Cyber Legacy is an American science fiction-action video game. It is developed by Beenox and published by Activision, being released for PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch on October 12th, 2017.


Set in the year 2123, technology has evolved as the company known as the Helios Foundation hosts an annual contest of giant robots. The year is the year a teenager known as Neo/Nea competes in the championship and aims to win.



  • Neo/Nea (voiced by Quinton Flynn if male and Janet Varney if female) - a teenager from the junk town of Chicago who travels around the United States of America to become a powerful robot fighter.
  • Orion (non-speaking) - a robot that Neo/Nea found who they start using in robot fights.


  • Phil (voiced by Scott Menville) - Neo/Nea's gothic best friend who is usually TBD. When befriended by Neo/Nea, he gives them and Orion plus 10 mobility.
  • The Helios Foundation, consisting of:
    • Kat (voiced by Olivia d'Abo) - the CEO of the Helios Foundation who enjoys robot fighting and is TBD. When befriended by Neo/Nea, she gives them and Orion plus 20 attack.
      • Solaris (non-speaking) - Kat's very own robot she uses in tournaments or sparring while not doing business which is rather powerful.


  • Lloyd Abernathy (voiced by Thomas F. Wilson) - a corrupt [authority type] who is TBD.


  • Chicago - a known junk town which is the hometown of Neo/Nea and is known for a bunch of old robot parts being shipped there.

Robot Parts



The game is an open world RPG with a focus on collecting robot parts, making friends and fighting more robots. There are three factors that factor into a robot's skills, attack, defense and mobility. Each part holds a separate amount of each factor. There are also a few different types of parts including head, body, legs, arms, weapon and armor. The game also focuses on making friendships as there is quite a few companions who you could befriend that can give your robot certain boosts/perks. Befriending them won't be easy as you have to do a certain quest to befriend them and more to max their friendship. Quests can range from battling a robot user the person doesn't like or helping them gather a certain item. Each part also has a special ability which could be used in combat. Combat is turn based as you are able to use all potential moves via a device that assesses all potential attacks both combos and not being able to be used by the parts your robot currently has. There is also an XP system where after completing tasks your robot has plus fifty health, attack and mobility as well as plus all of the stats the parts use.


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