Footage of the Breath of the Wild sequel trailer is shown, Lauren speaks over it.

  • Lauren: At E3 2019, a sequel to Nintendo's critically acclaimed Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was announced. The details of this are scarce and all we know so far is that more than likely Ganondorf is returning for the first time in a non-spin off game since Twilight Princess. This announcement got me thinking and made me remember just how incredible Breath of the Wild actually was, which is why I want to share the amazingness of it with all of you in this video.

The clip of Link running up a hill and gazing on Hyrule plays.

  • Lauren: From the very beginning, we're introduced to the game's strongest suit: atmosphere. Using a slowly rising sweeping tune, the game gets us in the mood for an incredible adventure in front of us. But there's also something slightly sad about the music, making us feel a melancholy sense of wonder. Or at least, that's how I felt when I first saw the game's opening. Music in general has a very important role when it comes to setting the tone of the game.

Link stands in front of Hateno Labs.

  • Lauren: For example, the music at Hateno Labs sounds as if it was generated by a computer but is also rather high pitched and cheerful, giving you the sense that whoever owns it is both intelligent and friendly. And, once you actually meet them, you find out just how right your impression of them was.

Link rides on horseback fighting a Guardian as its theme blames in the background.

  • Lauren: Another really good example of how music sets the tone of the game is the Guardian's theme. By now in the game, you've more than likely had an encounter with a decayed Guardian and have heard its theme which is much slower than the actual Guardian theme in comparison. So, when you hear the music of the actual Guardian and see it walking around you immediately understand that it's much more powerful than the decayed Guardians you've fought before.
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