Comet Stormcloud is a main antagonist of My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Storm Magic.


Comet is always into history and mysteries. When he and Cherry heard sounds of magic, Comet starts having some connection to the mystery of the magic. He then told Cherry that she should go to get some supplies.

In the special

Comet and Cherry moved to a town where the Canterlot High is located. They were unpacking when a sound of magic came out that was coming from Canterlot High. Comet was looking at the window when the students are at

Physical Appearance

He has blond hair, dark blue eyes, wears a brown vest, white shirt, blue pants, and green shoes. In his magic demon-like form, he has a dark blue outfit and dark green wings. His cutie mark is a wand corrupting (formerly), wand with colors.


  • He is the first Equestria Girls male main antagonist.
  • Comet is the one of the first EG characters who turned into a pony.
  • He is the first character that has his cutie mark change.
  • Meteorstorm
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