Daddy's Girl Action, Comedy, Crime. sex-comedy, family, Film..,,,


Ron Howard (director)

Starring by:

Arley Swaby

Ashley Swaby


Imagine Entertainment

Warner Bros. Pictures

Universal Pictures

Regency Enterprises(formerly)

Happy Madison Productions
Judd Apatow Productions

Followed by:

Daddy's Girl 2 (film) (Cancelled) |}


  • Arley Swaby As, Roger Burke, Jr.(rumored).,,, Roger's son..,,,
  • Amy Adams as, Emily Burke (rumored).,,, ex-girlfriend/Wife of Roger.,, Married to Roger.,
  • Ashley Swaby as, Lisa Burke.,,,
  • Derlis Richar Swaby Mayo as, Roger Burke, Sr. ...., Roger's and Lisa's father.,
  • Jennifer Lopez as, Angie Burke.,,, Roger's ex-wife being Divorced.,,,
  • Kevin James as, "Cowboy" Simmons (villain).,,, enemy of Roger.,,
  • Will Forte as, Roggie .,,,, (villain).,,,
  • Steve Zahn as, Franklin Barrett (rumored).,,, Wife of remarried Angie.,, Lisa's and Roger's stepfather and Matthew's step grandson.,,,,
  • Ryan Ochoa as, Matthew Burke (uncredited).,,, Roger's Jr. And Emily's Biologcal Son..,,, Brother of Unborn Brother.,,,
  • Ron Howard as, Eddie Barker, Sr. (Uncredited, photo only) Matthew's father-in-law.,, and Lisa's her divored ex-boyfriend.,
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