Rourke 2


A greedy explorer who wishes to gain the power of a long-forgotten civilization…even if it means working alongside the Heartless and betraying all who worked with him.

History in Kingdom Hearts

Rourke was the commander of the Ulysses expedition crew who were searching for the lost city of Atlantis, just so that they could steal the Atlantean Crystal and become rich from selling the item to Master Xehanort and the Horned King. The King of Atlantis discovered Rourke's plan and warned Milo and Sora to stop the commander before he could find it. Eventually, Xemnas, on orders from the Horned King, arrived at Atlantis to use the Crystal's power to convert Princess Kida into a mindless aether weapon for Rourke to use against the heroes. Rourke tried to escape the keybearer's wrath, but the Heartless got to him first, changing him first into a Rage Glower, then using a piece of Kida's crystal body to turn Rourke into the Crystal Titan. Sora was able to defeat the giant beast, destroying Rourke once and for all. But in the commotion, Rourke's second in command, Helga Sinclair, was dragged into a dark portal to regions unknown...

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