Batman (Bruce Wayne) is an American fictional superhero and one of the main characters in the DC Comics universe.

He is a playable character on DC Universe vs. WB Horror: Dawn of Nightmares, being voiced by Dave Boat.



Basic moves

  • Punch - TBD
  • Kick - TBD
  • Grab - TBD

Special moves

  • Batarang Storm - he uses his batarang to break down several bones of his opponent.
  • Gas Knockout - he use a gas bomb to drug and knock out his opponent.

Introduction quotes

Against Adam Sulter

Against Annabelle Higgins

Against Annie Wilkes

  • Batman: For a nurse like you, I must admit: you sound really crazy. Reminds me of a certain someone I know.
  • Annie: What do you mean? Do you think I'm an obsessive psycho? Any evidence of it?
  • Batman: Yes, TBD.

Against Aquaman

Against Batgirl

  • Batman: Well, Barbara, I'm impressed with your skills. Let's see if you are up to beat me.
  • Batgirl: No worries, Bruce, I'm not willing to let you beat me. I don't need you to give me orders.
  • Batman: You might say that, but I know that you're not skilled enough to beat me. Let's do this.

Against Batman (himself)

  • Batman #1: Who is it under the mask?
  • Batman #2: Who cares? There's only one Batman and that's me.
  • Batman #1: We'll see.

Against Betelgeuse

  • Batman: Your voice sounds familiar... Did we met before?
  • Betelgeuse: Who cares? As soon I as finish you, you'll regret being born.
  • Batman: You talk too much. Let's see if you're worth of fighting me.

Against Black Manta

Against Bo and Vincent Sinclair

Against Circe

Against Cujo

  • Batman: I am not afraid to take down a dog.

Cujo barks enraged.

  • Batman: Game on then.

Against David Powers

Against Deathstroke

Against Esther Coleman

Against the Flash

Against Gage Creed

Against Gizmo

  • Batman: How can a cute critter like you fight?

Gizmo makes noises.

  • Batman: If you say that, who am I to judge? Game on.

Against Gorilla Grodd

Against Green Lantern

Against Harley Quinn

Against It

  • Batman: I fought a killer clown before, how are you different?
  • It: Simple, I can distort reality and cause crazy fun.
  • Batman: Tell that to the Joker.

Against Jack Torrance

Against Jason Voorhees

Against John Constantine

Against Jonah Hex

Against the Joker

Against Kurt Barlow

Against Leatherface

Against Lex Luthor

Against Margaret White

Against Nergal

Against Nightwing

  • Batman: I didn't expect to fight you, Dick. We're better than that.
  • Nightwing: Take it easy, old man. I don't want you to get hurt.
  • Batman: Hurt? I taught you well, but let's see if the student can harm the master.

Against Quentin Turnbull

Against Regan MacNeil

Against Seymour Krelborn

Against Star Sapphire

Against Stargirl

Against Supergirl

Against Superman

  • Batman: We met once again, alien. I hope you learned that aliens aren't all powerful.
  • Superman: I know we're allies, Bruce, but sometimes only the fittest can win.
  • Batman: Remember who defeated you before. And I'm sure I'll do it once more.

Against Sweeney Todd

Against V

Against William Bludworth

Against Wonder Woman


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