Curious George meets Frosty the Snowman is a Rankin/Bass and H.A Rey mash up 2018 upcoming holiday crossover film where Curious George unexpectedly first-time meet Frosty the Snowman during the season of winter before Christmas Eve! This was taken from the original 1969 Rankin/Bass Christmas classic and H.A Rey original children's classics combined together as Frosty and George join in, along with the other various children-including Troy, Daphne and Gerald, on the fun lifetime adventures around the country and the city, not knowing the first-time jealous Man with the Yellow Hat, whom discovered real magic in Frosty's hat and was secretly (from his parents) plans to steals it to make him a millionaire.

Animations created by Dreamwork Animations, Bardel Entertainment and 9 Story Media Group, adopted by Universal Animations and Imagine Entertainment.

It's a sequel to the 2009 film Curious George: A Very Monkey Christmas.





  • The Narrator (unseen character)
  • Curious George
  • Ted Shackleford (The Man with the Yellow Hat)
  • Maggie Dunlop
  • Troy Dunlop
  • Daphne Shackleford
  • Gerald Shackleford
  • Jennifer Kyle
  • James Kyle
  • Lily Kyle
  • Miranda Shackleford
  • David Shackleford
  • Daisy Wiseman
  • Vanessa McCurry
  • Scarlet Louie
  • John Houston
  • Martha Rey
  • Mary Jane
  • Allie Renkins
  • Steve
  • Betsy
  • Bill
  • Marco
  • Santa Claus
  • Frosty the Snowman
  • Jack Frost
  • Santa Claus
  • Various Townspeople
  • Various Pet Animals

Voice casts

  • Alec Baldwin as the Narrator
  • Jeff McNeal as George
  • Jeff Bennett as Ted
  • Kamuzi Evans as Jennifer Evans
  • Jodi Benson as Miranda Shackleford
  • Tony Goldwyn as David Shackleford
  • Max Charles as Troy Dunlop
  • Ariel Winter as Daphne Shackleford
  • Jeremy Jordan as Gerald Shackleford
  • Victoria Justice as Carla Smith
  • Mary Alexander Stiefvater as Maggie Dunlop
  • Tom Hulce as Frosty
  • Bob West as Santa Claus
  • Jesse Eisenberg as John Houston
  • Bailee Madision as Scarlet Louie
  • Grey Delisle as Betsy, Vanessa McCurry, Marco
  • E.G. Daily as Steve
  • Annie Mumolo as Bill



Release Dates

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