It'll ruin everything! Let's get them!

(The Cyber-Bugs then chase after the team.)

Turner: Everybody, out of the place now!

Val: Why?

Turner: Just move!

(The Cyber-Bugs jump behind the Rangers and the kids, who notice them.)

Cyber-Bug: Boo!

(Tessa then screams.)

Tessa: Creepy crawlies.

Cyber-Bug 1: (Smirks) Creepy, eh?

Turner: Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!

Cyber-Bug 2: Oh, you're not going anywhere, punks!

(The Cyber-Bug who shot Rocky shoots two more mind control plugs at Turner and Jerry from behind. Then, the mind control plugs suddenly fly out of Turner and Jerry's necks.)

Cyber-Bug: What the heck, you stupid gun! (Starts hitting his gun)

(He was too distracted that he didn't realize that Burble was behind him.)

(Burble then crushes the Cyber-Bugs to pieces.)

Burble: That's enough zombifing for you, kid!

(He then joined up with the others, who are with Jerry and Turner, who are freaking out.)

Turner: You a zombie?

Jerry: No. You?

Turner: No.

Jerry: Prove it.

Squeeky: I'll prove it. (Shows Jerry the failed plugs) These things that turned Rocky into a zombie flew out for some reason.

Sully: We should take them to the lab to examine them when we get back after capturing the others. But first, let's see what Junior Danger Rangers are in this bag.

(Chris opened the bag and out of it came Alro, Bradley, Beth, George Whiskers, Annie Barker and a few other Junior Danger Rangers but they were still in a deep sleep.)

Leroy: Hey, it's Bradley and Beth, the wolf kids who brought me in to their home and their next-door neighbor, Alro!

Sully: And George Whiskers, Annie Barker and a few others too!

(Leroy and Chris looked closer at the kids.)

Leroy: Anything wrong with them?

Chris: Well, looks like these kids aren't waking up, they're still in deep sleep!

Kitty: Oh no, this is bad.

Sully: (Notices) Wait, they're waking up right now!

(The Junior Danger Rangers wake up.)

Alro: (Yawns) Oh, hi, Leroy.

(Bradley and Beth saw Leroy and got surprised.)

Bradley and Beth: (Recognizing Leroy) Is that you, Leroy?

(They raced up to him tackling him into a hug.)

Beth: It's so great to see you again, Leroy!

Leroy: You too, guys.

Bradley: And you're a real boy again!

Alro: What happened and who are these other people?

Leroy: Okay, first, Jeff kidnapped you and put you to sleep.

Alro: (Shocked) That miserable jerk! From this day forward, I vow revenge! If that Jeff were here right now, I would rip his throat out!

Leroy: Second, this my sister, Joyce and these are my cousins, Turner, Jerry, Val, Tessa and Chris.

Bradley and Beth: Hi, everyone.

Sully: Now then, Kitty, who's next on the list?

Kitty: Well, next up is my original co-worker, Henri.

Leroy: Alright, guys, let's go roast this bad dog!

Sully: Where is he now, SAVO?

SAVO: Well, I was able to collect the data from Henri's footprints so he should be going east.

Leroy: Well, all we need to do now is head east.

SAVO: And it looks like he's heading for someplace called Ruby House Restaurant.

Jerry: So, that means we have to get to that restaurant.

Burble: Well, good thing too, I'm hungry, maybe we can grab a bite to eat while we're there.

Sully: (To Burble) We'll see, Burble. (To the team) And I think I know just how to get there...

(Everyone takes Rocky's car and Sully drives it east.)

(Meanwhile, Jeff saw this on his video screen and slams his fist on his desk in anger.)

Jeff: THOSE IDIOTS! Henri better not fail me like Octodon did or else I'll get very mad.

Henri Ennui's chapter

(Meanwhile, Henri was carrying a bag filled with some Junior Danger Rangers while going east.)

Henri: Zere's gotta be place to hide zis bag. (Notices Ruby House Restaurant) Zere she is, the perfect prize.

(He goes to the Ruby House Restaurant.)

(When he gets to the door, he sees other dogs, whose leashes are tied to a rope so they wouldn't be set free because there is strict no dogs allowed inside policy.)

Henri: Me, oh my, you poor fellas are trapped.

(Henri then releases the leashes from the dogs and the dogs then roam free.)

Henri: Fly away from here, friends, be free!

(Henri smiled and then made his way into the Ruby House Restaurant.)

Henri: Zis will be ze first place to rancinate ze food in zis world. I'll make a rancinating spice. I'll head over to ze spice factory after I find a place to hide zis bag.

(He then spots a corner with a Ruby House Restaurant talent show poster and decides to hide it there.)

Henri: (Notices the poster) A talent show, eh? I zink I know what I'll be doing tonight. (Laughs evilly)

(He puts on a disguise and walks up to the manager.)

Henri: Excuse me, sir, I am here to add a new spice to enjoy during ze annual Ruby House Restaurant talent show, if you don't mind.

Manager: (Points to his left) Anything, sir, just sign the factory paper to my left.

(Henri went over to the paper and signed his name as "Gregory III" and made his way to the factory.)

(Meanwhile, the Rangers and kids, along with the ferret, in Rocky's car, were hot on Henri's trail.)

Sully: SAVO, how much closer are we to Henri?

SAVO: You're about 1.2% km. away from him.

Sully: Got it.

SAVO: However, Henri left the bagged Junior Danger Rangers at Ruby House Restaurant and is heading toward the spice factory to make a rancinating spice.

Kitty: But he can't do that!

Burble: We have to stop him!

Leroy: But how?

(Sully then got an idea.)

Sully: I got it, let's have a food fight at Ruby House Restaurant to make a fool out of him.

Leroy: Great idea, Sully, we should do that.

(They then manage to get to the spice factory.)

Sully: Jerry, go spy on him. Let us know when he's on his way back to Ruby House Restaurant.

Jerry: All bets on me, Sully.

(He then went to spy on Henri at the spice factory while the others head to Ruby House Restaurant.)

(Meanwhile, in the spice factory.)

Henri: (Chuckles) Time for my little teny tiny, itsy bitsy plan to spring into action!

(He went over to a machine and used the switches to create his spice.)

Henri: Almost got it.

(He was distracted by making the spice that he didn't see Jerry spying on him out the window.)

Jerry: (Whispers) There you are, you overgrown poodle!

(After making the spice, Henri took it and chuckled evilly.)

Henri: I'll bring in this spice for the talent show and soon, I'll get rewarded by Jeff!

(He then makes his way back to Ruby House Restaurant just as Jerry sees this and makes his way there.)

(The Rangers and the kids then make their way into the restaurant.)

Kitty: Mr. Ferret, you stay here and watch the rescued Junior Danger Rangers.

(The ferret nodded as the Rangers and the kids go inside the restaurant.)

(Kitty notices the bag of Junior Danger Rangers.)

Kitty: There's the bag!

Sully: Quick, we need to take it before Henri shows up!

(The Rangers and the kids then take the bag. Later, as they get something to eat with the bag hidden under the table, Jerry comes into the restaurant in the nick of time. While doing it, he gives the team a thumbs up, indicating that the plan is ready for action.)

Jerry: He's on his way!

Sully: Okay, time to set the trap!

Kitty: (To Sully) You got it. (To Squeeky) Squeeky, get the food fight ready.

(Squeeky nods and takes a slice of cheese from the cheese table.)

Squeeky: Lunch is served.

(He throws the cheese at a biker playing chess.)

Biker: (Gets hit) Ow! (Rubs his head) Man, that was weird. (Stands up) Who threw that?

Squeeky: Uh... (Points) It was that guy!

Guy: Huh?

Biker: Oh, that's it, mister! (Takes the chicken from his plate) INCOMING!!

(He throws it at the guy and it then becomes a food fight as the song, "Food Fight" by Village People starts to play.)

Village People off-screen: Standing here waiting in the same old line, I gotta find something just to pass the time, Is there anything better left for me to do?, Food fight! People standing in front of me, people at the back, I'm just avoiding something that we lack, So grab yourself a weapon, get ready to attack, Food fight! Food fight, food fight, Food fight, food fight!

(Henri walks in and sees the food fight in dismay.)

Henri: (Shocked) What ze heck?!

Sully: (Notices) There he is!

Henri: Oh no, it's zem.

Kitty: Get him!

(The Rangers and the kids tackle Henri and cuff him.)

Burble: We got you now, Henri!

Leroy: You're a bad dog.

(Sully gets his SAVO watch.)

Sully: We got him, Gabriela.

Gabriela: Excelente, now prepare the TV and throw him into it.

(Leroy sets up the TV.)

Leroy: Ready!

Kitty: Good, now, throw!

Henri: Uh-oh.

(They then throw Henri into the TV as he flies through the portal.)

Kitty: Public enemy #2 defeated.

Sully: Yep.

(Meanwhile, the boss of the restaurant comes inside to find the food fight as he then gets really outraged.)


(The food fight stopped.)

Boss: What is the meaning of this?

Biker: He started it!

Guy: No, you started it!

Kitty: (Sees this) Let's get away from here before we cause another argument.

(The team then runs upstairs.)

Boss: Don't you remember our rule? NO FOOD FIGHTS!

Sully: That was way too close.

Leroy: Really close.

Sully: Now, let's see who's in this bag.

(Burble opened the bag and out of it came Phillip, Nora, Ben, Sam, Sarah, Ricky Masker, Harry Hopper and a few other Junior Danger Rangers, who wake up.)

Burble: It's Phillip, Nora, Ben, Sam, Sarah, Ricky Masker, Harry Hopper and a few others!

Kitty: Hi, everyone.

Sarah: (Stroking Harry's fur) Hi, Kitty, what happened?

Harry: (Being stroked by Sarah) Yeah, it felt like I had a crazy dream.

Sully: We'll explain later, Junior Danger Rangers.

(They hear a thud outside, went to the Ruby House Restaurant window and see Rocky, hanging from some vines, outside. The gang gets shocked.)

Turner: Think he's still a virtual zombie?

Leroy: Don't know, let's see.

(He walked up to Rocky and slapped his face.)

Rocky: (Repeating) You are useless!

(The Rangers and the kids get frightened.)

Rocky: (Repeating) Why aren't the mind control plugs working?!

(The Rangers and the kids get confused.)

Rocky: (Repeating) You're made with the intelligence of an engineer! Figure it out! Hurry up! Hurry up!

(At Jeff's lair, Jeff is yelling at a Cyber-Bug.)

Jeff: (Into his headset while talking to the Cyber-Bug) Hurry up! Hurry up! Fix it!

(Cut to the Rangers and the kids.)

Kitty: Uh, he's not talking to us, is he?

Rocky: (Repeating) Fix it right now, you idiot!

Leroy: Uh, no. I think he's repeating their conversation. Works kind of like a bluetooth.

Rocky: (Repeating) What do ya mean their hormone levels are too unstable?! Are you telling me the plugs only work on ages-twenty-and-up human subjects?!

(The Rangers and kids are shown with shocked looks on their faces.)

Rocky: (Repeating) Why did we not plan for this?! You have failed me, you incompetent piece of--

(Cut to Jeff's lair.)

Jeff: Deck!

Rocky: Translation not available.

(Cut to Jeff's lair.)

Jeff: (Angrily) Those meddlers will pay! (Throws the controller)

(Cut to Ruby House Restaurant. The vine breaks and Rocky falls to the ground.)

Leroy: Did you hear that?

Chris: Yeah, sounds like Rocky landed on his face.

Leroy: No, those things they shot at us, their mind control plugs. They won't work on kids or animals.

Turner: Like you said, Jerry, we're wired differently.

Jerry: Hey, Leroy, what about Rocky, they tagged him and he's Brittany's age.

Leroy: No, he lied. The tool's in College.

Sully: (Shocked) Rocky's a College geek dating a High School student?

Squeeky: (Shocked) That's even worse than an idiot!

Kitty: I knew there was something about him I didn't like.

Burble: But anyways, about those plugs.

Val: Well, Mister Burble, what we learned is if their plugs don't work on kids or animals...

Chris: That means we're all safe.

Altogether: Because safety rules!

(They all laughed then stopped laughing.)

Burt: And it also means we're the only ones who can fight.

(They all looked at Rocky who landed face first into a pile of sugar bags.)

Kitty: Should we help him up?

Leroy: Nah, it's best that we leave him there.

Burt: Yeah, let's not worry about Rocky, let's just get go-- (Slips on some food) --ING!

(He falls down the stairs and comes completely out of his shell when he hits the last stair, revealing his full uniform.)

Kitty: (Shocked) Burt, are you okay!?

(Leroy and Burble came over to Burt and helped him up.)

Burt: Yeah, I'm fine. Thanks, guys.

(Burt turned around and then the Rangers and the kids got more shocked when they saw...)

Squeeky: Oh my gosh, Burt's been separated from his shell!

Burt: My shell?

(Burt then saw that his shell was taken off and started to become shocked as he desperately managed to get his shell back on.)

Kitty: Well, now you kids know what Burt's uniform looks like.

Leroy: Definitely.

Burt: Well, my shell is all better now but how did this happened?

SAVO: Don't know, Burt, but I think there was some kind of glitch in the dimension travelling.

Leroy: You think you can fix it, SAVO?

SAVO: I think I can Leroy.

Leroy: Good, don't wanna risk another fallen off shell.

SAVO: Neither do I.

Burble: Yeah, none of us want anybody back in the Danger Rangers world seeing him without his shell.

Sully: Well, anyways that's two villains down, so we have five more to go. Who's next?

Kitty: Next up is Rusty Ringtail.

Burble: Oh, you mean the raccoon who didn't obey the rules I did?

Kitty: Since you know him, that is correct.

Leroy: Rusty Ringtail? (Thinks) Hmmm, if I were Rusty Ringtail, where would I be?

Rusty Ringtail's chapter

(We cut to Rusty Ringtail being thrown out of a japanese resturant and into a garbage bin along with his bag of Junior Danger Rangers.)

Rusty: AHHHHHH!!

Japanese Owner: そして、二度とここに戻ってくることはありません! 私たちは厳格な動物禁止ポリシーを持っています!(Soshite, nidoto koko ni modotte kuru koto wa arimasen! Watashitachi wa genkakuna dōbutsu kinshi porishī o motte imasu!) (Caption reads: And never come back here again! We have a strict no animal policy!)

(The owners and the chefs then went back inside.)

Rusty: I'm not just any animal, dude, I'm also a villain of treating safety as grass as Jeff describes it!

(He sighs, jumps out of the bin and grabs his bag.)

Rusty: Now what? Everything time I try to find a place to hide this bag, I keep getting kicked out!

(Then he saw an alley way.)

Rusty: (Sighs) Well, I might as well make this my hiding spot.

(He then went through the alley way.)

Rusty: Gee, it's kinda spooky in here, I like it.

(He then notices a curve.)

Rusty: I think I should dump them there.

(He goes over to the curve and puts the bag there.)

Rusty: Hopefully, those Danger Rangers won't notice it's there.

(Meanwhile, the Rangers and the kids, along with the ferret, were in Rocky's car trying to track Rusty.)

Leroy: Any sign of him?

Joyce: Nothing yet, Leroy.

Sully: Well, he's gotta be around here somewhere.

Kitty: But where?

(Then, they stop at a TV, VHS and DVD store, where one of the TVs is showing static.)

Burble: Guys, looks!

Leroy: What's up with that TV?

Kitty: Come on, let's take a closer look and find out.

(They then went closer to the TV.)

Joyce: Well, I can still see static.

Squeeky: (Notices) Wait, something's coming up.

(The Rangers and the kids see Chili Dog and Snarf on the TV on their bikes with safety gear.)

Snarf: Hello, you Danger Rangers out there!

Kitty: Well, well, well, if it isn't Chili Dog and Snarf.

Burble: What's do you fellas want?

Snarf: Just to tell you something.

Chili: So, you're after Rusty.

Leroy: Yes, we are.

Sully: How did you know?

Chili: We heard it on the news broadcast and it was obvious what it meant.

Snarf: It said something about you guys not being here until you caught all the bad guys that escaped to there and you defeated some weird snot named Jeff.

Squeeky: Well, that is true.

Snarf: Before we go on, who are those guys?

Leroy: Oh, right, forgot to mention, I'm Leroy, this is my sister, Joyce and my cousins, Val, Chris, Jerry, Turner and Tessa.

Snarf: Interesting to meet you.

Jerry: You too.

Brittany: (Calling off-screen) Rocky?

Turner: Hold on a sec. That's my sister, Brittany.

(Brittany is looking for Rocky.)

Turner: Hi, Brittany.

Brittany: Oh, little bro, by any chance have you seen Rocky around?

Turner: Uh, no, sorry, I haven't seen him.

Brittany: Well, I have to find him for our date night tonight, we're watching "Kill Bill: Volume 1" and "Volume 2," I can't wait.

(She then walks away, still searching for Rocky.)

Turner: Guys, we gotta hurry!

Leroy: You got it, let's go find Rusty!

(Sully then noticed Rusty coming past them after hiding the bag in the alley.)

Sully: Speak of the Ringtail, there he is!

(The Rangers and the kids turn around to see Rusty, who gulps in fear and roller skates away.)

Sully: After him!

(They chase after him in Rocky's car. After chasing, they corner him up against the wall, got out of the car and marched up to him.)

Kitty: (Glares) All right, kid, where are the Junior Danger Rangers!?

Rusty: (Scoffs) You think that's gonna make me talk, you're probably gonna have to do something more than that to make me talk!

Leroy: Alright then, you asked for it.

(He then sends the ferret to attack Rusty.)

Rusty: (Attacked) Make him stop! Make him stop!

Joyce: Not until you give us information on where the bag is!

Rusty: (Attacked) Okay, okay, fine, I'll tell you, it's on the curve in the alley way.

(The ferret stops attacking.)

Sully: Burble, you go fetch the bag.

Burble: I'm on it.

(He then goes to get the bag and then comes back with it.)

Burble: Found it.

Burt: Nice work, Burble.

Leroy: Alright, you got the TV, Burt?

Burt: Got it, Leroy.

(Takes the TV out from Rocky's car.)

Leroy: Nice one, now, let's throw him inside.

Kitty: You got it.

Rusty: Oh no.

(Rusty is then thrown into the TV.)

Jerry: Have fun in jail, you old jailbird!

Sully: Now that we got that out of the way, let's see who's in the bag. Burble, the bag please.

Burble: Certinaly.

(Burble opened the bag and out of it came Lucky Curl, KC, Noah and a few other Junior Danger Rangers, who wake up.)

Squeeky: It's Lucky Curl, Timmy and Kate's cousins, KC and Noah, and a few others!

KC: (Rubbing her head) Oh my head.

Lucky: What happened?

Sully: (To the Junior Danger Rangers) We'll explain later. (To Kitty) Alright, Kitty, who's next?

Kitty: Well, we caught Octodon, Henri and Rusty, so the next one to get is Quentin V. Manderbill.

Sully: But never call him "Mr. Manderbill" because that's his father.

Leroy: I bet we can track him down easily.

Kitty: It's not so easy as you think, little monkey.

Squeeky: (Notices) Hey, guys, look at the TV.

(The Rangers and the kids saw the TV and notice an episode of "Danger 5" playing on it.)

Pierre on TV: Fu Manchu!

Tucker on TV: You can't just keep yelling out the name of the game, Pierre, that's not how it works.

Pierre on TV: Fu Manchu.

Tucker on TV: Stop being a child!

(The Rangers and the kids look at the show in amusment.)

Burble: This is a good show.

Kitty: I guess it is.

Leroy: I like it.

Sully: (Turns the TV off) Well, anyway, let's go get Quentin!

The Rangers and the kids: We're on it!

(They then set off to find Quentin V. Manderbill. Meanwhile, in Jeff's lair, Jeff watches the Rangers and the kids go after Quentin.)

Jeff: So, they're after Quentin, eh?

(Jeff contacts Quentin on his communicator.)

Jeff: Quentin!

Quentin: (On the communicator) Yes, sir?

Jeff: I'm giving you an anti-gravity grenade and a pair of gravity boots. (Smirks evilly) Hope you can manage anti-gravity.

Quentin: (On the communicator) I'll try to, sir.

Quentin V. Manderbill's chapter

(We cut to Quentin hiding out at a cruise ship museum, watching a tour group.)

Tour guide: And over on your left, you will see the Titanic, this is the most famous cruise in history since its destruction by an iceberg on April 15, 1912.

Quentin: (Whispers) Well, I know for a fact that the Titanic wasn't that famous, it was just famous as being the first cruise ship to ever be destroyed.

Member of the tour group: Uh, Mister Praparski?

Tour guide: Yes, sir?

Member of the tour group: Uh, wasn't the Titanic only famous as being the first cruise ship to ever be destroyed?

Tour guide: (Chuckles) Well, it depends on which way you look at it.

Member of the tour group: And I also wanna ask why there is a talking pelican in the museum?

Quentin: (Whispers) Uh-oh.

(Quentin avoids being seen by the tour group.)

Member of the tour group: Huh, I must be seeing things again.

Tour guide: Yes, but anyway, how was your coffee break lately?

Member of the tour group: Well, you know, that coffee kept on bugging my stomach and well, I just wished it stays dead.

Tour guide: I see.

Quentin: (Whispers) And I'm not a pelican, I'm a duck.

(Meanwhile, the Rangers and the kids were outside of the museum, spying on Quentin.)

Sully: Okay, Jerry, Val, Chris, Burt, Burble, Kitty, Squeeky, you guys go in and try to catch him.

Kitty: (To Sully) You got it. (To the others) Come on, guys.

Jerry: Coming.

(Jerry, Val, Chris, Burt, Burble, Kitty and Squeeky enter the room of the museum where Quentin is.)

Jerry: I see him. The warrior code says "Strike first." Val, cover me.

Val: With the baseball bat?

(Jerry uses "The Penalizer" to try to shoot Quentin.)

Jerry: (Yelling) How do you feel now, Manderbill? Mission accomplished.

(Quentin throws the anti-gravity grenade out at them.)

Jerry: (Shocked) Oh no.

Val: Oh--

Chris: Crud.

(The anti-gravity then explodes only a bit, making the Rangers and the kids laugh.)

Jerry: (Laughs) It's a dud.

(The anti-gravity grenade whirs and completes its activation. Jerry, Val, Chris, Burt, Burble, Kitty and Squeeky along with everything in the room begin to float.)

Squeeky: What the--

Kitty: Whoa!

Jerry: What's happening?

Val: Why are we floating?

Chris: He turned off the gravity, like in "Halo."

Val: This isn't Xbox, Chris. It's real. Like Wii.

(Cut to Sully, Leroy, Joyce, Turner and Tessa.)

Chris: (Off-screen) Now what are we gonna do?

Val: (Off-screen) I don't know.

Sully: Stay behind me.

(They come into the room.)

Jerry: No! Don't! Don't!

Chris: There's no gravity!

(Sully, Leroy, Joyce, Turner and Tessa begin to float as well.)

Jerry: (Sighs) Too late.

Leroy: (Notices Quentin) There he is! He's got the bag!

Quentin: (Laughs evilly) Hope you're not getting air sick by this. (Turns on his gravity boots, takes his bag of Junior Danger Rangers and starts heading towards the door)

Val: He has gravity boots!

Chris: Why don't we have gravity boots?

Quentin: (Mimicking Val) He has gravity boots!

Leroy: We gotta stop him.

Kitty: But how, little monkey?

Leroy: Well, I think that we need to get everything back onto gravity!

Kitty: (Smiles) That's a great idea.

Leroy: (To Kitty) Thanks. (To Sully) Use Turner's weapon, Sully!

Quentin: Bring it on, sea lion!

Leroy: FIRE!

(Sully shoots a potato from Turner's gun.)

Jerry: A potato gun?! That's your big idea, Turner?!

Turner: What? I'm not the bad guy, (Points to Quentin) he is!

(Sully notices a fire extinguisher.)

Sully: Maybe that fire extinguisher could help.

Leroy: I don't know if it will, but we could try, I'll get it.

(Leroy flew over to the extinguisher, grabbed it, used it to fly over to the door, barricaded it and aimed the fire extinguisher at Quentin.)

Leroy: Eat this, you gravy-sucking duck!

(He fires it at Quentin.)

Quentin: (Coughing) Hey, stop that, it's getting smokey in here!

Sully: Not until you get everything on the ground again!

Leroy: (Realizing) Wait, I know how to turn gravity back on! (To Jerry) Jerry, get the grenade!

Jerry: Okay then!

(Quentin turns off his gravity boots to try to unbarricade the door.)

Leroy: Hurry!

(Jerry then flew over to the grenade and grabbed it.)​​​​​​

Leroy: Quick, toss it here! (Holds the fire extinguisher like a baseball bat)​

Jerry: Okay, go long! (Throws the grenade)

(The grenade zooms right to Leroy as he then whacks it with the fire extinguisher, smashing the grenade to pieces.)

Leroy: HOME RUN!

Quentin: (Confused) What? (Yells and falls to the ground)

(When the grenade is smashed, the gravity returns and everything, including the humans and animals, falls to the ground. Tessa screams while falling to the ground and her sock monkey lands in her lap.)

Tessa: (Excited) Sock monkey! (She hugs her sock monkey)

(Cut to the tour group.)

Member of the tour group: (Sits up) Did anybody just notice? Oh, I don't know the fact that we were floating just now!?

Tour guide: (Sits up) Maybe you should cut down on the coffee, sir.

Member of the tour group: (Sighs) Knew, I should have went to the Jim Henson exhibit tour at the Museum of pop culture.

Kitty: Okay, Manderbill, give us the bag.

Quentin: Or what?

Leroy: Or I'll have to show the ways a duck can be cooked.

Quentin: (Gulps) Okay, here.

(He gives Burble the bag.)

Burble: Thank you.

Burt: And now to bring in the portal.

(He sets up the TV as Kitty, Burble and Leroy grab Quentin.)

Burt: Ready.

Burble: Okay, throw!

(They then throw Quentin into the TV.)

Quentin: Whee!

Sully: Alright then, looks like we're almost done.

Leroy: First, let's see who's in the bag.

(Burble nodded, opened the bag and inside were Kevin Masker, Angela, Matt, Chase Smith, Haiden Blomendale, Starr Briscoe, Myron Moore, Cole Smith, Lisa Quinn, Parker Blomendale, Jaden Briscoe, Ellen Margonis, Kelly Peters, Dylan Briscoe, Madeline Ouzts, Trevor Smith, Chloe Verhallen, Riley Briscoe, Bucky Header, Anna Motton, Feed Plinistone, Rosy O'Grady Zoot and a few others, who wake up.)

Kitty: Hey, it's Kevin Masker, Angela, Matt, Chase Smith, Haiden Blomendale, Starr Briscoe, Myron Moore, Cole Smith, Lisa Quinn, Parker Blomendale, Jaden Briscoe, Ellen Margonis, Kelly Peters, Dylan Briscoe, Madeline Ouzts, Trevor Smith, Chloe Verhallen, Riley Briscoe, Bucky Header, Anna Motton, Feed Plinistone, Rosy O'Grady Zoot and a few others!

Leroy: Well, I guess things can't get any worse now, right?

(Suddenly, Cyber-Bugs appear.)

Cyber-Bug 1: (Angrily) You little--!

(Leroy hits them with the fire extinguisher.)

Kitty: Quick! Get 'em!

Sully: Stop them!

Val: Shoot them! Shoot them!

Chris: Go, go, go!

(Jerry shoots the Cyber-Bugs with "The Penalizer," covering them with paint.)

Cyber-Bug 2: Let's get out of here!

(While retreating, the Cyber-Bugs drop Rocky's controller and headset. The Rangers and the kids notice the controller.)

Jerry: (Noticing the controller) Whoa, that's the thing Jeff used to control Rocky.

Chris: (Picks up the controller) Whoa! (Presses it)

(Burble takes the headset.)

Val: That's incredible! (To Chris) Let me see!

Chris: I picked up first!

Val: But I want it!

(Val and Chris keep fighting over the controller until Burble stops them.)

Burble: Hey, hey, hey, guys. This is not a toy. It's real.

(A thud is heard and the Rangers and the kids saw that it was Rocky.)

Jerry: Rocky?

Leroy: Yep.

Burble: Let's get him before someone else does.

(They control Rocky, sending him running from Ruby House Restaurant to the cruise ship museum. Rocky runs into his own car, damaging it in the process.)

Val: (Confused) Well, that's awkward.

Burble: Definitely is.

Leroy: Don't worry, I'm sure that'll buff right out.

Val: (Laughs) (Looks around) Wonder where he went.

Chris: Oh, I'll find him.

(He presses the button and Rocky gets up.)

Leroy: (Surprised) Whoa.

(Chris brings Rocky over in front of the gang.)

Leroy: (Chuckles)

Chris: Cool. So these move him. And these... (Makes Rocky slap his face) operate the arms.

(Chris repeatedly slaps Rocky with the latter's own hand.)

Val: Talk about the ultimate Game Boy.

(The Rangers and the kids laugh at this in amusement.)

Turner: What does that big button do?

(Chris presses the on/off switch to off, which makes Rocky return to normal and look around.)

Rocky: (Notices his damaged car) (Shocked) Whoa! (Walks up to it) What the--?! (Yelling) My CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA--!

(Chris presses the on/off switch to on, which makes Rocky stand still on one foot.)

Chris: That would be the on-and-off button.

Leroy: Press it again.

(Chris presses the on/off switch to off, which makes Rocky return to normal.)

Rocky: (Yelling) --AAAAAAAAAAAAAR! (To Leroy) Who did this to my car?

Leroy: You did, you giant idiot.

(Rocky is shown with a disgusted look on his face. Chris presses the on/off switch to on, which makes Rocky stand still.)

Brittany: (Off-screen) Rocky!

(The Rangers and the kids notice Brittany storming up to Rocky. She pushes Leroy out of the way.)

Brittany: Where have you been?

(Chris presses the on/off switch to off, which makes Rocky return to normal.)

Rocky: Oh, shut up, you little b— Brittany?

Brittany: (Offended) What? (Slaps Rocky)

Rocky: Ah! Why are you hitting me?

Brittany: Why are you being such a jerk?

Rocky: (Confused) Huh?

Leroy: (Amused) This revenge is better than Jeff's.

Brittany: I just spent the last hour trying to look for you. Where were you?

Rocky: (Stutters) Uh— l—

Brittany: That's what I thought. (Walks away)

Rocky: No. I-I don't know. (Follows Brittany)

(The Rangers and the kids laugh at this in amusement.)

Chris: Want me to bring him back?

Leroy: Nah, let him suffer.

Sully: Oh well, anyways, we need to get the others.

Burble: Who's next, Kitty?

Kitty: Well, the next two we have to get is Buck Huckster and Knuckles.

SAVO: I've detected them at the mall.

Joyce: Well, let's go find them!

Leroy: And I think I know which mall they went to.

Sully: You think we should've rented a bigger car?

Tessa: Don't worry, they've got a car rental place there too.

Buck Huckster's chapter

(We then see Buck and Knuckles in a VHS store in the mall.)

Knuckles: (Sees a VHS) Hey, boss, can we get "Pleasantville," please, please, please?

(Buck then bonks Knuckles in the head.)

Buck: Pull yourself together, we gotta get Jeff's job finished!

Knuckles: Sorry, boss.

Buck: Hurry up!

(They both then went out of the VHS store. Meanwhile, the team went to the entrance of the mall.)

Kitty: Well, here we are.

Leroy: Alright, Sully, Kitty, Burble, Squeeky, Burt, listen up, if you see any security guards find a way to elude them.

Sully: You got it.

(Meanwhile, a security guard is waiting with another security guard at a corner.)

Security guard 1: Hey, how's little old groger doing with the intercom?

Security guard 2: He's doing alright, sir, he has been able to try out the features

Security guard 1: (Chuckles) Hope he didn't touch the big red button.

Security guard 2: (Chuckles) Me too.

Intercom: Attention, all shoppers, we have a new sale of delicious tacos at Taco Bell, get those tacos while they're still new.

Security guard 2: See? I told you he got it.

Security guard 1: Guess he did.

Sully: (After hearing the intercom) Hey, that sounds like Steve Burns.

Leroy: You mean the old "Blue's Clues" host?

Sully: Guess so, but we gotta keep moving, who knows what trouble those guys are getting up to.

(They went in the mall to get Buck and Knuckles.)

Kitty: Alright, buckaroo, show yourself!

(The gang hears a whistle blow and notices the same security guard.)

Security guard 1: Hey, animals are supposed to be outside!


Leroy: We'll try to find Buck, right now, you find a way to elude that guard. (He and the kids rush from the Rangers to find Buck and Knuckles)

Burble: Okay, man.

Kitty: RUN!

Security guard 1: Come back here, beasts!

(The guard then chased the team across the first floor of the mall. After a few minutes of chasing, the team ran right into an elevator.)

Security guard 1: (Panting) I almost got you, beasts!

Sully: Don't worry, I got this!

(He presses the top floor button and the elevator door closes before the security guard, who slams into the closed elevator door, could get them.)

Security guard 1: Crud! I almost got them!

(Cut to in the elevator.)

Sully: That was a close one.

Kitty: Yeah, great job, Sully.

Sully: It's your leader's pleasure.

(Meanwhile, Leroy, Joyce and their cousins were still on the first floor in a clothing store, looking for Buck and Knuckles.)

Leroy: Found them yet?

Joyce: Not yet, Leroy.

Tessa: Well they have to be around here somewhere.

(Meanwhile, Buck and Knuckles are getting their bag into a shopping cart.)

Knuckles: Are you sure they won't find it here, boss?

Buck: Trust me, my friend, it's not like there's no one spying on us.

Knuckles: (Notices the kids looking around in the clothing store) Like them?

(Buck then sees Leroy and the kids trying to find him and Knuckles.)

Buck: (Whispers) Don't worry about them, they'll never find us or the bag. Let's put these Decibulls CDs out in the music CD store.

Knuckles: (Whispers) I still can't believe Sully busted us for doing such action as well as stuffing him in a speaker!

Buck: (Whispers) Ah, but this will be different, dear boy.

(They then went to the CD store when Chris spotted them.)

Chris: Hey, guys, I see them, they're over there!

Leroy: Nice one, Chris. (Notices the Decibulls CDs) Oh no, those CDs might have something dangerous in them.

(He gets out his SAVO watch and contacts Sully.)

Leroy: Sully, they got those Decibulls CDs! Where are you and the other Rangers?

Sully: (On Leroy's SAVO watch) Well, we're in the toy store, Leroy.

Leroy: You are?

Kitty: (On Leroy's SAVO watch) Yes and check this out.

(She shows Leroy a collection of "Himitsu Sentai Gorenger," "J.A.K.Q. Dengekitai," "Battle Fever J," "Denshi Sentai Denziman," "Taiyo Sentai Sun Vulcan," "Dai Sentai Goggle-V," "Kagaku Sentai Dynaman," "Choudenshi Bioman," "Dengeki Sentai Changeman," "Choushinsei Flashman," "Hikari Sentai Maskman," "Choujuu Sentai Liveman," "Kousoku Sentai Turboranger," "Chikyu Sentai Fiveman," "Chōjin Sentai Jetman," "Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger," "Gosei Sentai Dairanger," "Ninja Sentai Kakuranger," "Chouriki Sentai Ohranger," "Gekisou Sentai Carranger," "Denji Sentai Megaranger," "Seijuu Sentai Gingaman," "Kyuukyuu Sentai GoGoFive," "Mirai Sentai Timeranger," "Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger," "Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger," "Bakuryū Sentai Abaranger," "Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger," "Mahou Sentai Magiranger," "GoGo Sentai Boukenger," "Juken Sentai Gekiranger," "Engine Sentai Go-onger," "Samurai Sentai Shinkenger," "Tensou Sentai Goseiger," "Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger," "Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters," "Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger," "Ressha Sentai ToQger," "Shuriken Sentai Ninninger," "Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger," "Uchu Sentai Kyuranger," "Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger," "Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger" and "Mashin Sentai Kiramager" action figures.)

Kitty: (On Leroy's SAVO watch) And I also have these too.

(She then shows Leroy action figures of Kamen Rider 1, Kamen Rider 2, Kamen Rider V3, Riderman, Kamen Rider X, Kamen Rider Amazon, Kamen Rider Stronger, Skyrider, Kamen Rider Super-1, Kamen Rider ZX, Kamen Rider Black, Kamen Rider Black RX, Kamen Rider Shin, Kamen Rider ZO, Kamen Rider J, Kamen Rider Kuuga, Kamen Rider Agito, Kamen Rider Ryuki, Kamen Rider Faiz, Kamen Rider Blade, Kamen Rider Hibiki, Kamen Rider Kabuto, Kamen Rider Den-O, Kamen Rider Kiva, Kamen Rider Decade, Kamen Rider Double, Kamen Rider OOO, Kamen Rider Fourze, Kamen Rider Wizard, Kamen Rider Gaim, Kamen Rider Drive, Kamen Rider Ghost, Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, Kamen Rider Build, Kamen Rider Zi-O and Kamen Rider Zero-One.)

Kitty: (On Leroy's SAVO watch) And I also got this.

(She shows Leroy and Joyce a DVD of "Los Luchadores.")

Kitty: (On Leroy's SAVO watch) I ordered all of these action figures as well as this DVD just for you 'cause a few days ago was your birthday, little monkey.

Leroy: Thanks, Kitty.

Joyce: But what about me? A few days ago was my birthday too.

Kitty: (On Leroy's SAVO watch) Well, Joyce, you and Leroy look at this too.

(She shows Leroy and Joyce an action figure of Kitty Katswell from "T.U.F.F Puppy.")

Kitty: (On Leroy's SAVO watch) Now, watch this.

(She presses a button on the back, which makes the action figure talk.)

Kitty Katswell action figure: We're secret agents, butt-munch, not superheroes.

Kitty: (On Leroy's SAVO watch) Wow, she almost sounds like me!

Squeeky: (On Leroy's SAVO watch) Wow, you must have so much in common!

Kitty: (On Leroy's SAVO watch) Guess so.

Joyce: Cool.

Kitty: (On Leroy's SAVO watch) And not only that but I also have this.

(She shows Leroy and Joyce a plush of Callie from "Sheriff Callie's Wild West.")

Joyce: That's also cool.

Kitty: (On Leroy's SAVO watch) And...

(She shows Leroy and Joyce a doll of Cat Noir from "Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir.")

Joyce: (Surprised) Great! Now I got someone who can help my Ladybug fight Hawk Moth.

Squeeky: (On Leroy's SAVO watch) (Confused) Hawk Moth?

Joyce: I'll explain later.

Squeeky: (On Leroy's SAVO watch) Oh, okay.

Kitty: (On Leroy's SAVO watch) Oh, and I also have one more thing.

(She shows Leroy and Joyce a doll of Sunset Shimmer from "Equestria Girls.")

Joyce: (Surprised) Sunset Shimmer? I have been looking for her forever!

Kitty: (On Leroy's SAVO watch) I'll order these four just for you, Joyce.

Joyce: Thanks, Kitty.

Leroy: That's amazing but anyways, you gotta get up here, we just found Buck and Knuckles.

Sully and Kitty: (On Leroy's SAVO watch) We're on our way!

Leroy: Good, over and out. (Hangs up)

(Cut to the Rangers)

Burt: Hey, guys, look in the book store!

(The Rangers look in the book store to see tons of books about them.)

Sully: Well, what do ya know, we're also famous in books!

Kitty: That's so cool!

(She then notices something.)

Kitty: Guys, look!

(The team turned to see a poster of the "Cats" musical on the mall's signs.)

Kitty: (Surprised) A musical fully about my kind? That's terrifc!

Burble: Totally!

(Just then, an Asian boy walks up to them.)

Asian boy: You're the Danger Rangers!

Sully: Well, yes, we are. But could make this conversation a little quick, young man? We're in a really big hurry.

Security guard 1: There you are, beasts!

(The Rangers and the boy turn their heads to see the security guard from before.)

Security guard 1: I had to take the stairs 'cause some people were crowding up the elevator, so now that I got you, you're under arrest.

(The Asian boy stops him.)

Security guard 1: Out of my way, kid.

Asian boy: No, leave them alone! Don't you know who they are?

Security guard 1: They are animals who are not supposed to be inside the mall, now go away and get out of my face or you're coming with them and I have a very special cell for ya, kid!

Asian boy: Everyone in THEIR world is an animal!

Security guard 1: I don't care, now move!

Asian boy: THEY'RE THE DANGER RANGERS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! See? (Shows the guard the Danger Rangers' books)

Kitty: He's right!

(The security guard thought for a moment.)

Security guard 1: (To the Rangers) Alright, fine, you're all off the hook! (Glares at the Asian boy) (To the Asian boy) But I'm keeping an eye on you, Mister Loudmouth!

(He leaves.)

Sully: (Sighs in relief) Thanks for the help, young man.

Asian boy: Always there to help (Whispers) and sometimes the guards here can be very stupid.

Security guard 1: (Off-screen) I heard that!

Sully: Well, we have a little suprise for helping us.

Asian boy: Really?

Sully: Yes, young man for protecting us from the security guard and getting us off the hook, you are offically a Junior Danger Ranger. Even humans can be one.

(He gives the Asian boy his own SAVO watch.)

Asian boy: (Suprised) No way! This is awesome!

Kitty: (To the Asian boy) Well, we'll see you later! (To the Rangers) Come on, guys, we got a world and other Junior Danger Rangers to save!

(The Rangers then leave to get to Leroy, Joyce and the cousins.)

Danger Rangers: Safety rules!

(The security guard who was chasing the Rangers comes back to the other guard.)

Security guard 1: You want to know what makes me angry?

Security guard 2: What does?

Security guard 1: How I try to get the animals but they always get me in the end. However, there is something funny about these animals I was chasing.

Security guard 2: What is?

Security guard 1: Some stupid Asian kid who wouldn't get out outta the way told me that they're Danger Rangers.

Security guard 2: Oh, well, did you take care of it?

Security guard 1: Well, I did let them off the hook but I told the Asian dork that I got my eye on him. If those animals really were the Danger Rangers, then this is the first time I've seen someone from the TV world in our own. (Notices the Rangers) Oh, look, that's them.

Security guard 2: (Notices the Rangers) Oh, I see. So, you almost got them?

Security guard 1: Well, I would have got them, if that Asian idiot didn't show up and if I hadn't realized they're really the Danger Rangers!

Security guard 2: I see.

(Meanwhile, the Rangers go up to see Leroy, Joyce and the cousins waiting near the music CD store.)

Sully: Good news, the guard realized who we are.

Leroy: He did?

Kitty: Yep, and an Asian kid helped us out and we made him an offical Junior Danger Ranger.

Turner: Cool, well, we have good news too, we were able to get the bag which Buck and Knuckles foolishly hid in a shopping cart without being noticed by them.

Squeeky: Cool.

Leroy: Bad news is Buck and Knuckles are placing the Decibulls CDs on the shelves.

Sully: (To Leroy) Well, we gotta do something! (To Burble) Burble, you go find Buck and Knuckles and be sure to get hold of many Decibulls CDs you can find.

Burble: You got it.

(He then runs off to get Buck, Knuckles and the CDs.)

Sully: I'm still glad my favorite band learned the error of their ways the last time we defeated their bad manager.

(In the music CD store, Buck and Knuckles were putting the Decibulls CDs on the shelves.)

Buck: This is the best idea ever!

Knuckles: (Notices) Uh, boss, we got company.

(Buck turned his head to see Burble looking at him and Knuckles with anger.)

Burble: Doing something, you two?

Buck and Knuckles: (Gulps)

(Burble then comes back to the team with the two villains and the CDs.)

Burble: Found them.

Kitty: Great!

(Meanwhile, in the animated world, Gabriela and Fallbot were attending a picnic at Los Angeles, with Fallbot being on the lookout for the rest of the Rangers, when Worley the Weasel shows up.)

Worley: I've heard the news broadcast that the rest of you Danger dudes won't be here until you caught all the bad guys that escaped to the place they're in right now and that you defeated this dude named Jeff and I talked to my gang, my new Facebook friend, Chancy McSpill and his friend, Duncan about training your new teammate, Leroy, to see if he could beat him.

Gabriela: That is correct, Senor.

Fallbot: And you did?

Worley: Yeah. I was a little suprised from the start.

Fallbot: So was the rest of the town.

Gabriela: I just hope they're alright.

Fallbot: I hope so too.

(Then, Harry comes to them.)

Harry: Hey, guys.

Gabriela: Oh, hola, Harry.

Fallbot: How's your new directing job?

Harry: Going good, but I'm still a little suprised over the news that the rest of the Danger Rangers won't be here until they complete their mission.

Gabriela: Well, that is true.

Harry: I wonder how they're doing?

Fallbot: I don't know.

(Meanwhile, at Leroy's vacation home, Gramma was cleaning her dentures when the Cyber-Bug who shot Rocky looking through the window held his gun.)

Cyber-Bug: Come on, come on.

(After she rinses her mouth, the Cyber-Bug shoots a mind control plug at Gramma. Meanwhile, Kitty and Burble prepare to throw Buck and Knuckles into the TV.)

Sully: It's a shame the Decibulls are against you now, Buck.


(He and Knuckles get thrown into the TV. The security guards see this in surprise.)

Security guard 1: Did you see that?

Security guard 2: I sure did, and it's something I never seen in my life.

Security guard 1: They really are the Danger Rangers!

Joyce: Well, let's see who's in the bag this time.

(Joyce opened the bag with Burble's help.)

Joyce: Thanks.

Burble: Happy to help.

(Inside the bag was Mateo and few others, who wake up.)

Squeeky: Well, what do ya know, it's Mateo and few others!

Sully: You guys alright?

Mateo: I guess but I couldn't remember what happened.

Kitty: We'll explain later.

Burt: Uh, guys, the shoppers are seeing us.

(The team then sees the shoppers staring at them.)

Sully: (Whispers) Should we get out of here?

Shopper: No need too, we're all surprised and excited to see the Danger Rangers in our world!

Kitty: Oh, well, that's a start.

Other Shopper: Could we have your autographs?

Sully: Well, sure, but please make it quick, we have a job to do.

(After signing the autographs, the team then gets to the exit of the mall.)

Sully: Gotta say that was a big crowd tonight.

(They run into Gramma.)

Jerry: Oh no, Jeff's got Gramma!

Gramma: (Repeating) Indeed, Jeff has! (Chuckles) Now, where did you put Rocky?

Leroy: Do your worst! You won't get any information on where Rocky is!

Gramma and the Cyber-Bug: Oh, really then?

(He then controls Gramma to perform kung fu moves on the team.)

Jerry: (Shocked) Who taught her these moves!? Shego!?

Kitty: (Confused) Who's Shego?

Jerry: I'll explain later, right now, we gotta deal with her.

(Tom rolls a skateboard over to Gramma and she falls to the ground, making the Cyber-Bug fly out from inside her dress and onto her face and he looks at it and expresses disgust.)

Cyber-Bug: Eww, gross. (Pushes her face) Here's Gramma! (Makes Gramma get up)

Tessa: Hey, leave my Gramma alone! (Fires her bubble gun at the Cyber-Bug)

(The Cyber-Bug loses Gramma's controller and Chris grabs it.)

Cyber-Bug: DRAT YOU KIDS!!

Chris: I got Gramma's controller!

(Burble then walks up to the Cyber-Bug.)

Cyber-Bug: (Scared) Oh, no, no, no, no, wai-!

(Burble then crushes the Cyber-Bug to pieces.)

Burble: That will teach him. (Spits on the destroyed Cyber-Bug)

(Meanwhile, Jeff saw this on his video screen and slams his fist on his desk in anger.)

Jeff: Curses! I guess I better resort to extremes!

(Jeff contacts Lonnie and Jenkins on his communicator.)

Jeff: Lonnie, Jenkins, you two are left, find a place to get those Danger Rangers when they come near!

Lonnie: Copy that, sir, we're on our way.

Jenkins: To the chemical plant that is!

(A Cyber-Bug then comes in.)

Cyber-Bug: Sir?

Jeff: What is it?

Cyber-Bug: Your new and improved Zorn is ready for battle in case the Danger Rangers come here and is awaiting your control.

Jeff: (Smiles evilly) Good. But first, we should take it on a little test drive.

Cyber-Bug: In where, sir?

Jeff: Virtual reality's Amazon rainforest.

(Meanwhile, back with the gang.)

Sully: Oh, I forgot, let's go to the mall's car rental place and rent a bigger car.

Kitty: I think I know what car we should take.

(We cut to the team driving in a huge hard rock SUV as the song, "Thunderstruck" by AC/DC starts to play.)

AC/DC off-screen: Thunder, thunder, thunder, thunder, I was caught, In the middle of a railroad track, (Thunder), I looked round, And I knew there was no turning back, (Thunder), My mind raced, And I thought what could I do, (Thunder), And I knew, There was no help, no help from you, (Thunder), Sound of the drums, Beating in my heart, The thunder of guns, Tore me apart, You've been, Thunderstruck!

Joyce: This is the greatest idea you've ever had, Kitty.

Kitty: Well, being a cat is just what I like to be. (Chuckles)

Turner: But hey, it could have been worse, we might have been riding with the Chelsea Bus Company.

Kitty: (Confused) Chelsea Bus Company?

Leroy: (Chuckles) I'll explain that to you later, Kitty.

Kitty: Oh, okay then.

(Then, Sully's SAVO watch rings.)

Sully: Oh, looks like SAVO's calling me. (Answers) Hello, SAVO, what's going on?

SAVO: I called you because I have something to tell you.

Sully: What is it?

SAVO: Worley just talked to Gabriela, he said that he, his gang, Chancy McSpill and Duncan want to train Leroy to see if he can beat Jeff!

Sully: Alright, where should we meet them?

SAVO: Meet them at the TV store.

Leroy: But what about Rocky?

Turner: Yeah, if he makes up with my sister, it will be the end of the world as we know it. And I mean a complete disaster.

Jerry: We have to do something.

Burt: Wait, I've got an idea!

Worley the Weasel and Chancy McSpill's chapter

(We cut to Rocky and Brittany, walking to Horse Thief Lake.)

Brittany: I hate it when we fight.

Rocky: Aw, I can't fight someone as cute as you.

Brittany: Well, I'm glad we made up.

Rocky: Well, it's not an official make-up without the make-up kiss.

Brittany: Easy. My family's up there.

Rocky: And your family's crazy about me. (Picks Brittany up) What about you?

Brittany: Well, you know I like you. And we have the whole summer ahead of us. Maybe we don't have to go so fast.

(Rocky suddenly looks at Brittany.)

Brittany: What? What? (Screams when thrown into the water by Rocky, who jumps in) Is that a "no"?

(Rocky swims away from Brittany.)

Brittany: Rocky! Rocky!

(He swims to shore. It turns out Val pressed the on/off switch to on, which made Rocky do the actions. Burt was watching with his periscope.)

Burt: Careful. Don't break him.

Val: I'm trying.

Brittany: Rocky!

Burt: Better grab his shirt.

Brittany: Rocky!

(But Rocky wouldn't listen as he was still being controlled by the team.)

Val: (Gives Burble the controller) Burble, I think you should control Rocky.

Burble: Well, okay then.

(Burble puts on Rocky's headset. Brittany comes out of the water with a look of anger on her face.)

Brittany: What was that about!?

Rocky: (Repeating) (Chuckles bashfully) Uh, oops. Before we make up, I've got a game to play with some of our friends.

Brittany: (Suprised) Well, can I join?

Rocky: (Repeating) Maybe later, my little princess.

Brittany: Okay, Rocko-boo bear!

(She hugs Rocky.)

Brittany: We really are the perfect couple.

(She then breaks from the hug.)

Brittany: See you later, Rocky.

(She leaves.)

Rocky: (Waves) (Repeating) You too, princess.

(He then sighs in relief.)

Burble: (Removes the headset) Well, that was easy.

(Later, the team's car then stops at the TV store.)

Sully: Last stop, everybody out!

(They all get out of the car.)

Kitty: Now, Worley and Chancy might be here in about seven minutes.

(Then, one of the TVs in the window starts to static.)

Leroy: (Notices) That could be them right now!

(The static stopped and out of the television came Worley the Weasel and his gang (Brutus, Joey, Billy, Eddie, a beaver and a badger) and Chancy McSpill and Duncan, who all convert from 2D animated characters into CGI three-dimensional animated characters and gaining the features each of their kind in the real world has.)

Worley: It's been a while, Danger dudes.

Leroy: Hey. So, you wanted to train me?

Chancy: Indeed, we do.

(Meanwhile, a Cyber-Bug was watching them, he turns on his communicator to tell Jeff about it.)

Cyber-Bug: Boss, Worley the Weasel and Chancy McSpill came out of the Danger Rangers' world, wanting to train Leroy.

Jeff: That should be entertaining for me.

Eddie: So, you're ready to do this?

Leroy: I think so.

Eddie: Good, then, let's begin!

Sully: I've got an idea, how about a Three-vs.-Three training?

Worley: You know, that's a good idea. So how should we do this Three-vs.-Three training?

Tessa: How about we use Leroy vs. Worley, Joyce vs. Chancy and Gramma vs. Rocky?

Chancy: That is perfect.

Burble: Here, Duncan, you take Rocky's controller. (Gives Rocky's controller to Duncan)

Duncan: Okay.

(Turner controls Gramma, while Duncan controls Rocky.)

Tessa: Everyone ready?

All: Ready!

Tessa: Alright then, let's brawl!

(The battle began with Leroy fighting Worley, Joyce fighting Chancy and Gramma fighting Rocky. It was total training madness. The song, "ROX" by Studio 100 then plays.)

Studio 100 off-screen: Laat zijn motor janken, Van die stoere klanken, Gaat mijn hart weer sneller slaan, Laat zijn banden gillen, Dat is wat wij willen, Want we gaan er tegen aan, Als er niemand jou nog helpen kan, Ja, wie is je laatste redding dan, 't is een beest dat op vier wielen staat, Met een gouden hart van staal, Het is R-O-X, Alles of niks, Koning van de baan, ROX komt eraan, R-O-X, Alles of niks, R-O-X, De ideale mix, Van schoonheid en kracht, ROX houdt de wacht! (Make his engine howl, Of those cool sounds, My heart will beat again, Let his tires scream, That's what we want, Because we will fight, If nobody can help you, Yes who is your last rescue then it, is a beast that stands on four wheels, With a golden heart of steel, It's ROX, All or nothing, King of the track, ROX is coming, ROX, All or nothing, ROX, The ideal mix, Of beauty and power, ROX keeps watch!)

(Meanwhile, Brittany was practing her dancing in front of a dancing studio when she noticed the training. After the training.)

Worley: (Panting) Wow, you really are tough Leroy.

Leroy: (Panting) Thanks you, too.

Turner: Time to give a blow to Rocky!

(He controls Gramma, making her punch Rocky in the backside of his neck, making the plug fly out and returning him to normal.)

Rocky: (Screaming) Ow!

Brittany: Rocky?

Rocky: What the--? (Notices Gramma) Gramma?

(Turner controls Gramma by making her start her flying ninja kick, making Brittany gasp. Gramma then hits Rocky in the face and it sent flying in the air, screaming. Brittany also screams. Then, the Cyber-Bug who saw the competition appears into front of her face.)

Cyber-Bug: Yes, scream, human! For your Uncle Marcus's most loyal worker will soon have the planet under his control! (Laughs evilly)

(Brittany was quite shocked. The Cyber-Bug runs past the gang.)

Kitty: There goes a Cyber-Bug!

Brittany: (Off-screen) LEROY! TURNER!

Sully: Uh-oh, looks like Brittany saw it too.

Brittany: What the heck was that thing?

Leroy: A Cyber-Bug. Too much to explain.

Brittany: Well, you know, I didn't see that coming.

Jerry: Really? Well, you also didn't see them coming either.

Brittany: Who?

(She then notices the Rangers, gets shocked and faints as Turner is able to catch her.)

Turner: (Shakes Brittany) Sis, are you alright? Sis? Sis!?

Sully: Should we call 9-1-1!?

Leroy: Well, she isn't hurt, Sully, she just fainted.

(Kitty then picked up Brittany bridal style.)

Kitty: We gotta get Brittany to a thing to lie on.

Leroy: You got it, come on, let's go lie her by that bench over there!

(The team agreed, went over to the bench and laid Brittany on it.)

(Brittany then woke up.)

Brittany: Could it really be you?

Sully: It sure is, ma'am.

Brittany: (Excited) Wow, I just wanna say I'm a huge fan of yours.

Kitty: (Surprised) Well, that's cool.

Brittany: And I just wanna ask why are you all here in my world?

Burble: Well, Brittany, we are on a hunt to get all of our villains, who escaped.

Kitty: Right now, we've caught Octodon, Rusty Ringtail, Quentin V. Manderbill, Henri Ennui and Buck Huckster. So, all we need to get now are the two rats, Lonnie and Jenkins.

Leroy: Those two unclean rats.

SAVO: They've ducked towards the chemical plant.

Leroy: Well, all we gotta do is get to the chemical plant.

Kitty: You got it, little monkey!

Brittany: Since I now know what's going on, I'm coming too.

Leroy: You are? Great!

Turner: But first, we better get Gramma back to the house.

Sully: You got it, everyone, into the car!

Kitty: See ya later, Worley and Chancy!

Worley: Later dudes! (Heads back into the TV)

Brutus: Bye! (Heads back into the TV)

Joey: Hope you guys can save the day! (Heads back into the TV)

Billy: See ya, Danger dudes! (Heads back into the TV)

Eddie: Later! (Heads back into the TV)

Beaver: Adios! (Heads back into the TV)

Badger: See you back in our world! (Heads back into the TV)

Chancy: Let's go home, Duncan. (Heads back into the TV)

Duncan: I'm coming, Chancy. (Heads back into the TV)

(Then, a news report comes another TV.)

News reporter: This just in, the Danger Rangers are here in Keystone, in the real world right now and if there's any connection to those talking animals hanging out at the Videopolis window, including the one who was acting like maniac, insulting their poster, there can be no doubt that those talking animals were in fact the bad guys from the world where the Danger Rangers were too, if anything else, please contact the authoritys at 999-001-5582.

Sully: (Notices) Looks like we have to hurry.

Leroy: You got that right, man.

(The team, along with Brittany, carrying Gramma, get into the car and drive back to Leroy's vacation home. Meanwhile, in Jeff's lair...)

Cyber-Bug: Boss, our first subject's girlfriend now knows what's going on!

Jeff: I know, I saw.

Cyber-Bug: What are we gonna do, sir?

Jeff: We're gonna have to keep an eye on her too.

(He then smiles evilly.)

(Meanwhile, the team manages to get back to Leroy's vacation home.)

Brittany: (Picking up Gramma) I'll get her inside, wait here.

Sully: Got it.

(Brittany then went into the house, carrying Gramma.)

Jerry: Wow, she's pretty strong.

Turner: Well, my sister's got talent.

(Brittany then came back into the car.)

Brittany: Okay, I put Gramma to bed, hopefully she won't remember any of this.

Val: She doesn't even know what was going on.

(He presses the on/off switch to off, which makes Gramma return to normal.)

Sully: Well then, let's go!

(The car then drives off to the chemical plant.)

Lonnie and Jenkins' chapter

(Meanwhile, in the chemical plant...)

Lonnie: Jeff is gonna be so proud of us when we hide the bag somewhere around here.

Jenkins: Let's scare the workers by cutting out the power and using a flashlight to make shadows of a giant rat.

Lonnie: You got it.

(Meanwhile, two workers in hazmat suits were working in the other room.)

Worker 1: Hey, dude.

Worker 2: Yeah?

Worker 1: Do you ever get the feeling like we're being watched?

Worker 2: (Scoffs) You've been watching way too many "Doctor Who" episodes again.

Worker 1: No, I'm serious.

(Meanwhile, (Lonnie or Jenkins) pulled the switch, making the lights go out.)

Worker 1: What happened to the lights?

Worker 2: Don't worry about it, I think it's just a power outrage, someone would probably fix it.

(Then suddenly, a light came in and a huge rat shadow came in.)

Worker 1: (Scared) Should we tell the boss about this?

Worker 2: (Scared) Probably.

Worker 1: (Scared) Oh, we should've been at home watching "Twelve Forever!"

(The two workers then ran off screaming.)

Lonnie: (Chuckles) What a bunch of scaredy cats.

Jenkins: (Chuckles) Yeah, now let's hide the bag before those annoying Danger Rangers show up.

Lonnie: You got it.

(They then went to hide the bag. Meanwhile, the Danger Rangers and the kids made their way into the chemical plant car park, where they found a place to park.)

Sully: (Stopping the car) Alright, everyone, let's go get these rats!

All: Got it!

(They got out of the car and made their way into the chemical plant. When they got in, they saw that the place was empty.)

Kitty: Hm, it seems quiet today.

Leroy: Maybe everyone's out to get the new "Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs" DVD.

Burble: (Confused) Saber who and the what sheriffs?

Leroy: (Chuckles) I'll explain later, right now, we got rats to defeat.

Burble: You got it.

Sully: But where could they be hiding?

Leroy: Don't know, Sully.

(Then, a creak noise was heard.)

Kitty: You guys hear something?

Leroy: I did, Kitty and I think that the noise was coming from over there!

(He pointed to a hole in the wall as the team went closer to it.)

Sully: I think you're right, Leroy.

Brittany: And I have a funny feeling that we have to go in there.

Kitty: Maybe we'll go in one at a time.

Jerry: Good idea, Kitty, we should do that.

Sully: Alright then, Leroy, you're first.

Leroy: Okay, Sully.

(Leroy went up to the hole, breathed in and out and walked into the hole there he found some rat footprints covered in experimental gel.)

Leroy: I found footprints, you gotta come and check them out!

(The team then came closer to Leroy as they saw the footprints too.)

Kitty: Yep, they definitely have been here.

Sully: Alright, everyone, I think we should split up, Leroy's team will take east and my team will take west and if you find any footprints going in those directions, give a shout okay?

All: Got it.

Sully: Okay, break!

(The team then separates into two groups, the kids went east and the Rangers went west.)

Sully: Found anything yet!?

Leroy: Nothing yet, Sully!

(Then, Squeeky found footprints going through a hallway.)

Squeeky: Guys, I found some footprints!

Sully: Nice work, Squeeky.

(The team regrouped as they looked at the footprints in the hallway.)

Leroy: Okay, guys, time to "exterminate" some rats!

Sully: You got it!

Kitty: Let's go!

(The team went through the hallway, following the footprints. Cut to Lonnie and Jenkins, who hide the bag in a chemistry room.)

Lonnie: They'll never find the bag in here.

Jenkins: You got that right, buddy. Now, let's get every chemical in the plant that we need!

Lonnie: Got it!

(The two of them then got bags and got their paws on every chemical they needed.)

Jenkins: I love this job.

Lonnie: Me too.

(Meanwhile, the team was still following the footprints while Kitty scanned them with her SAVO watch.)

SAVO: (Ding) Footprints have been scanned.

Kitty: So, what's the status, SAVO?

SAVO: The two rats are in the chemistry room to your left.

Kitty: (To SAVO) Got it. (To Sully) Sully, they are in the chemistry room to our left.

Sully: Got it.

Leroy: I think that we're at the right door.

(The team then saw the door and agreed with Leroy as Burble then walked up and kicked down the door.)

Sully: Alright, hold it right there, rats, we have you surrounded!

(The rats then noticed this and jump in fear.)

Kitty: Now first the bag then the chemicals then out!

Lonnie: Well, we won't give up the bag!

Jenkins: Yeah, it's ours and there's nothing you can do to make us give it to you!

Sully: (To the rats) Oh, really? (To Leroy) Leroy, would you like to do the honors?

Leroy: (To Sully) Certinaly. (To the rats) Now give us the bag!

Jenkins: Or what?

Leroy: Or I'll have my cousin Brittany hit you with a broom!

Jenkins: Pfft, as if no one is brave enough too-

(Brittany then picked up a metal rod and is now ready to hit the rats.)

Jenkins: Oh... darn.

(She then whacks the rats as they then scream in pain.)

Brittany: I never even liked rats!

Lonnie: Alright, alright, fine, here!

(They give Brittany the bag.)

Brittany: Thank you.

Burt: Now to send you two back!

(He then sets up the TV as Burble and Leroy picked up the rats.)

Burt: Alright now, throw!

(Burble and Leroy throw the rats into the TV .)

Leroy: Alright guys, let's see who's in the bag.

(Burble nodded, opened the bag and out of it tumbled Talya Mendoza, Derek and a few others, who wake up.)

Sully: It's Talya Mendoza, Derek and a few others!

Kitty: Nice to see you all again.

Derek: Nice to see you all again too, especially my favorite Danger Ranger, Kitty!

Talya: Well, to be honest, I didn't know what happened.

Leroy: We'll explain later.

Sully: Alright guys, first, we need to get the chemistry plant's lights back on, then, it's time to face off Jeff!

The team: Yes, sir!

(Meanwhile, Jeff watched what was going on and slammed his fist on the desk in anger.)

Jeff: Great, they're going to get me now, looks like I have no other choice!

(Meanwhile, the team heads out of the chemical plant and back to the car, where the ferret and the other Junior Danger Rangers are waiting.)

Alro: Did you do it?

Sully: We sure did.

Ferret: (Chattering)

(Then, Sully's SAVO watch started blinking.)

Sully: Oh, looks like someone's calling me.

(He answered it and on it was Gabriela.)

Gabriela: (On Sully's SAVO watch) Congratulations, Rangers and Leroy, you have saved the Junior Danger Rangers.

Sully: Well, G.B., it's not only thanks to Leroy but also to his sister, Joyce and their cousins, Turner, Jerry, Tessa, Val, Chris and Brittany.

Gabriela: (On Sully's SAVO watch) Oh, well, hola, you seven.

Joyce and the cousins: Hey, Gabriela.

(Then, Jeff's hologram appeared behind the team and they became shocked.)

All: Jeff the Lawnmower Guy!

Kitty: Oh my gosh, he's got a bald head!

Jeff: Hey, don't... get me started on that! And you thought it was all over, eh? Well, think again, I'm recapturing all the Junior Danger Rangers!

Sully: Well, sorry, Jeff, but we already captured your team.

Jeff: Oh, really?

(He then uses his telekinesis to recapture the Junior Danger Rangers. The Junior Danger Rangers then start floating and freaking out.)

Brittany: Hey, leave them alone!

Jeff: If you want them back, come to Power Palace if you all dare!

(He then laughs evilly as he and the Junior Danger Rangers then disappear.)

Kitty: Oh no, he got them again!

Leroy: We gotta get to Power Palace and get them back!

Sully: But how are we gonna get there? It might be too long to drive.

Brittany: (Notices something) Oh my gosh!

(She then runs up to Rocky, who is on the ground. The team then see that Brittany noticed Rocky.)

Brittany: Guys? Guys, I found Rocky. He's waking up.

Rocky: (Gets up) Where the heck am I?

Brittany: Oh, baby, I'm so glad you're okay.

(Rocky then got a shocked look on his face.)

Rocky: (Scared) Whoa! Don't touch me! (Mutters)

(He tries to run and Brittany follows him.)

Rocky: (Scared) Stop.

Brittany: Okay, okay. I know it's been a really weird day, but you have to let me explain.

Rocky: Okay. Okay. Explain to me why I keep blacking out, why I'm bleeding and why your grandma did a flying ninja kick on my face all the way here. And also what are the Danger Rangers doing here in our world.

Brittany: Okay. We're fighting, um, Cyber-Bugs. Yeah. Yeah. Okay, they're bug-like and dangerous and— and really scary.

Rocky: Oh, no. Of course. I believe you. Why wouldn't they be?

Brittany: Well, they were sent by some crazy guy named Jeff, who controlled you with some plug on the back of your neck and the same thing happened to my grandma and the Danger Rangers came here because they came out throught the TV to try and rescue their friends with the help of my siblings and my cousins, so I decided to help out too.

Rocky: Brittany, why must you insist on wasting our time, playing hide and seek and killing the Cyber-Bugs with the Danger Rangers, your stupid siblings and your dumb little cousins?

(The Danger Rangers and the kids then glare at Rocky, with Kitty hissing at him and Sully and Burble growling at him and Brittany became shocked and angered when she heard what Rocky said.)

Brittany: (Walks up closer to Rocky) Don't talk about my family like that.

Rocky: Well, you don't have to worry about it anymore 'cause we're done. I knew I should stayed home and hooked up with Amy Fagans. She's smokin' hot, at least acts like a normal lady and she doesn't like talking about feelings too much. I'm going straight to Amy's.

(He then walks away.)

Rocky: (Feels pain while walking) Ow.

(The team was suprised at Brittany.)

Turner: I'm really sorry.

Brittany: Don't be. You were right all along.

Kitty: So, I'm guessing Rocky only liked you for your looks. It'll be really hard for your parents to believe.

Brittany: Yeah, but he can be a total pain sometimes.

Rocky: (Off-screen) I heard that!

Sully: Well, anyways, we gotta find a way to Power Palace.

Brittany: But we don't know how to get there.

SAVO: I can give the car the same speed as the hovercraft.

Sully: Great. But where is Power Palace exactly?

SAVO: Well, according to my calculations, the palace you seek is located somewhere below the real world's Mount Rushmore.

Kitty: You mean this place has a Mount Rushmore too?

Leroy: Well, it's true.

Kitty: Cool!

Sully: Well, then let's go to the real world's Mount Rushmore so once we get there, we can give Jeff a piece of our minds.

Someone off-screen: Mind if I help too?

(The team turns around to see a scientist.)

Kitty: Who are you?

Scientist: I'm Dr. Barnibus Tracht, founder of virtual reality, who lost a legal battle to secure a patent on the most powerful worldwide communications chip ever invented.

Kitty: So you wanna come with us to get your revenge on battle?

Dr. Tracht: Well, yes.

Kitty: Well, okay then, we can always use the extra help.

Dr. Tracht: Great! Oh, I can even modify something for you.

Turner: Really? So, you can modify this? (Gives Dr. Tracht the potato gun)

Dr. Tracht: Sure.

(He then brought out a toolbox and started to modify Turner's potato gun.)

Dr. Tracht: Modified. (Gives Turner the modified potato gun)

Turner: Sweet. (Gives Dr. Tracht a thumbs up)

Dr. Tracht: Sweet. (Gives Turner a double thumbs up)

Sully: Now, let's go, guys, we got a planet to save!

​​​​(The team put their arms in.)

Sully: Danger Rangers...

(They then raise their hands into the air.)

All: To the rescue! Safety rules!

(They then head into the car and speed off to Mount Rushmore. Meanwhile, Jeff was staring evilly at the screen.)

Jeff: Once you pass a waiting team of bee-type Cyber-Bugs on the way to Mount Rushmore, they'll become a swarm and be right on your tail!

(He then laughs evilly.)

In chapter where the team fights the bee-type Cyber-Bugs

(Meanwhile, the car passes the waiting team of bee-type Cyber-Bugs.)

Bee-type Cyber-Bug 1: Hey, look, that's the car Jeff told us to get.

Bee-type Cyber-Bug 2: Well, let's go get it!

Bee-type Cyber-Bug 1: Yeah! Come on, boys!

(They then fly to the car.)

Kitty: (Notices) Uh, guys, we got bees coming in.

Sully: (Notices) Oh no.

Jerry: Don't worry, guys, I got this.

(He opened the door of the car and took "The Penalizer.")

Jerry: Hope you like the taste of paint, suckers!

(He then shoots it the Cyber-Bug bees, who jitter and explode because of the paint on them.)

Turner: Nice one, Jerry.

Jerry: Told ya "The Penalizer" would come in handy.

Burt: (Notices) Uh-oh, there's more!

(Seven more Cyber-Bugs came in to stop the team.)

Burt: Want me to shoot?

Jerry: Hope you can control it.

(He gave "The Penalizer" to Burt, who shot the Cyber-Bugs, who jitter and explode because of the paint on them.)

Jerry: (Impressed) Nice one, Burt. You're a lot better than me.

Burt: Thanks, Jerry.

Kitty: (Notices) Hey, guys, we're almost at Mount Rushmore.

(The team then saw that Kitty was right, they were only five kms away from Rushmore.)

Sully: Good one, Kitty.

(He then saw a hole in one of the hills.)

Sully: And look, there's a way in.

Kitty: Let's go!

(The team then drove into the hole to get inside. Meanwhile, in a laboratory room, Wiley was focusing on an experiment when Dr. Corrin Plac ran up to him.)

Dr. Plac: Hey, boss, someone has entered Power Palace.

Wiley: No way, they must be after my guinea pig, Jeff!

Dr. Plac: Should we tell Jeff about this?

Wiley: Well, I don't know how he would react to it.

Dr. Plac: I'm afraid another thing you don't know is that Jeff has his own plans.

Wiley: Nonsense, Dr. Plac!

Dr. Plac: No, it's true, you see, one time, he turned two humans into virtual zombies.

Wiley: But you remember one of them was free from the control.

Dr. Plac: (Disinterested) Yes, yes, I know.

(Suddenly, an alarm went off.)


Dr. Plac: This argument might have to wait!

Wiley: You got it!

(The two scientists then went out of the chemistry room.)

In chapter where the team enters Power Palace

(Meanwhile, the team's car then stopped when they got inside.)

Sully: Alright, everyone, let's go find Jeff!

All: Got it!

Leroy: Let's hack into his virtual reality.

SAVO: Well, it's a good thing you got me to help, my excellent hacking will be able to hack into his VR system.

Brittany: Great, let's do it.

(SAVO activated a wall of data in front of the team, Burt manages to use the data to hack into Jeff's VR system.)

Sully: Almost got it, Burt?

Burt: Almost.

(After hacking through the system.)

SAVO: Hack has accessed.

Burt: I got it accessed!

Sully: Great job, Burt!

SAVO: I have even added in a brand new feature to help you defeat Jeff's new Zorn.

(He then showed the team a black image of a giant robot.)

Kitty: (Excited) Great, I can't wait to see what it is.

Sully: But first, we gotta save the Junior Danger Rangers.

Burble: I got an idea, you guys try and figure out a way to get the new feature to work and me and the kids will go rescue the Junior Danger Rangers.

Sully: Great idea, Burble, you get to the cell room now, they're probably in there.

Burble: (To Sully) Right. (To the human kids) Come on, guys.

Leroy: Coming.

(The kids and Burble then get out of the car and race to the cell room.)

Burt: Now, let's see how we're gonna get this babe to work.

(Meanwhile, Jeff looked at the kids and Burble going through the hallway on his video screen.)

Jeff: (Snickers evilly) As always, this is as far as you're gonna get!

(He presses a button on his desk which makes a siren go off.)


(Meanwhile, two Cyber-Bug guards were talking while guarding in the hallway.)

Cyber-Bug guard 1: So, do you think my idea would work?

Cyber-Bug guard 2: For the last time, telling girls you saw Michael Jackson live doesn't make you more attractive!

Cyber-Bug guard 1: Dude, all the ladies scream in rejoice when I say the word Michael Jackson is live.

Cyber-Bug guard 2: (Sighs)


Cyber-Bug guard 1: Best get to work.

Cyber-Bug guard 2: Roger.

(The guards then report to their stations.)

(Meanwhile, the kids and Burble were on their way to the cell room when a bunch of Cyber-Bugs surround them.)

Burble: Oh man, looks like we got company.

Brittany: I got an idea, you guys get to the cell room I'll distract them.

Leroy: (Confused) Okay but I hope you know what you're doing.

Brittany: Trust me.

(The team then left Brittany and the Cyber-Bugs as she then took out her iPod.)

Brittany: Hope this keeps you entertained.

(She presses play and Sharkboy's lullaby from "The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl" starts to play as Brittany starts dancing.)

Sharkboy off-screen: Just relax, lay about, Or my fist will put you out, Dream, dream, dream, dream, dream, dream, Take your time, but beware, There is darkness in the air, Dream, dream, dream, dream, dream, dream, Don't despair, step right up, Glass of water, here's a cup, Dream, dream, dream, dream, dream, dream!

(Meanwhile, when the other kids and Burble get to the cell room, they see a bunch of Cyber-Bugs forcing the Junior Danger Rangers into energy capsules connected with plugs carrying green radioactive liquid as the song, "Hearts a Mess" by Gotye plays in the background.)

Gotye off-screen: Your heart's a mess, You won't admit to it, It makes no sense, But I'm desperate to connect, And you, you can't live like this!

Leroy: What are these guys doing with the Junior Danger Rangers?

Burble: Don't know, Leroy, but I'm puzzled to why Jeff's cell room looks like this.

Cyber-Bug 1: Come on, kid, get in!

Cyber-Bug 2: Yeah, we're gonna make you into a true Cyber-Bug.

Jerry: (Shocked) They're gonna turn the Junior Danger Rangers into Cyber-Bugs!

Burble: We have to stop them!

Turner: Looks like it's up to me. (Aims his potato gun)

Cyber-Bug 3: (Notices) Uh, guys, we got company.

(The two Cyber-Bugs turn around to see Turner aiming his potato gun at them.)

Turner: Let's delete these flies!

(He then shoots potatoes at the Cyber-Bugs.)

Cyber-Bug 2: (Feels pain) Ow, that didn't feel good, I don't know why he just shot a potato at me!

(The bugs then fall to the floor destroyed as Burble ran up to the energy capsules and destroyed them.)

Bradley: (Getting out) Thanks for saving us, Leroy.

Beth: (Getting out) You're truly my hero.

The other Junior Danger Rangers: (Getting out) Nice to meet you, Leroy.

Burble: Now, get to somewhere safe, the Danger Rangers will take care of Jeff!

(The Junior Danger Rangers agree and run out of the cell room.)

Jerry: (Notices) Oh my gosh, look at this!

(The kids and Burble saw Jeff's body on a testing table with plugs connected to it.)

Leroy: Say, Jeff's body isn't moving!

Burble: He must've been hooked up to this database.

Jerry: Maybe, it's possible that he's waiting for us in Cyberspace!

Leroy: You're right, we gotta see if the Danger Rangers' giant robot is ready.

Burble: You got it.

(They then race out of the cell room and then stop when they Brittany sitting on one of the defeated Cyber-Bugs and surrounded by other defeated Cyber-Bugs.)

Brittany: Never mess with a girl who just got dumped!

Leroy: (Surprised) Whoa, cool.

Brittany: (Smiles) Told ya I could distract them.

(Cut to the other Danger Rangers, who have finished figuring out a way to get their new robot to work.)

Burt: All right, guys, I think we need to control it together.

Kitty: And that means me, you, Sully, Burble, Squeeky and Leroy?

Burt: Yes.

(Burble and the kids then come in.)

Burble: Anything yet?

Sully: Well, Burt said we need to control this robot together.

Burt: And that means me, Leroy, Sully, Kitty, Squeeky and Burble.

Kitty: So, the real question is did you find anything?

Burble: Well, we did manage to find Jeff, who is waiting for us in Cyberspace.

Leroy: And I have the strangest feeling that he has his own giant robot too.

Burt: Well, let's get this robot running then.

Leroy and the Rangers: Right!

Leroy: Brittany, Turner, Jerry, Joyce, Tessa, Val, Chris you guys keep guard make sure no Cyber-Bugs are coming.

The kids: Got it!

(Leroy and the Rangers then grab the VR headsets Burt created and slipped them on, entering the virtual world. Meanwhile, Jeff (in his giant robot) is in his virtual reality waiting for the Rangers.)

Jeff: (Impatient) They should be here by now!

Chapter in the virtual world

(Leroy and the Rangers enter the virtual Gold Coast.)

Sully: Wow, Leroy, virtual reality's like you said, a sort of gaming and watching in three hundred sixty degrees.

Leroy: Well, that's technology for ya.

Burt: Now, our giant robot should be here in 3... 2... 1.

(Then, the Rangers' giant robot flies down from the sky, makes the ground shake and stands up in heroic form as the theme song from "Gundam SEED" plays in the background.)

Japanese Singer off-screen: Haya sugiru toki no matataki ni sara sare te, Hitori de wa todo ka nai, Negai nante kie sou na kotoba ja, Tadori tsukenai, Karami au netsu no tsutae tai shin jitsu wo, Dare ka mamore ba ii?, Koko de itsuka hoshi gatta omoi ga, Kimi ni aru kara!

Kitty: (Admired) Cool!

Sully: Come on, guys!

All: Coming!

(The Rangers then go inside the robot's cockpit.)

Kitty: (Admired) This is unbelievable!

Sully: Alright, Rangers, let's bring this bab'e together, report to your stations!

(The Rangers and Leroy agree as they then went over to their control stations to control the robot.)

Leroy: Wow, this is like controlling a real megazord!

Kitty: It sure is.

All: Safety Rules!

(The robot's eyes then begin to glow purple as it then runs off to defeat Jeff once and for all. Meanwhile, in reality, the kids get the Junior Danger Rangers in the car.)

Joyce: Okay, they're in.

Chris: Good, no Cyber-Bugs showed up yet.

Val: Great, I just hope they're okay.

(Meanwhile, Jeff was getting impatient when the Rangers' robot then ran up to him and stopped as the Danger Warrior theme from "Danger 5" then starts to play.)

Jeff: So, we meet at last.

Leroy: Indeed, we do.

Jeff: You have tested my patience long enough! and now it is time for you to pay!

Sully: Well, we'll see about that!

Leroy: Kitty, the sword!

Kitty: Roger that!

Leroy: Squeeky, activate the shield!

Squeeky: Coming right up!

(Kitty controls the left arm to activate the sword and Squeeky controls the right arm to activate the shield.)

Jeff: (Chuckles evilly) This will be fun.

(He controls both the left arm and the right arm to activate a blaster.)

Sully: You have betrayed Leroy, Jeff!

Jeff: If you ask me, he deserved it!

(Gabriela appears on the screen on the robot's left arm.)

Gabriela: That's the kind of stupid talk I would hear from a Lawnmower Guy.

Jeff: Stupid talk? Well, I'll show you stupid talk!

(He then controls his robot to fire at the Rangers' robot and the blast is then blocked when Squeeky controlled the team's robot to hold up the shield.)

Squeeky: Missed!

Jeff: (Through his teeth) Dang it!

Leroy: Burt, open fire!

Burt: You got it!

(He then controls the robot's left leg to activate a blaster, which shoots at Jeff's robot.)

Sully: How do you like that, you punkish, bald freak!?

Jeff: (Hit) Arrgh, oh, that's it, you're going down!

(Jeff controlled his robot's left arm to activate a sword, which slashes down on the Rangers' robot.)

Kitty: (Hit) I think we've lost plugs 7.8 and 2.4, Sully!

Sully: Don't worry, we still got the rest of those plugs to finish him off!

(Meanwhile, in reality, Dr. Plac was searching for the intruders when Dr. Tracht comes up to her and Dr. Plac recognizes him.)

Dr. Plac: Hey, Barnibus, what are you doing here?

Dr. Tracht: Here to get a revenge on what you done to me!

Dr. Plac: (Scared) Wait, Barnibus, I can explain, I hated Wiley from the very beginning.

Dr. Tracht: Really?

Dr. Plac: (Scared) Yes.

Dr Tracht: I see. Then, where is the chip, Corrin?!

(Meanwhile, in virtual reality, Jeff then controls the robot to slam the blaster onto the team's robot but Kitty controls the team's robot's left arm to block it.)

Sully: Nice one, Kitty.

Kitty: Well, I am trained in martial arts.

Jeff: Grrrrrrr!

Kitty: Now, let's get rid of this blaster!

(She controls the robot to grab Jeff's robot's blaster and throws it far away from both of the robots.)

Jeff: (Shocked) My weapon!

Sully: And now for the final blow!

Leroy: You got it, activating safety cannon!

(The robot is then controlled to activate a cannon with it's right arm, put on giant robot safety goggles and then aim the blaster at Jeff's robot as the song, "Angels" by Robbie Williams then begins to play.)

Robbie Williams off-screen: And through it all she offers me protection, A lot of love and affection, Whether I'm right or wrong, And down the waterfall, Wherever it may take me, I know that life won't break me, When I come to call, She won't forsake me.

Jeff: Oh no.

Leroy: Safety cannon fire!

(The safety cannon is then opened fire as the blast hits Jeff's robot. In reality, Jeff is thrown off the testing table when it explodes. Cut to virtual reality, where Jeff's robot then explodes as the Rangers' robot turns it back and poses a victory pose.)

Sully: Well, Rangers, victory is ours.

All: Safety rules!

Robbie Williams off-screen: I'm loving angels instead.

In chapter with Final Battle

(In reality, the Rangers wake up.)

Kitty: (Removes the headset) Good news, Jeff is defeated.

Brittany: (Proud) Great!

Sully: (Removes the headset) And it's all thanks to our giant robot and Leroy.

Leroy: (Removes the headset) Thanks, guys. (Realizes) Oh, let's go back to the place where Jeff was laying on the test table.

(The Rangers and the kids agree with Leroy and race over to the cell room only to see Jeff lying on the floor and the test table blown up.)

Brittany: (Shocked) Oh my gosh.

(Suddenly, Jeff's hand started to move, making the team shocked.)

Val: (Shocked) What's happening?

SAVO: My sensors indicate that Jeff is regressing.

(Jeff then pushed himself up as he then saw the Rangers and the kids.)

Jeff: (Notices Leroy) Leroy? Is that you?

Leroy: Well, the one and only.

Jeff: (Suprised) Oh, thank goodness, you're okay!

(The team then starts to get confused at Jeff.)

Kitty: (Confused) What are you talking about, Jeff?

Leroy: What the people feared about virtual reality being a new form mind control is right and so was Fallbot deducting about what happened to Jeff.

Jeff: That is true, I couldn't remember what happened after being put in Cyberspace.

Leroy: So, you're not evil anymore?

Jeff: Not entirely sure, but I might find out soon.

Dr. Tracht: (Walks in) It just so happens that Julian Wiley, the head of The Warehouse, is far worse than Jeff himself.

Dr. Plac: (Walks in) After Dr. Abello's experiment, Wiley kidnapped Jeff and mind controlled him with his own experiment to become a dangerous monster.

Dr. Tracht: While the evil self of Jeff was on a rampage, the real Jeff was locked away in his VR cell waiting to be set free and you were able to do that.

(The gang notices the Z-2.0 in Dr. Plac's hand.)

Val: Dr. Tracht, is that the computer chip you were talking to us about earlier?

Dr. Tracht: Yep, the Z-2.0.

Dr. Plac: This is the chip that has the development Wiley took over.

Leroy: (Shocked) No way.

Dr. Tracht: And we figured that the scientist who went missing, Dr. Abello, is with your team.

Brittany: Really?

Dr. Tracht: Really, really.

Wiley: (Walks in) Big deal. (Captures Leroy)

(The song, "Do the Evolution" by Pearl Jam then starts to play.)

Pearl Jam off-screen: I'm at piece, I'm the man, Buying stocks on the day of the crash, On the loose, I'm a truck. All the rolling hills, I'll flatten 'em out, yeah, It's herd behavior, uh huh, It's evolution, baby, Admire me, admire my home, Admire my son, he's my clone, Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, This land is mine, this land is free, I'll do what I want but irresponsibly, It's evolution, baby, I'm a thief, I'm a liar, There's my church, I sing in the choir:, (Hallelujah, hallelujah)!

Leroy: (Struggling) Hey, put me down!

Wiley: No way, you little brat! I'm holding you for ransom!

(Leroy struggles.)

Wiley: Dr. Plac, hand over the Z-2.0!

Dr. Plac: Okay.

(She gives the chip out of Wiley.)

Wiley: And by the way, you're fired.

(His leg is then grabbed by the ferret and Jeff, who's still lying on the ground.)

Wiley: What the heck!?

Jeff: You should have been fired years ago.

Wiley: Let go!

Jeff: Never!

Dr. Tracht: Face it, Wiley, it's all over.

Wiley: Nothing's over- (Grunts while trying to break out of Jeff's clutch) Until I say it's over! (Grunts while trying to break out of Jeff's clutch)

Leroy: (Struggling) Sully, roar as loud as you can!

Sully: You got it, Leroy!

(Sully then marched right up to Wiley and roared at him as loud as he can.)

Wiley: (Screams)

Leroy: (Struggling) Kitty, bite him!

Kitty: Oh, I have been waiting to do that!

(She jumps foward and bites Wiley on the arm, making him let go of Leroy.)

Wiley: (Feeling pain) Ow, what do you think you're doing!?

Dr. Plac: (Smirks) Stopping you!

Wiley: (Screaming) Mother Black Widow, help me!

(Turner holds the mind control plug gun and shoots the mind control plug into the back of Wiley's neck.)

Jeff: You messed with the wrong Lawnmower Guy.

Leroy: Great aim, Turner!

(Mother Black Widow arrives, crawling from the ceiling.)

Mother Black Widow: What's going on here?

Kitty: (Notices) Hey, who are you?

Mother Black Widow: The name's Mother Black Widow. What's it to you?

Sully: Well, whoever you are, you better stay away from Leroy.

Mother Black Widow: Oh yeah? Who's gonna stop me!?

Leroy: I will!

Mother Black Widow: Ha! You think you have a chance against me, Leroy, I presume?

Leroy: Yes, I am and what do you think you're doing trying to take over the world!?

Mother Black Widow: You see, Leroy, Wiley wanted to take the world population's freedom down to zero, so the Cyber-Bugs, one of the greatest inventions of The Warehouse ever, are everywhere in Keystone, including your vacation home!

Leroy: WHAT!?

(At Leroy's vacation home, while the adults have dinner without the kids, the Cyber-Bugs surround their house. One of them shoots a net at Marcus.)

Leroy: Don't think that's gonna happen!

(He controls Wiley to shoot at Mother Black Widow with his pistol.)

Mother Black Widow: (Shot) OW! (Shocked) Wiley?

Leroy: Wiley's under my control now!

Mother Black Widow: Oh, this is not called for!

Sully: Rangers, give Leroy some plasma blasters!

Rangers: Roger that!

(They took the plasma blasters (from the episode, "Safe and Sound") and threw them over to Leroy.)

Leroy: Thanks, guys!

Mother Black Widow: This is obscured!

(Leroy places the plasma blasters into Wiley's hands.)

Leroy: Fire!

(He then controls Wiley to zap the plasma blasters at Mother Black Widow and she starts to overheat.)

Mother Black Widow: (Screaming) You cursed brat! Look what you've done! I'm overheating, overheating! Oh, what a world. What a world! Who would've thought a meddling kid like you could destroy me, the source of the Cyber-Bugs?

Leroy: Oh, shut up.

Mother Black Widow: (Screaming) Ohhh! Look out. Look out, I'm going! Ohhh-ohhhhhhhhhh!

(Soon, Mother Black Widow started to shut down.)

Jeff: Uh-oh, we better get out of here, something tells me that once Mother Black Widow falls and hits the floor, BOOM!

Leroy: You got it, run!

(The team, carrying Jeff and controlling Wiley, ran back to the car.)

Leroy: Sully, back to my vacation home!

(They drove out of Power Palace just in time for the explosion of the place to begin.)

Val: What did Mother Black Widow mean about her being the source of the Cyber-Bugs?

Jeff: That's easy to answer, dear Val, without her, the remaining Cyber-Bugs die too.

Val: So, you're saying that there's something connecting both Mother Black Widow and the army of Cyber-Bugs?

Jeff: Yes and I remembered it being a machine known as a "brain box."

Kitty: A "brain box?"

Jeff: I remember hearing about it from Dr. Plac when talking to Wiley about transferring the test subjects for their experiments, apparently, it's some sort of brainiac machinery, which was created during the events of World War 2, after Hitler sent a time capsule into space, which then burnt in the sun, creating a bionic atom simply known as a "brain box."

Chris: No way.

Jeff: Yes way.

Sully: So, Mother Black Widow's explosion works like an EMP blast. (Notices) Oh my gosh, look!

(The team notices some Cyber-Bugs electrocuting and exploding.)

Sully: It's happening just like Jeff said, and it's all thanks to us, Leroy and his sister, Joyce and all of their cousins.

Joyce: Thanks, guys.

Sully: You're welcome, young Joyce.

Leroy: Now, let's go see if my family is okay.

Burble: You got it.

(The car then drives off back to Leroy's vacation home.)

Sully: Almost there.

(Meanwhile, back at the vacation house, when a Cyber-Bug is about to get his knife at the netted Marcus, he begins to electrocute and Marcus punches his parts away as the car the team was driving in stopped at the vacation house.)

Leroy: Are you alright, Dad?

Marcus: Well, I wasn't for a while until that weird robotic cyborg started to electrocute.

Chris: Those are Cyber-Bugs and we've defeated them.

Marcus: I see.

Joyce: Hang on, dad, we're coming.

(Leroy, Joyce, Brittany, Turner, Jerry, Chris, Val and Tessa went to Marcus and released him from the net.)

Marcus: Thanks for helping me, kids.

(At Ruby House Restaurant, some Cyber-Bugs electrocute and explode. At the cruise ship museum, some more Cyber-Bugs electrocute and explode. Outside of the vacation house, some more Cyber-Bugs electrocute and explode.)

Somewhere in ending

SAVO: It looks like the Cyber-Bugs have all been destroyed.

Kitty: Awesome. Looks the planet Earth is safe and sound once again.

Leroy: All thanks to us.

Sully: That is true, young Danger Ranger.

Leroy: Oh, Dad, I would like you and the adults to meet the Junior Danger Rangers.

(The Junior Danger Rangers hop out of the car.)

Alro: A pleasure to meet you, Mr. McCoy.

Marcus: Please call me "Marcus."

Alro: Okay then, Marcus.

Bradley: Uh, hate to interupt but who is this ferret?

(He points at the ferret.)

Jeff: Oh, well, I know who he is.

Beth: You do?

Jeff: Yep.

Angela: Who?

Jeff: I'll show you.

(Jeff uses the last of his telekinesis on the ferret, revealing him to be Dr. Leonard Abello, leaving everyone surprised.)

Kitty: (Surprised) Oh my gosh, Leroy, you and the ferret have something in common!

Leroy: (Surprised) Yeah, the ferret was once a human too and he's none other than Dr. Leonard Abello!

Dr. Abello: (Smiles) Thank you, Jeff, being a normal ferret was way worse than when I watched "Level 16" for the first time.

Kitty: (Confused) "Level 16?" I mean I do remenber "Yolngu Boy" but not "Level 16".

Leroy: (Chuckles) I'll explain later, Kitty.

Beth: (Confused) Wait a minute, isn't Jeff supposed to be evil?

Bradley: (Confused) Yeah, instead, he's being good.

Leroy: Dr. Abello and I can explain.

Alro: Well then, go on, Leroy.

Leroy: You see, after Dr. Abello's experiment, Jeff, was kidnapped by a horrible entrepreneur named Julian Wiley, who brainwashed him to become a monster.

Dr. Abello: And because of Wiley's tricks, he cursed me into the body of a ferret, took over my work and brainwashed Jeff to create the Z-2.0, to connect all the computers in the world into one network, which Wiley would control and use.

Bradley: (Shocked) Oh, he is such a jerk.

Beth: (Shocked) I agree, he sounds very evil.

Dr. Abello: Yes, I'm afraid that the world is not ready for the elixir of intelligence. Therefore, I will cease to continue my work.

Alro: (Smiles) Now, that's the words of a great scientist.

Dr. Abello: (Smiles) Thank you, kind sir.

Burble: Fortunately, The Warehouse will be shut down for what they did to Jeff.

Leroy: (Nods and notices) Hang on, I gotta get something done.

(Leroy controls Wiley, sending him to jail. He then presses the on/off switch to off, which makes Wiley return to normal.)

Wiley: (Angered) Are you joking!? Oh, don't think this is all over, Danger Rangers, I will be back!

Cellmate 1: Pipe down, will ya!?

Cellmate 2: Yeah, we're trying to sleep!

(Meanwhile, back at Leroy's vacation home.)

Sully: Well now, Joyce, Brittany, Turner, Jerry, Chris, Val and Tessa, we have a surprise for you.

Val: Really?

Kitty: Yep, for helping us save the day...

Burble: And freeing Jeff from Wiley's clutches...

Sully: You are offically Junior Danger Rangers. (Gives the kids SAVO watches)

Brittany: Cool!

Turner: Thanks.

Kitty: You're welcome. 

Sully: (Notices his SAVO watch) Oh, look at the time, we gotta get back home!

Kitty: You got it, Sully!

Burble: Still got the TV, Burt?

Burt: Indeed, I do.

(Sets up the TV.)

Drew: Hey, before you guys leave, I want to take a picture of you, the Junior Danger Rangers and the kids.

Sully: Well, sure, anything for the new Junior Danger Rangers.

(Everyone groups together as Drew then took his phone and took the picture.)

Sully: (Off-screen) Well, everyone, Danger Rangers world, here we come!

Gabriela: (Off-screen) Welcome home, Danger Rangers!

(Cut to the animated world, where Sully, who, along with the other Danger Rangers and the Junior Danger Rangers, went back, was holding Drew's photo. In the picture, the background and the kids were still live-action and the Danger Rangers and Junior Danger Rangers were still CGI three-dimensional animated.)

Sully: (Looking at the photo) Wow, it looks so amazing.

Kitty: (Holding a beautiful rose while smelling it) Oh, Leroy, this rose you got me from your great-great-great-grandpa's garden smells so precious, I'll have to put it in my vase.

(Leroy's family, the scientists and Jeff are at the TV.)

Kitty: Thanks for the rose, Leroy.

Leroy: You're welcome, it was a family heirloom passed down from my great-great-great-grandpa's garden to generation to generation.

Drew: (Notices the rose) Ah, yes, old Joey McCoy. Remember when he planted that garden back in 1993?

Nick: Yeah, some of the plants managed to survive.

Marcus: Especially that rose.

Leroy: I hope to see you guys again.

Kitty: Oh, you will, Leroy, you will.

Sully: Just remember, everyone.

Squeeky: Think safe.

Burble: Play safe.

Burt: Be safe.

All: Because?

(He raised his hand and his watch.)

Leroy: Safety rules!

Marcus: Yeah, I'm with him.

Drew: Me too.

Nick: So am I.

Jeff: Even me.

Burble: Oh, the Junior Danger Rangers want to say goodbye too.

Sully: G.B., put the Junior Danger Rangers on the screen, so they can say goodbye to Leroy.

(Alro, Bradley and Beth appear on the screen.)

Alro: Later, everyone!

Bradley: Adios!

Beth: Bye-bye!

(Phillip appears on the screen.)

Phillip: Hoo roo!

(George Whiskers and Annie Barker appear on the screen.)

George: See ya!

Annie: Goodbye!

(Nora appears on the screen.)

Nora: Adios!

(Ben and Sam, with their brother, Mikey, appear on the screen.)

Ben: Au revoir!

Sam: Bye!

(Sarah appears on the screen.)

Sarah: See ya!

(Ricky Masker and Harry Hopper appear on the screen.)

Ricky: Adios!

Harry: Cha for now!

(Lucky Curl appears on the screen.)

Lucky: Adios!

(KC and Noah appear on the screen.)

KC: Bye!

Noah: See ya!

(Kevin Masker, Angela and Matt appear on the screen.)

Kevin: Later!

Angela: See ya!

Matt: Later!

(Mateo appears on the screen.)

Mateo: Bye bye!

(Talya Mendoza appears on the screen.)

Talya: Bye!

(Derek appears on the screen.)

Derek: Ta-da for now!

(The Danger Rangers, the Junior Danger Rangers and even their villains (although they didn't want to) wave goodbye as the humans wave goodbye too.)

Joyce: You know, I really am gonna miss them.

Tessa: Me too.

(Then, a news report comes on the TV.)

News reporter: We interrupt this program to bring you a special news broadcast, I like many other news broadcasters have just been informed that the Danger Rangers have returned home after a long battle in the real world.

Turner: (Looks at Drew) Dad, this has been the most magical lecture you ever planned.

Drew: Yeah and speak of the devil. (Looks around then back at Turner) Where's Rocky?

Brittany: Well, it's hard to explain, Dad, but... he dumped me. 

Drew: Oh,... well, that's unordinary. What happened, Brittany?

Brittany: Well, he started to get a little overcooked when I told him that we were saving the world with the Danger Rangers, so he dumped me, insulted my family and went to Amy's.

Drew: (Angered) Oh, why that little punk, dumping my baby girl!?

Brittany: (Disinterested) Dad, I'm not five anymore.

Drew: Oh, sorry, honey.

Leroy: Not only that, Uncle Drew, he lied to you about his car breaking down and worst of all, about his age, he's a College geek.

Drew: Oh, I am this close to strangling him with his own guts!

Brittany: Don't worry about it, Dad, me and Turner have a little plan to take care of him.

Drew: Maybe you can put your little plan in action later.

Leroy: Right, 'cause we're here to fish.

Drew: Yep.

Jerry: Well, last one there is on dish duty for a week!

Brittany: I believe that would be you, Jerry! (Laughs)

Jerry: Oh, come on!

Jeff: Ooh, fishing. May I come?

Leroy: Well, sure.

(Then, Sully comes onto the screen.)

Sully: Wait, Leroy.

Leroy: Yes, Sully?

Sully: We got some people to introduce to you.

Leroy: Really? who?

Someone off-screen: Hi, Leroy!

(Leroy turns around and then gets a shocked look on his face.)

Leroy: (Shocked) It can't be!

(It is the voice actors of the Danger Rangers (excluding Jerry Houser), who come up to Leroy and the family.)

DeLisle: Nice to see you. (Shakes Leroy's hand)

Leroy: But... how?

Richardson: Your Grandpa Houser had noticed on the news that the Danger Rangers were here in the real world, so he called us, telling us to drop by and see them but it looks like we were too late but at least we get to see you.

Leroy: (Excited) Awesome!

Hamill: And we're here to give your reward from the police.

Leroy: (Excited) Reward!?

(Angela and Marcus were excited too.)

Valenza: Some officers told us about the supermarket hold up and they saw it all on TV. They managed to get that freak in the end.

(They show him the Dwayne Johnson cop and the Gina Riley cop with a prisoner in the police car out the window.)

Paulsen: Here's your reward, kid.

(He gives Leroy $1000.)

Leroy: Thanks.

(We then cut to a montage of pictures.)

SAVO: (Narrating) These five people who came over to Leroy's vacation home and Leroy's Grandpa Jerry Houser, who they talked about and who Leroy's cousin Jerry is named after, are some of the real world counterparts of the Danger Rangers themselves.

(A picture of Jerry Houser, Leroy's maternal grandfather is shown.)

SAVO: (Narrating) Leroy's Grandpa Jerry Houser is the real world counterpart of Team Leader Sully.

(Cut to Richardson.)

SAVO: (Narrating) This guy, Kevin Michael Richardson, is the real world counterpart of Ranger Burble.

(An image of Burble appears in front of him. Cut to Valenza.)

SAVO: (Narrating) This lady, Tasia Valenza, is the real world counterpart of Ranger Gabriela.

(An image of Gabriela appears in front of her. Cut to Hamill.)

SAVO: (Narrating) This guy, Mark Hamill, is the real world counterpart of Ranger Burt.

(An image of Burt appears in front of him. Cut to Paulsen.)

SAVO: (Narrating) This guy, Rob Paulsen, is the real world counterpart of the little rodent, Ranger Squeeky.

(An image of Squeeky appears in front of him. Cut to DeLisle.)

SAVO: (Narrating) And this other lady, Grey DeLisle, is the real world counterpart of Ranger Kitty.

(An image of Kitty appears in front of her.)

SAVO: (Narrating) And you might know them, including Leroy's Grandpa Houser, because of their other work but the way I see it, they make great Danger Rangers themselves.

(Cut back to Leroy, his family and the voice actors.)

Leroy: Well, anyways, let's go fishing!

Hamill: Wait for us!

(The family and the voice actors then went to go fishing as we then cut back to Florida, where the Danger Rangers were relaxing.)

Gabriela: Harry told us after telling his former fellow construction workers he quitted them, they started arguing with each other while he just stood behind them, watching in disgust.

Kitty: (Chuckles) Really?

Gabriela: (Chuckles) Yep, he got really annoyed that he had to cover his ears and rush out the door.

Burble: Hope he was running safely.

Fallbot: Oh, don't worry he was.

Gabriela: Then, after leaving, he decided to be a director and drummer as his new jobs but that meant he had to take night shifts as being a director but he didn't mind, he loves being a director.

Sully: Well, good for him, but wait till you hear our story.

Burt: You see, we entered a world known by Leroy as the "real world" and gained the features each of our kind in that world had, we had a great adventure with back up from Leroy's family along the way.

Burble: You should have seen it, we were fighting Cyber-Bugs, discovering Jeff's lair under Mount Rushmore and had a huge battle against him with giant robots!

Squeeky: And that Wiley freak, don't forget about mean ol' Wiley.

Burble: Oh yeah, him too.

Kitty: And best of all, Jeff is his former good self again.

Gabriela: (Smiles) That's amazing but we're just glad you guys are home.

(The Rangers get in a group hug as tears start forming in their eyes.)

SAVO: Oh, and Rangers, I have a suprise for you.

Kitty: You do?

Sully: What is it, SAVO?

SAVO: Look up.

(The Rangers look up to see their giant robot in its 2D animated form looking down at them in trust.)

Gabriela: (Gasps) Is this...?

SAVO: Yep, I was able to create a 3D model of the robot the Rangers used to fight Jeff, now, we will be able to use it in this world whenever we need.

Sully: Awesome!

Kitty: Can't wait to use it!

Fallbot: You know, I think we should give it a name.

Kitty: How about "Junior Danger Warrior?"

Sully: Yeah, "Junior Danger Warrior" it is.

SAVO: Fallbot, could you start the fireworks?

Fallbot: Certainly, SAVO.

(Fallbot starts the fireworks.)

SAVO: You deserved it, Danger Rangers, you really did.

Danger Rangers: (In a soft tone while remaining in the group hug with tears in their eyes) Safety rules.

Junior Danger Warrior: (Pounds his robotic chest twice and gives a salute) (In a robotic voice) Safety rules!

Fallbot: (Confused) Did anybody noticed Junior Danger Warrior can speak?

Junior Danger Warrior: (In robotic voice) I was programmed to serve, protect and have more than 50000 languages.

Fallbot: (Smiles) Oh, well, I guess that makes sense.

SAVO: (Narrating) Well, the Rangers and Leroy did have quite an adventure and so this brings another one of the Danger Rangers' biggest adventures yet to an end.

(Fireworks in the sky form the words, "THE END" and just as the fireworks are about to die out, the screen cuts to black.)

SAVO: (Narrating) But here's an add-on epilogue to keep you folks amused.

(In the real world, Rocky rings the doorbell to Amy's house. Amy opens the door.)

Rocky: Amy!

Amy: Rocky, I thought you were at your lake house!

Rocky: Well, vacation ended early. These are for you. (Gives Amy the flowers)

Amy: (Admires them) Oh, Rocky, they are so beautiful.

Rocky: Yeah. (Notices two other girls walking up to Amy) Oh, hello, ladies, what's up?

Amy: It's girls' night out. But, hey, you should come if you like dancing.

Rocky: Wow, dancing?

(His virtual brainchip is then turned on.)

Rocky: (Repeating) If you wanna see some dancing,...

(Brittany and Turner are outside Amy's house, pulling a prank on Rocky.)

Brittany: (With the headset on) Then check out funky Rocky, baby!

(Turner then uses the controller to control Rocky as he makes him dance awkwardly while the song, "Girls Like Me" by The Star Girls starts to play.)

Star Girls off-screen: That's why girls like me love friends like you, You get into our system can't stop thinking about ya, That's why girls like me love friends like you, Girls like me, Love friends exactly like you, Love love we really do, Girls like me love friends like you!

Amy: (Surprised) Wow, Rocky, I must admit I never heard of that dance before what's it called?

Rocky: (Repeating) It's called the control-o-rama!

Amy: I see.

Turner: (Whispers) This is fun, Brittany!

(Brittany nodded in agreement as they traded the controller and headset and kept on messing around with Rocky.)

Rocky: (Chitters while hanging onto the porch's roof) Watch this. (Gives himself a wedgie) Geronimo. (Throws himself onto the porch)

Amy: (Shocked) Whoa, Rocky, are you okay!?

Brittany: (Snickers) This is the best prank ever! (Snickers) I think he's hungry.

(They control Rocky, making him take the flowers and eat them.)

Turner: Turn him off.

(Brittany presses the on/off switch to off, which makes Rocky return to normal.)

Amy: (Strictly) Rocky, you're acting really weird.

Rocky: (Spits out the flowers onto Amy by mistake) (Confused) What are you talking about? (Realizes his mistake)

Turner: Turn him back on.

Brittany: Got it.

(She turns him back on and "Girls Like Me" plays again.)

Star Girls off-screen: That's why girls like me love friends like you, You get into our system can't stop thinking about ya, That's why girls like me love friends like you, Girls like me, Love friends exactly like you, Love love we really do, Girls like me love friends like you!

(He is then controlled to do the macarena and drink and spit out water from a vase in front of Amy and the girls. Amy and the girls are shocked by this. Brittany makes Rocky land on his crotch on the porch's railing and presses the on/off switch to off, which makes Rocky return to normal.)

Rocky: (Feeling pain) Oooh!

(Amy shuts the door in disgust.)

Brittany: (Amused) I am so keeping this.

Rocky: (Feeling pain) Oooh, why?! (Slides off the porch railing)

(The screen cuts to black with the Danger Rangers laughing off-screen.)

(Then the end credits play as the scene becomes the portal's (the one rangers went through to get to the real world) inside and the song, "On Our Own" by Bobby Brown starts to play.)

Bobby Brown off-screen: Too hot to handle, too cold to hold, They're called the Danger Rangers and they're in control, Had 'em throwin' a party for a bunch of children, While all of the while evil was under the building, So they packed up their group, got a grip, came equipped, Grabbed they SAVO watches off their wrists and they split, Found out all about the masters of evil, Try to battle my heroes? That's not legal, Dance, dance, dance, dance, dance, dance, dance, Yeah, I think this is gonna be another one of those funky ones, Heart, soul, dance, If I was you, and you were me, you'd wanna be winnin', If you want somethin' bad, yo, you gotta wanna give your all, 'Cause I believe so much in we and know we're not kiddin', If you feel the same as me, yo, you gotta want to take the ball, Now I find out that nothin' is given, Don't know where the cards may fall, All I know is that we've gotta get it, We've gotta make it on our own, Well I guess we're gonna have to take control, (All on our own), If it's up to us, we've got to take it home, (All on our own), Now can't you see that all we need to be a go getter, Gotta make your own decisions, you gotta go for what you know, (Dance), It comes a time in our lives, you wanna be bigger, Gotta keep, keep on pushing, you gotta learn to take control, yeah, Now I find out that nothin' is given, Don't know where the cards may fall, All I know is that we've gotta get it, We've gotta make it on our own, Well I guess we're gonna have to take control, (All on our own), If it's up to us, we've got to take it home, (All on our own), (Gotta, gotta, take it home, gotta, gotta, gotta take it home), It comes a time in our lives, you wanna be bigger, Take control, yeah, Well I guess we're gonna have to take control, (All on our own), We got, we got, we got, We got, we got, we got, If it's up to us, we've got to take it home, (All on our own), Too hot to handle, too cold to hold, They're the Danger Rangers and they're in control, Well I guess we're gonna have to take control, (All on our own), Gotta, gotta, take it home, Gotta, gotta take it home, If it's up to us, we've got to take it home, (All on our own), Gotta, gotta, take it home, Gotta, gotta, gotta take it home!

(Then, it cuts to the second half of the credits play as the "Mystery Science Theater 3000" theme melody plays in the background.)

"Mystery Science Theater 3000" singers off-screen: In the not-too-distant future --, Next Sunday A.D. --, There was a guy named Joel, Not too different from you or me, He worked at Gizmonic Institute, Just another face in a red jumpsuit, He did a good job cleaning up the place, But his bosses didn't like him, So they shot him into space, In the not-too-distant future, Way down in Deep 13, Dr. Forrester and TV's Frank, Were hatching an Evil Scheme, They hired a temp by the name of Mike, Just a regular joe they didn't like, Their experiment needed a good test case, So they conked him on the noggin, And they shot him into space, (Get me down!), We'll send him cheesy movies, The worst we can find (la-la-la), He'll have to sit and watch them all, And we'll monitor his mind (la-la-la), Now keep in mind they can't control, When the movies begin or end, Because he used the extra parts, To make his robot friends, Robot roll-call:, Cambot, Servo, Gypsy, Crow!, If you're wondering how they eat and breathe, And other science facts, Just repeat to yourself "It's just a show, I should really just relax..., ...For Mystery Science Theater 3000!"

(Then, as the credits continue, the song, "Somewhere Down the Barrel" by The Dissociatives begins to play.)

The Dissociatives off-screen: Somewhere from the mortar, They saved you from far away labels, Eternity means nothing, But a sign on a bridge, When everyone's a stranger, They call for you by your first name, And laugh at jokes you once made, When you were a kid, Somewhere down the barrel, Lies a bullet that I can't keep, And in these waters I'm wading for a reason, After all, it's in my head, I'm not a slave to a desperate lust, And in these waters I'm waiting for a reason afterall?, Screaming limitations, Fall silent on new york corners, A terrorist's a prisoner, and a tourist a thief, When paintings seem like bargains, But they're nothing but wallpaper, I'm plagued by small town fascists, Like a rash on my skin, Somewhere down the barrel, Lies a bullet that I can't keep and, I've been searching for something more than distance, After all, it's in my head, I'm not a slave to an unborn trust, And in these waters I'm waiting for a reason after all, after all, after all!

(Meanwhile, Harry was having a usual walk when he saw two familar people looking at him smiling.)

Harry: (Surprised) Steve, Larry?

Steve: Happy birthday, Harry!

Larry: Nice to see you again by the way!

Harry: (Confused) What are you doing here? I thought you were working at the construction site.

Steve: Oh, well, that's an easy answer, (Chuckles) we had the day off for something!

Harry: (Surprised) Wait, what?

Larry: Yeah, they let us finish work early so we can fix up something for ya.

Harry: Really?

Steve: Why, yes, it's in one of these buildings behind us.

Harry: Well, if it's another pie in the face again, I'm gonna slap ya.

Larry: Oh, we wouldn't ever do that do you.

Harry: Really, what about last Wednesday?

Larry: Hey, that wasn't my fault this time, the pie just slipped outta my hand!

Harry: Oh, and I see you two are not arguing anymore.

Steve: Yeah, we changed.

Larry: No more arguing from us this time.

Harry: I see.

Steve: Anyway, you'll find it in that room behind us.

Harry: Okay then, later.

Larry and Steve: Later!

(Harry went to the room and when he opened the door...)

Everyone In The Room: Surprise!

Harry: (Surprised) Wow, this is amazing!

Sully: How would you like to help on our song with your DJ skills?

Harry: Well, sure, I can do that.

Kitty: Okay, but first we have a little surprise for you.

Harry: You do?

Burble: (Chuckles) Of course we do, son!

Sully: Harry, for helping us with our song and being a great director we are making you an offical member of the Junior Danger Rangers. Teens can be one too.

(He gives Harry his own SAVO watch.)

Harry: You really mean it?

Kitty: Sure, it is your birthday after all.

Harry: Thanks guys and now, let's hit it! (Begins performing like a DJ)

(The party theme version of the "Danger Rangers" theme plays as the rest of the end credits start to play.)

Sully: There's trouble on the horizon. There's danger around every bend.

Kitty: With all the things that can hurt you, on whom can you depend?

Burble: A street, a pool, a dangerous tool or riding home on your bike.

Squeeky: It's up to you. What do you do? Who you gonna be like?

People at the party: Like the Danger Rangers.

SAVO: Danger alert, Danger alert!

People at the party: Danger Rangers, Danger Rangers, Danger Rangers, Danger Rangers.

Burt: It's nothing more to being cool...

Danger Rangers: ...than being safe 'cause safety rules!

People at the party: Danger Rangers, Danger Rangers, Danger Rangers, Danger Rangers!

(Cut to Leroy and Joyce dancing in their bedroom.)

Sully: Danger Rangers, our team name, and teaching safety is our game. We have very special actions to protect your lives!

(Cut to Brittany and Turner dancing outside with Rocky next to them standing and looking ticked off.)

Kitty: Because that's just we do, always save the day and every time we protect, we always rock this world!

(Cut to Harriet and Sarah dancing in the living room.)

Squeeky: Danger Rangers, making the world a safer place to be, everything for folks like you and me.

(Cut to the Junior Danger Warrior dancing in the animal city.)

Burt: We're teaching you a lesson being totally safe that's our motto don't forget it 'cause safety rules!

(Cut back to the party.)

Sully: Danger Rangers, riding safe and strong, waiting for the call, making it safe for all. Uh-huh, chillin' slime, stoppin' crime, uh-huh, uh-huh. We're Sully,...

Kitty: ...Kitty,...

Burble: ...Burble,...

Squeeky: ...Squeeky,...

Burt: ...Burt,...

Gabriela: (On SAVO's screen) ...Gabriela...

Fallbot: (On SAVO's screen) ...and Fallbot too!

SAVO: Danger alert! Danger alert!

People at the party: Danger Rangers, Danger Rangers, Danger Rangers, Danger Rangers.

Danger Rangers: Safety rules!

(Harry then finishes the song as the crowd then cheers, the Danger Rangers then wave thank you to the crowd as the screen then fades to black and then a bit of text fades in "Dedicated to Walter Douglas Smith Jr. and Michael D. Moore," it then fades out.)


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