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Creature World Maker is a series of open-world life simulation games. All games are released for PC and Mac. The original game had 100 species while most expansion packs have 40 to 70 species. The smallest expansion pack is Sea Monsters, with only 20 animals, while the largest with 200 creatures is the Sea Life expansion pack.


The game series features a number of modes; maker, multiplayer and story modes. There is a feature where you can control the creature or can interact with them. In maker mode, you can generate the map by selecting the biomes. Then, after generating the map, you can place any creature or foliage anywhere. In multiplayer mode, you can pick a map made by another user. In story mode, you'll travel around the creature world to complete the missions with challenging obejctives. Once you completed the mission, new creatures or new missions will be unlocked.


  1. Creature World Maker

Expansion Packs

  1. Endangered Animals
  2. African Animals
  3. American Animals
  4. Reptiles and Amphibians
  5. Tropical Birds
  6. Birds of Prey
  7. Primates
  8. Sea Life
  9. Freshwater Animals
  10. Farm Animals
  11. Pets
  12. Asian Animals
  13. Oceania Animals
  14. Island Animals
  15. Tiny Creatures
  16. Dinosaurs
  17. Prehistoric Animals
  18. Prehistoric Sea Life
  19. Life Before Dinosaurs
  20. Extinct Animals
  21. Greek Mythology
  22. Folklore
  23. Sea Monsters
  24. Cryptozoology
  25. After Man
  26. New Alternative Dinosaurs

Stuff Packs

  1. Backyard Birds
  2. Bats
  3. Tropical Fish
  4. European Animals
  5. Polar Animals
  6. Nocturnal Animals
  7. Ungulates
  8. Desert Animals
  9. Mountain Animals
  10. Rainforest Animals
  11. Waterfowl
  12. Rodents
  13. Seabirds
  14. Hummingbirds
  15. Butterflies and Moths
  16. Arachnids
  17. Deadly Snakes
  18. Flying Monsters
  19. Cenozoic Birds
  20. Cenozoic Reptiles
  21. Japanese Mythology
  22. Dragons
  23. Halloween Monsters
  24. Man After Man

Bundle Packs

  1. Ultimate Earth Collection (bundled with Creature World Maker, Endangered Animals, African Animals, American Animals, Reptiles and Amphibians, Tropical Birds, Birds of Prey, Primates, Sea Life, Freshwater Animals, Farm Animals, Pets, Asian Animals, Oceania Animals, Island Animals, Tiny Creatures, Backyard Birds, Bats, Tropical Fish, European Animals, Polar Animals, Nocturnal Animals, Ungulates, Desert Animals, Mountain Animals, Rainforest Animals, Waterfowl, Rodents, Seabirds, Hummingbirds, Butterflies and Moths, Arachnids and Deadly Snakes.)
  2. Back in Time Collection (bundled with Dinosaurs, Prehistoric Animals, Prehistoric Sea Life, Life Before Dinosaurs, Extinct Animals, Flying Monsters, Cenozoic Birds and Cenozoic Reptiles.)
  3. Fantasy Collection (bundled with Greek Mythology, Folklore, Sea Monsters, Cryptozoology, After Man, New Alternative Dinosaurs, Japanese Mythology, Dragons, Halloween Monsters and Man After Man.)
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