Creepyropia City
Background Information
Feature films * The TOBER-Movie
Short films
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Designer Pharaoh Septober
Inspiration * Hollywood
  • Transylvania
  • Zootopia City
Other Information
Other names * Spooky State
  • Monsterburg
  • New Transylvania
  • Transylvania 2.0
Location USA
Owner(s) JackLatern Pumpkinson, Father Halloween
Inhabitants Monsters, Animals and Humans
Students Monsters, Animals and Humans
Visitors Monsters, Animals and Humans
Final state
Creepytopia is a enormous American state, and the main setting of the amusement park "Halloween Planet" the spooky movie "The TOBER-Movie".


  • Haunted Downtown: The main city, where all the monsters, animals and humans of each district meet.
  • Frightening Forest: A forest where there're Spooky Creatures.
  • Trick or Treat Town: A town where there're Sweets and Jokes.
  • Vampireburgh: A village for all vampires.
  • Frankenstein´s Techno City: A city full of advanced technology, Frankenstein Monsters.
  • Magical Village: A magical village full of magical talent shows and magic spells.
  • Ghost Park: Creepytopia's Amusement Park.
  • Creepytopia Zoo: Creepytopia's Zoo Park, there're Spooky Animals.
  • Demon´s Desert: Creepytopia´s outlands where is The Great Volcano, Creepytopian Hell entrance located in the state.
  • Creepytopia Prison: The Creepytopia´s Prison that is on state´s outlands in front of Demon´s Desert.

Post-apocalyptic Version

Appears in Hell Rust: Monster-Demon Darkapocalypse and these are it changes:

  • Many antiperson mines.
  • Shot marks.
  • Fire.
  • Blood.
  • Nuclear Boombings.
  • Corrosive sustances.
  • Slayer assaults.
  • Pandemics and other viruses.
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