DOOM Mash-Up Pack is a completely hypothetical DLC pack based on the DOOM series created by Id Software and owned by Bethesda (Fallout and Skyrim were implemented on Minecraft before) for Minecraft's Java and Bedrock editions.

Featured Titles

Not only the DOOM series will be featured, titles from other Id Software series (both old and new) such as Wolfenstein, Rage, Rescue Rover, Dangerous Dave, Shadow Knight, Commander Keen and Quake are included as well for skins and textures.


  • Doomguy (DOOM/DOOM II)
  • Doomguy (No Armor; DOOM/DOOM II)
  • Doomguy (DOOM 64)
  • Doom Marine (DOOM 3)
  • Doom Marine (No Armor; DOOM 3)
  • Doom Slayer (DOOM (2016))
  • Doom Slayer (DOOM Eternal)
  • Doom Slayer (Unicorn; DOOM Eternal)
  • Samuel Hayden (DOOM (2016)/Eternal)
  • Olivia Pierce (DOOM (2016))
  • Hell Priest (DOOM Eternal)
  • Mancubus (DOOM II/Eternal)
  • Imp (DOOM)
  • Possessed (DOOM (2016))
  • Zombieman (DOOM)
  • Possessed Soldier (DOOM (2016))
  • Cacodemon (DOOM; a floating head; special skin similar to R2-D2 on Star Wars)
  • Cyberdemon (Classic; DOOM/DOOM II)
  • Cyberdemon (DOOM (2016))
  • Cyberdemon/Tyrant (DOOM Eternal)
  • Marauder (DOOM Eternal)
  • The Betrayer (DOOM)
  • Revenant (DOOM)
  • Hell Knight (DOOM)
  • Khan Maykr (DOOM Eternal)
  • Seraphim (DOOM Eternal)
  • Night Sentinel (DOOM (2016)/Eternal)
  • Thomas Kelly (DOOM 3)
  • Dr. Malcolm Betruger (DOOM 3)
  • Elliott Swann (DOOM 3)
  • Jack Campbell (DOOM 3)
  • UAC Employee (DOOM)
  • William "B.J." Blazkowicz (Wolfenstein 3D)
  • William "B.J." Blazkowicz (Wolfenstein: The Old Blood)
  • William "B.J." Blazkowicz (Disguised; Wolfenstein: The Old Blood)
  • William "B.J." Blazkowicz (Wolfenstein: The New Order)
  • William "B.J." Blazkowicz (Wolfenstein: The New Colossus)
  • William "B.J." Blazkowicz (Super-Soldier Body; Wolfenstein: The New Colossus)
  • William "B.J." Blazkowicz (Old; Wolfenstein: Youngblood)
  • Jess Blazkowicz (Wolfenstein: Youngblood)
  • Soph Blazkowicz (Wolfenstein: Youngblood)
  • Anya Oliwa (Wolfenstein: The New Order)
  • Grace Walker (Wolfenstein: The New Colossus)
  • Abby Walker (Wolfenstein: Youngblood)
  • Adolf Hitler (Wolfenstein 3D)
  • Adolf Hitler (Mech Suit; Wolfenstein 3D)
  • General Fettgesicht (Wolfenstein 3D)
  • Irene Engel (Wolfenstein: The New Colossus)
  • Lothar Brandt (Wolfenstein: Youngblood)
  • Julie Brandt (Wolfenstein: Youngblood)
  • Nazi Soldier (Wolfenstein)
  • Nazi Commander (Wolfenstein)
  • Ranger (Quake)
  • Billy Blaze (Commander Keen)


  • Khan Maykr or Icon of Sin (Ender Dragon)
  • Cyberdemon (a exclusive boss mob)
  • Spider Mastermind (another exclusive boss mob)
  • Doom Hunter or Mother Demon (Wither)
  • Baron of Hell/Hell Knight (Iron Golem)
  • Imp (Zombie)
  • Gargoyle (Vex)
  • Possessed Soldier (Zombie Pigman)
  • Revenant (Skeleton)
  • Night Sentinel (Piglin)
  • Mancubus (Pillager)
  • Marauder (Vindicator)
  • Arch-vile (Evoker)
  • Lost Soul (Blaze)
  • Prowler (Enderman)
  • Pinky (Ravager)
  • Cacodemon/Pain Elemental (Ghast)
  • Hell Priest (Witch)
  • Arachnotron (Spider Jockey)
  • Daisy (Rabbit)


Despite a skin list above, only DOOM and Wolfenstein will have locations for this world map, though it's more focused on a former.

List of Locations

  • Fortress of Doom (a player starts by spawning there)
  • Mars
  • Phobos
  • Deimos
  • UAC Mars Base/Facility
  • UAC Underground
  • UAC's Starport (Hellish Outpost)
  • BFG-10000
  • Hebeth
  • Earth (Overworld)
  • Castle Wolfenstein (Wolfenstein)
  • Isenstadt (Wolfenstein)
  • Hell (The Nether)
  • Great Steppe
  • Titan's Realm
  • Argen D'Nur
  • The Necropolis
  • Exultia
  • Cultist Base
  • Nekravol
  • ARC Complex
  • Urdak (The End)
  • Sentinel Prime (The End's smaller islands)



  • Super Shotgun/Ballista/BFG 9000 (Crossbow; depends on material)
  • Pistol (Bow; modified in animation)
  • Bullets/Ammo (Arrows; this time has various effects such as freezing/Ice Bomb, explosions, etc.)
  • Marauder Axe (Iron Axe)
  • Doom Marine Suit (Leather Armor)
  • DOOM 64 Suit (Chainmail Armor)
  • DOOM 3 Suit (Gold Armor)
  • Night Sentinel Armor (Iron Armor)
  • Praetor Suit (Diamond Armor)
  • Eternal Praetor Suit (Netherite Armor)
  • Chainsaw (??? Sword)
  • Spear of Destiny (??? Sword)
  • Crucible (Netherite Sword)


  • Gore Nest (Spawner)
  • Celestial Locator (Lantern)


DOOM Mash-Up Pack (Minecraft)/Soundtrack

For the Mash-Up Pack, many re-arranged versions of soundtracks from the Doom games (plus some Id Software games) are used, with some of them being original versions.

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