Collin: Wild Madness is an American action-adventure video game, being the twelfth installment of the Collin the Speedy Boy series. It is developed by Avalanche Software and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, being released for PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Sega Orion and PlayStation Flex on TBD 2020.


When Collin gets his speed stolen, he uses totems to save a mysterious new area from a new threat.



  • Collin Brady/Collin the Speedy Boy (voiced by Matthew Mercer) - a teenage human who is the protector of Magnum City, being in a quest to recover his superhuman speed.



  • Zarokia (voiced by Kimberly Brooks) - a shaman who steals Collin's powers in order to free an ancient entity and the main antagonist.
  • Moostor (voiced by Keith David) - a monstrous moose who is revealed to be the physical form of an ancient entity.
  • Terrence McSteel (voiced by Nolan North) - a poacher hailing from England who pilots a mech, being one of the game's bosses.
  • Freezina (voiced by Jennifer Hale) - an beautiful ice spirit who is one of the game's bosses.
  • Mecha Boar (voiced by Mark Hamill) - TBD
  • Vultio (voiced by [creepy voice]) - TBD
  • [how many more bosses]




Similar to other Collin games, it is a platformer game that allows Collin to explore several TBD.

Totem Powers

  • Chameleon Totem - can turn you invisible.
  • Gorilla Totem - can grant you super-strength.
  • Parrot Totem - can grant you flight.
  • Crocodile Totem - can grant you to breathe water indefinitely.
  • Lion Totem - can grant you enhanced senses.
  • Cheetah Totem - can grant you superspeed.
  • Ice Spirit Totem - can grant you ice manipulation.
  • TBD Totem - TBD
  • Ultimate Totem - TBD


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