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First Marvelous Day

Welcome to Comic Con Incorporated is the 1st issue of Comic Con Incorporated.


An introduction to Comic Con Incorporated and its roomers.


(in the Khans' home, Disha Khan finds her daughter Kamala (wearing her Ms. Marvel costume) laying down on her bed visibly depressed)
Disha Khan: Are you okay, Kamala? You look depressed.
Kamala Khan: Tried to have another good superhero day as usual, Ammi. But, I just wandered around the city without having anything to do. No single crime or villain to fight. And I couldn't meet any of the other heroes. Not even the Avengers. It was so boring.
Disha Khan: (sees some news in Newspaper) Maybe they're on vacation. Like it says here in news.
Kamala Khan: Huh? (she sees the Newspaper) "Comic Con Incorporated"?
Announcer on TV: That's right! The ultimate paradise for your summer! Here! On Comic Con Incorporated! (Kamala is surprised with the announcement and watches it on TV)
Kamala Khan: Oh, wow...
(announcement continues as Omochao appears in)
Omochao: "Wow" indeed, hero! For this 5-Star attraction has everything you dream of for your summer! From a swimming pool park, to a sweat arcade! The ideal paradise for heroes from yours and any other universe beyond your imagination! We also offer you the finest room service. You can either have a room for yourself and your family. Or, you can share it with a roommate. Don't you worry. We'll grant you all the great comfort you wish just the same.
Plastic Man: (appears in the announcement) And for you ladies, we offer you the sweetest spa services to make you the hottest. (winks)
(Kamala covers her mouth with one hand and blushes)
Omochao: Everything you dream of for your summer. All of it and more! In Comic Con Incorporated! Fully vacancy all summer. (announcement ends)
Disha Khan: Beautiful. Isn't it?
Kamala Khan: Yes. (excitedly wraps her arms around her mother's neck) Can I go, Ammi? Can I?? Can I?? (makes cute puppy eyes) Pleeeease??
Disha Khan: Of course, sweetie. You're a superheroine. You deserve it.
Kamala Khan: Oh, (hugs and kisses her mother) Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Disha Khan: (chuckles) Okay, then. And of course, you're going to need some other clothes aside your supersuit. Like, you know... a bath suit. In case you want to go for a swim...
Kamala Khan: True. And definitely one that combines with my suit.
Disha Khan: Well said. So, shall we?
Kamala Khan: Mm-hmm.

The End
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