This is the second issue of Cream and Nicole: The Adventures/Empire of The Rabbits


The comic book issue begins where a mysterious figure runs and it reveals to be Zaro.

  • Zaro: (sighs) This collecting business is really hard! I can't find the soul emerald! It's around in the bank somewhere!

Then Zaro receives a call from his master.

  • ???: You can't give up that easily.. This is being powerful we're talking about. It's inside the bank somewhere. Think of a place it might be in.. Like in a vault..

Zaro then has an idea.

  • Zaro: I think I have an idea.. Since you said in a vault it must be in there!
  • ???: I was being an jerk to you, sorry.
  • Zaro: Nah. It's here.
  • ???: How did you know it's in here? Did you steal Nicole's tracker again?

He nods.

  • ???: Do you realize that we can't see each other right?
  • Zaro: Of course, I knew. Anyways, let's get this bad boy vault cracking.
  • ???: What the hell is wrong with this guy? (sighs)
  • Zaro: Hold on a second. (grabs his laser pointer and destroys the vault and grabs the emerald) One more to go...

Meanwhile, Cream was with Tails when Möbius had an apocalypse..

  • Tails: (cries) I can't believe Nicole's dead.. You know what, I'll protect you!
  • Cream: Tails.. What are you doing?
  • Doctor Eggman: Attention all fools and our slaves, your hometown seems to come to an end. If anyone besides sonic can stop me, I'll destroy you first! So come and get me!

Then Sally was behind him and gets a knife from Amy.

  • Sally: This is for you Sonic and Amy.,..
  • Nicole: (in distance) Cream, wake up! Cream, wake up!

But it was a dream all along.

  • Nicole: Cream! WAKE THE F-
  • Cream: AGH! I'M AWAKE, I'M AWAKE! What is it Nic?
  • Nicole: Come with me for a second..

Nicole takes Cream to the bank.

  • Cream: So, why are we in the bank exactly? Did something happen?
  • Nicole: Duh, all of these robber goons are trying to steal the soul emerald.
  • Cream: We need Knuckles to help us resolve this problem.
  • Nicole: (sighs) Are you sure about this? Do we really need his help?
  • Cream: He's been guarding the Master Emerald for a long time. Of course we need his help!
  • Nicole: (sighs) Okay, but I won't like it.
  • Cream: Nicole, track his location.
  • Nicole: He's currently in the boxing match. It's in Mobius Street 4.
  • Cream: (gasps) And we're almost there!

At the boxing match.

  • Sonic: Alright Knuckles. Let's see what you got.
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