Come True! Our Dreams! is the first episode of the first season of Love Live! (Disney Dub).


Super Sonic High School is announced to be closing down after everyone graduates due to lack of applicants, which comes as a shock to second year student Holly Kennedy, who loves the school. As she and her classmates Amy Smith and Courtney Mitchell try to think of a way to make the school more attractive to prospective students, Holly is surprised that Yasmine Kennedy wants to go to a different school, UTX, instead of Super Sonic. As Holly decides to investigate UTX, she finds it attracts a lot of students due to a school idol group known as A-RISE. Holly decides that the best way to save her school is to start an idol group themselves, although, Amy isn't keen on the idea. As Holly becomes downhearted, she spots a talented singer and pianist and redoubles her efforts, while Amy inevitably gives in and joins Courtney in partaking in Holly's idea. Despite their request to start an idol group being rejected by the student council president, Elly Ayers, Holly remains determined to make it work.





  1. Private Wars by A-RISE (Kira Turner (Cherami Leigh), Erena Thompson (Leigh Allyn Baker), Ava Yakubov (Kari Wahlgren))
  2. Advance→Tomorrow by Muse (Holly Kennedy (April Stewart), Courtney Mitchell (Debi Derryberry), Amy Smith (April Winchell))
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