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Conker's Bigger Bad Fur Day
Conker Bigger Bad Fur Day Logo Final
An final version of the logo from the game
Developer(s) Rare
Publisher(s) Rare
Picture format 16:9
Released July 26, 2017
Genre(s) Action, platforming
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer
Ratings M
MA 15+ (Uncut edition)
Series Conker by Rareware
Platform(s) Xbox One
Wii U
Conker's Bigger Bad Fur Day (known as Conker's Bad Fur Day 2) is an upcoming 2017 action-platforming video game developed by Rare, it is a sequel of the Nintendo 64 classic Conker's Bad Fur Day set a day after when Conker became king until then Kripplespac the professor of the Panther King will get revenge on Conker, then Conker meets a special agent who can help get his girlfriend back.

It was been ported on the Xbox One, PC and Wii U. Later it re-released in the Uncut version coming soon.


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  • Christopher Seavor as Conker the Squirrel, the main protagonist in the story that he lost his only girlfriend Berri has been shot by Don Weaso then he became the king.
  • Colin Pendergast as Anson, an dark red squirrel agent who can help Conker to get his girlfriend back.
  • Christopher Seavor as Rodent, a good friend of Conker.
  • Grey DeLisle as Berri, she was a great boyfriend of Conker, but she was killed.
  • Christopher Seavor as Professor von Kripplespac, the main antagonist in the story where he was the Panther King's professor, but been thrown out to space and somehow survived but he will get the revenge of Conker.
  • Colin Pendergast as Honker the Skunk, the secondary antagonist in the story he was the doppelganger of Conker.
  • TBA as Bridy.
  • TBA as Franky.
  • TBA as Gregg the Grim Reaper.
  • TBA as Cash.
  • TBA as The Great Mighty Poo
  • TBA as Haybot
  • TBA as The Big Big Guy
  • TBA as Little Girl and Experiment
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Opening and Closing Credits

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Development and marketing

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Upcoming animated film

20th Century Fox is been accepted for an computer animated based on video game of the same name named Conker's Bad Fur Day coming soon in 2018.


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  • Conker's Bigger Bad Fur Day is have an about four difficulty settings (counting as five in the Uncut version) with added features in the difficulty.
    • Beginners: TBA
    • Easy: TBA
    • Normal: TBA
    • Hard: TBA
    • Extreme (Uncut): Added all enemies and bosses twice of their heath, increase enemies A.I., TBA
  • It features the demo of Twelve Tales: Conker 64 on all platforms which the final release will be here coming soon.
  • The game is bring Rare back to Nintendo as an third party member, which the fans of Rare and Conker is been completely disappointment at Microsoft after when Rare is owned it in 2002.
  • It reference at films, television and even video games like from Bad Fur Day.


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