Daisy Stewart

Daisy Stewart

Master of Monsters - Daisy Stewart

Personal Information
Aliases Cute one of the family

Little girl

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 5 (Monster Kid)

10 (Monster Kid: Master of Monsters)

Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Birthday June 12th
Affiliations Stewart family
Occupation Student

Reincarnation of Venorah

Homeworld Earth
Residence Diamond City, Virginia
Interests Arts and crafts


Parents Mary Stewart (mother)

Dr. Harold Stewart (father)

Grandparents Dr. Gerald Stewart (grandfather, deceased)

Miranda Stewart (grandmother)

Siblings Max Stewart (older brother)

Dennis Stewart (older brother)

Megan Stewart (older sister)

Cora Stewart (younger sister)

Pet(s) Zoom (pet hamster)
Production Information
Voiced by April Stewart

Daisy "Lorraine" Stewart is a supporting character in Monster Kid and one of the main characters in Monster Kid: Master of Monsters as well as a major character in Return of Monster Kid. She is the younger sister of MeganMax and Dennis, and the older sister of Cora.

In Master of Monsters, it's revealed she is the reincarnation of an ancient space monster named Venorah.


Daisy is a very small young Caucasian girl with brown hair and blue eyes.


Daisy is a young girl with a big pure heart. She deeply cares for her family. Daisy is known to get very overemotional and can be sensitive sometimes, but is willing to stand up for her family and friends.


Early Life

Mary gave birth to Daisy at the Diamond City Memorial Hospital. At the age of 2, Daisy began to walk and said her first word, Max.




Max Stewart

Max is one of Daisy's older brothers. She likes to call him, Big Brother.

Dennis Stewart

Mary Stewart

Dr. Harold Stewart

Megan Stewart

Cora Stewart



Zoom is Daisy's pet hamster and has kept him since he was a baby.



Mr. Z

Pied Piper

Daisy hates the Pied Piper for using his flute to force her to dance into submission.

Tickles the Clown

Powers and Abilities

  • Genius-Level Intellect - At the age of 10, Daisy had gotten into the habit of science and robotics, becoming smart like most members of her family.
  • Psionics - Daisy has the power to use mental/psychic powers.
    • Psychic Energy Manipulation - Daisy can manipulate psychic energy.
      • Psychic Attacks - Daisy can release psychic energy to various attacks.
      • Psionic Healing - Daisy can heal using psychic energy.
  • Telekinesis - Daisy can manipulate objects and matter with her mind.
    • Telekinetic Flight - Daisy can use telekinesis to fly.
  • Dancing - Daisy is a gifted and talented dancer.


  • Daisy is similar to Bubbles from The Powerpuff Girls franchise.
  • Daisy is allergic to shrimp.
  • Daisy's favorite snacks are cookies and celery.
  • Daisy has been kidnapped by several villains like her own uncle, the Gold Vulture.
  • Daisy is very ticklish.
  • Daisy's favorite color is pink.
  • Daisy is the most pure hearted member of her family.
  • Daisy mostly interacts with Max, Dennis and Megan.
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