Parody of Infinity War


Captain Falcon as Iron Man

Hulk Hogan as Captain America

Bayonetta as Black Widow

Brock Lesnar as The Hulk

Crazy Hand as Loki

Master Hand as Thor

Harvey Dent as Bruce Benner

Genie as Dr.Strange

Randy Savage as Winter Soldier

Falco as Falcon

Broly as Thanos

Piccolo as Drax

Han Solo as Star Lord

Sly as Rocket Raccoon

Groot as Himself

Ashoka as Garmora

Zangya as Nabula

Darkseid,Bill Cipher,Toffee,and Doomsday as Thanos's Minions

16 as Vision

Lust as Scarlet Witch

El Tigre as Black Panther

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