Cruella De Vil

Cruella De Vil

A greedy, rich and fur-loving lady, Cruella wants to make the perfect coat from the fur of the Dalmatian puppies. With the help of Pete, Horace, and Jasper, she has kidnapped them. The Heartless are attracted to the darkness in her heart, allowing her to command them to attack Sora and his friends.

History in Kingdom Hearts

When Dog London was consumed by the Heartless, Cruella and her minions managed to get offworld thanks to Maleficent's help, provided they serve her as spies in Traverse Town. Cruella agreed, and used her function as spy to track Sora's moves in Traverse Town, while also discovering that Riku had escaped the Hollow Bastion dungeon and was now in the Third District, allowing Maleficent to further corrupt the boy to the dark side. When Maleficent was killed by Sora and Ansem SOD, Cruella went into hiding in the First District until her homeworld was restored by the closing of the DTD.

When her world was restored, Cruella used the powers of darkness to return there, and recruited herself into the Hellfire Club when Maleficent resumed her power after the events of KH 3D. From there, Cruella resumed her original plan of trying to capture the 99 dalmatians to make her fur coat. Eventually, the darkness in her heart transformed her car into an upgraded version of a Mad Bumper heartless, but it was destroyed by the unlucky timing of Horace and Jasper's car crashing into it. Cruella managed to survive this defeat, and escaped to the Forbidden Mountains to continue serving Maleficent as her business administrator. During the final battle of Kingdom Hearts, Cruella did not fight in the battle, but her constant usage of Heartless to defend her drove her stark raving mad, and she was incarcerated in Radiant Garden Asylum after the battle was over.

Boss Strategy

Cruella is fought in an on-rails boss battle involving Sora standing on the back of a truck with Cruella pursuing in her car. Try to use the reaction command Stop to keep her from ramming the truck (the truck has only 1 ½ HP bar). Occasionally, she'll summon Heartless and use the powers of darkness for Thunder attacks. Beware the bombs she throws - they do massive damage, but can be reflected back at her to damage her car.

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