"That's ridiculous... What's next? A ghost trying to scare me out of a haunted house like the Maitlands are trying to do? Flickering lights? Cold wind? Ooooh! Scary! What is he trying to do? Chap me to death?"
―Connie mocking about a blackout[src]

Connie Maheswaran is a character in Steven Universe. She is voiced by Grace Rolek.


When she came over at a spooky old place called Over's Lot, she noticed about people committing suicides, a babysitter that disappeared and a vampire floating outside the window. She and her friends, mostly Cyro and her adopted family decided to come here. She had terrible nightmares about K.O. as a vampire outside the window. It creeps her out even more when she brings out a crucifix to hurt the vampire.


Connie is a curious, cunning girl who is kind to everyone and happy to see her friends. She is everything because everyone cared about her.


Connie had brown dark skin, long nose, brown dark hair and black and brown eyes.




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