Danganronpa: Desparingly Hopeless is a Japanese thriller video game, being an installment in the Danganronpa series. It is developed and published by Spike Chunsoft, being released for PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Sega Orion and PlayStation Flex on May TBDth, 2020.


Sixteen teenagers arrive in the strange Black Branch Academy as it is actually a new Killing Trial as one of the students, Mashiro leads an investigation to figure out the mastermind.



  • Mashiro Makio/Ultimate Justice (voiced by Jason Spisak) - a student known as the Ultimate Justice who wants to hunt down and defeat the mysterious Mastermind.
  • Ayame Yoshida/Ultimate Lover (voiced by Cassandra Lee Morris) - a teenager who focuses on holding on the idea of love.
  • Yamato Mishima/Ultimate Con-Man (voiced by Sam Riegel) - a teenager who cons people. He is the first one killed being killed by Hatsue.
  • Nei Shitara/Ultimate Pop Idol (voiced by Caitlin Glass) - a famous teenage pop idol. She eventually becomes somewhat insane, killing both Kyounomi and Sugiko and blaming their death on each other.
  • Kyounomi Yoneya/Ultimate Jock (voiced by Robbie Daymond) - a student who is a jock.
  • Hatsue Iwae/Ultimate Optimist (voiced by Stephanie Sheh) - a student who is supposedly very optimistic. She is revealed to be the killer of Yamato, claiming that nobody would miss a con-man.
  • Hisaji Koja/Ultimate Fisher (voiced by Max Mittelman) - a student that fishes in his spare time.
  • Sugiko TBD/Ultimate Goth (voiced by Kira Buckland) - a gothic student who despite her looks is actually very kind.
  • Akira TBD/Ultimate Poet (voiced by David Vincent) - a student who enjoys writing poetry. He eventually commits suicide to escape the killing game.
  • Yukira Takashi/Ultimate Genius (voiced by Laura Bailey) - a student who is a genius. She struck a deal with Monokuma to make Akira's suicide seem like a murder. She eventually gets killed by Hizuki due to this.
  • Keichi TBD/Ultimate Snake Charmer (voiced by Yuri Lowenthal) - a student who has a strange connection to snakes, believing them to be more honest than humans. He is revealed to be a serial killer and had his snake kill Makiko, due to his belief that humans are inferior to snakes.
  • Makiko Kigawa/Ultimate Valley Girl (voiced by Alexis Tipton) - a student that acts like a stereotypical valley girl.
  • Kansuke Tsuchiya/Ultimate Hypnotist (voiced by Xander Mobus) - a student who is bad at hypnosis and is treated as a joke character as well as Ayame's best friend. In the final trial, he is revealed to be the one responsible for everything that happened and wants to resurrect the idea of despair by placing the "soul of Junko" into Ayame.
  • Kagumi Hosuta/Ultimate Waitress (voiced by Xanthe Huynh) - TBD
  • [male]/Ultimate Sushi Chef (voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch) - TBD
  • Hizuki Nakano/Ultimate Anime Fan Girl (voiced by Erica Lindbeck) - a girl who enjoys several anime. She ends up murdering Yukira and admitting it.


  • Monokuma (voiced by Brian Beacock) - a mechanical bear who is the "headmaster" of the Black Branch Academy.


Chapter One: Murder Again

Chapter Two: Missing in Action


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