Any ideas to make a script from Danger Rangers: The Movie.

Chapter 1

(The logos are shown: Roadshow Films (which has a "DR" symbol and a SAVO watch on its V symbol), Animotion Works Inc. and Mighty Kids Media.)

(In animated, the satellite moves left and right, the headquarters are in Mount Rushmore, the screen scanned the United States, spotted in the city of Los Angeles, California.)

(The opening logo credits are then shown: "Mighty Kids Media Presents," "An Animotion Works Inc. Production" and "In Association With Roadshow Films.")

(Then, the screen shows a room with lights of bright colors.)

(Six animals (A sea lion, a cat, a polar bear, a mouse, a turtle, and a hummingbird) and a robot show up on-screen.)

Sea lion: (Acknowledging the audience) Hey, everyone! It's me, Sully!

Cat: (Acknowledging the audience) And me, Kitty!

Polar bear: (Acknowledging the audience) And me, Burble!

Mouse: (Acknowledging the audience) And me, Squeeky!

Turtle: (Acknowledging the audience) And me, Burt!

Hummingbird: (Acknowledging the audience) And me, Gabriela!

Robot: (Acknowledging the audience) And me, Fallbot!

All: (Acknowledging the audience) And together, we're the Danger Rangers!

Sully: Hit it!

(The opening theme to "Dangers Rangers" starts playing as the lights then start to blink flashing multicolors and the Danger Rangers start to sing.)

Danger Rangers: Danger Rangers, Danger Rangers, Danger Rangers, Danger Rangers, Danger Rangers, Danger Rangers.

Sully: There's trouble on the horizon. There's danger around every bend.

Kitty: With all the things that can hurt you, on whom can you depend?

Burble: A street, a pool, a dangerous tool or riding home on your bike.

Squeeky: It's up to you. What do you do? Who you gonna be like?

Burt: Like the Danger Rangers.

SAVO: (Off-screen) Danger alert, Danger alert!

Danger Rangers: Danger Rangers, Danger Rangers, Danger Rangers, Danger Rangers.

Gabriela: It's nothing more to being cool...

Fallbot: ...than being safe 'cause...

Danger Rangers: rules! Danger Rangers, Danger Rangers, Danger Rangers, Danger Rangers!

(The title screen comes in "Danger Rangers: The Movie.")

Danger Rangers: (Off-screen) Safety rules!

(After the title, we then cut to a real bedroom.)

(In the real bedroom, it has comic books, skateboard, laptop, printer, and Leroy is watching TV, playing guitar with his broomstick, and dancing as the opening credits start.)

Michael Jackson on TV: I took my baby on a Saturday bang. Boy is that girl with you? Yes we're one and the same. Now I believe in miracles. And a miracle has happened tonight! But, if you're thinkin' about my baby. It don't matter if you're black or white! They print my message in the Saturday Sun. I had to tell them. I ain't second to none. And I told about equality and it's true. Either you're wrong or you're right. But, if you're thinkin' about my baby. It don't matter if you're black or white.

(Leroy dances along.)

Leroy: Man, this song really makes me feel awesome! I'm so glad that the TV that Dad got me has MTV on it!

Leroy's Mother: (Calling) Leroy!

Leroy: (Stops his playing and dancing.) Yeah, Mom?

Leroy's Mother: (Calling) Dad and I are heading out, sugar cube!

Leroy's Father: (Calling) Take care of the house for us, son!

Leroy: Okay! (Resumes his playing and dancing.)

(In animated, the satellite and the computer are tracking the transmission.)

Kid on TV: Protection. For gangs, clubs, and nations. Causing grief in human relations. It's a turf war on a global scale. I'd rather hear both sides of the tale. See, it's not about races. Just places, faces. Where your blood comes from is were your scale is. I've seen my bright get duller. I'm not going to spend my life being a color.

Michael Jackson on TV: Don't tell me you agree with me. When I saw you kicking dirt in my eye! But, if you're thinkin' about my baby It don't matter if you're black or white!

(Leroy is still playing and dancing, but then, the TV began to static and he noticed something happened. He tried changing the channels when suddenly, a monstrous electric thing sticks its head out of the TV as Leroy steps away from it.)

Leroy: What kind of thing is that?!

(Then, the monster sees Leroy.)


(The monster then grabs Leroy by the leg and pulls him into the TV.)

(Leroy screams as he's getting pulled.)

Leroy: HELP! HELP!


(Leroy fell down to the animated world.)


(In animated, the static started from the wall and Leroy is still screaming.)


(He came in and thud and he then got up rubbing his head.)

Leroy: Oh.

(He stood up and see the animated living room where "The Greatest Show" is playing on the TV instead of "Black or White," but the actors are animals and the TV is at the top of the corner connected to a plug in the wall.)

Leroy: (Groan) Oh. Where am I? What is this place?

P. T. Barnum on TV: It's fire, it's freedom, it's flooding open! It's a preacher in the pulpit and you'll find devotion! There's something breaking at the brick of every wall, it's holding All that you know! So tell me do you wanna go? Where it's covered in all the colored lights! Where the runaways are running the night! Impossible comes true, it's taking over you! Oh, this is the greatest show! We light it up, we won't come down! And the sun can't stop us now! Watching it come true, it's taking over you! Oh, this is the greatest show!

(Leroy looked at the TV confused and freaked out at the actors on TV that were animals.)

Leroy: This is spooky.

Someone off-screen: Oh, come on, it's not that spooky.

(Leroy turned around and saw there was nobody around.)

Leroy: Who said that?

Turtle: I did.

Leroy: But where are you?

Turtle: Down here.

(Leroy looked down and saw a turtle wearing a purple uniform.)

Leroy: Who are you?

Turtle: I'm Burt. And who might you be?

(Leroy began to feel confused but he then cleared his throat and began to speak.)

Leroy: My name is Leroy.

Burt: That's a great name.

Leroy: Thanks.

Burt: Are you from around here?

(Leroy then looks around then, he turns back to Burt.)

Leroy: (Shrugs) Guess not.

Burt: Well, it is always nice to meet some new faces.

(Leroy then smiles.)

Leroy: If that's the case, thanks a lot. (He then notices something on his hands.) Wait a second. (Sees he has fur hands.) What the? (To Burt) Do you have a mirror?

Burt: Oh, sure.

(Burt then gives Leroy a mirror.)

Leroy: Thanks.

(He looked at the mirror and there staring at him was a monkey, but the monkey was him!)

Leroy: (Screamed) Bananas! I'm a monkey. I'm a monkey! I don't want to be a monkey! I'm a boy! For crying out loud, I'm a boy!

Burt: Is that true?

Leroy: YES!

Burt: Whoa! Okay, calm down, Leroy just take a deep breath.

(Leroy did so and calmed down perfectly.)

Leroy: So, are you the only one here?

Burt: Actually, no, there are others around here.

Leroy: You mean there are more animals in here?

Burt: Yep.

(Just then, a noise is heard.)

Leroy: What's that noise? (He looks around then, he saw something.) Oh my bananas!

(He sees polar bear feet, gets scared, and ran down the hall.)

Leroy: (Screamed and ran) Burt! Burt, help me! Help me!

(Leroy ran to Burt and the polar bear followed him.)

Leroy: Burt, it's gonna eat me. Do something.

Burt: Whoa! Calm down, Leroy.

Leroy: How can I calm down when there's a polar bear coming to me!

(Polar bear hands grabbed him.)

Leroy: Help! Help! Don't eat me! Please!

(The polar bear then held Leroy and smiled a smirk.)

Polar bear: Relax, kid, I'm not gonna hurt ya.

(He then put Leroy down.)

Leroy: But isn't that what polar bears do? Eat people?

(Burt and the polar bear looked at each other confused and then laughed.)

(Leroy gets confused, turns to Burt, and points to the polar bear.)

Leroy: Who's this?

Burt: This is Burble. He's a good polar bear.

Burble: What's your name, kid?

Leroy: Leroy. My name's Leroy.

Burble: Well, that's a swell name.

Leroy: Thanks.

Burble: No problem, kid.

Leroy: I think it's a really cool name if you know what I mean.

Burble: Sure do.

Burt: Hey, how about we introduce him to the rest of the team?

Burble: That's a great idea!

Leroy: You're gonna do what?!

Burt: Show you to the rest of the team.

Leroy: (Whispers) Oh no.

Burt: Let's go!

Burble: Come on, Leroy.

Leroy: You can't do this to me.

Burble: Come on, kid.

Burt: Yeah, Leroy, there is no reason to be afraid.

(Burble takes and lifts Leroy to the room.)

Leroy: PUT ME DOWN!!!

(Burt and Burble, carrying Leroy, who's trying to break out of his clutches, went to another room of their HQ.)

(When they got there, they noticed no one was in the room.)

Burt: Huh, that's odd. The rest of the team should have been here by now.

Burble: Maybe they overslept.

Burt: Let's go wake them up.

Burble: (To Burt) Good idea, Burt. (To Leroy) Leroy, you wait here.

(Burble puts Leroy down and closes the door.)

Leroy: (Bangs the door) Let me out! Let me out! You can't keep me here!

(Leroy stopped banging on the door and looked around the room feeling scared.)

Leroy: (To himself) I wish my dad and mom were here and rescue me, so they can take me out of this place.

(Leroy heard someone with a Brooklyn accent.)

Someone off-screen: (Brooklyn accent) I don't like to be interrupted, but I love meeting new people and this is where we have our breaks before we go on another mission. I hope you don't mind being here.

Leroy: That voice. I'm hearing voices, am I? (Slaps himself) (To himself) Pull yourself together, Leroy, it's only one voice. Just find out where it's coming from and you'll be alright.

(Leroy looked around to find the source of the voice.)

Someone off-screen: Say,... are you Leroy?

Leroy: Yes. Yes. I'm a boy. I want to get out of this place.

Someone off-screen: Did you see me?

Leroy: I can hear you, but I can't see you.

Someone off-screen: Down here by the desk.

(Leroy saw a mouse.)

Leroy: Oh, my bananas! A mouse!

Mouse: Whoa! Leroy, relax.

(Leroy then took a deep breath, calmed down, and looked at the mouse.)

Leroy: Who are you?

Mouse: I'm Squeeky.

Leroy: Well, nice to meet you, Squeeky.

(Burt and Burble walk back in the room.)

Burble: (To Leroy) We've got the rest of the team up. (To Squeeky) Oh, there you are, Squeeky.

Squeeky: Hey, Burble. Hey, Burt. I was in the kitchen, getting myself an early breakfast.

Burt: Have you met Leroy yet?

Squeeky: Yes, I did.

Leroy: Hmm... Say, you three look really familiar.

Squeeky: (Confused) What are you talking about?

(Leroy sees the initials, "DR" on Burble's uniform and begins to recognize them.)

Leroy: (Gasps) Wait a minute, I know who you are, you're Danger Rangers!

(Burt, Burble, and Squeeky gasp in surprise.)

Squeeky: How did you know?!

Leroy: Well, since I was very young, I've been your fan for a long time.

Squeeky: (To Burt and Burble) Interesting.

Leroy: Yes and I know every one of your songs.

Squeeky: (To Burt and Burble) That's also interesting.

Leroy: I know, right?

Burble: So, you saw us in a movie or a TV cartoon show?

Burt: Yeah, I was wondering too.

Leroy: Well, I remember seeing you in a TV cartoon show.

Burble: Well, that answers my question.

Leroy: I guess whatever my family and I see in TV cartoon shows actually exist in other dimensions.

Burt: Clever.

Squeeky: Well, I guess we'll help you out with whatever you want, Leroy.

Leroy: Well, I want to get out of... whatever this place is and I want to be a boy again.

Squeeky: Okay, we'll get you out.

Leroy: You will?

(Squeeky nodded his head.)

Squeeky: Of course.

Someone off-screen: Oh, hey, guys!

(The Rangers and Leroy turn around to find a pink cat.)

Burble: Oh, they're here already.

(The pink cat then walked over to Leroy.)

(The song, "Caught In The Crowd" by Kate Miller-Heidke starts to play.)

Kate Miller-Heidke off-screen: It was after school in the afternoon, The corridors were crowded as we came out of the rooms, Three guys I knew pushed him into the cement, Threw away his bag and said he had no friends, He yelled that he did and he looked around, Tried getting up but they pushed him on down, That's when he saw me, called out my name, And I turned my back, and just walked away, Yeah I turned my back, and just walked away.

Cat: Hello, young man.

(Leroy saw the cat, amazed, and his cheeks turned red.)

Kate Miller-Heidke off-screen: I was young and caught in the crowd, I didn't know then what I know now, I was dumb, and I was proud, And I'm sorry, If I could go back, do it again, I'd be someone you could call friend, Please please, believe that I'm sorry.

Cat: I'm Kitty.

(Leroy then shook his head trying to get the red off his cheeks.)

(After he did that, he looked at Kitty and smiled.)

Leroy: Hi, I'm Leroy.

Kitty: Nice to meet you.

Leroy: Nice to meet you too.

(Kitty ruffled Leroy's fur on his head as he started to blush.)

Squeeky: We're trying to help him out of this place.

(Kitty then got confused.)

Kitty: But he just got here.

(Leroy shook his head.)

Leroy: It's not what you think, miss.

(Leroy explained how he got here in the first place with Kitty pondering amazed.)

Kitty: I see.

Burt: And we're trying to help him get out of there.

Kitty: (Smiles) Well, you can always use the extra paw.

Leroy: You mean, you're gonna help me too?

Kitty: Sure.

Leroy: Thanks!

Kitty: No problemo.

(Leroy then admired Kitty's uniform.)

Leroy: You really have a nice outfit, miss.

Kitty: (Does a twirl) Thanks, back then, I used to wear a dress during my high school teen years.

Leroy: Never knew that before.

Kitty: (Ruffles the fur on Leroy's head) Well, now you have.

(Leroy smiles.)

(Then, a blue sea lion walked up to Leroy.)

Sea lion: Hey, looks like we got a visitor here, cool!

(Leroy looked at the sea lion smiling.)

Leroy: Hi.

Sea lion: Hey there.

Leroy: So, what's your name?

Sea lion: I'm Sully. Leader of the Danger Rangers.

Leroy: Well, my name is Leroy.

(Sully shakes Leroy's hand.)

Sully: Nice to meet you.

Leroy: Nice to meet you too.

Sully: You do look cool yourself.

Leroy: Thanks.

(Sully then thought of something and then turned to Kitty.)

Sully: Kitty, why don't you show Leroy your cute kitten move?

(Kitty then got a shocked look on her face.)

Kitty: (Scared) No! I threw away that part of my life years ago and swore to never return to it.

(She then covered her eyes with her paws and began to cry as Leroy then felt sorry for Kitty but confused at the same time.)

(Sully gave Kitty a tissue, comforting her.)

Sully: Okay, Kitty, you don't have to, just calm down.

(Kitty then wiped her tears with the tissue Sully gave to her.)

Kitty: (Tearfully) Okay. (Takes a few deep breaths) Alright, I feel better now.

Leroy: Wait, what part of her life?

Burt: It's a long story, Leroy.

Leroy: Well, that's unfortunate.

Squeeky: Anyway, Sully. Our visitor here has, apparently, been our fan for a long time when he was very young.

Burble: Yeah, he remembers (Whispering into Sully's ear) seeing us in a TV cartoon show.

Burt: Yeah, and he knows every one of our songs.

Sully: Wow, those are amazing things!

Leroy: However, I couldn't keep track of your names, sadly.

Sully: (Ponders) That's a shame.

Leroy: Yes, it is.

Burble: And he wants to get out of here.

Sully: I bet we can help.

Leroy: (To himself) How is this happening to me?

Burble: In the meantime, you can stay here for a while, and you can even wear a Danger Ranger uniform.

(Burble changed Leroy's clothes to uniform.)

(Burble got a suit and a belt, so he changed Leroy's clothes.)

Burble: Now, that's better.

Sully: You're exactly like us now.

(Leroy looked at his new uniform with a concerned look on his face.)

Leroy: Yeah, but I don't like wearing it.

Sully: You'll get used to it.

Leroy: I hope.

Burble: Now, you need to know how to be a safety hero and I think I know how.

(Burble then went out of the room and then came back with a book in his paw.)

(Burble then gave Leroy the book as Leroy looked at the cover.)

Leroy: "Becoming Safety Superheroes For Dummies?"

Burble: It can help you become a true safety hero.

(Leroy then looked at Burble disinterested.)

Leroy: Right.

Sully: And for good measure, I'll give you this watch to help you.

(Sully gives Leroy a watch.)

Burt: It's state of the art technology.

Leroy: This can't be happening.

(Then, something turned on on the watch as Leroy started to freak out.)

Sully: Whoa, whoa, whoa, Leroy, calm down!

Leroy: (Took a few deep breathes) Okay.

Watch: Hello, new teammate.

Leroy: Who's this?

Sully: (To Leroy) Leroy, this is SAVO. (To the watch) SAVO, this is Leroy.

SAVO: Nice to meet you, Leroy. I'm SAVO. Safety Alert VectOmeter. You must be a monkey, right?

(Leroy nodded annoyed.)

Leroy: I'm a boy.

SAVO: I see. (Beeps) Oh, looks like I got a chat for "guest."

Leroy: Chat for "guest?" That's me! But I wonder who it is?

SAVO: Well, there's only one way to find out.

Leroy: Okay then.

(Leroy pressed a button on the watch and a villain is revealed on the screen.)

Villain: Leroy, is that you? Well, that's a good look for you. Festive, isn't it?

Leroy: (Shocked) What?! How did you know it was me?! And have we met before?!

Villain: Oh, you don't recognize me. Well, it's me, Jeff Sheen. You know, the Lawnmower Guy?

(Leroy is shocked. A flashback is then shown in the real world with Jeff as a human like Leroy once was, using his lawnmower on Leroy's lawn. The flashback ends.)

Leroy: Oh my! How did you end up like this, Jeff?!

Jeff: Well, it's a long and pitiful story.

(The screen cuts to black. A caption reading "One Long and Pitiful Story Later" appears in the middle of the screen.)

(It then cuts back to Leroy looking at Jeff on his watch.)

Jeff: (Off-screen) And that's what happened.

Leroy: (Shocked) Oh my gosh!

(We then cut to Leroy talking to the Danger Rangers about Jeff.)

SAVO: Who's the criminal behind the Lawnmower Guy?

(Leroy then took a deep breath.)

Leroy: Okay, I'll tell you who he is.

Sully: Alright then. Well, tell us.

(Leroy then explains as the screen cuts to a live-action backstory.)

Leroy: His name is the Lawnmower Guy and his real name is Jeff Sheen. He was a gardener from my neighborhood. And, believe it or not, an old friend of mine too. All the workers, tough kids, and a few of everyone else back from my neighborhood made fun of him because he was a simpleton and he didn't got paid a lot. "Simpleton" was one of the names he was called and that he disliked, the other names he was called and that he disliked were "Moron," "Fool," "Imbecile," "Nincompoop," "Idiot," and a bunch of other synonyms. However, "the Lawnmower Guy" was the only nickname he was called and that he liked. One day, Jeff, sadly, after admitting that he was a simpleton, like I tried to persuade him to, picked up a call from a scientist who lived next door and worked for Virtual Universe Industries, named Dr. Abello, who experimented with Virtual Reality to vastly increase Jeff's intelligence. Unfortunately, he was programmed with the own V.R. treatment of The Warehouse, Dr. Abello's research's funders, that have the interest, that is its potential military use, and was made into a monster by The Warehouse. He hooked into every kind of electronic and now, he's using them as his weapons and "Having a Revenge" is his new motto. So, that means he wants to take over the world.

(Cut back to Leroy and the Danger Rangers.)

(This leaves the Danger Rangers shocked.)

Leroy: I just never thought he would do this.

Kitty: He sounds evil.

Burt: Very evil.

Leroy: He's more evil than you think.

Squeeky: So he's really evil.

Burble: And he wants to take over everything.

Leroy: And it also means he dropped me in.

Sully: (Puts a flipper on Leroy's shoulder.) And since you know so much about him, Leroy, you shall be known as Ranger Leroy and will help us save our world.

Leroy: But I don't want to be a ranger. I want to go home.

Sully: Leroy, is something wrong?

Leroy: (Tearfully) Sully, I'm not really a monkey, I'm a human boy who turned into a monkey, all because of that once-mentally disabled guy back in my neighborhood, who somehow turned into a freak that can travel through electronics!

Sully: (Gasps) Is that true?

SAVO: Alas, the poor lad is right. Even as we speak, the danger alert is that you must do everything you can to defeat Jeff the Lawnmower Guy. Then, we'll be able to get the lad home and change him back to a human boy once again.

Kitty: You're right, SAVO. But how do we do that?

SAVO: That, I don't know.

(Leroy and the Danger Rangers groan in disappointment.)

SAVO: Whoa, hey, hey, I know you'll figure something out.

Sully: Thanks for the advice. In the meantime, we'll have to keep what Leroy said a secret.

Leroy: But I don't like secrets.

Sully: (Confused) Why not?

Leroy: Because they're like you're involving me in crime.

Kitty: Not for us Danger Rangers.

Leroy: I see.

Squeeky: It happened to all of us.

Burt: Well, enough of that, let's go kick that Lawnmower Guy's butt!

Burble: We'll make him never set a paw in this town again!

Leroy: I'm warning you, he is pretty dangerous.

Kitty: You don't understand. If you can't help us, the Lawnmower Guy will take over the world.

Leroy: (To Kitty) Really? Well, that and he might use a flamethrower on you. (To Burble) And take all of your fur to make a coat. (To Squeeky) And place you in a mouse trap. (To Burt) And make a blow to your head with a rock. (To Sully) And use a hakapik on you!

Sully: Will all those things really happen?

Leroy: Not likely.

Kitty: Clearly, I heard him say "might."

Leroy: Hey!

SAVO: Well, never mind that, you have to stop him before he takes over the world.

Kitty: You got it!

Squeeky: We'll get that lawnmower freak!

Sully: Come on, team! Let's go!

Kitty: Well, as Jeff Tracy would say, "Thunderbirds are go!"

Burt: F-A-B, Kitty.

(Both he and Kitty chuckle.)

(Sully and Burble take Leroy to the hovercraft.)

Leroy: Oh no! No, please! No!

(They ran out for mission and shout, but Leroy is trying to escape Sully and Burble's grasp.)

All, except Leroy: Safety rules!

(They raised with their watch and Burble grabs and raised Leroy's right wrist.)

Leroy: (Shocked) Hey, what are you doing?

Burble: We always do this when we go on missions, kid.

(A red hummingbird prepares the takeoff for the Danger Rangers.)

Hummingbird: All systems are go, go and go, Danger Rangers!

Sully: Great! Thanks for the backup! (He is shown with a shocked look) Oh, darn.

Hummingbird: What? What do you mean "Oh, darn?"

(Sully points to Leroy with his thumb.)

Hummingbird: (Notices Leroy) Oh, hola.

Leroy: (Nervously) Uh, hola.

Hummingbird: Who's this?

Kitty: New guy. His name's Leroy.

Burt: Apparently, a friend of his has gone insane and dropped him in.

Hummingbird: Well, encantada de conocerte, nice to meet you. The name's Gabriela, but you can call me "G.B." for short. I'm the operations chief and head safety trainer.

Burt: Oh, we've got to introduce Leroy to our robot buddy too. (Whistles)

(A robot comes in.)

Robot: Did you whistle for me, Burt?

Burt: (To the robot) Yes, I did. I would like you to meet our new friend, Leroy. (To Leroy) Leroy, this is my invention, Fallbot.

Leroy: (Shakes his hand with Fallbot) Nice to meet you.

Gabriela: So, who is this friend of Leroy's, who's gone insane?

Squeeky: His name is Jeff Sheen.

Burble: Also known as "The Lawnmower Guy."

Sully: But never call him "Simpleton," "Moron," "Fool," "Imbecile," "Nincompoop," "Idiot," or anything else that is a synonym for words like that.

Fallbot: What does he look like?

Leroy: I'll show you. (Shows the Danger Rangers a picture of what Jeff currently looks like with the SAVO watch)

(They all gasp in shock.)

Gabriela: ¡Ay caramba!

Squeeky: Oh my gosh, he IS a monster!

Leroy: I know, right?

Kitty: That freak has to be stopped!

Sully: Well, then, let's go!

(They are ready for takeoff and putting their seat belts on, but the buttons are not ready because Leroy is trying to get out.)

SAVO: It appeared someone has not buckled up properly. Could it be a monkey?

Leroy: Hey, for the last time, I'm a boy! I just want to get home and get out of this place.

SAVO: Activate seat belt restraints.

Leroy: No, no, wait, don't do that.

(The seat belt restraints are then fastened onto Leroy.)

SAVO: Too late.

(The hovercraft along with the Danger Rangers and Leroy inside then flies off to the rescue.)

Leroy: Why did you say "Safety rules," anyway?

Sully: Safety rules, Leroy. You are sorta new to this, so you might need to adjust.

(The hovercraft went out of Mt. Rushmore and flew to the city.)

Leroy: (To himself) There's gotta be a way outta this place. But where?

Chapter 2

(The hideout place of Jeff is a metal and scientifically accurate lair.)

(Inside the lair, some henchmen, known as Cyber-Bugs, which resemble robotic arthropods, are waiting for their leader, Jeff.)

(The Cyber-Bugs cheered as Jeff then came in bowing at them, he then sat on his throne.)

Jeff: My little Cyber-Bugs, I bet you're wondering why I called you into this meeting.

(The Cyber-Bugs nod.)

Jeff: Well, I called you in here because it is time now that we strike on the Danger Rangers' world and the world which my long-time little friend, Leroy and I came from!

(The Cyber-Bugs raised their fists in triumph.)

Cyber-Bugs: Destroy the Danger Rangers!

(Jeff then shook his head in disagreement while smirking evilly.)

Jeff: I wouldn't say "Destroy the Danger Rangers," as they didn't do anything to me. I would just say capture them and have them watch me get my revenge on those who've directly wronged me. However, anyway, my dream that I became ruler of both worlds will soon come true!

Cyber-Bugs: All hail the Lawnmower Guy!

(Jeff then nodded his head as the Cyber-Bugs cheered in evil triumph.)

Jeff: And now, as the captain of the Crimson Permanent Assurance would say, "Now, lads, let's move!"

(The Cyber-Bugs cheered in evil triumph as they along with Jeff prepare for the revolution.)

Cyber-Bug 1: (To one of his fellows) I still can't believe what happened yesterday.

Cyber-Bug 2: (To the other Cyber-Bug) You mean when we caught a Junior Danger Ranger?

Cyber-Bug 1: Yeah.

(Cut to the city. "YESTERDAY" fades in below and fades out afterwards. Then, we see a limousine driving through the city as the car then stops at a huge building and it then cuts inside the limo.)

Driver: Okay, sir, I made it to where you wanted me to go. The question is why?

(The passenger's seat has an animal sitting in the shadows.)

Animal: There's someone in that building my team wants defeated.

Driver: Oh ho, right. You're here to fight crime for the Junior Danger Rangers, eh?

Animal: Indeed.

Driver: Well, I have a few words of advice for you, first off, you need to keep your surroundings, second, don't make any noise when you're in there and number three, always use safety.

Animal: 'Cause Safety Rules. The Danger Rangers' motto, I know.

Driver: Indeed, it does, now out you go.

(The animal then gets out of the limo as the limo then drives off. The Animal turns around to see the tall building as he steps out of the shadows to reveal himself as a koala kid.)

Koala kid: Alright, Jeff, time to take your evil ways back where they came from.

(The koala kid then walks into the building.)

(Inside the building, there are some Cyber-Bugs fixing up a machine.)

Cyber-Bug 1: The boss is gonna be so thrilled.

Cyber-Bug 2: Yes, when this baby hits 88 energy tanks an hour, all of this horrible city will bow to Jeff's feet.

Cyber-Bug 3: Best idea ever, guys.

(The Koala kid quietly comes down with ropes attached to himself as he investigated what the Cyber-Bugs were doing.)

Koala kid: (Whispers) What are they up to? I better take a closer look.

(As he lowers himself down, the Cyber-Bugs then noticed something.)

Cyber-Bug 3: (Sniffs) Does anybody notice that a smell of eucalyptus is in this building?

Cyber-Bug 2: Come to think of it. (Sniffs) I can smell it too.

(The Cyber-Bugs look up and see the koala kid.)

Cyber-Bug 1: (Gasps) INTRUDER!

(The koala kid then pushes himself back up as a Cyber-Bug then races to a red button and presses it.)


(Then, a bunch of Cyber-Bugs come into the building.)

Koala kid: It's been one of those days.

(The koala kid then releases his ropes and lands safety on the floor he then fights the Cyber-Bugs with his kung fu skills.)

Koala kid: (While fighting the Cyber-Bugs) You bluey old mates don't stand a chance. I took kung fu class!

(Two of the Cyber-Bugs manage to escape as the koala kid then takes out a metal rod and smashes the machine the Cyber-Bugs were working on.)

Koala kid: Well got the machine bolted now, time to get Jeff!

Jeff: (From an megaphone glued to the wall) Not today, Junior Danger Nut-face, for one of my Cyber-Bugs activated a bomb on their way out! Hope you can survive it, my friend! (Laughs evilly)

Computer voice: Self destruct in 60 seconds.

Koala kid: 60 seconds? I could fit some time in there.

(The koala kid then races through the hallway and enters an escape drill.)

Koala kid: (Checks his safety equipment) Okay, I have a helmet, check, seat belt on, check, goggles to protect my eyes, check. Alright, time to get outta here.

(He then drills his way out of the building and into the underground.)

Computer voice: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

(The Building then explodes as the koala kid manages to escape.)

Koala kid: Phew, that was close. Now, I gotta get outta here.

(The two Cyber-Bugs then go back to the destroyed building and think that the koala kid is in there. One of them smirks.)

(He then turns on his communicator.)

(Meanwhile, in the evil lair.)

Cyber-Bug 1: (On communicator) We got him, boss.

Jeff: (Smirks) Good, now, listen up, if the Danger Rangers themselves find out about my presence, be on the look out for them.

Cyber-Bug 1: (On communicator) Yes, sir.

(Jeff then hung up and rotated his chair to a big window with a giant creature connected to plugs behind it.)

Jeff: Get your rest, Zorn, you have something to do tomorrow.


Jeff: Kidnap... Leroy.

(We cut to the present. The Danger Rangers, along with Leroy, are trying to find Jeff, when suddenly, Burble got a call from his watch.)

Burt: Who's calling, Burble?

Burble: Let me check.

(Burble answered the watch and on its screen was Jeff!)

Jeff: Hello, stupid Danger Rangers.

(Jeff chuckles evilly.)

Sully: Well, if it isn't the Lawnmower Guy.

Jeff: That's me.

Kitty: Listen here, you big freak! We're gonna throw you out of this city!

(Jeff then evilly smirked.)

Jeff: Oh, really?

Burt: That's right!

Sully: (Turns to Leroy) Right, Leroy?

(Leroy shook nervously and nodded his head.)

Sully: (Turns to Jeff) You see?

Jeff: (Smirks) We'll see about that.

(He laughs evilly and turns off the video-feed.)

Leroy: (Scared) I don't think we can do it.

(Kitty put a paw on Leroy's shoulder.)

Kitty: Don't worry, Leroy, as long as you're with us, we'll protect you.

(Leroy smiles at Kitty as she smiles back as the aircraft continues to fly to the city.)

Chapter 3

(They landed with the hovercraft in the city.)

(The Rangers step out of the hovercraft.)

Sully: Okay, team, let's find this lawnmower freak.

Kitty: (Points) Wait, guys, look!

(The Danger Rangers then saw a wall with a hole in it.)

Sully: Looks like someone cut a big hole in the wall.

SAVO: That must be where Jeff once was.

Kitty: Let's search through this hole and see if there's any signs of him in there.

Sully: You got it, Kitty. Let's roll.

(The rangers then go inside the hole in the wall and searched around.)

Burt: No signs of him here!

Burble: Well, there's gotta be something around here.

Squeeky: We'll look for clues.

Leroy: Okay.

(Kitty then looked at Leroy concerned.)

Kitty: Leroy, is something bothering you?

Leroy: Whoa, what? N-n-no, everything's fine with me.

Kitty: Okay, but I can feel like something's bothering you.

Leroy: Well, it's nothing, everything's fine.

(The team then continued to look for clues.)

(Meanwhile, at another part of the alley, some Cyber-Bugs were hunting down the Danger Rangers and Leroy.)

Cyber-Bug 1: Come on, guys, over there.

(As the Cyber-Bugs went down the alleyway, one of them was then grabbed and taken into the other alley.)

Cyber-Bug 2: AHHHHHHH!

(The grabbed Cyber-Bug was attacked off-screen.)

Cyber-Bug 1: (Turns) Dude, are you there?

(The Cyber-Bug then saw that there was no one behind him.)

Cyber-Bug 1: Hmm, that's weird. (Shrugs) Oh well.

(The Cyber-Bug then turns around and continues the search in the alley.)

Chapter 4

(Meanwhile, Burt and Burble are looking for clues when Burble notices some Cyber-Bugs in his sight.)

Burble: Who're those!?

Burt: Look like robots.

(Just then, the Cyber-Bugs spot Burble and Burt.)

Cyber-Bugs: Polar bear and turtle found!

Burt: Uh-oh.

Cyber-Bugs: GET THEM!

(Burt and Burble get caught by the Cyber-Bugs.)

Cyber-Bug 1: (Full of joy) Jeff is gonna be so happy once we show him we have two of those stupid Danger Rangers.

Cyber-Bug 2: Well, then, hurry up, we need to get to his lair by tomorrow morning.

Cyber-Bug 1: Yes, sir!

(The Cyber-Bugs then rush back to the lair with captured Burt and Burble.)

(Meanwhile, the Danger Rangers and Leroy are still looking for clues.)

Leroy: Where can those clues be?

Squeeky: Not sure.

Sully: There has to be clues around here somewhere.

Kitty: Let's ask Burt and Burble. Hey, guys?

(The Danger Rangers turn around and see that Burt and Burble are not there anymore.)

Sully: Where are Burt and Burble?

Kitty: They were here two minutes ago.

SAVO: It looks like Burt and Burble have disappeared.

All Danger Rangers: What?!

SAVO: It's true.

Sully: Then, we gotta find them ASAP!

Kitty: (Ruffles Leroy's hair) Wait right here, Leroy, we won't be gone for long.

Leroy: Okay.

(The Danger Rangers then left to find Burt and Burble, leaving Leroy in the alley.)

Chapter 5

(Leroy waited in the alley when he noticed Cyber-Bugs in the distance, one of them noticed Leroy.)

Leroy: Oh no!

Cyber-Bug 1: (Points and screams like a girl) Boy who turned into a monkey at 12 o' clock!

(The Cyber-Bugs, like ninjas, chased Leroy.)

Leroy: Gotta go!

(Leroy ran as fast as he could away from the Cyber-Bugs.)

Cyber-Bug: There he is! Catch him!

(Leroy rushes into a skatepark where he then comes across...)

Leroy: A skateboard, perfect getaway. (Pauses for a minute) (To himself) Huh, think fast, Leroy, you watched the Danger Rangers' show, what safety gear do you need for skateboarding? (Notices the skateboard gear on the ground) Aha! (He quickly puts them on) Helmet, check! Ankle braces, check! Knee braces, check! Now that I have everything, time to break outta this chase!

(Leroy rides the skateboard down the road and swings to a curve.)

Leroy: Whoa!

(Leroy ollied, flipped, spun, and slid on the skateboard.)

Cyber-Bug: I didn't know he can do such tricks!

Leroy: Now, that was too cool for school!

(Leroy is at a construction site and the Cyber-Bugs are right behind his tail.)

(Leroy then bumps into a construction worker.)

Construction worker 1: Hey, watch it!

Leroy: Sorry.

(Leroy continues to escape on his skateboard.)

(The workers saw the Cyber-Bugs and looked at them shocked.)

Construction worker 1: Oh, gosh, those big robot bugs are going to hit us like that monkey boy did!

Construction worker 2: Or they're just chasing after that poor kid who didn't mean to do such thing! We've got to stop those freaks!

Construction worker 1: I've got it! Hey, Harry, use the cement truck on them!

(Harry nodded and operated the cement truck to attack the Cyber-Bugs.)

Harry: Take that, freaks! (Flicks his thumb from his teeth, making a "uhm" sound when he does it.)

(The Cyber-Bugs are covered in cement.)

Leroy: Thank you!

Construction worker 2: (Puts a sign, which says, "Quick Drying Cement") You're welcome, kid. And we accept your apology!

Construction worker 1: (Scoffs) But the last thing we need is more kids splashing around in our work.

(The construction worker then slapped the other construction worker on the head.)

Construction worker 1: OW! What's your deal!?

Construction worker 2: What are you? Lionel Messi?

Construction worker 1: No, I am not! (In a sheepish tone) Although, I was kind of acting like him a little bit.

Construction worker 2: (Annoyed) Are you kidding me?

Construction worker 1: Hey, at least I'm not Ronaldo!

Construction worker 2: Yeah, if he wasn't showing his abs topless!

Construction worker 1: Hey! He only did that when he scored the winning goal!

Construction worker 2: He did it at random times, idiot!

Construction worker 1: You're an idiot!

Construction worker 2: Bite me, pal!

Construction worker 1: Are you kidding me?!

Harry: Steve! Larry! Shut up! (Facepalms himself and shakes his head in embarrassment.)

Cyber-Bug 1: (Scared) What are we gonna say to Jeff?

Cyber-Bug 2: (Strict) Don't tell him anything, he will get really mad if we tell him we lost the boy who turned into a monkey. (Notices the "Quick Drying Cement" sign) Uh, we are in cement, are we?

Cyber-Bug 1: (Shocked) What?! If that's the case, let me die first, I can't bare to watch you die.

Cyber-Bug 2: Well, okay, but hurry up!

(Sparks and smoke emit from both Cyber-Bugs. Harry, Steve and Larry notice this.)

Both construction workers: (Screaming) They're gonna blow! (They hit the ground while Harry shields his eyes.)

(The Cyber-Bug who told the other one to let him die first explodes and the other one does the same.)

(Back at Jeff's lair, the other Cyber-Bugs watch their comrades' demises in horror.)

Cyber-Bug: (Cries) No! A few of our fellow Cyber-Bugs are down!

Jeff: (Angrily) That lousy boy who turned into a monkey's gonna pay for this!

Chapter 6

(After Leroy managed to escape into an alley, he put the skateboard down on a curve and looked around.)

Leroy: (Looks around) I gotta find my way outta here!

SAVO: Don't worry, I'll get you back to headquaters. (Begins teleportation)

Leroy: How long does that go for?

SAVO: 50 minutes.

Leroy: (Whines) 50 minutes?! But that's too long!

(Leroy then looked at a corner of the alley and saw some static.)

Leroy: There's some static over there, my ticket home has come to me!

(Leroy throws the watch and changes from his purple uniform back to his regular clothes, but the watch followed him).

SAVO: Leroy, what do you think you're doing!?!

Leroy: Sorry, watch, but teleport's cancelled.

(Leroy ran as fast as he could, leaving the watch and purple uniform behind.)

Leroy: (To himself) There's no place like home. There's no place like home. There's no place like home.

(But the static suddenly disappeared when Leroy got closer, making him frown.)

Leroy: Things can't get any worse.

(Behind him, a hologram of Jeff laughed at Leroy's failed attempt to reach the static.)

Jeff: (Laughing) Perfect distraction.

(Leroy turned around and saw the hologram.)

Leroy: Oh, why you little whimpering bone!

(He charges at the hologram.)

Jeff: Who said I was a bone?

(The hologram then disappeared as Leroy got closer to it.)

Leroy: Oh, I'll get that giant freak and then I can get out of this alternate dimension whether or not the Danger Rangers help me or whether or not I help THEM!

(He then stormed off, walking down the street.)

Chapter 7

(Meanwhile, Jeff was creating his next Cyber-Bug with an alligator and a robot skeleton when a Cyber-Bug walked up to him.)

Cyber-Bug: Sir, we were able to capture some of the animals you quote "Danger Rangers."

Jeff: Right then, anything else?

Cyber-Bug: Once we have the rest of the Danger Rangers, we will bring them to you tomorrow.

Jeff: Well, that will be swell.

(He then puts the finishing touches on his new Cyber-Bug.)

Jeff: It won't be long before my haters are destroyed and very soon my takeover is complete!

(Jeff chuckled very evilly and then stopped and smirked, putting his hands at his back.)

Jeff: Any questions?

(The Cyber-Bug then raised his hand.)

Cyber-Bug: I have a question, sir?

Jeff: Yes?

Cyber-Bug: Well, I just noticed you have a countdown at 100 seconds.

Jeff: Indeed, I do.

Cyber-Bug: So, if the countdown reaches to 0, what happens next?

(Jeff stood up from his chair and walked down the hallway.)

Jeff: Well, the foundation has to be built on something, laddie.

(He then presses a button on a wall which activates a sliding door which slides to the top revealing a humongous statue with Jeff's face on it.)

Jeff: And I plan to upload myself into the internet to have mankind and everyone in this world enter a new era and rid myself of ONLY the people who've directly wronged me and my friends. And my friends includes Leroy.

Cyber-Bug: (Ponders) I see...

Jeff: It's a shame that Leroy's not admitting that the people who wronged me and he agreed with have wronged HIM too, which is why he's in the Danger Rangers' world!

Cyber-Bug: I'll tell the other Cyber-Bugs about this.

(He leaves then he takes off his helmet in a shadow, revealing to be someone who is not a Cyber-Bug.)

Someone: (Whispers) This is gonna be tougher than I thought, just hope none of this blows my cover.

(He then puts the helmet back on and takes out his communicator, sending a message to the other Cyber-Bugs.)

(Meanwhile, with the other Cyber-Bugs, carrying the bag with Burble and Burt, the Cyber-Bugs get a message on their communicators.)

Cyber-Bug: Looks like the boss plans to upload himself into the internet to have mankind and everyone in this world enter a new era and rid himself of ONLY the people who've directly wronged him and his friends. And his friends includes that monkey boy, Leroy.

(In the bag, Burble and Burt overheard every word the Cyber-Bug said.)

Burble: (Whispers) Burt, did you hear that?

Burt: (Whispers) I sure did, Burble. Something tells me that Jeff is delusional.

Burble: I just hope the others are alright.

Chapter 8

(Meanwhile, back at the Danger Rangers' headquarters, Fallbot uses his new periscope that Burt gave him while the song, "Evie (Let Your Hair Hang Down)" by Stevie Wright plays on their radio.)

Stevie Wright On Radio: Come on babe you know there ain't no time to mess around-round-round..., Evie, Evie, Evie let your hair hang down, Evie, Evie, Evie let your hair hang down, Evie, Evie, Evie let your hair hang down, Evie, Evie - let your hair hang down!

Gabriela: Any sign of them, Fallbot?

Fallbot: No, the new periscope upgrade Burt gave me may be working fine, but there's just no sign of them. I never thought they would take THIS long.

Gabriela: Me neither. Perhaps we should go out there and look for them.

Fallbot: Alright, but once go outside, let's put the headquarters on lock down.

Gabriela: You got it.

(They then left, putting the headquaters on lock down.)

(Meanwhile, Kitty, Sully and Squeeky are still looking for Burt and Burble when Gabriela and Fallbot come to them.)

Gabriela: Hola, did we miss anything?

Sully: Nothing, just the disappearance of Burt and Burble.

Gabriela and Fallbot: What?!

Squeeky: We're trying to find them.

Gabriela: Can we help too?

Sully: Sure, but first, we have to go check on Leroy.

Kitty: Yeah, come on, let's go see if Leroy's okay.

Gabriela: Si, Kitty, let's go!

Fallbot: We're coming, Leroy!

(They came back to the alley to see that Leroy wasn't there.)

Sully: Where's Leroy?

Fallbot: This is crazy!

Kitty: Calm down, Fallbot, we'll think of something.

(Then, Squeeky got kidnapped by some Cyber-Bugs, who tie a small bandanna to his mouth.)

Kitty: (Hears Squeeky's muffled voice) Squeeky, are you alright?

(Kitty then turned around and saw a Cyber-Bug shoving Squeeky into a bag.)

Kitty: Hey, leave Squeeky alone!

(Then, a Cyber-Bug threw a bandanna over Kitty's head, covering her eyes.)

Kitty: Hey, what's going on?!

Sully: Kitty? Squeeky?

(Squeeky and Kitty are then shoved into a bag as the Cyber-Bugs ran away with the bag.)

Gabriela: Hey, stop right there!

Cyber-Bug: (Notices) Run!

(Gabriela tries to get the Cyber-Bugs but they manage to run away.)

Gabriela: They got away.

Sully: Must be going to where Jeff is.

(Meanwhile, in the bag.)

Kitty: Oh, when I get that giant freak Jeff in my paws, I swear to my whiskers, I'll give him a beating he won't forget!

Squeeky: Whoa, Kitty, don't lose your temper, just calm down.

Kitty: Okay. (Takes a few deep breathes) Okay, I feel better.

(Squeeky then nodded. Meanwhile, with the three other Danger Rangers...)

Sully: We gotta find them, come on!

The two other Danger Rangers: You got it!

(The rangers then went off to find Kitty, Squeeky and Leroy.)

(Meanwhile, Leroy was on the street, walking and looking for a place to rest.)

Leroy: There's gotta be a place where I can rest for the day.

(Leroy then noticed a tree in his sight.)

Leroy: That looks like a good place to rest.

(Leroy then went up to the tree and started climbing it all the way to the top.)

Leroy: Wow! I'm pretty good at climbing, since I'm now a monkey.

(Meanwhile, Sully, Gabriela and Fallbot are searching for Leroy, Kitty, Squeeky, Burt and Burble when suddenly, they hear...)

SAVO: (Off-screen) HELP! HELP!

Sully: (Confused) Am I hearing things or is there someone calling for help?

Fallbot: I do hear someone calling for help and it's coming from over there. (He points)

Gabriela: Then, let me look. (Flies to where Fallbot was pointing and notices Leroy's purple uniform and SAVO watch.) ¡Dios mio!

Sully: What is it, G.B.?

Gabriela: It's SAVO!

Sully: You mean the SAVO watch we gave to Leroy? (Picks up Leroy's SAVO watch) SAVO, what happened?

SAVO: Those Cyber-Bugs-- They chased Leroy out of the alley and tried to catch him.

Sully: "Cyber-Bugs?" Is that what those freaks are called?

SAVO: Yes, and if that isn't bad enough, just when I was about to teleport back to headquaters to keep Leroy safe, Jeff single-handedly distracted him by making a static appear in front of him, forcing him to drop me and his uniform, and when he got near, the static disappeared!

Sully: Oh, why, Jeff, that giant idiot!

Fallbot: We have to get Leroy before the Cyber-Bugs get him too!

Gabriela: But where, oh where could he be?

Sully: Let's go find out!

(Sully, Gabriela and Fallbot then went to get Leroy.)

Chapter 9

Cyber-Bug 1: Alright, Scorpion Team, that's enough digging.

(The Scorpion Team, consisting of Scorpion-type Cyber-Bugs, stops their digging.)

Cyber-Bug 2: (Covering up the hole) Once that monkey boy shows up around here, he'll never know that we've dug a deep hole and he'll fall right in there!

Cyber-Bug 3: (Chuckling) He'll be in for a dirty suprise!

Cyber-Bug 1: (Hears someone) I think he's coming. Quick, hide!

(The Scorpion Team and the other Cyber-Bugs then ran off into the bushes to hide.)

(Meanwhile, in the tree, Leroy heard something.)

Leroy: What's that noise?

(Leroy heard footsteps coming.)

Gabriela: (Looks left) Well, he's not over there.

Sully: He's gotta be around here somewhere.

Fallbot: (Notices Leroy in the tree) There he is, he's up there, in the trees!

Sully: Well, let's go!

Gabriela: You got it!

Leroy: (Hears Sully's voice) Sully?

(Leroy notices the remaining Danger Rangers coming his way and ahead of time that the tree he's in is in front of the trap set for him by the Cyber-Bugs.)

Cyber-Bug 2: (Whispers) Almost there... Almost there...

Leroy: Sully, Gabriela, Fallbot! Watch out!

Sully: What?! Why?!

(The remaining Danger Rangers fall into the hole.)

All: Whoa! (A thud is heard) Oof!

Sully: Now, we know why.

Cyber-Bug 1: Yes! We've got the monkey boy!

Sully: Oh no, you didn't, you stupid bugs.

Cyber-Bug 2: (Shocked) What the?!

Cyber-Bug 1: Who's there?! Nobody calls us stupid!

Sully: You've got the team leader,...

Gabriela: ...the chief of operations,...

Fallbot: ...and the robot buddy of the Danger Rangers!

Cyber-Bug 2: Oh iscabobble ischaboo!

Cyber-Bug 1: Well, at least we've finally got all of the Danger Rangers.

Cyber-Bug 2: Let's grab the team leader, chief of operations and robot buddy and take them to Jeff's lair!

Leroy: (Climbs down the tree and makes his getaway) Oh, I should've believed every word Kitty said!

(Leroy stopped and turned around to see Sully getting put in a bag by one of the Scorpion Team.)

Sully: Save yourself, Leroy.

Leroy: I am, Sully, but don't blame me for not helping you, blame The Warehouse for what they did to Jeff!

Sully: We will.

(Leroy ran as fast as he could away from the Cyber-Bugs.)

(Meanwhile, Jeff was in his domain, sitting in his chair waiting impatiently.)

Jeff: I'm gonna see what's taking those brats so long.

(Jeff then activated his communicator to contact the Cyber-Bugs.)

(Meanwhile, in the bag.)

Sully: (Gulps) This is really bad.

(Meanwhile, outside, the Cyber-Bug gets a call on his communicator and the song, "We Built This City" by Starship is his ringtone.)

Ringtone on Cyber-Bug's communicator: We built this city, we built this city on rock an' roll, Built this city, we built this city on rock an' roll!

(The Cyber-Bug answers it and Jeff appears on the video feed.)

Jeff: Hello, my little Cyber-Bugs.

Cyber-Bug 1: Good afternoon, sir.

Jeff: Any news?

Cyber-Bug 1: Yes, sir, we were able to capture the rest of the Danger Rangers.

Jeff: Good now I do inform you that I have been waiting

Cyber-Bug 1: Don't worry, sir, tomorrow, we will get them to your lair.

Jeff: I'll be waiting for that day to come.

(He smiles with evil glee as the video-feed turns off.)

(One of the Cyber-Bugs then gulps.)

Cyber-Bug 1: We are so dead!

Cyber-Bug 2: Don't worry, as long as we got the kidnapped Danger Rangers, we'll still be alive.

(The Cyber-Bug then smiled as another Cyber-Bug came to them.)

Cyber-Bug 4: Okay, my bro and I managed to get two of the Danger Rangers.

Cyber-Bug 2: Then pop them into our bag.

Cyber-Bug 4: Okay.

(He dumps the Kitty and Squeeky into the main bag.)

Sully: Whoa, are you two alright?

Kitty: Well, at least I didn't have a curious case like Benjamin Button.

Squeeky: You mean the one where you age backwards?

Kitty: Maybe.

Cyber-Bug 2: Thanks.

Cyber-Bug 4: Anytime.

(Then, another Cyber-Bug comes to them.)

Cyber-Bug 5: Hey, guys, here are the other Danger Rangers.

Cyber-Bug 2: Okay, just put them in our bag.

Cyber-Bug 5: Got it!

(Burt and Burble are then thrown into the same bag which the other Danger Rangers are in.)

Kitty: You guys okay?

Burt: Yeah, Kitty, we're fine.

Burble: But, we've learned that Jeff is delusional.

Sully: What do you mean "delusional?"

Burt: Apparently, he believes that by uploading himself into the internet, he'll be helping mankind and everyone in our world enter a new era.

Burble: And he'll do whatever it takes to ONLY destroy the people who've directly wronged him and his friends.

Burble and Burt: And his friends that have been wronged includes Leroy.

Kitty: Oh my, that IS delusional.

Squeeky: I suppose that makes Jeff a delusional Lawnmower Guy.

Burble: I do think you're right, Squeeky.

(Sully then thinks for a moment.)

Sully: I'm thinking we can handle a delusional Lawnmower Guy.

(He realizes something.)

Sully: Oh, there's something G.B., Fallbot and I learned too!

Kitty: What's that, Sully?

Sully: Our kidnappers, Jeff's henchmen, they're called "Cyber-Bugs."

(Kitty, Burble, Squeeky and Burt gasp in horror.)

Squeeky: "Cyber-Bugs?"

Kitty: That sounds like a virus name to me.

(Burble then looks around in horror.)

Burble: How do we get out of here?

Sully: Don't worry, I have a plan.

Chapter 10

(Meanwhile, Leroy was still running away from the Cyber-Bugs but he stopped to catch his breath.)

Leroy: (Panting) Should have taken a bus.

(He then looked around.)

Leroy: I gotta find a place to stay.

(He then began his journey to find shelter as the song, "Send Me On My Way" by Rusted Root plays.)

Rusted Root off-screen: (On my way, on my way, on my way, on my way) I would like to reach out my hand, I may see you, I may tell you to run (on my way, on my way), You know what they say about the young, Well pick me up with golden hand, I may see you, I may tell you to run (on my way, on my way), You know what they say about the young, Well, I would like to hold my little hand, And we will run, we will, we will crawl, we will, I would like to hold my little hand, And we will run, we will, we will crawl, Send me on my way (on my way), Send me on my way (on my way), Send me on my way (on my way), Send me on my way (on my way), Send me on my way (on my way), Send me on my way (on my way), Send me on my way (on my way), Mm hmm (on my way).

(As he hears wolves howling in the background, Leroy went to the mountain and looked around until he found a shed.)

Leroy: Well, since I have nowhere to go because Cyber-Bugs might find me, I might as well sleep here.

(Leroy went to the shed and went to sleep in it when a family of wolves heard Leroy's voice.)

Wolf Girl: Mom, Dad, there's someone planning on sleeping in our shed.

Wolf Husband: Well, let's go check it out then.

(They went over to the shed.)

Wolf Husband: Hey, son, can you go see who's in there?

Wolf Boy: Sure, dad.

(The wolf boy went into the shed where Leroy was sleeping.)

Someone off-screen: Hey, what are you doing?

Leroy: (Wakes up and saw the wolf boy.) Huh? Oh my goodness, a wolf puppy!

Wolf Boy: Whoa, whoa, calm down, dude, calm down.

(Leroy then took a deep breath.)

Leroy: I'm okay.

Wolf Boy: Now, the question is who are you?

Leroy: Uh, I'm Leroy. And I'm not really a monkey, I'm a boy who turned into a monkey.

Wolf Boy: You seem like a cool guy. Wanna meet the rest of my family?

Leroy: You mean there are others?

Wolf Boy: Of course.

Leroy: Well, that's nice.

Wolf Boy: Thanks.

(The wolf girl walks in.)

Wolf Girl: Bradley, did you find who's in our shed?

Bradley: Yes, I did, Beth, and he's right here.

Leroy: Wow, another wolf puppy, a girl! Are you two related?

Bradley: Yep, she's my twin sister.

Leroy: Unreal--I mean, amazing! 

Beth: Who is he anyway?

Bradley: This is Leroy, and he's a monkey.

(Leroy then looked at Bradley annoyed.)

Leroy: I'm not a monkey. I'm a boy.

Bradley: Oh, I forgot, sorry.

(Leroy then smiled a bit and put a paw on Bradley's shoulder.)

Leroy: That's alright.

Beth: Mom, Dad, we found whoever is sleeping in our shed and he's right here.

Bradley: And he's looking for a place to stay.

Wolf Husband: Really?

Leroy: Yes.

Wolf Husband: So that's why you decided to sleep in our shed.

Leroy: Yes and I'm sorry that I slept in your shed. I'm cold and hungry and I have nowhere to go.

Wolf Wife: Come in and we'll give you something.

Wolf Husband: And by the way, welcome to Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Leroy: You mean I'm halfway around the world?

Wolf Wife: Not exactly.

Wolf Husband: It's just across the corner around Rushmore and next to the big city.

Leroy: Awkard.

(The wolf family then took Leroy into their house.)

(Leroy is safe inside and they gave him a big bowl of warm soup.)

(Leroy took one spoonful of soup and tasted it.)

Leroy: Hmmmm, this tastes good.

Wolf Wife: You must have been pretty hungry. What's your name?

Leroy: I'm Leroy. Who are you?

Wolf Husband: Harold. This is my wife, Isabella. Our kids, Beth and Bradley.

Leroy: Nice to meet you.

Isabella: You too, pumpkin.

(She then kissed Leroy on the cheek as he started to blush.)

Isabella: So you need a place to stay?

Leroy: Yes, ma'am.

Harold: Well, young man, you can stay with us.

Leroy: Thanks.

Isabella: (Yawns) Well, it's getting late. Come on, little one, I can make you a bed on our couch.

Leroy: Thanks.

(Isabella then took Leroy to the living room, where she made a bed for him with the couch, a pillow and a bed sheet.)

Isabella: (Tucking Leroy in) There you go, honey, all warm and cozy.

Leroy: Thanks, Isabella.

Harold: Hope you sleep well, kid.

Leroy: Thank you, Harold.

(Leroy thought of something for a moment.)

Leroy: Say, have any of you heard of the Danger Rangers?

All: Yes.

Leroy: Well, I was with them before I got here.

Bradley: Cool.

Leroy: Yeah, they promised to help me get out of here.

Beth: Maybe we could help.

Leroy: You will?

Isabella: Yes.

Leroy: Great!

Harold: But first, we should be getting some sleep, night, everyone!

All: Night!

(They all went to their rooms to sleep and Leroy sleeps on the couch.)

(From the ceiling, a hologram of Jeff looked at the wolf family with Leroy unnoticed.)

Jeff: (Whispers) Well, well, well, will you look at that. (Does the Hannibal Lecter impersonation) Fresh meat.

(The hologram then disappears.)

Chapter 11

(The next morning, Leroy woke up and sat up on the couch as Isabella walked up to him smiling.)

Isabella: Good morning, my little sunshine.

(She then ruffled the fur on Leroy's head as he started to blush.)

Leroy: Morning, Isabella.

Harold: (Off-screen) Breakfast is ready, everyone, come to the kitchen and eat!

Leroy: (Rubbing his hands together) All right, breakfast.

(Isabella and Leroy then went downstairs to have breakfast in the kitchen.)

(Beth tried to get her chair but it was a few feet high so Isabella helped Beth by picking her up from her armpits and sat her on the chair.)

Isabella: There you go, sweetie.

Beth: Thanks, mom.

(After Leroy licked his lips sit-leaning on his chair.)

Isabella: How did you like the breakfast, Leroy?

Leroy: Tasted delicious!

Isabella: (Smiles) I knew you would say that, bugga-boo.

(After breakfast, Leroy got out of his chair and went into the hallway.)

Harold: Where are you going, Leroy?

Leroy: I'm gonna go into the bathroom to see if I can do something with this fur.

(Leroy went to the bathroom and looked into the mirror.)

Leroy: I don't like being a monkey. I have to get this hair off my body.

(Leroy saw the electric shaver, saving cream, and razor.)

Leroy: That'll work.

(Leroy shaved all of his body; his hairy body grew fast.)

Leroy: (To himself) I'm in big trouble, am I?

(Leroy started shaving the hair off again but the hair kept on growing back.)

Leroy: Oh, this electric shaver is useless!

(Leroy crossed his arms angrily as Bradley walked into the bathroom.)

Bradley: Whatcha doing, Leroy?

Leroy: I'd tried shaving off the hair, but it's still growing. I wish my body would stop growing from hair, so I could be a boy again.

Bradley: You took an electric shaver and razor?

(Leroy nodded.)

Leroy: I just wanna shave all over my body, so I can get the fur off.

Bradley: You can't shave all over your body. You are a monkey.

Leroy: I know.

(Bradley then puts a paw on Leroy's shoulder.)

Bradley: Don't worry about it, dude.

(Beth then came into the bathroom to see what the noise was and saw Leroy and Bradley.)

Beth: What's going on?

Bradley: Leroy tried shaving all the fur off his body.

Leroy: But it didn't work.

Beth: So sorry to hear.

(Beth then took Leroy and Bradley to the living room.)

(She then walks to the television and turns it on.)

Beth: How about we watch some TV to make you feel better?

Leroy: Okay.

Bradley: Let's do it!

(Leroy and the wolf kids then sit on the couch as the TV then showed an episode of "Are You Afraid Of The Dark?")

Leroy: I know that show.

Beth: You do?

Leroy: Yep, gives me the heebie jeebies.

Beth: I never knew that.

Leroy: Also, it played before one of my favorite shows "Thundercats."

Bradley: "Thundercats?"

(Leroy nodded.)

Bradley: (Shrugs) Never heard of them.

Leroy: Well, it's about these really cool cats that live in another dimension...

(Leroy explained Thundercats to Bradley as Bradley started to feel more excited about the show.)

Bradley: That's so cool!

Leroy: Yes, it is.

Beth: And I'm thinking that comes before my favorite show "Dirtgirlworld."

Leroy: Hey, I remember that show.

Beth: Really?

Leroy: Yeah, the animation style was creepy when I saw it.

Beth: (Chuckles) It depends which way you look at it, Leroy.

(The show on the TV was then interrupted by a news report hosted by a fox news reporter.)

News Reporter: This just in, an evil cape wearing freak arrived onto our planet, the world-famous heroes helping kids learn about safety and fighting crime with the safety's power, known as the Danger Rangers, were kidnapped and sightings of strange static are appearing all over our city.

Beth: What an evil person.

Bradley: The Danger Rangers were kidnapped?

Leroy: I'm afraid so and that's the static that I tried to go into!

(The TV cuts to a shot where investigators are investigating the place where Sully, Gabriela and Fallbot were trapped by the Cyber-Bugs.)

News Reporter: Police have suspected that the incident might have been caused by a certain glitch in Earth's atmosphere, we still do not know how it made these events but investigators of the Hazard team are investigating the scene where three of the Danger Rangers were kidnapped by a trap. More on how the story develops tonight on The Animal World News.

Leroy: Luckilly, I know that freak.

Bradley: You do?

Beth: Who is he?

Leroy: Jeff Sheen the Lawnmower Guy, a friend of mine, who, sadly, has betrayed me.

Beth: Really?

Leroy: Yes and I heard he wants to take over everything.

Bradley: You think you can stop him before he does that?

Leroy: (Thinks) I hope so.

Chapter 12

(Meanwhile, back with the Danger Rangers, the team finds themselves at Jeff's lair after being captured by the Cyber-Bugs.)

Sully: Well, team, this is it.

Kitty: I hope Leroy will be alright.

(Burble put his paw on Kitty's shoulder.)

Burble: Don't worry, once we get Jeff, we can work on getting Leroy back.

(Kitty then smiled.)

Sully: Ready, Kitty?

Kitty: Ready.

Sully: Okay, now!

(Kitty then managed to break the team out of the bag with her skills, beating up Cyber-Bugs that brought the rangers there.)

(As she does this, the song, "Naughty Girls Need Love Too" by Samantha Fox starts to play.)

Samantha Fox Offsreen: Baby don't let me be misunderstood, Temporary love's so bad but if feels so good, Then along came you, Now I know its true, Naughty girls need love too!

Burble: That was great, Kitty!

Kitty: Thanks, Burble.

Sully: Now let's go finish off Jeff!

The other Danger Rangers: Roger that!

(The Danger Rangers then set off to defeat Jeff.)

(Meanwhile, in the lair Jeff is talking with a Cyber-Bug.)

Jeff: So, I am almost finished with my Australian Cyber-Bug, all I need now is to generate it.

Cyber-Bug: I'll get some generators for you, sir.

(He leaves.)

Jeff: Good.

(Burble then busted the door down with his strength and it scared Jeff.)

Jeff: What the ringing bells!

(The Danger Rangers then go inside the lair.)

Kitty: Halt, freak!

Sully: We Danger Rangers have you under arrest!

(Jeff looked around and looked back at the Danger Rangers.)

Jeff: But how did you manage to escape my men?

Kitty: I guess you haven't noticed, I got sweet moves.

Burt: Now, do you have any last requests before we haul you into jail?

(Jeff smirked evilly as he could.)

Jeff: What happened to little Leroy, eh?

Squeeky: That is for us to know and you to never find out!

Jeff: Oh, really? Then, Cyber-Bugs!

(Suddenly, a group of Cyber-Bugs come running in, cornering the Danger Rangers.)

Jeff: Take them to the cell!

Sully: Not today, let's go, Danger Rangers

The other Danger Rangers: We're on it!

(The rangers then fight the Cyber-Bugs as the song, "Torture" by the Jacksons starts to play.)

Jacksons off-screen: It was on a street so evil, So bad that even darkness disowned it, Every single step was trouble, For the fool who stumbled on it, Eyes within the dark were watching, I felt the sudden chill of danger, Something told me keep on walking, Told me I should not have come there.

(The rangers successfully take down some of the Cyber-Bugs, but then a Cyber-Bug took a laser and zapped the Danger Rangers, making them freeze in a wire-frame cube then, Jeff pointed his finger to the left, ordering the Cyber-Bugs to take them into the cell, the Cyber-Bugs accept and march to the cell.)

Jacksons off-screen: Baby, 'cause you cut me like a knife, Without your love in my life, Alone I walk in the night, 'Cause I just can't stop this feelin', It's torture, It's torture, It's torture!

Jeff: (To himself) I love having revenge.

(Then, a Cyber-Bug walked up to Jeff.)

Cyber-Bug: Boss, we have found the whereabouts of the kid you call Leroy.

Jeff: Where exactly?

(The Cyber-Bug holds up a laptop, showing a map of Santa Fe, the Cyber-Bug then points at a certain small brick house.)

Cyber-Bug: Somewhere in this area.

Jeff: Where is the area located?

Cyber-Bug: Somewhere in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

(Jeff then thinks for a moment.)

Jeff: Find him and also, I hear he has new friends, find them too.

Cyber-Bug: Yes, boss.

(The Cyber-Bug then leaves as Jeff then does an evil chuckle to himself while rubbing his hands together.)

Jeff: Looks like I now have you in my trap, Leroy.

(Jeff chuckles again.)

Sully: (After overhearing) Leroy has new friends? (To the rest of the Danger Rangers) Looks like our only chance is to have them and Leroy somehow get to us.

Jacksons off-screen: It's torture!

Chapter 13

(Meanwhile, with Leroy and the wolf family, the wolf parents decide to go shopping.)

Harold: Leroy, come down here, kid!

(Leroy went down the stairs to see them.)

Leroy: Yes, sir.

Isabella: We just have to go downtown and do some shopping.

(They showed Leroy their shopping bags.)

Leroy: Is there anything I can do?

Harold: You can take care of the house and the kids. We won't be long. We'll be back for an hour.

Leroy: Alright, I'll make sure everything goes smoothly.

Isabella: I know you will, pumpkin.

(The wolf parents then go outside.)

(Meanwhile, some Cyber-Bugs with rope were waiting on the roof, looking at Isabella and Harold leaving for the store.)

Cyber-Bug 1: (Whispers) Okay, now, wait till they're gone.

Cyber-Bug 2: (Whispers) Yes, sir.

(Meanwhile, inside the house the wolf kids go downstairs to the living room to see Leroy.)

Bradley: Hey, dude!

Leroy: Hey, dude!

(Him and Bradley then high five each other.)

Beth: Where are mom and dad?

Leroy: Well, your parents left to go shopping and left me in charge.

Beth: Well, that's alright.

(The wolf kids then thought for a minute.)

Bradley: So,... what should we do?

Beth: How about we play some games?

Leroy: That's a great idea, let's go!

(They're playing board game when suddenly, a window breaks, scaring the wolf kids.)

Beth: What was that!?

(Then, a group of Cyber-Bugs swing through the window and into the house.)

Cyber-Bug 3: Today, we have a special delivery for a few kids.

(The Cyber-Bug then aims his gun at Leroy and the wolf kids.)

Bradley: RUN!

(Leroy and the wolf kids then ran out of the room while being chased by the Cyber-Bugs until they stopped at a very strange box.)

Leroy: Who put that box there?

Bradley: I don't know.

Beth: Come on, let's see what's inside it.

(So Leroy and the wolf kids went into the box to see what was inside it.)

Leroy: What's in there?

Beth: There's nothing in here.

Leroy: Maybe if we go deep in the box, we'll find something in it.

Bradley: Are you sure this will work?

Leroy: With my thinking, it will make it work.

Bradley: Okay.

(Leroy looked into the box.)

(The wolf kids followed Leroy into the box.)

Bradley: Did you find it, Leroy?!

Leroy: No but this box is very deep!

(Meanwhile, the Cyber-Bugs are at the door waiting for the kids to go deeper into the box and when they are deeper...)

Cyber-Bug 3: (Takes out a switch) (Whispers) Go, go, Gadget... trapper!

(He presses the button.)

(The box turned into cage as one of the Cyber-Bugs locked them in with a digital lock.)

Cyber-Bug 3: (Smiles) Learned those first three words from "Inspector Gadget!"

Cyber-Bug 2: (Confused) Wait, I just noticed that he had a mustache in one episode but not in the other episodes. Why's that?

Cyber-Bug 3: I think that one episode was a pilot.

Leroy and wolf kids: We're trapped!

Cyber-Bug 2: (Laughs) Indeed you are!

Leroy and wolf kids: Help! Help!

Cyber-Bug 1: We got them!

Cyber-Bug 3: I knew the old cage-as-a-box trick would work!

Cyber-Bug 2: Let's get them back to Jeff's lovely lair!

Cyber-Bug 1: Looks like (Sings) It's coming home, It's coming home, It's coming, Football's coming home, It's coming home, It's coming home, It's coming, Football's coming home!

Cyber-Bug 3: Do you really have to sing that?

Cyber-Bug 1: What? It's a cool song!

Cyber-Bug 2: (Confused) Let's just go!

Both Cyber-Bugs: Roger!

(A Cyber-Bug then saw "Dirtgirlworld" on the TV.)

Dirtgirl on TV: Calling all green thumbs, I challenge you to make a tomato soup can statue!

Cyber-Bug 3: Hey, my favorite show's on!

Cyber-Bug 2: We don't have time for that, besides that animation style is creepy!

(The Cyber-Bug then takes the other Cyber-Bug out of the living room.)

Cyber-Bug 3: (Whines) But the green thumbs are gonna make a tomato soup can statue!

Cyber-Bug 2: Come on!

(The Cyber-Bugs then left the house with Leroy and the wolf kids in the cell.)

(An hour later, the wolf parents came home from shopping.)

Harold: Kids, we're home!

(They look around the living room.)

Isabella: Sweetie pies, where are you?

(Then, Harold found the note.)

Isabella: What's happening?

Harold: They took Leroy and the kids.

(Isabella then got shocked.)

Isabella: (Scared) MY BABIES!

(She then fainted and fell to the floor as Harold caught her.)

Harold: (Shakes Isabella) Honey, are you alright? Honey!

(Meanwhile, Leroy and wolf kids are carried in the cell by the Cyber-Bugs.)

Bradley: This is terrible!

Cyber-Bug: Shut up back there!

Leroy: I sure hope the Danger Rangers are okay.

Chapter 14

(They took them to the hideout spot.)

Cyber-Bug: We have them, boss.

Jeff: Good, very good, now to my domain!

(Jeff and the Cyber-Bugs bring the wolf kids and Leroy in the cell to Jeff's domain.)

(Jeff put in a code into the big door of the domain then the big door opens and they enter.)

Bradley: This is creepy.

Beth: Too creepy.

(The wolf kids then get shocked by the Cyber-Bug's shocker making them yelp in fear.)

Cyber-Bug: Shut up!

Jeff: Welcome to my domain, Leroy.

(Jeff then spotted a Cyber-Bug playing on his handheld gaming device, Jeff angrily marches to the Cyber-Bug and slaps the Cyber-Bug's head, getting his attention.)


Cyber-Bug: (Quickly) Yes sir!

(He then sped off to get back to work as Jeff started to smirk evilly.)

Leroy: Why did you kidnap me and my new friends?

Jeff: To get you to understand something, Leroy.

Beth: Wait a minute, you want Leroy to understand something?!

Bradley: Yeah! Eh, what is it don't ya understand, Leroy?

Leroy: Well..., I don't know. But what is it do I need to understand and why do I need to?

Jeff: Don't you remember? The people who hated you? You went through the same torture as I did!

(Leroy started to get more confused by this.)

Leroy: (Realizes) Wait, are you talking about those bullies that used to mess with me?

(Jeff nodded.)

Jeff: Yes, my friend, they have messed with you since the day you moved to that stupid and ugly town!

Leroy: (Offended) Jeff, that is offensive! You can't talk about that town like that! How dare you!

Jeff: How dare I? Well, because I am GOD here--I mean, in cyberspace, my friend.

Bradley: That's spooky.

Jeff: Just you wait till the countdown, my friend.

Beth: What countdown?

Jeff: The countdown for the takeover of both worlds.

Leroy: Alright, enough of this! Where are the Danger Rangers!?

Jeff: Oh, I forgot. (Points left) They're right here, my friend.

(Sully, Burt, Burble, Squeeky, Kitty, Gabriela, and Fallbot are in a cell protected by very strong bars.)

Bradley: It's them!

Beth: It's the Danger Rangers!

Cyber-Bug: I said shut up!

(The wolf kids then get shocked again by the Cyber-Bug's shocker, making them yelp in fear again.)

Leroy: (Glares at the Cyber-Bug with the shocker) That's enough, you big insect!

(The Cyber-Bug, scared by Leroy's glare, puts the shocker down.)

Cyber-Bug: You win, kid, but in a few seconds, you won't be so lucky.

(He then smirks)

Burt: There you are, Leroy.

Kitty: I hope nothing happened to you.

Leroy: Sully, Squeeky, Burble, Gabriela, Fallbot, Burt, Kitty. I'm fine.

Burble: Thank goodness, you're alright, Leroy.

(Jeff turned his head to Leroy with an evil smirk.)

Jeff: Leroy, you and the wolf kids will be put in the cell where I put the Danger Rangers and all of you will be watching me get my revenge on those who have wronged me throughout my life. And you must admit it, Leroy, you've been agreeing with those people who wronged YOU too!! So, now, Oh Cyber-Bugs!

(The Cyber-Bugs then grabbed onto Beth and pulled her out of the cell.)

Bradley: Hey, take your hands off my sister!

Jeff: Can't tell me what to do, wolf brat!

Leroy: Leave her alone!


(A tear starts to roll down Leroy's face.)

Kitty: (Whispers) Poor, poor kid.

Jeff: Take the wolf kids and the monkey in with the Danger Rangers! I got bigger fish to fry!

Cyber-Bug: Yes, sir.

(Jeff leaves.)

(Leroy started crying as a Cyber-Bug threw him and the wolf kids into the cell.)

Cyber-Bug: So long, losers!

(The Danger Rangers and the wolf kids rushed to Leroy to see if he's okay.)

Burble: Leroy! Are you alright?

Leroy: I'm fine, Burble. (Sighs) I'll never get out of here.

(The Danger Rangers and the wolf kids started to get confused.)

Leroy: You know what, guys? You're right all along. I'm not a boy. I'm just a monkey. An insignificant monkey.

(Leroy knelt on his knees and began to cry.)

Kitty: Oh, poor thing.

(Kitty got down to Leroy's level, smiled, and wiped Leroy's tears away with her paw.)

(The song, "Wolves" by Selena Gomez starts to play.)

Selena Gomez off-screen: I wanna feel the way that we did that summer night, Lost in a feeling, alone with the stars in the sky.

Kitty: Look, Leroy, you're maybe a monkey now, but you are still a boy and something much more. You are a special boy.

(Leroy then smiled a bit as Kitty smiled and wrapped her arms around Leroy, pulling him into a hug, hoping it would cheer him up.)

Selena Gomez off-screen: I've been running through the jungle, I've been running with the wolves, To get to you, to get to you, I've been down the darkest alleys, Saw the dark side of the moon, To get to you, to get to you.

Fallbot: And I wouldn't say "insignificant," Leroy, I would just say "upset."

Leroy: Upset?

Fallbot: Yes, some things are really troubling you. I've been given a therapist update by Burt by the way.

Leroy: That's something new, I hadn't heard of that before.

Fallbot: Well, now you have, Leroy.

Sully: You see, I have something to ask you, Leroy.

Leroy: What is it, Sully?

Sully: Why are you running away from us?

Burble: We thought you would enjoy being with us.

Leroy: I want to get out of here. Because I am a boy. I'm Leroy the boy. But thanks to a weird monster, I'm stuck in monkey's body. My parents will be sick and worried about me.

(Then, a Cyber-Bug came to their cell.)

Cyber-Bug: Actually, that was a Giga-creature, it's an electronic traveler that Jeff created.

Burble: Really?

Cyber-Bug: Of course, apparently, Giga-creatures are a certain mix of electricity and some dark slime that Jeff was able to dig up.

Burt: That's so evil.

Cyber-Bug: Yes and also,...

(The Cyber-Bug took out a key and gave it to Burt through the middle of the cell and revealed himself to be the same someone in disguise, who thought it would be tougher than he thought and he turns out to be an armadillo kid.)

Armadillo kid: (Whispers) I'm not a Cyber-Bug, it's actually me, Alro, the armadillo kid and undercover secret agent for the Junior Danger Rangers.

(Alro shows his gun.)

Alro: (Whispers) See? My gun is just a water gun from the mow top store down the street.

Kitty: Thank goodness, it's only one of the Junior Danger Rangers.

Alro: (Whispers) Yes and I'm gonna get you out of here.

Leroy: Who're the Junior Danger Rangers?

Sully: Oh, well, they are kids who help us, Leroy.

Leroy: Cool.

Alro: (Whispers) Yes, cool, but right now, you guys have to get out of here.

Cyber-Bug off-screen: Hey, dude! Help me out with this Hannibal Lecter impostor!

Hannibal Lecter Impostor: (Off-screen) What is it in itself like a mouth in a silk cocoon.

Alro: (To Cyber-Bug) Coming! (To the Danger Rangers) (Whispers) I hope you can make it out alive.

(Alro then leaves.)

(Kitty then strokes Leroy's head.)

Kitty: You heard that, sweetheart? We're gonna get out of here.

Squeeky: Then, we will take down Jeff!

Burble: And make the world safe again!

Leroy: Hey, what about me?

Burble: Oh yeah and get you back to your world.

Burt: And back into your original body.

Burble: But how do we do that?

Kitty: Maybe if Leroy can help us defeat Jeff and overcome everything that's troubling him, he will be able to go home.

Leroy: Really?

Squeeky: What do ya, say, Leroy are you in?

(Leroy nodded.)

Leroy: Count me in. Did you at least find the SAVO watch you gave me?

Sully: Yes, we did. (Hands Leroy the watch then points to the wolf kids) And by the way, these must be your new friends that we heard you had. What are their names?

Leroy: This is Bradley and Beth and they are twin siblings. They've let me stay in their home.

Sully: Got it, Leroy. Alright, team, let's do it!

Kitty: But Jeff's too powerful against us, it would take a miracle to make him lose some of his powers.

(Leroy thinks for a moment. A flashback shows Burt giving Leroy the mirror to look in.)

Leroy: (To Burt) Hey, Burt, do you still have that mirror you gave me to look in?

Burt: What do you need it for?

Leroy: This may sound like it's "MythBusters," but I'm predicting that if Jeff's energy attack hits it, it will bounce right back at him.

Burt: Could it work?

Leroy: (Sighs) We'll find out.

Selena Gomez off-screen: Oh to get to you.

Chapter 15

(Squeeky spies and gets out of the bars and takes the key, unlocking the cell as Leroy opened the cell door.)

(Meanwhile, a Cyber-Bug guarding the cell is sleeping as Squeeky sees him.)

Cyber-Bug: (Snoring) No, Mom, I don't wanna wash the dishes again.

Squeeky: Alright, come on, everyone, we gotta be really quiet.

Cyber-Bug: (Snoring) Why do you even make me wear that baby chicken costume to school? Everyone's gonna make fun of me.

Kitty: Didn't know he had childhood traumas.

Leroy: (Strict) Kitty, he's talking in his sleep.

Cyber-Bug: (Snoring) No, Mom, not the leg bone taser, please!

Leroy: (Freaked out) Okay..., let's go!

Kitty: The less I know about him, the better.

(The Danger Rangers, Leroy and the wolf kids crept out of the domain and into the control room, where Jeff and the Cyber-Bugs are in a meeting.)

Jeff: In countdown, we have 55 seconds.

Cyber-Bug: And after that, your takeover will begin.

Jeff: Yes, it will, my little Cyber-Bug.

(The Cyber-Bugs are then formed into 6 straight lines.)

Jeff: Left shoulder, hut!

(The Cyer-Bugs then place their zappers on their left shoulders in soldier style.)

Jeff: Nice work, soldiers, now march!

(The Cyber-Bugs then practicing marching on the spot.)

Squeeky: (Whispers) Looks like they are about to start the takeover in 50 seconds.

Kitty: (Whispers) Well, then, we have to stop them.

Burble: (Whispers) Do you have an idea, Squeeky?

Squeeky: (Whispers) Hold up, I'll look through my binoculars.

(Squeeky looked through his binoculars.)

Squeeky: (Whispers) Looks like we can suprise him while he isn't looking.

Leroy: (Worried) Hope this will work.

(Kitty stroked Leroy's fur.)

Kitty: Don't be afraid, Sweetheart.

Leroy: I'm not afraid like I used to be, Kitty.

Kitty: Glad to hear that, my little monkey.

Squeeky: (Whispers) Looks like a big crowd of Cyber-Bugs tonight.

Burble: (Whispers) Do they see us?

Squeeky: (Whispers) Looks like they're not.

Kitty: (Whispers) Well, it's time for the final countdown.

Squeeky: (Whispers) You got it, Kitty.

Leroy: (Whispers) Then, let's go.

Jeff: Now in about 32 seconds, the two worlds will soon be mine!

(Jeff then laughed evilly then jumped when Leroy from behind called out...)

Leroy: Hey, video game losers! Listen, old friend, if you know what's best for you, then you must stop the countdown!

(The Cyber-Bugs and Jeff turned around and then saw the Danger Rangers and Leroy out of their hiding spot, preparing to battle.)

Jeff: (Shocked) How did you escape?!

Gabriela: That is our little secret that we won't tell you, Señor Jeff!

Jeff: Well, it won't be a secret for long! Guards!

(Cyber-Bugs then start to approach Leroy and the Danger Rangers.)

Jeff: Take them out!

(The Cyber-Bugs then activate their weapons, preparing for battle as the Danger Rangers get into their fighting stances.)

Leroy: Alright, guys. (Cracks his knuckles.) Let's kick their butts!

Kitty: You got it!

Leroy: 'Cause what's the motto?

Danger Rangers: Safety rules!

Leroy: That's right! Now let's go!

(They charged towards Jeff and the Cyber-Bugs for the battle as the Cyber-Bugs then charged towards the rangers.)

(Burt hid his shell, slid, and started pinballing and bowling at Cyber-Bugs, Burble wrestled the Cyber-Bugs, Kitty used cheerleader moves and karated the Cyber-Bugs, Sully used his nose to throw rocks teleported by SAVO at the Cyber-Bugs, Squeeky throws cheese at the Cyber-Bugs, Gabriela flew so fast, that it makes Cyber-Bugs spin rapidly and fall on their faces, Fallbot takes powers from five Cyber-Bugs, each a different type (a fire ant, a shell bug, a scorpion, a rhino beetle, and a tick), and uses them against them, the wolf kids are finding a way to shut down Jeff's machine, and Leroy tries to charge at Jeff but ultimately gets caught in a glue trap set by two Cyber-Bugs hiding outside the lair, hanging from a pole.)

Cyber-Bug 1: This is a great idea, man!

Cyber-Bug 2: I know!

(They both high five each other from the top of the pole but their hands get stuck on top of the pole because they still have glue on them.)

(Meanwhile, Leroy tries to remove his feet from the glue trap, Kitty sees this and cheers Leroy on.)

Kitty: Come on, Leroy, you can do it!

(Sully then joins in.)

Sully: Yeah, Leroy, you can get out of that trap!

(Leroy nods in appreciation at Kitty and Sully, he then turns around and closes his eyes and in a slow mo scene, Leroy manages to remove his feet from the trap and continue to charge at Jeff.)

Jeff: No, that can't be!

Leroy: (Charging at Jeff.) Oh yeah!

Burt: (While bowling at the Cyber-Bugs) Whoa! Way to go, Leroy! Cowabunga!

(The Cyber-Bugs tried to defeat Burble but they always get hit by him with his strong punches.)

Burble: (Grunts) You can't defeat me, I'm made of steel!

Cyber-Bug 1: We're gonna need bigger help!

Cyber-Bug 2: You got it! Send down The Brick!

(The Brick, a huge, muscular Tick-type Cyber-Bug walks right up to Burble.)

The Brick: Dare to challenge me?

Burble: Well, of course!

The Brick: (Raises both fists) Let's see if you can face The Brick!

(The Brick threw a punch at Burble but manages to block it with his fist.)

Burble: Watch out for that first step!

The Brick: Wait, what?

(Burble then threw The Brick onto the floor face first, destroying his circuits instantly.)

(The Brick then rose his head as he laid on the floor.)

The Brick: (Defeated) You are really strong.

Burble: That's why my working out is better than yours, you weak little machine!

(The Brick groaned in horror and slapped his face back on the floor.)

Sully: (While tossing the rocks at the Cyber-Bugs with his nose) Kitty, do your cute kitten move!

Kitty: I thought we agreed that would turn out bad!

Sully: (While tossing the rocks at the Cyber-Bugs with his nose) Well, it won't this time! Do it now!

Kitty: Okay!

(Kitty then went a cute pose as a Cyber-Bug watches.)

(The song, "Livin' La Vida Loca" by Ricky Martin starts to play as she does the move.)

Ricky Martin off-screen: Upside, inside out, She's livin' la vida loca, She'll push and pull you down, Livin' la vida loca, Her lips are devil red, And her skin's the color mocha, She will wear you out, Livin' la vida loca, (Come on!), Livin' la vida loca, (Come on!), She's livin' la vida loca!

Kitty: Hello, handsome. Meow.

(The Cyber-Bug's eyes then turn into hearts until Kitty punches him, making him fall.)

Sully: (While tossing the rocks at the Cyber-Bugs with his nose) Nice one, Kitty!

Kitty: Thanks! I guess you meant for us to agree that it would turn out bad at the wrong times.

Sully: (While tossing the rocks at the Cyber-Bugs with his nose) That is correct, Kitty!

Squeeky: (Throwing cheese at the Cyber-Bugs) Hey, take that!

Cyber-Bug: (Getting hit) Who the electro even uses cheese as weapons!?

Gabriela: (While flying so fast, making the Cyber-Bugs spin rapidly and fall on their faces) He does, you psycho!

Fallbot: (About to use the Cyber-Bugs' powers against them) That's right!

Fire ant-type Cyber-Bug: (Shocked) No! Impossible! You can't use our own powers against us!

Fallbot: (While using the Cyber-Bugs' powers against them) I can and I am!

Rhino beetle-type Cyber-Bug: (Angrily) Okay, copycat, you've had your fun!

(He charges at Fallbot but then gets repelled by the Shell bug-type's shield and punched by the Tick-type's punch.)

Fallbot: That should take care of him.

Leroy: (Impressed by Fallbot's moves) Wow, Fallbot, kind of like in "Mega Man!"

Fallbot: (While using the Cyber-Bugs' powers against them) Well, it is my special talent, Leroy!

Burt: (While bowling at the Cyber-Bugs) I gave Fallbot that talent as I remember playing that game as a kid.

Leroy: Totally cool, Burt!

Beth: Yes, go, go, Danger Rangers!

Bradley: Alright then, Beth, we must find a way to stop the machine.

(Bradley found a switch on the machine and pulled it but when he did, a huge cylinder portal covered in static shot from the machine and into the sky.)

Leroy: That must be the portal to send me home.

Jeff: I'm afraid not!

(Jeff held his hands out at Leroy.)

Leroy: Jeff, don't!

(Jeff's energy comes shooting out of his hands and Leroy blocks the energy with the same mirror Burt gave to him to look in, the energy then bounced off the mirror and hit Jeff, sending him into a scared and angry mood. The Danger Rangers see this.)

Leroy: Whoa!

Jeff: (Panting angrily) WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING TO ME!?!

(When the energy beam disappears, Jeff then clutched his heart, groaning in pain and fell to the floor.)

Sully: Great move, Leroy! Just like you predicted!

Leroy: Myth confirmed.

Jeff: You just took away my levitating ability that I could use anywhere besides cyberspace!

Leroy: Well, that's what you get for being so mean to the people in my world and this world!

Jeff: (Scoffs) You think I would go through all this trouble just because everyone hated me!?!

Leroy: Heh, not everyone, old friend. I may have agreed with some of the people who hated me too, but Dad told me that having revenge is not right!

Jeff: (Stands up) Well, your dad is a twit!

Leroy: (Offended) Hey! First of all, my dad is NOT a twit. Secondly, my dad being called a twit is like YOU being called a twit. And third, you may be right about both of us going through the same torture, but YOU should've repayed our bullies with respect like I did!

Jeff: (Grumbles) Respect my fist! Your naive idiocy makes me VERY ANGRY!

Leroy: Huh! I'll respect your fist all right! And you're the one who is naive, even worse, you are delusional!

Burble: (To Burt) Just like you said.

Jeff: (Angrily) DELUSIONAL!?!

Leroy: Yes, you are!

Jeff: (Breathes heavily) But I did everything! Everything you ever asked me to do!

Leroy: Indeed, you did!

Jeff: I did all your lawnmowing and even did it on the weekends!

Leroy: Those days are behind us, Jeff, just admit it! You're a criminal now!

Jeff: (Angrily) A CRIMINAL?!

(Alro then comes in behind Leroy.)

Alro: Leroy's got a point, Jeff.

Jeff: What?! You traitor!

Leroy: That's not what you really think.

Jeff: What do you mean?

Leroy: I wouldn't say "traitor," I would say "impostor."

Jeff: "Impostor?!"

Alro: (Removes his Cyber-Bug disguise) That's right, when the Cyber-Bugs came to hunt down the Danger Rangers, I ambushed one of them and used his remains as a disguise to keep an eye on you from the very beginning.

Cyber-Bug: So that's what happened to our fellow Cyber-Bug in the alley. (Shocked) You Cyber-Bug killer!

Alro: You bet I'm a Cyber-Bug killer but I'm also an undercover Junior Danger Ranger!

Jeff: So, you WERE a fake! You will pay for impersonating a Cyber-Bug! Zorn, arise from your slumber, show the world what you were created to do!

(Zorn, the same monstrous electric Giga-creature who pulled Leroy into the Danger Rangers' world, arrives.)


Jeff: I did, Zorn, my precious creation.


Leroy: Zorn? Is that the name of the Giga-creature who pulled me in?

Jeff: (To Leroy) That's right! (To Zorn) Zorn, attack my long-time little friend and that Cyber-Bug impersonator!


Leroy: (Scared) Oh my gorilla!


(Zorn roared as loud as he could, making blue lightning surround the Cyber-Bugs.)

Alro: What's going on?

Jeff: It's a little upgrade proceeder, you stupid impostor!

(The Cyber-Bugs then turn from blue to purple as laser cannons appear on their heads.)


Jeff: Precisely, my creation, and I have more tricks up my sleeve.

(He pressed a button on his arm, which makes green electricity bring in a flying lawnmower.)

Jeff: A perfect work of art if I do say so myself.

Leroy: What the bananas!

Alro: He had a hacker button.

Leroy: A what?

Alro: A machine built by Dr. Abello to manipulate electronics.

Leroy: No.

Alro: Yep.

(The song, "The Final Countdown" by Europe starts to play.)

Europe off-screen: I guess there is no one to blame, We're leaving ground (leaving ground), Will things ever be the same again?

Jeff: And now, my creations, DESTROY THEM!! TO BATTLE!!

(Zorn and the flying lawnmower charge into attack.)

Europe off-screen: It's the final countdown, The final countdown, The final countdown, The final countdown, Oh!

Leroy: Holy bananas!

Burble: (Fighting one of the upgraded Cyber-Bugs) Watch out, Leroy!

Kitty: (Fighting one of the upgraded Cyber-Bugs) Just believe in yourself!

Leroy: I got it, Kitty!

(Leroy manages to grab the flying lawnmower as it then sweeps Leroy off his feet and flew around in a circle with Leroy hanging on.)

Alro: Hold on tight, Leroy!

Leroy: That's what I'm doing, Alro! (To himself) Boy, this lawnmower is fast!

Europe off-screen: It's the final count down, We're leaving together, The final count down, We'll all miss her so, It's the final countdown!

(After managing to get it to the ground by force, Leroy then reached the lawnmower's back and opened the inside, pulling out its cable.)

Leroy: That should take care of it!

(The lawnmower then shuts down as Leroy then takes a steel pipe from the machine off the floor and smashes it to bits.)

Jeff: Stop that!

Leroy: Too late, Jeff!

Alro: Right on, Leroy!

(Then, Zorn roared again, charging at Leroy.)

Squeeky: Leroy, look out!

Wolf kids: (Each pulling out a rubber ball) Don't worry, we've got him!

Zorn: (Sees the wolf kids with the rubber balls) IF THIS DAY GETS ANY WEIRDER, I MAY HAVE TO SCREAM!

(They throw the rubber balls at Zorn and they hit him, sending him flying out the window)

Zorn: YEP, THAT ABOUT DOES IT! (Screaming) AAAAHHHH!! (Crashes to the ground, dying in the process)

Leroy: Way to go, kids!

Jeff: (Crying) No, Zorn!

Leroy: Your Giga-creature is history, Jeff!

(Jeff wiped his tears away and turned to Leroy with a sense of anger and rage in his eyes.)

Jeff: You helped my prisoners escape then you destroyed my beautiful Giga-creature, Zorn with the help of your stupid, stupid friends and you shattered my plan into a million pieces!!! NOW, YOU WILL DIE!!!

(He then takes out a wrist-machine and pulls a switch on it which makes green sparks surround Jeff and cover him metanical armour with a electromorphic metal helmet and a black and green cape.)

Leroy: (Worried) Oh rats.

Jeff: This new form I created will be able to destroy you!

(Jeff then swings a punch at Leroy as he manages to dodge it then Jeff gives a smirk and kicks Leroy in the leg making him fall.)

Leroy: Hey, that's not fair!

Jeff: Shut up! You would honestly think life is not fair!

Leroy: (Angrily) Oh, that's it! (Stands up) You'll be slipping on a banana peel when I'm done with you!

Jeff: Try me then!

(Leroy throws a punch at Jeff, who blocks it with his clutch.)

Jeff: (Smirks) Game on.

(Then, a kung fu battle begins with Leroy and Jeff facing each other in the final fight.)

Kitty: (Cheering) You can do it, Leroy!

Burble: (Cheering) Yeah, come on, kid!

(The song, "Kung Fu Fighting" by Jack Black and CeeLo Green starts to plays as Leroy swung some punches and Jeff dodge them.)

CreeLo Green and Jack Black off-screen: Everybody is Kung Fu fighting, Your mind becomes fast as lightning, Although the future is a little bit frightening, (Little bit frightening), It's the book of your life that you're writing, (Life that you're writing)!

(Jeff then jumped up throwing a kick at Leroy who blocks it with his clutch Leroy then uses a move to spin Jeff around, making him fall to the ground.)

CreeLo Green and Jack Black off-screen: You're a diamond in the rough, A brilliant ball of clay. You could be a work of art, (Ah), If you just go all the way. (Look Out) Now what would it take to break? (Shee) I believe that you can bend, Not only do you have to fight, (Huh) But you have got to win!

(Leroy then was able to swing a heavy punch at Jeff hurting him in the process as Jeff then stands up injured.)

CreeLo Green and Jack Black off-screen: Everybody is Kung fu fightin, (Kung fu fighting), Your mind becomes fast as lightning, Although the future is a little bit frightening, (Little bit frightening), It's the book of your life that you're writing, (Life that you're writing)!

(Leroy was just about to finish Jeff when Jeff then swung a left punch at Leroy making Leroy fall.)

(Jeff then jumps onto Leroy and puts him in a headlock.)

Jeff: You can't kill me, Leroy, you're just a monkey boy!

(Leroy then notices a zapper from one of the Cyber-Bugs he manages to get it and aim it at Jeff.)

Leroy: I'm not just a monkey boy, Jeff,... I am a GENIUS!

(He then zaps Jeff as he then lets go of Leroy.)

Jeff: You stupid monkey! I hate you!

Leroy: I don't care!

(Leroy then stands up and dusts himself down as the Danger Rangers, Alro and the wolf kids run up to him and Jeff.)

Kitty: Leroy, are you alright?

Leroy: I'm fine, guys

Burble: That's great, kid.

Kitty: Let's get out of here!

Leroy: You got it!

Jeff: Not this time!

(Jeff picked up Leroy and threw him into the static just like a javelin.)

Leroy: Noooooo!

(Leroy went in the static portal after Jeff threw him in.)

All: Leroy!

Jeff: FORGET IT! He won't be coming back when I shut down the portal.

(Then, something came from out of the portal and stopped at Kitty's feet as the static portal disappears, Kitty picked it the item up to see that it was a miniature bomb with a note from Leroy.)

Kitty: (Reads the note.) "Use this for your victory. From Leroy?"

Jeff: (Shocked) No..., that's impossible!

Sully: (Smirks) Looks like we won, Jeff!

(Kitty activated the bomb and rolled it to Jeff's feet, causing him to gulp as the Danger Rangers, along with Alro and the wolf kids, managed to escape in an escape pod in the lair just before the bomb reached 0, after that, the lair exploded.)

(The Danger Rangers, the wolf kids and Alro looked out the escape pod window as the lair exploded.)

Kitty: We did it.

Burble: We sure did.

(Squeeky's SAVO watch beeps)

Squeeky: I'll get it. (He presses the button and it's the same koala kid from before) Hey, it's Junior Danger Ranger Phillip!

Phillip: G'day, Danger Rangers, I knew you could defeat Jeff! Even though my attempt to keep his presence a secret failed.

Burt: It's okay, Phillip.

Kitty: Besides, his friend that he betrayed, Leroy, a boy who turned into a monkey, has helped us defeat him.

Phillip: Well, I am much appreciated of him as I'm appreciated with you for now. This is Junior Danger Ranger Phillip signing off.

(Phillip's video feed then turns off.)

Sully: Let's get back to headquarters and thank Leroy for the help.

Gabriela: But how do we do that?

Fallbot: Don't worry, I know how.

Sully: But a few things first. (Gives the the wolf kids each a SAVO watch) (To the wolf kids) Bradley, Beth, for bringing Leroy, who was with us, into your home and defeating Zorn the Giga-creature, you are official Junior Danger Rangers.

Wolf kids: (Howling joyfully) Cool!

Alro: I am happy for you two.

Beth: When you thank Leroy for the help, tell him that we've become Junior Danger Rangers.

Bradley: Just like our neighbor and friend, Alro.

Sully: Alright.

Kitty: We'll make sure we will. Say, has anyone told you that you are cute, little wolf pups?

Beth: Well, that's what our mother says.

(The rangers drop Alro and the wolf kids home and then fly back to headquarters in the escape pod.)

Wolf kids: See ya, Alro.

Alro: (To Bradley) See ya, Bradley. (To Beth) See ya, Beth.

(Alro walks into his house, next door to the wolf kids' house.)

Wolf kids: (Knocking on the door) Mom, Dad, we're home!

(The wolf parents then open the door and Isabella then gasps happily when she sees her children.)

Isabella: (With tears of joy in her eyes.) My darlings!

(She then hugged her children as they hugged back.)

Harold: Wait, where's Leroy?

Bradley: Don't worry about Leroy, he's safe now.

Beth: Yeah, he went home and I think we should meet him again sometime.

Isabella: That's a great idea!

Bradley: Mom, Dad, I want you to know that Beth and I have become Junior Danger Rangers.

(The wolf kids show their parents their new SAVO watches.)

Harold: We are so proud that you've become Junior Danger Rangers.

(Isabella then smiled and picked up Beth into the air spinning around, making Beth chuckle.)

Isabella: We knew it would be a great future for you two, my little cutie wutie wolf pups.

Wolf kids: Thanks, Mom and Dad.

(The wolf family then gets together for a group hug.)

(Meanwhile, the hideout was now black with bits of the roof destroyed but the poles were still normal but the floor was covered in ashes as some of Cyber-Bugs are broken and rusted and Jeff rose from the ashes, and made a very angry face.)

Jeff: I, Jeff Sheen the Lawnmower Guy, will not be beaten by a team of Danger Bolt Heads and some boy who turned into a brown monkey! (He slammed his fist on the ground then he shook it in vengeful anger.) I'll get you, Danger Rangers! I'll get you! (He tries to walk but he falls to the ground, realizing that he lost the use of his legs in the explosion.) Oof! (To himself) Since the only ability I have left is to create portals, I guess there's no choice but to escape to my original body just like my long-time little friend, Leroy. But I'll get them if it's the last thing I ever do! In fact, I could get an army of other villains on my side! Villains which those Danger Rangers know, that is! (He laughs evilly as he creates a portal and crawls through it)

(Meanwhile, the song, "Castle On The Hill" by Ed Sheeran plays as Leroy travels through the portal.)

Ed Sheeran off-screen: I'm on my way, Driving at ninety down those country lanes, Singing to "Tiny Dancer", And I miss the way you make me feel, and it's real, We watched the sunset over the castle on the hill, Over the castle on the hill, Over the castle on the hill!

(Then, a bright light appears in the portal as Leroy shields his eyes then the light disappears and in it's place was a bedroom in the real world.)

(In the real bedroom, the TV started static and Leroy came in and thud and his hand is real again.)

Leroy: Whoa! Oohh!

Chapter 16

(Leroy woke up and he's human again.)

Leroy: (Groan) What a nightmare. (Looked in the large mirror) No fur. I've been asleep the whole time. That was only a dream.

SAVO: No, it isn't.

(Leroy saw the watch and started to freak out.)

Leroy: (Gasp) No. No. No.

SAVO: Calm down, Leroy, you should be happy that you're home again.

Leroy: Well, I noticed that I am, but I thought I was dreaming, so this can't be true!

SAVO: Leroy, what you're seeing is true because this is not a dream. You actually had an experience.

Leroy: I did?

Sully: Yes, you did, young man.

(Leroy then got shocked, turned around to the television, saw it and looked at them when they're on the screen.)

Leroy: Danger Rangers!

All: Hey, Leroy!

Leroy: It's so great to see you again!

Kitty: Great to see you too!

Squeeky: Since, you helped us, Leroy, I think Jeff is now stuck in our world.

Sully: We knew we wouldn't fall for his evil trap.

Leroy: True.

(Leroy walked up to the television.)

Leroy: How are you able to communicate with me?

Sully: Well, Fallbot was able to connect our screen communicator to your set.

Fallbot: And it's pretty simple actually.

Gabriela: (Chuckles quietly) More like really slow.

Fallbot: Hey, I heard that!

(The others along with Leroy chuckled quietly too and Fallbot just gave up and chuckled too.)

Burble: You saved our world from Jeff and his gang of evil Cyber-Bugs.

Sully: And you're not a monkey anymore. You're a boy.

Kitty: Just like you were born to be.

(Leroy nodded and then saw that the wolf kids are not with the Danger Rangers.)

Leroy: Where are the wolf kids?

Burble: They're at home.

Leroy: Okay then.

Kitty: And we gave them SAVO watches and they've become Junior Danger Rangers, just like their neighbor, Alro, who's also home.

Leroy: Wait, they're neighbors with Alro?

Squeeky: Yep. And friends too.

Leroy: Wow, that's awesome! And I'm so glad that they've become Junior Danger Rangers.

Sully: Yep and I think Jeff won't be bothering us anymore.

Leroy: That's right.

Sully: Oh, we forgot to ask you! What is virtual reality?

Leroy: Oh, well, virtual reality is a sort of gaming and watching in three hundred sixty degrees. According to Dr. Abello's first log, which he shared with me on Facebook, virtual reality's creators foresee millions of positive uses, while others fear it as a new form of mind control.

Fallbot: (To the other Danger Rangers) If what those others fear is true, then that must be how Jeff has gone insane.

Leroy: Surprisingly, I didn't think he was in mind control.

Squeeky: That's what I wasn't thinking either and that's weird.

Gabriela: Very weird. And just saying, if Jeff survived the explosion, we may be seeing more of him and discovering that what the other creators of virtual reality feared was true.

Kitty: Hope he didn't survive, he was very evil.

Sully: Me too.

Leroy: Me three, he was the most dangerous guy ever.

(Leroy shrugged and smiled.)

Leroy: I'm sorry for what I've done in the past, guys.

Kitty: That's okay, Leroy. Besides, you were very brave helping us out.

Leroy: I guess I was.

Burt: And very smart too. When, Jeff's energy attack hit the mirror that I gave you to look in, it bounced right back at him, just like you predicted, costing him his ability to levitate anywhere besides cyberspace.

Leroy: I know.

Sully: And about these "MythBusters," what are they?

Leroy: Well, they're these guys I used to watch who like to bust the myths they predict.

Sully: Cool!

Leroy: Yep and they're the titular characters of one the shows I watched when I grew up, among the others are "Power Rangers," "Danger 5," "Yu-Gi-Oh" and "Ninja Turtles."

Sully: Well, that's cool.

Kitty: (Ponders) You know, these Power Rangers seem like cool guys, as well as those Danger 5 people, I would like to meet them.

Sully: Yep, anyway we were able to defeat that digitized meanie Jeff.

Leroy: Of course, but what I still don't know is why Jeff became a virus when he was digitized.

(Kitty thinks for a moment.)

Kitty: The Warehouse probably had something to do about this.

Leroy: I guess you're right, Kitty.

(Squeeky then remembers something.)

Squeeky: Oh, that's right, we were able to get you a little surprise.

Kitty: We figured it could help you.

Leroy: Really?

Squeeky: Yeah, just look at your watch.

(Leroy looked at his SAVO watch.)

(The watch beeped a green light for 10 seconds.)

Leroy: What does that beep mean?

Sully: That, Leroy, my man, means you are an official member of the Danger Rangers.

Leroy: Wow, that's pretty cool.

Sully: Yes, it is pretty cool.

Squeeky: And now that we have you on our side, Leroy, we can work together to protect the world.

SAVO: And I'll call you when we need your help.

Leroy: But how will you be able to fit in like other watches?

SAVO: That's a question I know I can answer, I'll disguise myself as a regular watch.

(SAVO disguised as a black watch and digital numbers.)

SAVO: Ta-da!

Leroy: Wow.

SAVO: Yep, wow!

(Leroy then thinks of something.)

Leroy: I'm thinking The Warehouse should be shut down for what they've done to Jeff.

SAVO: Yep.

Squeeky: At least we can go back to saving our world as usual.

Kitty: Uh-huh.

Burble: We'll stop at nothing to keep this world safe.

Gabriela: 'Cause that's our job of awesome!

(Leroy nodded at Gabriela and then looked at his SAVO watch.)

Leroy: I'm sorry that I'd threw you.

SAVO: Your apology is accepted.

Leroy: Thanks.

Burble: We're heading off to keep our world safe. You better be careful in your world.

Leroy: I will.

Sully: We know you will, Leroy, I will too.

Squeeky: Just remember, Leroy.

Sully: Think safe.

Kitty: Play safe.

Burt: Be safe.

All: Because?

(He raised his hand and his watch.)

Leroy: I know. Safety rules!

(The Danger Rangers then nod at Leroy.)

Sully: That's the spirit! Well, goodbye, Leroy.

Leroy: Goodbye, Sully, take care as leader of the Danger Rangers.

(Sully gives Leroy a thumbs up.)

Sully: And remember to look on the bright side of life.

(Sully then does the whistle jingle from the song, "Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life.")

Leroy: (To Sully) I will, Sully. (To Burt) Goodbye, Burt, you're the most amazing turtle I've ever met. 

Burt: Thanks, Leroy, goodbye.

Leroy: Burble, I'm sorry for thinking you were gonna eat me.

Burble: It's okay, kid.

Leroy: Squeeky, I'm also sorry for being scared of you.

Squeeky: It's also okay, Leroy.

Kitty: Goodbye, little monkey.

Leroy: Goodbye, kitty cat.

(Both of them giggle as the Danger Rangers wave one last goodbye to Leroy as he waves back then, the static comes back.)

(When the static clears, the "Black or White" music video comes back.)

Michael Jackson on TV: I am tired of this devil! I am tired of this stuff! I am tired of this business! Sew when the going gets rough! I ain't scared of your brother! I ain't scared of no sheets! I ain't scared of nobody! Girl, when the going gets mean!

(Leroy's parents came home.)

Leroy's Mother: Leroy, sugar cube, we're home.

Leroy's Father: We have a pizza. It's time for dinner.

Leroy: (Excitedly) All right!

(Leroy turned off the TV with the remote and headed downstairs.)

(The end credits then start as the song, "These Small Hours" by Rob Thomas starts to play.)

Rob Thomas off-screen: Let it go, Let it roll right off your shoulder, Don't you know, The hardest part is over?, Let it in, Let your clarity define you, In the end, We will only just remember how it feels, Our lives are made, In these small hours, These little wonders, These twists and turns of fate, Time falls away, But these small hours, These small hours still remain, Let it slide, Let your troubles fall behind you, Let it shine, Until you feel it all around you, And I don't mind, If it's me you need to turn to, We'll get by, It's the heart that really matters in the end, Our lives are made, In these small hours, These little wonders, These twists and turns of fate, Time falls away, But these small hours, These small hours still remain, All of my regret, Will wash away some how, But I can not forget, The way I feel right now, In these small hours, These little wonders, These twists and turns of fate, These twists and turns of fate, Time falls away, but these small hours, These small hours, still remain, They still remain, These little wonders, These twists and turns of fate, Time falls away, But these small hours, These little wonders still remain.

(Then, a Mid-Credits scene comes on.)

(Meanwhile, back in the Danger Rangers' world, the two Cyber-Bugs are still hanging from the pole outside the now destroyed lair with their hands glued together.)

Cyber-Bug 1: Dude,... next time you get a good idea, just keep it to yourself, alright?

(The second Cyber-Bug then thinks for a moment then realizes something.)

Cyber-Bug 2: Uh, isn't this pole fragile and bendy?

Cyber-Bug 1: (Shocked) What?!

(Realizing that the pole might break, the two Cyber-Bugs scream for help.)


(The screen then zooms into one of the Cyber-Bugs' mouth.)

(After the Mid-Credits scene, the Mid-Credits play while scenes from the movie play at the side in slow motion as the song, "Find Yourself" by Brad Paisley starts to play.)

Brad Paisley off-screen: When you find yourself, In some far off place, And it causes you, To rethink some things, You start to sense, That slowly you're becoming someone else, And then you find yourself, When you make new friends, In a brand new town, And you start to think, About settling down, The things that would have been lost on you, Are now clear as a bell, And you find yourself, That's when you find yourself, Well you go through life, So sure of where you're heading, And you wind up lost, And it's the best thing that could happen, 'Cause sometimes when you lose your way, It's really just as well, 'Cause you find yourself, That's when you find yourself, When you meet the one, You've been waiting for, And she's everything, That you want and more, You look at her, And you finally start, To live for someone else, And then you find yourself, That's when you find yourself, We go though life, So sure of where we're heading, And then we wind up lost, And it's the best thing that could happen, Sometimes when you lose your way, It's really just as well, Because you find yourself, Yeah that's when you find yourself.

(Then, another Mid-Credits scene comes on.)

(Meanwhile, back in the Danger Rangers' world, Steve and Larry are still arguing.)

Steve (Construction Worker 1): For the last time, I'm not Lionel Messi!

Larry (Construction Worker 2): Well, how come you said you acted like him a little bit?!

Steve: Little shmittle, you can't even get the crane working!

Larry: That's because you hadn't oiled it last night!

Steve: Wasn't it your turn to oil it?

Larry: Uh, no, it was your turn, I had to get the cargo sorted for our construction papers!

Steve: Oh, good for you!

(They keep on arguing as Harry watches them in embarassment.)

Harry: (To himself) I really need to get a better job than this.

(He shakes his head as the screen then fades to black. It then cuts back to the bright lights room, where Leroy (in his live-action human form) shows up on-screen.)

Leroy: (Acknowledging the audience) Hold on, everyone! The credits aren't over yet! (To the Danger Rangers) Guys, let's hit it!

Danger Rangers: You got it, Leroy!

Leroy: (To Harry) Play those drums, Harry boy!

Harry: (With the drums) Gotta admit, this is a better job than operating the old cement truck!

(Taps his sticks.)

Harry: We are safe a bomb! One, two, three, four!

(He then plays his drums.)

(The lights then blink multicolored lights again.)

(The rest of the end credits start to play, the theme of "Danger Rangers" starts to play and Leroy conducts as the Danger Rangers start to sing.)

Danger Rangers: Danger Rangers, Danger Rangers, Danger Rangers, Danger Rangers, Danger Rangers, Danger Rangers. There's trouble on the horizon. There's danger around every bend. With all the things that can hurt you, on whom can you depend? A street, a pool, a dangerous tool or riding home on your bike. It's up to you. What do you do? Who you gonna be like? Like the Danger Rangers.

SAVO: Danger alert, Danger alert!

Danger Rangers: Danger Rangers, Danger Rangers, Danger Rangers, Danger Rangers. It's nothing more to being cool than being safe 'cause safety rules! Danger Rangers, Danger Rangers, Danger Rangers, Danger Rangers!

(The Danger Rangers look behind them in dismay as next to them, Harry finishes the song by hitting his cymbals on his drums and after the music ends, a hologram of Jeff (in his live-action human form) appears, shaking his fist.)

Harry: (Scoffs) Great, it's Peter Dinklage's long lost cousin.

Jeff: (To Harry) Not now, dude! (To the Danger Rangers) Just you wait, Danger Pests! I'll get you! Virtual power rules!

(A cane comes from the right.)

Leroy: Correction, old friend, Safety rules!

Jeff: (Displeased) You are so despicable! (Notices the cane) Oh cyber-pickles.

(The cane hits the hologram, causing it to groan in pain and disappear. The Danger Rangers laugh at this in amusement and then wave to us goodbye. The screen fades to black.)

(A bit of text then fades in "Dedicated to Walter Douglas Smith Jr. and Michael D. Moore.")

(The text then fades out.)


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