Story missions

These are missions that are canon to the main game.

Chapter Mission Location Bosses Enemies
Secret Origins A New Start Gotham City Downtown Ubu
After the Anti-Monitor achieving to wipe the world a new and has most of the inhabitants under his command. However, Alfred and the Player sets free three characters to help them, dealing with first the League of Assassins apparently robbing banks.
Secret Origins Call of Shiva Gotham City Uptown Lady Shiva
The new group continues searching for the Assassins as they learn the League is up to something strange.
Secret Origins The Perfect Assassins Gotham University Nightwing
While investigating the League's plans, the group stumble upon Gotham University, as the League apparently has Nightwing and Batgirl under their command.
Secret Origins Cat's Eye Blackgate Catwoman Assassins
After defeating the brainwashed Nightwing and Batgirl, the group arrives to Blackgate where Catwoman, under the League's control, begins a prison break.
Secret Origins Versus the Demon Lazarus Pit Ra's al Ghul Assassins
The group finally encounters Ra's who reveals he is in an alliance with Anti-Monitor for a mysterious reason.
The Hive Welcome to Metropolis Metropolis Superboy Drones
The group arrives in Metropolis, as they learn most civilians are acting strange, including Superboy.
The Hive Rock S.T.A.R. S.T.A.R. Labs Terra
The group heads to a distress signal in S.T.A.R. Labs as they learn that Terra and her brother Geo-Force are attacking.
The Hive Mindwipe Metropolis Psimon
Martian Manhunter
The group goes back to Metropolis as they deal with the double threat of Psimon and the Martian Manhunter.
The Hive Luthor Lex Tower Lex Luthor
The group finds the source of the hive, but they have to go through Lex Tower to get there.
The Hive End the Queen Queen Bee's Hive Queen Bee
It's the final battle between the group and Queen Bee alongside her knight Superman.
Yellow Lantern Corps Darkest Day Oa Jessica Cruz Yellow Lanterns
The heroes investigate a distress signal from Oa as they learn that yellow lanterns are assaulting the planet lead by former green lantern Jessica Cruz.
Yellow Lantern Corps Best Regards From Costal City Coast City Star Sapphire Yellow Lanterns
Yellow Lantern Corps
Yellow Lantern Corps
Yellow Lantern Corps Thaal Sinestro
Hal Jordan

Elseworld missions

These are fun side missions set in alternate worlds.

Chapter Mission Location Bosses Enemies
Kingdom Come Breakout The Gulag Batman TBD
Kingdom Come Battle on the Gulag The Gulag Several notable inmates of the Gulag Inmates
Kingdom Come The Final Showdown The Gulag Shazam TBD
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