Alexis Diane Doll is a teenage girl who was one of the tetragonists of the Collin the Speedy Boy franchise, before leaving the main series in 2020. Currently, she is celebrated through the Year of The Alexis.



Alexis Doll is sweet, kind-hearted, creepy (sometimes), sensitive (meaning she can be hurt easily) and loves modest. According to Collin, she is also a professional makeup artist, making TBD.



  • According to GoofFinger, she has unlimited choices of outfits, indicating she has loads of clothes.
  • According to Carlos, Diane is her middle name.
  • She is regarded as one of the most beautiful WB characters of all time.
    • Alexis was the most beautiful CTSB character, before being surprassed by Beatrice.
  • She is one of the most popular female characters of CTSB, as well as one of the most popular of all of the franchises.
    • However, despite her being one of the most popular characters, she was, at first, also one of the most hated, especially for fans of Stacie the Speedy Girl, Jasmine and Baylee, as they blame her for Jasmine and Baylee's removal and Stacie barely appearing in CTSB merchandise. However, as years processed, especially 2007 and Jasmine's reintroduction in The Synergy Rangers, reviews for the character got better and better.
      • Despite that, some people, like Jacksepticeye, hates her, considering her their "least favorite character".
    • However, Alexis was the most popular character, before being surprassed by Beatrice.
  • She is currently the only CTSB character aside from Collin that has her own thing to celebrate her.
    • In addition, she is confirmed to be getting more outfits.
    • According to Grey, Alexis does like to wear jeans too, but she prefers to wear skirts because wearing a skirt, she thinks, is cuter.
  • She is one of the comic characters that were brought to the main series, and was the most popular one.
  • She is the TBDth CTSB character to have her own logo, after TBD.
  • In a recent September CTSB wallpaper, a potiental new look to her is leaked, with her trademarked braces being removed.
  • She is confirmed that she would be removed from the main CTSB franchise, and placing her in Triston's Space Rangers spin-off instead, making her the third character to be now in an extended universe entry after being removed from the main series, after Jasmine Todd (now in The Synergy Rangers) and Kelsie Aday (now in Beautiful Avians).
    • Despite this, she is confirmed to still appear in Warner School.
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