It, also known by its primary form Pennywise the Dancing Clown, is an American fictional cosmic entity and the main antagonist of the homonymous novel by Stephen King.

He is both a boss and a playable character on DC Universe vs. WB Horror: Dawn of Nightmares, being voiced by Tom Kenny.



Basic moves

  • Punch - TBD
  • Kick - TBD

Special moves

  • Shapeshifting Fun - It morphs into a giant spider and ingests then spits out his opponent.
  • You'll Float Too - It summons several balloons to strangle the opponent as they end up choking to death.

Introduction quotes

Against Adam Sutler

  • It: (as V) The revolution will not be televised.
  • Sutler: You think you can frighten me?
  • It: (back to normal) Every politician is afraid of we the people.

Against Annabelle Higgins

Against Annie Wilkes

Against Aquaman

Against Batgirl

  • It: (as the Joker holding a gun and fires it as it shows a bang) Boo!
  • Batgirl: (scared) You could have killed me!
  • It: (back to his normal form) That's the point! Now to do it for real.

Against Batman

  • It: (coming as an undead Thomas Wayne) You killed me, Bruce...
  • Batman: I know it's you, Pennywise.
  • It: (turns back into his normal form) Smart, huh? Let's see if you can actually fight.

Against the Batman Who Laughs (DLC)

Against Batwoman (DLC)

Against Betelgeuse

  • It: Terrified of being alone? So relatable, yet so pathetic.
  • Betelgeuse: Loneliness leads to depression. The last thing I want is to be alone.
  • It: So pathetic! Time to end your misery.

Against Black Manta

Against Bo and Vincent Sinclair

Against Carrie White

  • It: (as Margaret) Carrie, you are a disgrace!
  • Carrie: You're not the boss of me! You're not even my mom!
  • It: (as himself) Then you're grounded!

Against Cassie Cage (DLC)

Against Circe

Against Cujo

Against David Powers

Against Deathstroke

Against Doctor Manhattan (DLC)

Against Edgar Frog (DLC)

Against Esther Coleman

Against Enchantress (DLC)

Against Etrigan (DLC)

Against the Flash

Against Gage Creed

Against Gizmo

Against Gorilla Grodd

Against Green Lantern

Against Hannibal Lecter (DLC)

Against Harley Quinn

  • It: (as Harley's former self) You became a shadow of yourself, that's not what you aimed to be.
  • Harley: (screaming) Get off my mind!
  • It: (turning back into It) When I am done with you, you will have no mind left.

Against It (himself)

Against Jack Torrance

Against Jason Voorhees

Against John Constantine

Against Jonah Hex

Against the Joker

  • It: Another clown, I see? The way you look like seems like you are inferior.
  • Joker: Ah, I finally met my rip-off. Time to stab a little sense into this clown.
  • It: Sense? The only sense I'll get is the satisfaction seeing your body squirm.

Against Kurt Barlow

Against La Llorona

Against Leatherface

Against Lex Luthor

  • It: (in the form of Superman) You fear a boy scout?
  • Lex: I may be, but I'm not afraid of you.
  • It: (turning back into normal) I will make you afraid!

Against Margaret White

  • It: (as Carrie) Mom, you are a terrible person. Prepare to die.
  • Margaret: Carrie! No!
  • It: (back to normal) Disappointing your daughter is scarier than your religious obsession. The lack of goodness will consume you.

Against Max Rockatansky (DLC)

Against Metallo

Against Nancy Thompson (DLC)

  • It: (in the form of Freddy) I've come back to take my revenge, Nancy!
  • Nancy: (scared) No, no!
  • It: (as himself) So you fear your past catching up to you? I will make sure that won't happen.

Against Neo (DLC)

Against Nergal

Against Nightwing

  • It: (as Deathstroke holding a blade) Join me, Grayson and I'll show you real power.
  • Nightwing: Is that the best you got?
  • It: (in his normal form) You try to repress your fears, but they will consume you!

Against Orin Scrivello (DLC)

Against Quentin Turnbull

Against Regan MacNeil

Against Rick Deckard (DLC)

Against Robert Neville (DLC)

Against Rose the Hat

Against Sam

Against Sam and Dean Winchester (DLC)

Against Seymour Krelborn

  • It: (in the form of Audrey being eaten by Audrey II) Seymour! Help me!
  • Seymour: Audrey!
  • It: (turning back to his form) Good. You're in a state of fear. Time to finish you off like a dying carcass.

Against Shazam

Against Solomon Grundy

Against Star Sapphire

Against Stargirl

Against Supergirl

Against Superman

  • It: (in form of Lois being stabbed by Doomsday) Superman! Help me!
  • Superman: Your dirty tricks don't fool me, you demonic clown.
  • It: (back to normal) I see you're smart, but are you brave enough to beat me?

Against Sweeney Todd

Against V

Against William Bludworth

  • It: Strange. You fear nothing.
  • William: TBD
  • It: TBD

Against Wonder Woman

Against Zatanna


  • He is designed after the 2017 film, where he was played by Bill Skarsgård.
  • These are the fear forms It takes at the start of each fight:
    • For Joker, Betelgeuse, William Bludworth, Shazam and TBD he doesn't take a form due to either them fearing nothing or their fears not having a form.
    • For Batman, he turns into a zombie-like Thomas Wayne, voiced by TBD.
    • For Superman, he turns into Lois Lane, voiced by TBD.
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