DC: World War II is a superhero comic book published by DC Comics, being released on May 16th, 2018.


In an alternate universe, numerous DC heroes are reimagined in the setting of World War II.



  • Bruce Wayne/Batman - a Jewish American man who becomes a TBD.
  • Clark Kent/Superman - an American super project who TBD.
  • Zatanna Zatara - a British magician who joins the war TBD.
  • [Russian variation of Courtney Whitmore]/Stargirl - a Russian soldier who has a staff that TBD.
  • Princess Diana/Wonder Woman - TBD
  • Victor Stone - an African American pilot who TBD.


  • Franklin D. Roosevelt - TBD
  • [Lex Luthor, Maxwell Lord, Lucius Fox, Emil Hamilton or TBD/the head of the super project] - TBD


  • The Axis Powers
    • Adolf Hitler - the leader of the Nazi party who is usually mentioned and TBD.
      • Oliver [german variation of Queen]/Green Arrow - one of Hitler's top enforcers who is TBD.
      • Dina Lenz/Black Canary - TBD
      • Baroness Paula von Gunther - TBD
      • Simon Stagg - TBD
    • Benito Mussolini - TBD
      • [give Italy, Germany or japan their own Superman being probably supergirl or superboy]
    • Emperor Hirohito - TBD


  1. The War Begins - TBD


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