Doom (stylized as DOOM) is an American-British science-fiction action-horror film written and directed by Sam Raimi, based on a video game franchise with the same name and is the second reboot film. It's also the first film to be produced and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures instead of Universal Pictures.


An ex-space marine awakes from his prison cell at the UAC research facility on Mars where he discovers that demons from hell have spawned to invade the UAC facility on Mars. Being the only survivor in the facility, he soon encounters and team up other survivors to fight off the demon hordes, along with a warrior who's been imprisoned in Hell, the Doomslayer.


On the Union Aerospace Corporation (UAC) research facility on Mars, Corporal Flynn “Fly” Taggart an ex-space marine who was transferred to the prison system in the (UAC) for shooting and killing a high-ranking officer awakes from his slumber in his cell block where he discovers the entire Facility is deserted. Wandering through the base and finding bloody corpses and human carcasses throughout. He soon discovered part of Mars' moon Deimos is missing. He also finds a sarcophagus along with his Praetor Suit but as soon as he tries to reach it he is attacked by a horde of zombie-like creatures. As he tries to punch his way through the zombie horde defines a pistol and shoots his way through. He is then rescued and reunited by his former comrades; Snookie, Bob, Scott, and Bill who transfer from the Phobos Moon Base. They shoot one of the explosive barrels killing off the zombie horde. But they are led by Lieutenant Kane Sandlers.


  • Tom Hardy as Flynn ''Fly" Taggart
  • Michelle Rodriguez as Snookie
  • Keegan-Michael Key as Bob
  • Jason Clarke as Scott
  • Norman Reedus as Bill
  • Jeffery Dean Morgan as Lt. Kane Sanders
  • Ron Perlman as Campbell
  • Danny Trejo as Chicho
  • Andy Serkis as Dr. John Angary
  • Clancy Brown as Father Gallatin
  • Linda Hamilton as Olivia Pierce
  • Laurence Fishburne as Samuel Hayden (voice)
  • Dave Batista as The Doomslayer
  • Benedict Cumberbatch as The Dark Lord (voices)
  • Rupert Degas as Former-Human (voices)
  • Bruce Campbell as UAC Spokesman/Former-Human #1
  • Tom Savini as Former-Human #2 (uncredited)
  • Robert Maillet as Hell Knight
  • Danny McBride as High Ranking Officer (uncredited)
  • Clint Howard as Zombie (uncredited)


List of monsters (or demons) that is included in the film. Most of their appearance resembles the 2016 and Eternal game:

  • Zombies (multiple)
  • Former-Humans (multiple)
  • Imps (multiple)
  • Pinkies (3x; one Spectre)
    • Spectre
  • Hell Knights
  • Revenant
  • Mancubus (3x)
  • Cacodemons
  • Lost Souls (3x)
  • Barons of Hell (2x)
  • Cyberdemon
  • Spider Mastermind


  • Pistol
    • Custom Sub-machine Gun
  • Shotgun
  • Chainsaw
  • Assault Rifle
  • Chaingun
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Plasma Rifle
    • Classic Plasma Rifle
  • BFG-9000
  • Super Shotgun
  • Grenade


New Zealand special effects companies Weta Workshop and Weta Digital will work on the special/visual effects, costume designs, specialty make-up effects, weapons props, practical effects, and monster designs.

Some of the filming locations will take place in New Zealand. Putangirua Pinnacles will act as part of the Hell sequence.


  • In a Twitter account, Stephen Sean Ford panned the Doom: Annihilation trailer, on how horrible it looked. He teased that justice will be served that he'll write and direct the next reboot in the decade.
  • Some of the character's names have been taken from both the novel and the Super Nintendo manual.
  • This will be the first movie to be involved with id Software.
  • The word DOOM will be used or mentioned several times in the film.
  • The monsters such as Arch-viles, Pain Elementals, and Arachnotrons, will not appear in the film.

Motion Picture Rating (MPAA)

Rated R for pervasive strong bloody violence and gore, language, and brief nudity

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