• Laura: Welcome back, Culture Girl here for another video and I have a huge announcement to make. For the month of February, every Tuesday and Thursday, I will be dropping bullshit ideas for reboots. And you might be asking who would be my favorite victim? Will it be Disney? Will it be Warner? Or will it be Sony? Or will it be all three since all of them does this type of bullshit? The answer is: all three! There will be eight videos: one for each major studio. (notices) Wait? There's only five majors? Ha-ha, plot twist! I am counting MGM, Lionsgate and Fox too. Like much of you, I'm still not used to it being owned by Disney and it will take a time to get used to its new name. Do you guys want sneak peeks of all eight videos coming out? Yes? Fine then. I'll obviously use some clichés I hate such as SJW agendas, cash grabs, darker reimaginings of stuff that aren't dark, racial lift of characters from other ethnicities such as from white to black, Asian to white or black to Hispanic, although I have some exceptions, as well as the overuse of CGI effects where it's not needed. And I'll likely to use figures I dislike such as TBD for the sake of comedy. (shows a photo of Awkawfina) I've told you several times before, but I TBD.
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