Count Duckula is an upcoming DreamWorks animated movie based on the 80's TV Show Count Duckula. It will released on October 5, 2015.


Igor tries to turn Duckula into a real vampire, using a vampire bat he bought. But it escapes out into Transylvania and starts turning other people into vampires. Duckula is blamed, and thrown in prison. Igor and Nanny break him out, and they go after the vampire bat to stop him and find a cure for the vampire plague. But when a prison guard discovers Duckula has escaped, the townspeople hire a ruthless vampire killer, Bludstane, to hunt him down. When Dr. Von Goosewing discovers they hired Bludstane to find Duckula instead of him, he decides to hunt down and slay Duckula before Bludstane can. Will our heroes defeat the slayers and find the vampire bat plus a cure for the plague?...


  • Steve Carell as Count Duckula
  • Brian Blessed as Igor
  • Bob Peterson as Nanny


October 5, 2015

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