Company + Union = Both in USA and New Zealand is a Note in Amileganistan (United States) and Micnora (New Zealand).

Amileganistan City, Amileganistan (United States)

Conglomerate Company + Trade Union = Both Name

  • The Inestate of Michael Calhoun and Tiyal Wilson Redhawk (1946–present, Right)
  • The Inestate of LLHS's Mel and Santino (1946-present, Right)
  • The Inestate of Breauna Wasley, Michael Elijah's Mom Named Jenna, Dreama Calhoun and Katrina Calhoun (1946-present, Right)
  • The Inestate of Starry (Black Feline Cat), Clearlake's and KonoctiUSD's Nia, Clearlake's Thresa, KonoctiUSD's Thresa, Clearlake's Stacy and KonoctiUSD's Stacy (1946-present, Right)
  • The Inestate of LLHS's Lisa and LLES's Kim Harris (1946-present, Right)
  • The Inestate of LLHS's Navida and Barbara (1946-present, Right)
  • The Inestate of Tami Cook and LLHS's Andria (1946-present, Right)
  • The Inestate of KonoctiUSD's Zachary, Kasey Calhoun (also known as Casey Calhoun) and Tyrell Myers (1946-present, Right)
  • The Inestate of Grandma Kim, PES's Ms. Travis, LLHS's Ms. Rachel and Mr. Anzures (1950-present, Left)
  • The Inestate of Clearlake's Amanda, Clearlake's Yazie, Charley Warren and Cyndi Mia (1950–present, Left)
  • The Inestate of KonoctiUSD's Sierra and Michael Elijah (1950-present, Left)
  • The Inestate of KonoctiUSD's Dominic, Silverbelle (Calico Cat), Becky Collins, John Ortiz, So-So Osiris Savage, Moose (Jamie Herrera's Dog), Jerry Stuflotten, Brian Jackie, Raistlin Johnson, Kaden Forney, Hunter Sisson, Jamie Herrera, KonoctiUSD's Joshua, Lakeport's Jeanette, Clearlake's Alice, Clearlake's Joshua, Clearlake's Craig Stephens, LLHS's Phillip and LLHS's Chris Kinyon (1957-present, Left)
  • The Inestate of Clifford Cirrus and Becky Cirrus (1957–present, Left)
  • The Inestate of Jerry Crespo, Johnelle Warren and Ryan Aguirre (1957–present, Left)
  • The Inestate of Ashliegh Parrish Lebon's Dad, Jayce's Mom and Justin Olson (1962–present, Left)
  • The Inestate of Jayce, Jayce's Dad and Ashleigh Parrish Lebon's Mom (1964-present, Left)
  • The Inestate of LLHS's Marylin Brooklyn and LLHS's James Collins (1967-present, Right)
  • The Inestate of Anabell Avila, Justice Ford, Samantha Schott and Terran Calhoun (1970–present, Right)
  • The Inestate of Clearlake Highlands Bluegum Street's Frank, Clearlake Park 5th Street's Frank, Slinky (Siamese Cat), Batty (Black Feline Cat), Boxer (Black and White Feline Cat), KonoctiUSD's Nathan, Clearlake's Nathan, Ti'Kee Parnell, Bear (Kasey Calhoun's Dog), Bear (Terran Calhoun's Gray and White Tabby Cat), LLHS's Two Gabriels, LLHS's Two Jasmines and Gabe (1973-present, Right)
  • The Inestate of Maggie Diaz and LLHS's Ethan (1976–present, Right)

Artisanville, Micnora (New Zealand)

Conglomerate Company + Trade Union = Both Name

  • The Inestate of Cali Ann, James Hoffman and Sebastion Calhoun (1977–present, Right)
  • The Inestate of Moose (Sebastion Calhoun's Siamese Cat), LLHS's Daniel and Clearlake's Sabrina (1979-present, Right)
  • The Inestate of Joyce (Terran Calhoun's Calico Cat), Jamie Herrera's Sister and Ryan Shankles (1981-present, Right)
  • The Inestate of Tyler Hunter and KonoctiUSD's Marisa (1986–present, Right)
  • The Inestate of Nicole Gannon (1987–present, Right)
  • The Inestate of Ms. Sylvester (Black and White Feline Cat) (1988–present, Right)
  • The Inestate of Jonathan Halsch (1989–present, Right)
  • The Inestate of Bobo (Savannah Cat) (1992–present, Right)
  • The Inestate of Matthew Gould (1995–present, Right)
  • The Inestate of Rusty (Siamese Cat) (1996–present, Right)
  • The Inestate of Ashleigh Parrish Lebon (1997–present, Right)
  • The Inestate of Douglas Chambless (1998–present, Right)
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