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  1. Batgirl and Supergirl vs. Rocky and Mugsy - Batgirl and Supergirl reunite to fight two infamous thugs known as Rocky and Mugsy as they're planning a big heist to get TBD.
  2. The Riddler vs. The Road Runner - The Road Runner has stolen secret files from the Riddler as he hires Wile E. Coyote to help him to get back his files, but he ends up falling on TBD.
  3. Catman and Pete Puma: Team Up - When Pete Puma gets thrown into Arkham Asylum, he teams up with the criminal known as Catman to break out of jail, leading to zany events and hilarious consequences.
  4. The Flash and Speedy Gonzales - TBD
  5. Starfire and Pepé Le Pew - Set in Paris, a striped skunk named Pepé Le Pew attracts the interest of Princess Koriand'r, also known as Starfire, who is willing to do anything to have TBD.
  6. Granny Goodness and the Female Furies vs. Granny - The Female Furies are assigned to hunt after Tweety Bird as they learn TBD.
  7. Constantine vs. Witch Hazel - John Constantine arrives to a haunted house where a hideous witch that TBD.
  8. Bane vs. the Crusher - A wrestling match is held in Arkham between the brutal Bane and the former heavyweight champion Crusher who was arrested after TBD.
  9. Star Sapphire vs. Lola Bunny: Lanterns Collide - Nosy Green Lantern Lola Bunny is assigned to investigate a mysterious wave of thefts TBD.
  10. Two-Face vs. Dan Backslide: A Bitter Rivalry - When Dan Backslide tried to rape mobster Harvey Dent's girlfriend Dora Standpipe, he ends up becoming insane and TBD.
  11. [Baroness Paula Von Gunther and Von Vultur] - TBD
  12. Suicide Squad vs. Cecil Turtle - TBD
  13. Vandal Savage vs. Count Bloodcount - TBD
  14. The Music Meister and Michigan J. Frog: Epic Duet - TBD
  15. Question vs. Shropshire Slasher - TBD


  • Aside from using the regular Looney Tunes cast, this sequel also adds iconic one-shot characters such as Michigan J. Frog, Von Vultur and Dan Backslide and post-Classic Era characters such as Lola Bunny.
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