Croc 3: Secret of the Stone Gobbo is a platform video game. It the sequel to Croc 2, revolving around the title character going on a quest to rescue his parents when a group of Dantinis turn his family into stone on a family reunion and kidnapped his folks.



Set a year after Croc 2, Croc and his parents have a family reunion where all of his family members come to visit them. Suddenly, groups of Dantinis led by Professor Henry Von Dantenstein invade Croc reunion and turn them into stones, then kidnap his mom and dad. Croc runs after them and loses them, only to end up in a place called the Northern Gobbosphere.

As Croc makes his way to the one of the Northern Gobbosphere he meet a park ranger, Ranger B. Bonzo and explain to him whats going on.


  • Croc: The main protagonist on another adventure to rescue his parent's and help the gobbos
  • Ellie Gator: A female pink alligator and Croc’s later love interest
  • Gobbs: A gobbo with a long-tail who can latch his tail to long places
  • Ranger B. Bonzo: A park ranger bear who watches over the Northern Gobbosphere
  • Swap Meet Pete: A returning character from the previous game
  • Professor Henry Von Dantenstein: The main antagonist. A mad scientist dantini who uses the power to turns Croc's family and the gobbos into stone. He's also Baron Dante's nephew
  • Baron Dante: The major antagonist. He communicates spiritually to his nephew
  • Twinkie the Bird: Ranger Bonzo's pet bird. Similar to Beany the Bird, he can transfer Croc to different places.
  • Croc's Parents: While Croc's family were turned into stoned, both his folks gets capture by Professor Henry Von Dantenstein.
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